Belkin Wireless Network USB 2.0 Adapter N1
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Product Description

The N1 Wireless USB Network Adapter easilyconnects your computer to a wider, faster network. N1 provides an excellent solution for efficiently transferring such large data files as video, music, photos, and documents among the networked computers in your home. The N1 Wireless USB Network Adapter easily connects your USB-equipped desktop or notebook computer to your wireless network for Internet and file sharing. Desktop users can now join the network with the ease of a USB plug-in, without opening their PC cases; laptop users can enjoy the benefits of staying mobile-while connected to the Internet.Belkin's N1 wireless products are based on the 802.11n draft, N1 Wireless enables multiple receivers and transmitters to send and receive data using Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques. This smart-antenna technology builds upon the 802.11g standard by greatly increasing range and speed, transmitting at up to 300Mbps.

  • Device Type - Network Adapter
  • Form Factor - Wireless Technology
  • Interface Type - USB
  • - Play online games
Customer Reviews:
  • can't get into the internet
    watch out,. you should try buy, and used at your local stores first (at walmart or bestbuy....) if it work for you then you go buy online, then you can return to your local store. I have window vista, . the signal shows the network is ok. but I couldn't get on the internet explore. ...more info
  • Strong performance w/ Intermittent Operation
    I have used the desktop card and the USB adapter for the Belkin N1 wireless router. Both items perform well while connected but my desktop card stopped working after ~2 yrs (I replaced it with the USB adapter thinking it would be more versatile).

    I have one major issue with this product: it stops working when left unattended for a short amount of time. This means, almost without fail, that if I walk out of my office for 1 hour or more and then return later the blue connectivity light will either be on constantly (no flicker denoting connection or data transfer) or completely off.

    The only remedy is to unplug the adapter, wait for windows to recognize it with an audible sound, then re-plug the adapter in, wait for it to be recognized and for the networking software to re-establish a connection. I'm not an avid user of my external connectivity so this isn't a serious problem but is a major annoyance. If you are looking for a consistent connection to the internet or your home network, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • First day experience
    I moved into a new place with thicker walls/more space, so my trusty Wireless B router was finally not good enough. I read a little on MIMO and N and decided on this adapter and the parent router (matching, how cute).

    The router works wonderfully, but the adapter gave me a lot of problems in the initial hours. From conking out on one USB port (worked fine at first then no more lights) to just dropping and coming back, I am not sure how happy I'm going to be in the end. That said I have been using it for a few hours now without a problem, so maybe the hiccups were just me. I have not yet experienced the USB conflicts I have read in other reviews.

    The support software, however, is slapped-together. The whole screen doesn't provide you with a lot of info, I feel like it's very unresponsive, and doesn't troubleshoot the way you would hope it would. For example, the adapter's lights stopped blinking. The software told me it was the router, and to go restart it. But the router was fine. The problem was the adapter needed to be unplugged/replugged, but the software didn't know that. And on top of it all it has an ugly system tray icon (it's a very picky annoyance, but it nags at me nevertheless). I hear you can use the device without the software. I'd recommend that.

    SO, wrapping up, I am not a fan just yet, but a few more days of flawless service and I'd bump my review up to a 4....more info
  • Useless for me under Windows XP
    The provided software doesn't function at all (UI elements are not manipulatable, no networks show up). Which incidentally means you can't tell it to release control so WZC can configure it; and even if you do sneaky things like kill the Belkin software and make WZC try, I get no love -- no matter what, Windows doesn't acknlowedge that there's a potential connection....more info
  • Not any better than the wireless g
    I have a Belkin pre-N router and pre-N wireless cards in our desktop PCs. We have one laptop with a wireless g USB adaptor. Replaced the g with the N1 - no difference in performance. Bummer....more info
  • Junk....
    wow! picked up the wireless connection just fine but then I find NO other products (USB) will work when this stupid thing is hooked up. To download ITunes, I must download and then unplug Belkin then plug IPod. The same is true for my USB printer. My kids are in school and they must save web pages, unplug the wireless Belkin and then print. What a pain! I have called tech support and they are the ones telling me this will not work. Of course they are difficult to understand. Don't waste your money or time....more info
  • A real garbage
    Before a decided to buy this device i made some research amd i knew all the problems it had but, anyway, i bought it considering the good revews isntead of the bad..Now im totally does interefere with your sound system no matter what drivers you install..But when sound itñs good in some moments this starts to reboot the pc and disconnect itself a lot....i wont recommend this to nobody...more info
  • Excellent but disappointing support
    Paired with the Belkin N1 wireless router, I clock a consistent 300mbps. Setup is a breeze. This maybe a little biased since I am a rather experienced network admin but by all count since I don't have to manually configure anything, any layman should be able to setup within 10 minutes.

    What is disappointing is that I wrote Belkin tech support and also posted on their support site a question, received an acknowledgement and a "canned" email stating someone will get back to me within 72 hours. That was over ten days ago.. still no response. ...more info
  • Works great so far
    Had no problem getting a connection with my router. The only thing that tends to happen and I'm not sure I can trace the problem to the N1 is that every few days it no longer picks up a signal and I can tell as the blue light does not blink. When that happens I just unplug it from it's base, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. It then goes and reconnects to my network and I'm good to go....more info
  • Works Great, No Problems
    Easy to install. Works seamlessly. Great reception even when placed behind other electronics and metal building supports. No heat problems or other issues. You get what you pay for....more info
  • Warning for all Vista-users
    While I am very happy with the performance of the Belkin N1 USB Wireless adapter, I have been disappointed with the support Belkin offers to customers using Vista.

    The CD that comes with the product does not include Vista drivers. What's worse, the drivers available on the Belkin internet site are still beta drivers -- and these drivers not only seem to be quite unstable, but they also cause a very irritating sound stuttering issue when playing music, viewing videos or playing games.

    I have contacted Belkin about the problem three times now over the last few months, and am still waiting for updated Vista drivers that fix the problem. Belkin advertises on their website, that this product is Vista-compatible - in my opinion it is far from it!...more info
  • Fast Connection
    This adapter connects to the router at 117kbs consistently 2 floors away. Very solid speed. Much faster than my old Linksys G router....more info
  • Works fine....I think but cheaply made
    I bought this to network my pc with my mac. I was having problems with the software. PC was locking up quite a bit. The software isnt required but would be nice if it was a little more compatible. Who knows, I could have had a picky pc. The plastic on the hardware was flimsy and felt like if I didnt handle it with care it would break. I ended up returning it to amazon which was hassle free and fully refunded. ...more info
  • Does exactly what you'd think it'd do
    Great speeds and great range, but every time I start up my comp I have to reset the settings on it for it to work. This is something I never had to do with my old network adapter... ...more info
  • Disappointed with N1
    I upgraded to N1 for our house because it is adobe (earth brick) and have had trouble with attenuation on my previous router. N1 works no better - about 20 feet thru 2 walls knocks it out. I bought a Buffalo AirStation (WLI-TX4-G54HP) and it works much better - even though it's not N1!...more info
  • O...M...F...G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ROUTER IS AWESOME!!! YOU MUST GET ONE!!!
    O...M...F...G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS N-1 ROUTER IS AWESOME!!! YOU MUST GET ONE!!! All my nighbors are complaining cause my signal is DOMINATING theirs!! BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

    You know, I read the other buyers reviews who say they are getting signal drops, bad signals, no signals, weak signals. I must ask them to consider that it is their ISP and not their BELKIN N-1 Router. I have had mine on for three months straight with it connected to one wired PC, three wireless PC's, two wireless X-box 360's, two wireless IPAQ's, and two wireless Sony PSP's. All of these devices work great with no DROPS, no WEAK signals, no REBOOTS. So I say to those having problems: You either have a BAD UNIT, or you didn't upgrade the firmware, or your ISP sucks and you should get a new one!! NUFF SAID!!

    N1--Experience high-performance wireless networking
    Offering the easiest way to setup a wireless network, N1 lets you share your Internet connection with your linked computers. Its significant range and speed (300Mbps*) improvements over Wireless G make N1 ideal for transferring video, music, and photo files. Belkin's N1 Wireless Router features topside LEDs that make monitoring and troubleshooting your connections easier than ever.
    ...more info
  • Great for first timers
    I cannot explain how easy this was to set up. Install software, plug adapter, and play! Didn't have to pry open my PC and I can remove the adapter and insert it into one of our laptops with ease. I receieve excellent coverage with it, it's great!...more info
  • Fast and easy to install
    Since this was my first step into wireless computing, I was a little anxious. I had nothing to worry about. The Belkin adapter comes with a CD that walks you through the driver and hardware installation process.

    The USB adapter has a stand with an adequately long cable, or you can plug it straight into a USB port on your desktop or laptop. I would recommed the stand if you have a desktop computer, as you can move the receiver out of the way.

    After installation, it connected to my router immediately. You can use Windows to manage the connection or the Belkin utility that comes on the CD. I would recommend the Belkin utility. It has a graphical display of the status and settings that allow you to see other networks that might be in your area.

    The only problem I have had is when I leave the computer on and connected to the network then go to bed for the night. When I come back, I have to disable and re-enable the adapter. I don't know if this is an issue with the adapter, the network, the router or Windows. It doesn't matter, as this is only a very minor inconvience.

    The thing to keep in mind is that while this is compatiable with the G standard, the box indicates it meets the current DRAFT version of the N standard. It doesn't matter to me even if it ends up not being compatiable with the N standard when it is released, this device works just fine.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a wireless USB adapter....more info