Zap-Shot ZS-2 Wireless Radio Frequency Shutter Remote Control for Canon Rebel XT and XTi and Pentax *ist, K10D, K110D and K100D Digital SLR Cameras
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  • Wireless remote for the Canon Digital Rebel, Rebel XT and XTi, EOS 300D, EOS 350D, and EOS 400D digital cameras
  • Allows for shake-less shutter operation for super-telephoto, macro, or night shooting, or for self-portraits
  • 100-foot (30-meter) range; does not require line-of-sight release
  • Supports unique coding for security and distinct transmitter-receiver relationships
  • 3-button operation for pre-focus, shutter, and lock; locking function for bulb exposure
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product, great service!
    The zap-shot product works great with the digital Rebel XTi. Has quite a long range and no need for line of sight. Allows you to take a quick snapshot, fire multiple exposures, or just focus. The remote buttons allow you to mimic the "half-press" and "full-press" of the camera's shutter button.

    I've been using it for:

    - portraits and group family photos
    - backyard wildlife (great for birds at the feeder)
    - time lapse photo sequences

    Some other nice things: the battery is replaceable in both the transmitter (uses a "Security" style flat battery, 3V size 2032) and the receiver (uses a 3V camera-style battery).

    I thought I had ruined the transmitter when it went through the wash in my jeans pocket. However, replacing the battery and then simply "reprogramming" the transmitter and receiver got things back up and running.

    Zap-Shot provided these reprogramming instructions when I contacted them about a replacement transmitter. Their response was quick and thorough and worked perfectly.

    Great product, backed up by good people. Worth every penny....more info
  • Worst Remote -- After 2 Separate Purchases
    I have had two of these remotes and after about a month or so of use, it just quits working all together.............

    AVOID THIS PURCHASE...more info
  • Works Great!
    The Zap-Shot works great! I have told my friends about it and they love it too. Works around corners, in front or behind. Well worth the cost....more info
  • ZAP Shot ZS-2
    Works exactly as advertised for my Canon Rebel XTi. It remotely controls the shutter from a respectable distance or from behind the camera lens. This includes taking the picture and setting the exposure and focus (half-press) with the included tiny remote. Definitely great for tripod shots without having to wait for the timer to go off -- when you need zero vibration or a group shot....more info
  • Zap-shot Wireless
    The wireless shutter remote control is great. You can focus, snap the shot or hold the shutter open for longer exposures....more info
  • Super Easy Remove to Use
    This wireless remote is great. It's so easy to use with my Canon digital SLR Rebel camera. I just plug it into the port on the side of my camera, and then just start snapping away. It's made it easy to take self-portraits or to snap a photo without having to look through the viewfinder or hold my camera. Makes you feel like a professional. Love the fact that it's wireless so I can move around and you can see a wire hanging from the remote in pictures....more info
  • Zap-Shot
    For remote shutter release, this product is vastly better then any oher product on the market. Bottom line - It works !!!. Since this works via RF, it is not subject to the limitations of the IR models. IR models are "blind" after about 6 feet and do not work at all in bright sunlight. Whereas, Zap-Shot being RF, it is good up to the manufacturers stated limit of 100 feet, is not limited by line of sight and works in any levels of brightness. Zap-Shot is perfect for group photos. No need to set the self timer and run. You simply stand in the group and fire off as many photos as you feel is necessary.

    One note. You DO NOT have to point the Zap-Shot at the camera. You can descretely keep it in your pocket, out of view of the camera. Make it a point to do this so there is not a picture of you pointing it at the camera. Totally unnecessary. Hold the release such as it is out of sight....more info
  • Glad I Ordered It!
    This remote does everything it says it does. It's small enough to hide in the palm of you hand and will work from across the yard so you can catch those action shots without your subject even knowing. You can even keep it in your pocket. For family group shots, I use it with the timer setting on the camera. That way I have enough time to slip the remote in my pocket and situate my hands. I'm glad I chose this one over the more bulky one (with a shorter range) made by cannon. In my opinion, this is the best remote out there!...more info
  • Need small fingers to operate
    Zap-Shot works great. Does everything is claims very well. Only problem is that it's very easy to press the wrong button as they are all very close together. ...more info