Nokia E70 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera, Wi-fi, MP3/Video Player, MiniSD--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)
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Product Description

Nokia E series - New Naming for Nokia Business Devices. Nokia Eseries differentiates newly introduced Nokia Enterprise Solutions business optimized devices from other Nokia mobile devices. Nokia Eseries is about the best business devices that meet the needs of individuals and enterprises, and signal that ES has a complete understanding and long term commitment to these needs. Nokia Eseries devices are part of the Nokia for Business Solutions portfolio that also includes software (mobile applications), security, and support and professional services complemented by partner and channel support.The Nokia E70 Smartphone - The All-in-One Messaging Device. At first glance, the Nokia E70 looks like a modern smartphone, but when opened, it reveals a full messaging keyboard for easy and fast thumb typing, a large color screen for viewing emails with an attachment viewer and editor (document, spreadsheet, presentation) for keeping up to date with the work at hand.With its 2 Megapixel camera and 75MB of user memory, the Nokia E70 becomes a portable visual and creative office for those who need to capture, store or send images.

  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 850 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Bluetooth technology lets you talk hads and wire free
  • 2 megapixel camera lets you capture your favorite moments
  • Video Capture takes your camera to the next level
  • miniSD slot to expand your media storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't buy this phone!
    I've used this phone for about 9 months or so and I have to say that it is the
    worst phone I have ever used. The reasons for this are:

    1) Slow . Applications take a long time to start, Moving from 1 SMS to another can
    take up to 3 seconds (Even after deliberatly deleteing all SMSes stored on the phone),
    acknowledging button clicks can take a while. Dialogs moving away take a long time.

    2) Unstable . I don't know what the problem is but both my phone and an identical
    phone that a work colleague has have huge stability problems. Up to a couple of
    times a day, the main keypad will stop responding and I cannot make/receive calls.

    3) VPN is useless. I bought this for work purposes so I could use the keyboard
    and manage work computers via the builtin VPN client that was advertised. Big
    gotcha is that whilst it is IPSec, you can ONLY configure it with the Nokia VPN
    gateway. If your organisation uses anything else, then the product is useless.

    4) Battery life. Using WiFi and 3G means that the battery life is little more
    than 2 days.

    5) Software updates. Software updates in Australia seem to lag the rest of the
    world....more info
    I did a lot of research for my next cell phone, as I am really picky about the kind of technology I keep on me all day long. I wanted something that supported web browsing capability without the bulky size of most phones like blackberries, and a full qwerty keyboard for web address typing and text msging (not the scaled down version on the Pearl). This phone offered everything a smart phone should, including the full keyboard, at the smallest size with sleek design in mind for the style conscious consumer. Everything from the 16 million-color display to the internal wi-fi allow me to enjoy more than i've ever been able to from a cell phone. You can even run terminal software to telnet or SSH into remote servers, meaning you can control your gaming or web server from anywhere. As for the stuff most users will make use of, it also includes IMAP and POP3 email. I can check my work or personal email from anywhere, and connect to the internet with one single click, and view pages in their original layout (not scaled down for mobile users) and save bookmarks. If I need directions, I can jump on mapquest or google maps for directions while I'm driving, OR print them out to take on the go. At work, I can also use it to present powerpoint presentations (use the phone to flip through the slides). The camera's quality is amazing for photo (resolution up to 1600 x 1200) and video (352 x 288). With miniSD cards you can swap in and out, storage on this phone is unlimited. You can listen to all your music (MP3/AAC) with great sound quality without the need for phony marketing buzz words like 'iPod' (an iPod is really just an mp3 player, which most newer phones now support).

    Why is this phone not more popular or all over the news like the iPhone? Simple. Nokia has the worst marketing team on the face of this Earth. Great technology, amazing phones, all gone to waste due to horrible marketing....more info
  • Agree with raves above, but build quality is an issue
    Generally, I have been very happy with the e70, which I bought two weeks ago as a replacement for my aging 6200, also a full QWERTY folder. I agree with all of the rave reviews above, but need to point out something which has been driving me a bit nuts: the housing is designed poorly, so that there is noticeable flex on the rear casing behind the earpiece (right where you put your index finger). The result is squeaking on calls when holding the phone to your ear. I have confirmed that this is a design flaw, by returning one handset to a different supplier and then buying from Amazon: both had the same problem. I suspect that there may be a fix with sufficient patience and the right tools, but it seems a bit silly to have to add plastic to a $400 phone.

    Other than this, I have only had minor issues: the red 'disconnect' button is very close to the space bar, and I have killed many a text message while typing. Also, the phone is terrible for playing video: I converted videos using Nokia's own software, which then will not play on the handset. Lastly, when 'doing' e-mail, the phone seems to break the GPRS connection after every data action, so it is constantly asking me to wait while it reconnects (every time I send an e-mail, for example).

    A couple of other notes: Nokia requires that purchase receipts show the IMEI number in order to get full warranty service - Amazon does *NOT* provide this on its receipts/invoices. After repeated messages to Amazon, they eventually refunded $80 of my purchase so that I could buy a warranty from a third party. Make sure you do the same....more info
  • Quite close to an ideal phone
    I have really enjoyed this phone, especially after the latest firmware update.
    Responsive, powerful, and customisable: It has been a pleasure to use. The camera is good for spontaneous snapshots, I can read books, play, listen to music on it... It has become the only gadget in my pocket. ...more info
  • Great phone for SysAdmins
    I am very happy with this phone so far, I have had it for about a month now. I picked the E70 because of the keyboard - it's pretty much thumb-typing like on a Blackberry, except less crowded. I loaded Putty (an SSH client) on it right away without much difficulty, and I can now easily connect to my work and perform systems administration duties on my Unix servers.

    The screen has a good resolution and I have no problems reading webpages, ssh console, etc. The web browser is surprisingly full featured and can load most sites except I have yet to get Flash working.

    My only gripe about it is that it can at times be a tad slow when loading or closing applications. However, this may be a design issue as some buttons have multiple functions (e.g. press button A then button B to enable feature X)....more info
  • Great if you aren't obligated to rely on it.
    I started working with a new company where I would need to keep my cell phone on me at all times. My company offered to pay for a company phone or give me a pay allowance. The requirement for the pay allowance was that the I had to be accessible on the phone during business hours. My current provider didn't get service in my office so I went looking for a new phone with WLAN capabilities. I found the E70 on The Best Page in the Universe. I ordered it immediately. I ended up Downloading an application called Fring on my phone so I could use googletalk to IM my tech buddies with, and so I could use Skype so the company could reach me over VoIP. It worked out but VoIP quality ranged but was more often bad than good. Also the phones volume could be louder. I really like the list of apps that is available for it overall, but running too many apps causes it to freeze up or run slow. Then don't plan on using skype's video feature. Withe the camera places on the back of the phone, you won't be able to watch somebody and have them watch you at the same time.

    The 3 rating I give is probably because I expect a little too much out of Technology today seeing as how other places in the world have it better....more info
  • An Amazing Piece of Modern Engineering
    The E70 is incredible. It took me a long time to finally get my hands on, and was a bit pricey compared with all the free phones they give out, but it's been worth it.

    I have Cingular wireless (w/ Unlimited Medianet) and was able to simply swap in my SIM card and start using it right away. I installed Exchange ActiveSync and my Contacts/Email/Tasks/Calendar were synched up within minutes. It's incredibly and ridiculously convenient.

    The installed applications are fantastic: just the fact that I can receive an email instantally (just like Blackberry) then view a PDF/Word/etc attachment (the resolution on the screen is very impressive) and reply back within minutes, from anywhere, is worth the money.

    It has "every" feature and then some. Just read the manual/product page.

    The only downside that I've found to this phone is that I've come to expect too much out of it. IT can do so much (from compose Word docs to browse the web in a real browser) that I sometimes think I'm on a real computer, and expect it to be able to do "real computer" things, like Copy/Paste across applications, have a taskbar, etc. But it's just a phone ... and with a pad of paper handy (to say, write down a non-linked phone number on a webpage that i need to call) this is easily overcome....more info
  • Nice phone that does almost everything
    This is my first fancy phone, and I'm impressed. It's a nice solid phone, not too big or heavy, but packed with features.

    It's a fine cellphone with good sound quality and a usable speakerphone.

    The mobile versions of Gmail and Google Maps work very well. The built-in web browser is pretty good. I also tried the Opera download, which works OK, but I prefer the built-in browser.

    The camera is surprisingly good -- I didn't buy it for the camera, but it works great for daylight shots, to the point where I will probably stop using my (older) camera entirely.

    The screen, while very sharp, is a bit small for my eyes.

    The keyboard is a gigantic improvement over keypad text input, though still far worse than a laptop of course.

    Wifi works well for web browsing & email.

    I am not very impressed by the built-in Voip features -- it was a selling point for me, but it's clear that it's not quite ready for prime time. I did eventually get my SIP account configured, but it was a struggle, and the end result was not very satisfying. My main problem was that incoming SIP calls would usually not ring the phone, instead going straight to voice mail. I had better luck with Fring (a third-party downloadable app) which also supports Skype and Google Talk, but Voip on this phone, while workable and very cheap, is still far from the convenience and reliability of regular cellular voice.

    I am very happy with this phone as a music player. Sound quality is great, and with a 2GB Mini SD card, capacity is pretty good. My main quibble is that I had to buy an adapter in order to use regular headphones.

    [...]...more info
  • Worth the Hassle
    This phone was a bit difficult to get in the US when I bought it a few months ago. I ended up getting it on eBay. I am extremely happy with it. Here are some of the things I like:
    - Records audio and video
    - High resolution, compact color screen
    - Supports WiFi, you can use it to snoop for WiFi without starting up your laptop
    - Unlocked, and uses GSM sim cards (so you are not bound to one cellular provider.)
    - Good web browser
    - Runs Symbian s60v3, which integrates with a GMail client
    - Looks like a (slightly big) regular candy-bar phone, until you open it, and wham, there's a QWERTY keyboard. For me, this is the fastest text entry method
    - Good reception, similar to my old Sony Ericsson T28, and MUCH better than the Motorola v330 I tried.
    - Keys backlight when you start typing

    - The little joystick is hard to press straight down without moving it to the side. It's the command button for a lot of things, so this is annoying until you get used to it. Also, the paint started wearing off the joystick after just a few weeks.
    - The screen is high resolution, but sometimes I wish it were bigger.
    - The voice recorder button on the side sticks out, so I am always hitting it accidentally and making voice recordings.

    I'm extremely happy with it. If you get one, I recommend you get a screen protector to protect your purchase....more info