HP iPAQ rx5910 Travel Companion 3.5 Screen Handheld PC, Samsung S3C2442 400 MHz, 64 MB SDRAM, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC with Security Feature Pack
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Product Description

For business, pleasure, or a little of both, the HP iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion series helps make the most of your travels around town or the world. Navigate with ease, stay connected to the people and information that is important to you, and be entertained. The thin, stylish design is easy to take with you wherever you travel.

  • Whether for business, for pleasure, or a little of both, the HP iPAQ Travel Companion helps you make the most of your travels whether they take you around town or around the world.
  • The premier GPS navigation system guides you to virtually anywhere with ease. GPS navigation software and maps are pre-installed, and a car kit is included. Just plug in and go.
  • Thin, stylish design fits simply in your car, and is easy to put in a pocket or purse to take with you to use on the go.
  • Stay productive with full Windows Mobile 5 technology. Synchronize your Outlook calendar, contacts, and email so you can take them with you. Includes pocket versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Access the Internet, email and corporate data and stay connected on the go, at the airport, hotel, or coffee shop. Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless LAN (rx5900 models only), and Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technologies.
Customer Reviews:
  • annoying and useless as GPS
    The idea is great: in my case, rather than lug a buch of guidebooks around Rome, I would simply enter various points of interest, restaurants, etc. into the device, then wander around. If I felt like stopping, I could check the device to see what was around that was interesting, or find my way somewhere.
    However, the thing takes so long to get a fix, loses its signal so easily, and is so brain dead about what direction you are heading, I darn near threw it into the Tiber, where it belongs. The TomTom software (Navigator 6) is unstable and not as well thought out as Garmin's. And, yes, I have the latest updates, which offer a slight improvement.
    The Pocket PC part of the device is unremarkable....more info
  • Same as rx5915
    Well this is really strange. This is exactly the same device as the iPaq rx5915, which Amazon also sells, but for about $100 cheaper at the time I write this. The last number in HP model numbers indicates the sales channel so the 5910 might be the retail store box and the 5915 might be the online box, or vice versa, etc. So if you're interested in this item, search for the rx5915 right here on Amazon and save yourself some money. Verify this on the HP web site before you lay down your cash, but I'm pretty certain this is true.

    As to the device itself, it's pretty good but suffers from the same issue that all converged devices do. As a Pocket PC, it's not quite as good as a dedicated PPC such as my aging iPaq 2215 (though those are getting harder to find), and as a GPS navigation system, it's not quite as good as a dedicated system such as my Magellan Roadmate 760. But it's basically solid on both counts and, if you need both, you'll probably be happy with it....more info