2CG904CDR - 4 Ch 120 / 120 FPS MPEG 4 Triplex DVR w/ Real-time Display / Recording Digital Video Recorder Stand Alone W/ 250 GB HD & CD-RW Drive INCLUDED
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Product Description

MyStore4u proudly carries High Quality CCSG, Corp. Surveillance Cameras, DVR's, and other CCTV Equipment! All cameras are BRAND NEW & CE & FCC approved products!! Retails for $1000.00. MPEG4 Compression enables longer recording and cost down : 2CG904CDR applied a high compression rate using the advanced MPEG-4 algorithm for an effective video management system. With high quality and small size recording image, 2CG904CDR provides longer recording duration and faster data transmission. In addition, 2CG904CDR can help the users to reduce the cost for storage media. Motion detection smart cell: 2CG904CDR improve motion detection function to more convenient way by adding Smart-Cell indication. When motion occurs within any scope of camera filming, several smart-cells show up to locate exactly the position of motion. User can easily confirm the motion point from wide camera filming area, even very small motion can be detected. Compact volume with up to 2 internal HDDs support: 2CG904CDR has a tiny and compact outward appearance with metallic design and user-friendly button configuration that fits any limited space. With 2 internal HDDs support, it provides powerful data storage system that maximizes recording utility for DVR management and maintenance. UTP solution to save your cost of wiring: 2CG904CDR offers an optional installation way by introducing unshielded twisted pair wiring. UTP wiring is a most common communication medium for the moment, it provides several advantages such as lower cost, flexibility and easier installation for installers. You can save both your time and money by adopting 2CG904CDR UTP solution without too much signal loss.

  • Real Time Display.
  • Triplex Operation.
  • CE and FCC approved products.
  • **THREE YEARS Manufacturer Warranty for items purchased through MyStore4U. ** - Please contact support@ccsgcorp.com for Tech Support Issues.