2 Pack - 27 Watts 5500K Color corrected Day Light Fluorescent Lamp Photo Bulb
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Product Description

This is a fluorescent 27 watts energy saving daylight photo bulb (5500 Kelvin temp.). This Fluorescent lamp bulb emulates a soft daylight measured at full spectrum color of 90 CRI at 1800 lumens. Lifespan: 10,000 hours. Ideal for all Tungsten Continuous Lighting Kit. This photo bulb would cost you $21 each at your local retail store. Best price combo on the internet. **Limited Time Promo**

  • 27 Watts Energy Saving Fluorescent Lamp Bulb
  • Color Corrected 5500 Kelvin daylight Photo Bulb
  • 1800 Lumens
  • CRI 90
  • Life Span up to 10,000 Hours
Customer Reviews:
  • upset
    well............. paid for this , shipping and all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and still had to pay, ups almost $40.00 when it got to my door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not a happy shopper here ......
    WILL NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE AGAIN ........... COOP...more info
  • not quite a half star
    these are off the shelf $2.00 cfls the seller claims 5500 kelvin. These are more like 3500 kelvin. not as pictured or described light spectrum may not matter in a porch light but this seller claims to be selling a photo flood with a daylight spectrum and is not delivering this. the manufacturers website says nothing about spectrum. Ummm maybe you ran out of the good ones and called me a sucker....more info
    Great service and product. Works perfect for company product photo shoots. Would definitely buy from this vendor again....more info
  • Daylight Florescent Lamps
    Really, whats to say. The lamps either work or they don't. I will say that besides the fact that they did fit my needs very well, shipping was prompt and items arrived packed well and in perfect condition. Yes I will order lamps from these folks again and save myself a bunch of miles driving and navigating through the crowd at Home Depot....more info
  • I need more power captain.
    Works fine (it's a light bulb - what's not to work?) but if you're gonna shoot thru a diffuser spring for more watts....more info