Microsoft 69K-00001 Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 (Metallic Grey)
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Product Description

When you place your hand on the Microsoft 69K-00001 Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 for the first time, you'll wonder how you've ever managed without it. Offering an unmatched package of ergonomic design, accuracy, style, and advanced features, this mouse is designed to conform to your hand in its most relaxed position. This breakthrough design with a tilted, elevated hand position is designed to reduce pressure the carpal tunnel and wrist, and it will give you the comfort and performance that you deserve.

The Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is ergonomically designed to conform to your hand in its most relaxed position and is loaded with advanced features.

The battery-life indicator warns you when the battery is running low.

Smooth 4-Way Scrolling
Featuring high-definition laser technology, the Microsoft 69K-00001 offers laser precision as you scroll through your files. Smoother tracking means less strain on your hands and wrists, and higher responsiveness means you'll quickly notice an increase in your productivity. The mouse also offers four-way scrolling, adding even greater efficiency and comfort to your work. The entire scroll wheel tilts from side-to-side and reacts to how quickly you roll the wheel for smooth, accurate maneuverability. For example, imagine yourself working with a super-wide spreadsheet loaded with data. With the Laser Mouse 6000 you can tilt the wheel from side-to-side to scroll right and left without having to click-and-drag the application's tiny scroll bar or arrows. And if your desktop is cluttered with too many items to find what you're looking for, don't fret. This mouse has a built-in Instant Viewer -- just click the scroll wheel button to display your open windows, then point and click to select.

The Magnifier
If you work with loads of digital imagery, you'll love the mouse's magnification feature. With this feature, it appears that you have a magnifying glass pressed against the screen. With a simple press-and-hold motion, the Magnifier enlarges the area of your screen that fits inside the lens. You can easily adjust both the size of the lens and the level of magnification. So when it's time to touch-up photos or fine-tune detailed tasks, the Magnifier will quickly become your best friend. (The magnifier works with most programs, but it is not compatible with Direct 3D API in full-screen mode, media players, OpenGL, or Layered Windows. Also, if you're using Mac OS X, the Magnifier enlarges text and images on the entire screen.)

Battery Life
This mouse also features advanced Microsoft technologies that help prolong the life of your batteries, which means that you can spend more time working and less time running back and forth to the store. The 69K-00001 automatically enters standby mode when it's inactive for a set length of time, which minimizes unnecessary battery drain. In addition, the light in the mouse's optical sensor illuminates only as brightly as necessary to provide optimal tracking power. And although it is inevitable that your mouse will eventually run out of juice, the Laser Mouse 6000 comes equipped with a battery life indicator that warns you when the battery is running low.

As the name implies, this mouse is completely wireless, which means you'll never have to hassle with cords again. Loaded with five customizable buttons, you'll have quick access to the media, programs, and files you use most often right at your fingertips. The mouse's ergonomic design features soft rubber material and a shape that feels as natural as a handshake. With a sophisticated form, the Laser Mouse 6000 has a cutting-edge look that will complement today's latest technology. So if you work with a computer that runs Windows XP/2000, has an available USB port, and 45 MB of free hard disk space, the Microsoft 69K-00001 could be the mouse you've always wanted.

  • High-definition laser technology offers precision 4-way scrolling
  • Click the scroll wheel button to activate the handy, built-in Instant Viewer
  • The Magnifier enlarges text and digital imagery to fine-tune detailed tasks
  • Battery life indicator glows red when the mouse battery is running low
  • Mouse offers unmatched ergonomic design that conforms to your hand
Customer Reviews:
  • Brand new in box for nearly 70% off
    This product is great. I bought the same one several months ago at CompUSA for 80 dollars. Here it was 28.
    ...more info
  • Better than you can imagine!
    This mouse is fantastic. While the wireless feature is becoming fairly standard, its ergonomic shape is without parallel. I work all day on my computer, and using this in conjunction with an ergonomic keyboard means that my hands never hurt at the end of the day. If you use your computer for several hours each day, ergonomic products are well worth your money. You will be impressed....more info
  • Great Mouse
    I sit in front of my PC at work for 8-14 hours a day & my wrist has been killing. I went to CC to try out some mice and this was by far the nicest, but very expensive. Jumped on Amazon and found this mouse at a great price and bought it. I was a little leary about it being wireless, but it has worked flawlessly. My wrist pay is definitely much less and the mouse performs exactly as I had hoped!! Going to purchase another for my home desktop!!...more info
  • amazing, but there's room for improvement
    Mousing with this is relaxing. I noticeably felt less wrist strain, though I do wish the mouse was a quarter-inch higher to accommodate my wider fingers. As it is, while my thumb, index, and middle fingers are comfortable, I occasionally feel that my ring and little fingers are a little cramped.

    The location of the Back button for the browser is a little odd. Instead of putting it where it is now, I would have placed it on the other side of the Forward button, immediately above where the ball of my thumb would rest in the thumb groove. That way, if I wanted to hit Back, I'd just have to slide my thumb up instead of having to bend it to reach the Back button.

    Finally, I wish that the scroll wheel assembly felt a little sturdier. The left-right motion of the wheel for horizontal scrolling feels a little flimsy. Also, the scroll wheel itself seems a little too light to be able to effectively use it like a fly wheel (spinning it and letting it continue to scroll until you actually stop the wheel).

    All things considered, this mouse will spoil you! If you plan to use it in a shared space like a large office, you'll probably end up keeping it in a desk drawer every night to make sure no one filches it....more info
  • Too Large for My Hand
    This mouse is very large, and after a week I've given up and am giving it to a friend who has large hands and loves it. The hand position you are supposed to use with it is awkward and sends shooting pains up my arm. I'm looking for a smaller, more comfortable mouse that fits my hand better....more info
  • Better, But Not Perfect
    This mouse is a lot better than most others, but it's still not perfect. My hand rests at a more natural angle, but the thumb rest is sort of awkwardly placed. After trying to get used to it for a week or two, I just started holding the way that felt most natural. I don't know if I'm doing it ergonomically or not, but it feels a lot better to me.

    One complaint: the wheel is very difficult to click down on. I use that middle click constantly in Firefox, and it's very irritating that it takes so much force to do so....more info
  • Great mouse for comfort...
    This mouse was very comfortable and relieved my wrist discomfort immediately.(believe it or not). I was in complete disbelief that wrist problems would arise from usinga computer. once I began video editing the pain began along with a some stiffening. this mouse relieved it. it is an all around good buy. I would recomend it for the price i payed($35). It is very accurate for photoshop as well. The only con i have is that it doesnt have an on off button or rechargeable batteries(although myh power is still as good as new for a month now with moderate use....more info
  • Patrick B
    This is a very nice mouse. Seems a little large setting on the desktop, but the feel is very good. Your hand lays comfortably and the buttons are about right....more info
  • sucktastic - I'd give it 0 stars if they'd let me...
    the title says it all- this is a large, not particularly ergonomic device with an equally large and unnecessary wireless receiver. Avoid. Shame on you, Microsoft!...more info
  • it's ergonomic but ....
    microsoft must increase the sensibility on this mouse because it's feel a little beat slow even adjusting the software speed. i tried the version Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 V2.0 and it's really impresive. ...more info
  • Decent but careful
    A bit of background. I am on the PC a minimum of 10 hours a day everyday year round. I always have some pain related to this much use. I am a big man and have large hands.

    This mouse relieved some hand and wrist pain and was the whole reason I purchased. However I am experiencing some shoulder pain. The operation of this mouse changes where pressures and forces are applied and works your arm and shoulder more. I find I have to vary mouse type on a regular basis to keep from over doing things. So I will maybe switch to a track marble or a gaming mouse for a time till something else aches.

    As far as the mouse itself . No problems with reading movements and never had a problem with reception. I keep the reciever very close though. The hand position is a bit different and takes a bit of getting used too. It relieved a number of pains with my hand and forearm. It will always be a part of my "collection" of input devices I cycle through while trying to relieve the latest over use related stress. The size of it fit me well and might by a bit oversized for smaller hands....more info
  • So far, so great
    Great mouse, great price...

    The install was effortless, and I got an immediate connection between the mouse and receiver after I plugged in the USB cord on the receiver.

    The mouse is very comfortable for my hands (I have an average size hands for a male, with skinny fingers). It immediately felt natural (just as the name suggests) compared to the generic mouse that came with my Dell. I don't find it to be too tall at all, as some others have suggested. This height is necessary, due to the angle of the mouse. The base is plenty wide for a stable surface, and it has never felt like it was going to tip over. The tracking wheel is awesome IMHO, and all the buttons are logically placed. However, I think the thumb buttons would have been better placed by putting them side-by-side horizontally, rather than vertically...but they are still in a comfortable location.

    I have had zero issues with my connection, or with tracking, and the Intellipoint software makes the mouse highly customizable. I've only been using the mouse for the past 2 days, but so far, everything is working flawlessly. My receiver is within 2 feet of the mouse, but moving it another couple feet away seems to have no ill effect on the signal.

    So you can say that I am a very happy customer...especially considering the cheap price of this little baby on Amazon right now! ...more info
  • ergonomic NOT
    Tried mouse for a week but it never felt comfortable in my hand. Didn't scroll or track well when used on a hard white desk surface or on a mouse pad. Double buttons located in a hard to each location. I didn't feel that this mouse offered a better feel than a regular mouse plus its other deficiencies....more info
  • Such a great comfy mouse!
    I bought this mouse as an upgrade from a "normal" MS mouse. I thought I really liked my old mouse, but I tried this ergo mouse at a store and it felt great.

    I decided to buy it here on amazon since it was such a great price. This was me going out on a limb, as it could've been very different at home than in the store.

    When I got it, and started using it, it was a big challenge at first. For the first day or so, I was pondering in the back of my mind "this mouse is really different" and "it may be too different" and "should I return it?"...

    But then I kept it for a few more days to give it a true unbiased test. Now I've had it for almost 2 weeks, and now I think its the best mouse I've ever had!

    After getting used to its nuances over a few days, it began to feel very natural to use. I've even played some 3D games with it and its been incredibly responsive for a wireless mouse.

    It feels very solid, not heavy but solid enough to feel powerful. I feel like my entire daily computer usage has improved.

    My favorite thing about this mouse is that you can hold it more than just the main suggested way. Sometimes I put my thumb out below the grey thumb-rest part for a good wrist stretch. Other times I just use 3 fingertips to move and click, which works great too.

    Overall, if you've been looking for a new mouse that feels much more comfortable in your hand, in your wrist, and not to mention very slick looking on your desk, then this mouse is for you....more info
  • Highly recommended for any hand pain when using a mouse.
    I've been suffering for several years now on and off with carpal tunnel like symptoms and the mouse causes me the most pain. I decided to buy the Microsoft 69K-00001 Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 so I could use at home and also take to work to make sure this would work for me. I noticed immediate relief of hand pain associate with mouse use once I started using it. I also like the portability of it and the fact that it is wireless. At home where I use the mouse my work station isn't ergonomically correct and that is where I had the most trouble with pain associated with the mouse and this is where I noticed the most improvement. At work my work station is more ergonomically correction and over time as my hand got tired/strained and in pain and I got pain in my hand this mouse helped tremendously too....more info
  • stay away
    I really wanted to like this mouse but I could not stand it. First, this thing is heavy. This hurts the precision; the movement of the cursor is anything but smooth. Next, it is not long enough. The wheel is not where I would expect it to be. I played with it for 15-20 minutes and put it back in the box....more info
  • Nice mouse - wish it were just a little smaller
    The mouse is great. Ergonomically speaking, it's unnatural to have your hands turned with the palms parallel to the table as seen with many mice and keyboards. In resting position, your hands are usually at an angle. That's why the mouse is angled different than other mice.

    I have carpel tunnel pains in my wrist and haven't felt the pain since using the mouse. I do have some pain in my fingers. I think if it were smaller, it would fit more naturally into my hand.

    The mouse grabs or sticks a little bit on my mousemat, so I have to use the mouse right on the table.

    I put some new batteries in it, and sometimes the scroll wheel doesn't seem to register very well.

    Other than that, it's a solid mouse....more info
  • no more carpal tunnel
    this mouse is the best. it is easy to use, responds great, and is 100% better for my carpal tunnel. i bought several expensive mouses before finding this one. i love it!...more info
  • still have pain :(
    I've had this mouse for a little while and the good points are

    it's solid
    it has many programmable buttons
    it's precise
    good battery life

    the bad points
    the angle still is not verticle enough to relieve the pain on top of my hand and wrist

    ...more info
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    * Positives:

    This mouse helps prevent a pain in my wrist that I get when I use a standard mouse for an extended period of time. You grip this mouse at about a 45 degree angle, which is a much more normal angle for the wrist. It definitely helps me. This doesn't necessarily mean it will help you the same way, everyone's different, but it is certainly a much more natural angle for the wrist to be in for longer periods of time.

    The mouse wheel of this mouse is the best I've ever used. It's effectively perfect for scrolling through web pages. Just the right speed and feel. There are no 'clicks' when you use it, but it still is precise enough to not need them, which surprised me, as my last mouse had the clicks and I was quite used to them. Scrolling is fantastic.

    This mouse also has a sideways scrolling feature, if you need to scroll across wide spreadsheets or web pages. You can also reprogram this feature for other uses, if you don't need the horizontal scrolling. In fact, all the buttons are reprogrammable, not only globally, but per program.

    * Neutrals:

    The base of this mouse is notably narrower than the mouse itself, which while not a problem for me or my desk surface, might be for others. Something to consider.

    The two thumb buttons on this mouse are way higher than any other mouse I've ever used or seen. You have to lift your thumb quite a bit to use them. I sometimes have to look at the mouse in order to find them.

    Because the mouse takes 2 AA batteries, the mouse is quite heavy compared to a corded mouse. If your mouse surface is angled at all, this mouse may start to slide down it on its own.

    Mouse click feel is average. It works. It's not great. Definitely not a gamer's mouse in terms of precision or feel. This may be a laser mouse, but it doesn't feel like it. I've tested it on various surfaces, from fabric to wood to glass to gaming mousepads, and the tracking is merely average - not better than my 4-year-old 'gaming' optical mouse. Nothing special here. In fact, probably slightly worse.

    * Negatives:

    The wireless receiver has almost no range. Like 2 feet max, with a direct line of sight. If you plan on putting the receiver where there might be stuff between it and the mouse - whether it be of wood, plastic, metal, or even a stack of paper - forget it, buy another mouse. The receiver practically has to be sitting on top of the mouse for it to work properly, and the receiver's USB cord is NOT long (maybe 4 ft) - so make sure after hooking up the receiver from your computer to your workdesk that it will still be within 2 feet direct-line-of-sight to the mouse.

    A very odd aspect of this mouse is that it tracks slightly differently than any other mouse I've ever used. If you drag the mouse perfectly horizontally from left to right, the mouse will creep slightly lower as you move right. It's almost like the mouse needs a front-end alignment. So you will probably need to relearn how to drag this mouse in order to get the pointer to go where you want it to go. It's X / Y axis seem to be rotated about 15 degrees off from normal. Unfortunately, I've found no way to modify this in the software. Quite odd. Other people have mentioned it, and it is indeed true. It's unlikely this mouse will feel "familiar" to you as soon as you use it. The shape already takes some getting used to, but this additional tracking 'error' makes it quite a bizarre relearning experience.

    * Final Verdict:

    I'm keeping it because it helps with the wrist pain. I'm not loving it, though. If you really have serious wrist pain, this mouse might help you out. But that's about all it's going to do. Don't buy it for anything other than it's ergonomic features. If Logitech comes out with a mouse similar to this, I'll be buying that one quickly.

    ...more info
  • Love it or hate it...
    I feel like the ergonomics of this mouse will be a love or hate relationship for most people.

    The tall, side-sloping design is a real departure from the lower and longer designs we have become accustomed to of late. In the store, I had mixed feelings, but decided I would take a chance.

    As someone who, unfortunately, spends 10-12 hours in front of a computer daily, I have found this mouse to be a relief to my aging wrists. With low-slung mice I find myself holding the mouse and pivoting my wrist from side to side for movement. With this mouse, I find that I actually rest my hand on the mouse and move my entire arm. I use the laser 6000 at the office and another mouse at home. I've found that switching between them has helped my wrist to feel a little better at the end of the day.

    Pro: The design is unique and if it works for you is a welcome change. The mouse tracks well, the thumb rest is a nice touch and the scroll wheel works well.

    Con: The design won't work for some people. The mouse is very short from front to back. I have long hands and could benefit from another couple of inches in length. The rubber thumb pad has started to discolor a little. Not a big deal for me. One or twice a week, I get a mildly annoying popup about low signal strength.

    Finally, using this mouse I discovered that I had developed a habit of picking the mouse up to reposition it slightly. Due to the weight of this mouse and the hand position this is an awkward task. It's not a problem, the weight just surprised me a little the first couple of times I did it. I've since mostly broken myself of the habit. ...more info
  • Mouse
    This is the most comfortable mouse to use and it has all the extra buttons I'll ever need....more info
  • A real disappointment
    I have purchased dozens of items from Amazon. Never returned a single one. Until now. I am returning this mouse. I thought the ergonomic design would be an improvement. It actually does feel good and puts less stress on the wrist. But, none of this matters if the mouse doesn't work. And a lot of the time, it doesn't. The wireless connection is periodically lost. I have changed batteries. Moved the receiver, etc. Nothing helps. At times, the mouse is unresponsive. It is totally unreliable and often useless. I have had to keep a traditional mouse ready at all times so I can use it when this one fails.

    Evidently, Microsoft is aware of some of the issues. It would have been nice if the mouse were 100% reliable BEFORE it was introduced to market.

    I would not recommend this product. Save yourself the aggravation and frustration. Buy a different brand. There are too many other mice available to chose from. ...more info
  • Best Mouse EVER
    After reading all the reviews on amazon for this mouse, I decided to go with it. I got the mouse and touched it for the first time, and it is my far, the most perfect, most comfortable, and best feeling mouse I've ever used. Its honestly like the creators finally understood how a mouse is supposed to go into your hand. It cups your entire hand perfect and feels amazing. The buttons are fully customizable. All in all, this is the best mouse I've ever used and at 40 dollars (retails for 80), its a steal, so buy it....more info
  • Wierd angles, poor scrolling, lousy for any games
    I saw this in the store and its fatness felt great in my hand. I have larger hands, and regular mice are just so small, it drives me nuts, but this one fit me very well. I hesitated because it is MS, and I always have bought Logitech mice, but I bought it anyway.

    First off, I had to download the drivers, the ones in the box were not Vista compatible.

    Second thing I noticed was the wierd angles. Moving to the right sent the mouse right and DOWN at a diagonal. Moving up sent it diagonally up and right.

    Third issue was the horrible scrolling. I messed around with the settign for hours on this. The scrolll wheel does not click, not glides, making adjustments a bit of guesswork. Scrolling up always made the page bounce back down when it hit the top, at all scroll speed settings. The scrolling was both horrible sensitive and insensitive at the same time. When trying to scroll just a couple of lines, the thing would only scroll a huge way down, even at the slowest scroll settings and moving the wheel very slowly, or with scroll acceleration turned off. On the other hand, scrolling the wheel a tiny bit had no effect at all.

    In games, scrolling was very fluky. With some games it barely worked at all, with others it was way oversensitive, making scrolling through guns useless, as a tiny bit of scroll motion scrolled through half your arsenal in about a second.

    This mouse is very inferior, and I quickly switched back to my too small yet perfectly functional Logitech wireless....more info
  • Nothing "natural" about it
    I bought this mouse in a vain attempt to keep my wrist and thumb from hurting. While it might be designed for comfort, it isn't designed to actually track like every other mouse on the planet. You move the mouse horizontally to the left and the cursor goes and a pretty good angle up and to the left! There's no way this mouse can be used with any great efficiency in Photoshop or Illustrator or any other application that requires "normal" cursor movement.

    What a complete disappointment....more info
  • Disappointed
    After using this mouse for six weeks, I still cannot find a comfortable way to use it. Wrist & hand fatigue develops very quickly for me even though I've tried raising and lowering the mousing surface, using a wrist rest and adjusting my thumb & wrist positions. Another source of irritation is the screen flicker that occurs momentarily when switching between applications (apparently a bug in the IPoint software that installs). Using with WindowsXP. ...more info
  • Don't buy unless you can return!
    In searching for an ergonomic mouse, this one felt good in my hand at the store. In use, however, it is so tall that my wrist needed to flex upwards. Very uncomfortable. I joked with my colleagues that it would make a great projectile, and I felt like throwing it out of frustration. If I've learned anything in the search for comfort, it is that all reviews are subjective. Perhaps with proper elbow support and overall correct ergonomic workspace setup this will work for you, but it did not for me.
    In terms of function, I have no real complaints, but the comfort factor just wasn't there for me. ...more info
  • i dig direction but not for me
    I do a lot of fine point picking since I am a designer and although I like challenge of this design I was not able to pick fine point by this mouth. So after 3 weeks of use, I gave up....more info
  • Pain gone
    This really was a completely comfortable change for the better. This mouse does two important things, it is taller thus supporting your hand instead of the usual hovering over a mouse causing constant tension at the wrist, and it sets your right hand leaning towards its side instead of horizontal as the flatter mouse do. I use it both right and left handed and in my lap with a rigid mouse pad. The range is limited to more like 3-4 feet at best, the mouse clicks are very quiet, I just wish they would get rid of the mouse "wheel" and develop a toggle arm to scroll with so I don't have to constantly turn the thing. Oh and both right and left wrists are feeling much better after only a couple days!...more info
  • mouse didn't work - had to return it
    The feel of the mouse is good, but it won't work on either of our computers. It must be a lemon. I went ahead and ordered another from Dell, and will return this one....more info
  • Weird angles
    Unlike other reviewers, I found this mouse to be comfortable. However, moving the mouse directly left caused the mouse pointer to move just as much up as it did left (take the mouse you're using now and turn it counter-clockwise 45 degrees in your hand to see what I mean). If I held the mouse in a position that let me move the pointer normally, it was very uncomfortable and the buttons were hard to hit. I gave up after a few hours and returned it. The radio seemed above par though....more info
  • This mouse solved my Repetitive Stress Problem RSI
    I'm an engineer who uses a mouse 12 hours a day. Got a new job with a new standard mouse and withing days my arm hurt up to my collar bone. Couldn't mouse for more than an hour.

    THIS mouse puts my hand it a perfect position. The buttons are programmable, and can change for different programs to do different things. That helps with a lot of common motions. The flip view feature lets you view all open windows like in Vista.

    I would buy again. ...more info
  • ouch
    I got this mouse about two hours ago. I wanted a new, ergo mouse. I have small hands, and maybe it's that, but I had instant wrist pain/numbness, my palm hurt after about a half hour, and I'm going back to my original Mac Mighty Mouse until I can find a decent ergonomic mouse that won't make my hand and wrist problems worse. I'm really disappointed, because I had very high hopes! I'm returning it tomorrow. ...more info
  • Great Mouse, Learning Curve Required.
    I took me about 1-2 weeks to get comfortable with this mouse, however once I was I would never go back to a typical mouse....more info
  • Excellent product
    Excellent product. The ergonomic design takes about a day or two to get used to, but after you do you will never use a mouse the same way again....more info
  • Worthy Product
    Have had this mouse for 6 months. It works well. Comfortable to use. As far as ergonomic design it orients your hand in a position similar to a handshake resulting in less forearm twist. Nice features such as vertical and horizontal scrolling with the wheel. Attractive packaging.

    The only problem is that I do keep hitting the magnify button by mistake with my thumb. Not a real big deal though....more info
  • I like it !
    I just returned a Logitech wireless mouse which did not function well (see my other review). This mouse is comfortable and works perfectly so far. Included software is quite useful. I would recommended, although it is relatively pricey....more info
  • Feels better than regular mouse.
    The only thing I don't like is that they don't offer a wired version. The mouse is so big I keep knocking it onto the floor.

    Update 4 August 2008:
    I've been having problems with the scroll wheel. Sometimes it doesn't want to scroll, other times it does, or the sensitivity is weird. Maybe it's because it has fallen many times to the floor. I don't know....more info
  • Not for a laptop!
    I bought this mouse to replace a Logitech mouse I use with my laptop. Big mistake! The mouse works really well but!! it has this transmitter/receiver (it is almost as large as the mouse) on the end of a cord. Portabilty zero. I have bought a new Logitech mouse for use with the laptop (Small USB transmitter/receiver). The microsoft mouse will be used on my desktop. Don't buy this if you want portability!!...more info
  • A. McDonald
    While doing classes for becoming an MT (Medical Transcriptionist), I am constantly doing a lot of mouse clicking. Over the pst few months I have developed pain in the ring and pinkie finger of my right hand. I had high hopes that the Microsoft Natural Wireless Mouse would help me end the pain. Although my hands are medium sized this mouse still caused me to stretch my whole hand over the entire top and right side of the mouse. Because of this, when I point the mouse I am still straining the two smallest fingers and therefore I still get that ache that I was trying to avoid. I think if the index finger and middle finger were closer to together (more on the side) that it would help me with my problem. The fact is though, that I must basically (very slightly) stretch all my fingers over the mouse and then steer the mouse with the smallest two fingers and this is exactly what is causing my problems in the first place.

    I liked some of the cool features of the mouse and except for a small amount of difficulty in getting good control of the pointer on the screen (perhaps I just needed to tweak the settings to make it really nice) I thought it was a nice mouse. The fact that I am still aching while I use it though, puts it out of the running for me. I definitely do not want to end up with an operation for the ulnar nerve on my right hand, if I can help it. I think Microsoft had a good idea here, but they need to keep the fingers closer together to add strength to the two smaller and more vulnerable fingers for those with ulnar nerve problems. ...more info
  • Absolutely perfect
    As I was in the final semester of my thesis for graduate school, I was spending a LOT of time at the computer, in addition to my regular job where I also had to sit in front of the computer all day. I was developing wrist pain and numbness, which I assumed could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. I bought this mouse on a whim because I had couldn't lessen my time on the computer. It was awkward at first because the mouse itself is very thick and tall, and of course, I had to grip it differently. However, within a couple days, it was second nature. Very comfortable, and my carpal tunnel symptoms quickly went away! This mouse was a life-saver!...more info
  • This is great but....
    I love this mouse, but I have a problem when the mouse is coneccted to USB port the screen saver on my computer wont work,so if I have to go out i have to unplug it. Can someone help...more info
  • Refunded the next day
    I used this junk for one night then returned it. This mouse caused pain in my wrist after one night of use. It is "ergo certified" by some ergo freak. He must have not used this mouse. Waaaaaay over priced. Also, sometimes, the left mouse button would not respond. Even the packaging was a pain to open.

    I recommend getting the Logitech Wave wireless mouse/keyboard set. It's ten bucks more, but it is MUCH higher quality than this. You will notice the moment you open the box (which was easy to open)...more info
  • Not As Good As It Looks
    I am a pro graphics designer. I was using this mouse for 30 minutes today, thinking it's shape would be great. But I actually have more pain than with my standard wireless MS mouse. This design SEEMS like it makes sense. And store models feel right. But in use, this mouse is just no good. Returning it soon. It's a relief going back to my original mouse....more info
  • Love the magnifier
    I love the ease of using this wireless mouse and the magnifier button is great. It is shaped really well, but just a little too high. I've found I am developing a slight sore spot on the right side of my hand from resting and sliding on the mouse pad....more info
  • Hoodwinked.
    This tilted mouse's shape rests your hand further back, and higher up for more comfort at first touch. Sliding it straight forward and back in the store, its shape causes you to slide it with the big muscles of your back rather than the small muscles of your arm; a stronger, more balanced movement at first glance. The tilt is natural as you slide it straight forward and back in the store at the ideal, center position. Clicking in the store is comfortable, because you have unconsciously only tested the mouse slide and click in the ideal center position.

    However, after they have your money, when you get home, and go to slide it sideways during real work; sideways takes you out of that center spot, moving you into a weak and unnatural position. The fixed tilt prevents your hand from shifting and keeping balance during the sideways move and click. Your click off-center, fixed and off-balance is weak, unnatural and unergonomic. Clicking off balance for being unable to shift your hand, tweeks your spine that has also tilted for being connected to your hand.

    You find you have been tricked into purchasing a product to increase the designer's stock investments in medical HMO's. You find too late, that for all the returns, all the other reviews were written by Microsoft employees(oh! gasp! disbelief!). When you go to return the mouse, you find that Microsoft has designed an odd-shaped "box" with the intent to make it impossible for you to put the box back together; to deter your return. You will spend 20 minutes trying to put the box somewhat back together with the parts bulging the box in spots. You have been the victim of a tilt, fix, get the quick promotion before the returns scheme, by tilted, twisted minds.

    I returned this and found a "Logitech" mouse that is tall, though not quite as tall as this "Microsoft" mouse. I have been using the plain "Logitech" mouse, without any twist, for many months now, and like it a lot.

    This 6000 model does not permit you to use your mouse with your left hand.
    The two main buttons work ok, but the two extra buttons are positioned to be worthless.

    I have some great ideas for a better mouse, like the gel-mouse, the leather-mouse, the 3,000-volt-taser-mouse, the self-propelled mouse, the low-rider mouse, the high-rider mouse, and the mouse that roars....more info
  • best mouse ever
    This mouse is absolutely THE BEST!!! Very easy to use and oh so easy on the wrist. I have arthritis in my wrist and using this mouse has eliminated all the discomfort I've had using previous mice. I give it a 5 star rating also because everything about it is designed for very easy maneuverability. I recommend it for anyone who needs to relieve any stress on the wrist....more info
  • I'm impressed
    Let me start off my saying that I am a Mac user. There are very few Microsoft products in my house. But this mouse has completely exceeded my expectations. I concur with the reviewer who said that if there is anything that Microsoft is really good at, it's mice. I sit at the computer over 12 hours a day so you can imagine that hand and wrist strain is a major issue for me. When my Apple studio mouse finally started to die (one of the older ones) I tried a few things: the new Apple mice (hated them) a Kensington trackball (liked it but it's not that precise and it is super clunky) a lesser priced Logitech mouse, and this one. This one outperformed them all - very precise, takes up very little space on my desk, and best of FEELS good in your hand. After using it for a few days my hand and wrist started feeling a lot better and stopped throbbing at the end of the work day. I can honestly say in over 25 years of computing, this is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.

    Another surprise was how well the software worked on a Mac. It was a completely effortless installation.

    I would strongly recommend it for the comfort factor alone....more info
  • Pain
    My wrist was aching a half hour after I started using this. Also, it sits up so high that if your mousepad goes under your desk at all, you will need more clearance. A huge disappointment....more info
  • Extremely happy - reduce pain of CTS
    I bought this mouse because I'd been diagnosed with mild carpel tunnel syndrome. The mouse makes a world of difference, and my pain has gone away. Mouse is a quite large, and "thumb" buttons are difficult to use if you have smallish hands. I think it's designed for a man with larger hands than I have. However, even so, I'm really very happy with this product....more info
  • Wireless Laser Mouse
    I have corpal tunnel in my palm and my regular mouse was really making it ache. This mouse has really releaved that and it has need features, too....more info
  • It works well for me
    I had a Microsoft wireless laser mouse for three or four years, until the scroll wheel wore out. It worked reasonably well, though the software or reception was at times buggy. Still, I wanted something better so I tried a couple of mice from Logitech: the MX Revolution and the MX620. They were beautiful and felt great, but one was DOA and the other did not work well with the software for the Mac PowerBook that I'm using it with. So I finally bought this laser mouse 6000 from Microsoft. It does what I want it to do.

    - It feels good
    - The software works well and, unlike the Logitech; it does not force me to use the right button as a dedicated right-click button (I use it for "double-click")
    - I prefer AA or AAA over rechargeable batteries, so this works well for me

    - It is slightly too high so I keep bumping into the side buttons
    - The side buttons should have been located slight lower to on the mouth the work well for me
    - I like the scroll button on the Logitech better, but this one is still good and responsive
    - The stationary UBS receiver unit is bigger than need be, it seems to me--yet another long wire to contend with. Why not an unobtrusive UBS receiver stick?...more info
  • Great mouse but.......
    This is a great mouse but two problems that have with it. One is that it is very heavy once the batteries are in it. After a while it feels like you're trying to move a brick. The other is that the side buttons are located to high and aren't positioned low enough for a comfortable clicking back and forward with your thumb. The price is way to high for a mouse....more info
  • Works well - could use a few improvements
    I was skeptical of anything that MS gets their hands on especially as Logitech usually beats any MS product hands down. I have owned half a dozen mice, mostly wireless to try and find a comfortable mouse when used for long periods. I have used some very expensive so-called "ergonomic" mice that were anything but. I have three mice on my desk and rotate them to avoid repetitive stress.

    This mouse, though not fantastic, is the best ergonomic mouse I've found. Cocking the hand and wrist helps significantly with carpal tunnel. I think they could have tilted the mouse another 15 degrees and made it more comfortable. Would have been nice to allow users to set their own angle.

    Could use more functions (how about a mute button) and a ratcheting scroll wheel would be better. Because the mouse tilts your wrist, your fingers tend to drag on the desk. I find my third finger gets sore as it supports the weight of my hand.

    Overall, best ergonomic mouse I've found but I think there is room for improvement. Why on earth someone can't design a truly comfortable mouse is a total mystery.

    I would start by incorporating a a forearm support. I would get rid of the necessity to press to click the mouse buttons. Pressure sensitive surface would work great - something akin to a touch screen. I find my finger tips get sore after typing and clicking all day long....more info
  • Not ergonomic
    This mouse works fine as a wireless, but is not comfortable or ergonomic as promised. Quite big and bulky. I would not recommend it for anyone....more info
  • Great little product
    The "feel" of the mouse is great. I was concerned about the wireless and how well it would work compared to wired mice - well I didn't notice a difference at all. It is an extremely comfortable mouse and I only wish they made it in a gaming version! Once you get used to resting on the side of your hands - it is a great feel!...more info
  • So comfortable
    This is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. My wrists and fingers often bother me from working extended hours on the computer. I highly recommend this mouse to alleviate those potential pains....more info
  • scroll select
    After a couple of months with it, I am very pleased with every function except one - the select of the scroll wheel. It it rather finicky and seldom works....more info
  • Weird Tracking
    I have been using a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and decided to try this one. The major problem I had is that when you move the mouse side to side or up and down the pointer doesn't track at 90 degree angles, it moves somewhat diagonally. For example, if the mouse pointer was at the bottom of the screen and I wanted to move it to the same point at the top I would move the mouse up, but the cursor would wind up a few inches to the right of where I intended it. I suppose this might be due to the strange shape of this mouse and me not holding it correctly. There is an illustration in the box that shows how to hold this mouse but I did not find it clear (an actual picture of someone holding the mouse might have been helpful), and even though I tried a few different hand positions I couldn't seem to get away from the odd tracking. Frankly I don't want to have to hold the mouse in an unnatural position to get it to work right, I want to put my hand on the mouse naturally and comfortably and have it move around in an predictable way right out of the box.

    The other problem I had was that the side buttons are too high. I use these a lot (for moving back and forth between Web pages) and having to crank my thumb up higher than I am used to was not comfortable.

    I figured because of the odd shape of this mouse it would take a couple of days to get used to and I did give it a couple of days but could not get used to it and had to return it. Even if I had gotten used to it, I use multiple computers during the course of a day and having to go back to a normal mouse after getting used to this one would likely have me fumbling around trying to get the pointer to go where I wanted it....more info
  • Not Comfortable poor location of side buttons!
    Generally a very well performing mouse. Very responsive and precise but uncomfortable as the side buttons are too far back. My hands are just medium male size - I find that I have to lift my hand off the mouse to use the side buttons in reality that makes the mouse a real pain to use. What could they been thinking of when they designed the location of the side buttons....more info
  • The best mouse ever!
    I will make this very short and to the point. This is the best mouse that I have ever owned. Easy to use, feels great and yes prevents the typical pressure points from the standard mouse design. I have not had any trouble using this device. The price on Amazon is much better than Office Depot, where I purchased mine, but still well worth the money....more info
  • Got one for work AND home!
    Since purchasing this for both home and work, I no longer have the pain in my wrist I used to. I spend 14-18 hours a day on the computer, so changing the mouse to a more ergonomic one made a lot of difference. I also use Microsoft's inverted keyboard (slopes downward at the front)....more info
  • Awesome ergonomic mouse
    This mouse has been great for me and it may be great for you as well. A month ago I was struggling to hold my four month old baby (12 lbs) without cringing in pain. What a huge disappointment and fear for me. I couldn't help but picture her getting older and Daddy not being able to hold her up at all. My issue was mild carpal tunnel and the beginning of wrist strain (tendinitis). I talked to a physician who gave me options and literature. My options are use it less ... a whole lot less, and learn to do things differently and give it a break more often. I started to learn to be left handed ... I was frustrated after three days ... so I decided to bite the built and shop for the best ergonomic peripherals I could find. I saw the joystick mice and such, but this mouse seemed the easiest to learn to use without drastically changing what I was used to. I also replaced my keyboard for a MS natural keyboard. My pain has disappeared, I can hold my girl and all is well ... almost. I have to use these ... I used a regular mouse for two while out at a client and the pain began to return. This mouse has been great ... it is ergonomic because it helps you keep your hand in a much better position.

    - Excellent mouse for ergonomics ... have solved my wrist pains (with keyboard help too)
    - Additional features with the extras buttons (you can specify th actions they trigger)
    - The wireless capability is superb. I have nothing but great things to say about the wireless performance.
    - Battery life has been surprising. Only mice with "off" switches have ever lasted me this long.

    - The mouse is different and it will take a little to get used to.
    - The 4-way wheel has yet to add value (I haven't used it except as a normal scroll)
    - Scroll button ... harder to click because of the 4-way feature ... this takes the longest to get used to.

    -Bulky ... this is by design and it is part of the ergonomics ... it keep your hand where it should be. If you have an issue with this, you are not really looking for this ergonomic mouse. For me, it has been worth every discomfort it brought because my hand is pain free and fully functional again.

    Hope this helps, cheers!...more info
  • very comfortable mouse
    Our work site has introduced a new records system that has forced us to use the computer far more than previously. I have had substantial problems with arm and wrist tension. I have disposed of the standard issued Dell mouse and keyboard and after some testing have settled on the 6000 mouse and the 2000 keyboard. This has made a substantial difference for me. The 6000 mouse reduces the amount of wrist strain by reducing the degree of pronation required to operate the mouse. This simple change in posture makes a huge difference. The tracking is quite accurate, and the battery life is very good....more info
  • Very good
    Very comfortable, but strange at first use - compared to my old mouse.

    I recommend.
    ...more info
  • Not Perfect But Meets My Needs
    I'm spending myself silly trying to find more ergonomic keyboard and mouse options to deal with tendonitis. My physical therapist said to go "big" when shopping for mice. This unit dwarfs just about anything else. The "handshake" angle is comfortable, and the shape works well even when I am wearing a wrist splint. My splint has an empty chamber over the carpal tunnels for protection, which makes a surprisingly good hand rest. Due to the height of the mouse, it is probably better to use it without a pad; otherwise, you wrist bends back in a way that will cause problems over time. The downside of that is that your arm may tend to drag the table. The scroll wheel is smooth, without the graded clicks of older wheels. The driver software is highly configurable and easy to understand. The biggest downside is the two extra buttons on the left side. There is nothing ergonomic about them; in fact, I consider them almost useless. Thumb buttons on the base would have been a much better idea. However, two buttons and a wheel is all I really need, so I am glad that I found this unit....more info
  • Think before buying
    I bought this mouse after a lot of waiting and reviewing. I was suffering from this mild to medium wrist pain and I was desperately looking for a new mouse. I even bought the joy stick - Zero Tension mouse from Ergo Items. I just couldnt get comfortable with the ZTM. Its difficult to maintain a vertical (handshake) position for a long time. Then I bought the Natural 6000 thinking it doesnt force your palm to be perpendicular to the ground.

    I agree that the handshake position is the natural position for your hand since it doesnt involve rotating your forearm and wrist, but people tend to ignore the fact that its not the natural resting position of your hand while on a table. Just try and rest your hand from elbow to fingers on a flat table. You will see that the forearm and wrist rotate a bit and all the fingers curl up and tend to be together. The Natural mouse gets the rotation of the forearm right but then you have to lift your fingers quite a bit away from the table and place it on the mouse buttons which are high above the base. This forces the tendons connected to your fingers on the back of your palm to be constantly in tension. Mine is a medium sized hand and this constant tension is causing extra pain. Also, when I try to rest my fingers on the mouse, they curl and rotate the mouse to the left making it hard to use. Holding it in the right position causes extra tension in the wrist and the back of your hand.

    But the mouse might be more comfortable for a larger hand. One good test is to try and pick an NBA basket ball lying on the ground with one hand (palm facing the ground). If you can do that with ease then your hands are probably large enough to use this mouse.

    I would suggest using the wireless laser 6000 which lets you rest the your fingers and palm on the mouse without any arbitrary movements. I think adding a slight tilt in the wireless laser 6000 will definitely work better than the Natural mouse.

    1) Extremely tall for a normal sized hand - only large hands may be able to use it comfortably. Try the basket ball test to size your hands.
    2) Isnt long enough for the bottom of your palm to rest on the mouse. This is a step backwards from the wireless laser 6000
    3) Ignores the natural "resting" position of the hand, especially in the wrist area

    1) Scrolling is easy as others have pointed out
    2) Multiple button options like zoom and back
    3) Soft buttons
    ...more info
  • Nearly perfect...
    This is an excellent mouse, particularly for guys like me who have big hands, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and spend hours on the computer. Its important to be comfortable, and this is definitely the way.

    the battery life is amazing. ive never had a wireless mouse before, but ive had this one for several months now and the battery strength is apparently still over 3/4's, and i use the machine for 4-8 hours PER DAY (home worker).

    the comfort is out of this world, definitely super comfortable.

    the scroller doesnt lock, click, ratchet, whatever you wanna call it, which is VERY VERY VERY annoying, i wish that was fixed.

    the mouse is also a little different laterally than most mice. im guessing its because the angle your hand is on, but the mouse tends to have more upward motion when you are trying to do precise lateral movement. i do a lot of video editing, and when you are trying to seek in a video file, this thing is a bit annoying in that the mouse goes a little above where you are trying to seek to when you move side to side.

    i dont notice it as much up to down, but left to right its quite noticable. i wish there was a way to fix that.

    still though, i got this pretty cheap on the web, something like 35 bucks. Not too shabby....more info
  • Burns batteries and conflicts with software
    This mouse is very comfortable to use. Unfortunately, it is optical, which means that it burns batteries. It also conflicts with other software on your computer. There were several times that I had to restart my computer and my screen saver stopped working. But when I started having trouble with Adobe Reader, I disconnected the mouse for good (Note: my computer stopped acting up).

    Why can't anyone manufacture a real ernomoic mouse that doesn't need special software (Note: not optical, not with 5 buttons), so that those of us who suffer from carpal tunnel can use the computer?...more info
  • 5 stars, useful software..
    If Microsoft does anything really well, it's mice. It feels almost perfect. My only gripe is that it very slightly angles my hand upward. Not enough to cause discomfort but there seems to be something a little bit wrong about the angle. Regardless, I love the feel and performance. It tracks smoothly over all surfaces and the software is actually useful. Virtually all software I've used that comes with a mouse is crapware in my experience. In this case, there are two particularly useful software features: the magnifier and instant viewer. I use both a lot but use the instant viewer constantly. With a click, the instant viewer opens all windows, displays them all on your desktop, lets you click and choose what you want. This is particularly useful for those of us that often bounce from window to window a lot and have a number of programs open at any given time. The magnifier is good too. With a click, what is basically a magnifying glass opens up and lets you zoom in. I use this at work quite a bit. All told, a really good effort from MS. I wish they would have made Vista as well as this mouse. ...more info
  • Coolest mouse I've had yet
    I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and suffer from a lot of circulation problems, especially in my right arm. I'm also prone to repetitive strain. I've recently been going to the chiropractor quite often, and have been trying my best to alter my work situation to help remedy the problem. I've gone through a few mice, and even tried an external track pad, as I really like the one built into my laptop. But I found a track pad off to the side was more awkward than I liked, so I went back to mice.

    I have small hands but long fingers, so this mouse is a good fit for me. My only issue is when I can't get my chair at the right height, but that's not the mouse's fault. It definitely takes a little getting used to, but it's definitely more comfortable than the standard mouse. Definitely worth a shot for anyone into ergonomics....more info
  • Mocrosoft Ergonomic wireless mouse
    I found out about the ergonomic mouse and bought it base on reviews on Amazon. I was in pain by mid afternoon in my busy season at the office mousing 10+ hours every day (including weekends). I needed some relief and I believe the ergonimic mouse helped. It is different in shape but otherwise just like the mouse supplied with the combination MS wireless Comfort Keyboard and mouse set. I have long fingers and need and a large mouse fits my hand. Folks with small hands may not like either wirelss mouse.

    In June, 2006, I bought the the combination comfort wireless keyboard and laser mouse for home and wished for the same at the office. To relieve the stress on my hands and wrists, I finally asked my company to purchase this set for me. In the meantime, I found out about the ergonomic mouse and bought it. Whiie I was waiting for the company to get my new keybosrd and mouse set, I used the ergonomic mouse at the office. Now at home, the ergonomic mouse works with my existing the transmitter for the keyboard set - version 1.0A. (Not well documented, one has to push a tiny button on the bottom of the mouse to initiate the communication with the transmitter.)

    When long work days at the office come up again, I will bring the ergonomic mouse back into the office. Compared with a cheap ordinary mouse, the ergonomic mouse is essential. I will need several long days at the office with the wireless laser mouse supplied with the comfort keyboard set to determine which version of wireless laser mouse is better....more info
  • Comfy!
    I love this mouse, it scrolls smoothly, accurately, and is very comfortable.

    It would get five starts from me, but for the scroll wheel. I much prefer a "clicky" scroll, as opposed the smooth (feels mushy to me) action of this one....more info
  • Another Great Erganomic Product - Yay Microsoft!
    Microsoft Erganomic products are the only reason I can sit at my desk all day on the computer. I have been using this mouse for a few weeks now and so far it is working great. I had a lot of pain in the muscle next to my right shoulder blade that caused painful headaches. This product has given me a lot of relief from that. Don't worry about the slanted design, you will get used to it pretty quickly. I am running it on Windows XP and it was easy to install. Overall this is a great product. I use it everyday all day at work and so its definately worth the price for me.

    I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 though because the batteries it came with ran out in 2 weeks. So either it came with old batteries or it eats them =/. I bought a pack of re-chargeables and keep 2 and the charger at my desk to swap out when needed. ...more info
  • Overall good mouse, with some quirks
    I have been using this as my primary mouse for about a month, and am generally happy. I plan to continue using it for a long time. The mouse is very comfortable to use and the batteries seem to last longer than I expected (still on the original batteries after a month of daily use).

    I do find a couple of things kind of annoying about this mouse:
    * The scroll wheel is hard to press down as a middle click. Because the wheel is not centered in its opening, sometimes I end up pulling the wheel to the left (side scroll) instead of pressing it straight down.
    * Horizontal wheel scrolling is mostly worthless, and there is no way to remap horizontal scrolling to any other function.
    * The scroll wheel is very smooth scrolling, it does not have notches like my old Microsoft Optical mouse. This works fine for scrolling a scrollbar in an application, but is very annoying for scrolling by page in a PDF file, or zooming in Google Maps because moving the scroll wheel a tiny bit can throw you hundreds of pages away, or zoom you out completely. It would also making any game that uses the scroll wheel (for changing weapons, for instance) very hard to play.
    * The default setup for the buttons is not what I had expected. I had to change the function of the buttons using the provided Microsoft software to get middle clicking to work (the default was "Instant Viewer") with the scroll wheel. Back is the default for the large thumb button, and Magnify was the default for the small thumb button.

    I had to change the way I used a couple applications (like viewing PDFs in "Single Page Continuous" instead of "Single Page" view), but overall this is an extremely comfortable mouse, and I would recommend it to anyone who won't have major problems with the annoyances listed above....more info
  • The best ever mouse for desktop
    I have been using a lot mouses during last years,but this is the best far away from the others.

    It's very comfortable to use it.........more info
  • Greate MS mouse, my wrist feels better

    I'm on the computer 12 hours a day and my wrist has been bothering me. When using most mice, your wrist is on the table, and hand is cranked up at an angle over the mouse. This completely changes your mouse posture. It is a massively tall mouse that completely angles your hand when using it.

    Here's what the mouse instructions recommends:
    The pinky edge of your hand is on the table, and your hand wraps the side of the 2.5" tall mouse, so your hand is almost sideways the whole time. Takes some getting use to, but at least all presure is off your wrist.

    Here's what I prefer:
    I use a mouse pad with a thickly padded wrist rest. The part of my forearm right before the wrist is on the wrist rest, and the hand is on the tall, (right-hand) slanted mouse, so my wrist is hanging in mid-air. This feels pretty natural for me and no more wrist pains.


    It performs very well, as well as any other MS laser mouse. Laser works on most surfaces, but not on glass or glossy surfaces. It's been 2 months and I haven't had to change the batteries yet.

    All of the above.

    Sometimes I do get inconsistent velocity when I move the mouse at constant speed but the cursor does'nt. Smoother table surfaces seem to help. This is not for gaming....more info
  • PAIN!!
    I have a mouse intensive job with dual screens working on digitizing maps. Unlike the reviewers before me I have a normal size hand. Over the years I have developed a slight pain on the top of my wrist. My favorite mouse so far has been a Microsoft Wireless mouse similar to the 5000 design but with the fake leather on the palm, which is no longer available. I saw this "ergonomic" Natural mouse advertised on Microsoft's website six months ago and purchased one the second it became available.

    The mouse caused instant pain in my wrist. I tried using the mouse for a week in different positions thinking I just had to get used to the mouse. My wrist pain just got worse. After a week the pain in my wrist was so bad I wasn't sure it would ever go away. Not only did I have pain while using it but for days after stopping. Although I have a mild pain in the top of my wrist from normal mousing this mouse caused pain in a different location at the base of my thumb.

    I returned the mouse and returned to my old mouse.
    ...more info
  • Really comfortable and great for users with big hands.
    First of all I am a big fan of Microsoft's wireless mice. I have big hands so this mouse's large round shape fits well. I did not have any problem getting used to the fact the your hand is angled to the right, which is your hands natural position anyway. The mouse has good response time. It aslo has a nice battery life status light right on the mouse. Anyway it is a great mouse that I am looking to get for the Office to go with the one I have at home....more info
  • Precise and comfy
    I've been using this mouse for about a month now and enjoy it very much. My previous mouse was a USB Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. Aside from its shape, the most noticeable difference in this new device is its smoothness and accuracy. A new laser technology is used (no more glowing red light) that tracks very well on smooth and semi-shiny surfaces such as a finished/laminated desktop. Previously when I used the older Intellimouse directly on my desk's surface it constantly lost tracking, sending my pointer all over the screen. After getting a new pad to go with this "Natural" mouse I found that I no longer need one! In a related note, the silicone (?) glide pads on the bottom of the mouse are slick enough to make this somewhat heavy device slide effortlessly.

    Now, the ergonomics are what initially attracted me to this mouse. To be honest I don't have the most ideal working setup, including a moderately tall desk, no keyboard tray, and a somewhat short kitchen chair that leaves my arms at a higher than normal incline. That being said, the Natural mouse noticeably improved the feel of my right wrist. Like the previous reviewer, I have larger than average hands and find that my fingers reach all the buttons fine. However, I also find that my thumb does not sit within the left groove, but rather is more comfortable on the top ridge where buttons 4 and 5 are. It seems to me that each person will find a different resting position for his or her fingers, but in general the elevated angle of one's wrist makes the mouse much more comfortable than others.

    My only complaints are that the scroll button takes some force to click down and side scrolling isn't as univerally supported nor as smooth as it should be. Overall I highly recommend this product. ((edit: While using the included receiver and a fresh pair of batteries, the unobstructed wireless range of my mouse is about 15 feet. Of course, your mileage may vary.))...more info
  • So far so good, mostly
    Interestingly, I am in a very similar position to the earlier reviewer, but I have had somewhat different results, after my first day of owning this mouse. I too am something of a gadget guy, and I also have the Wireless Desktop 6000 from Microsoft (the first lighter gray color version however). While I like the keyboard from this desktop set just fine, over time I began to dislike the mouse that came with it for the following reasons:
    - I used to use a Mouserug mouse pad and I found, strangely, that the laser mouse didn't track at all smoothly on this surface.
    - The finish on the sides of the mouse began to look dirty and develop a very rough surface where my skin touched it after a short while.
    - It wasn't ideal from a hand position perspective; I would somtimes develop pain at the base of my thumb after using it for a long time.

    So, I had hopes that this mouse would solve these problems. Here's what I've found so far:
    - The tracking seems identical to the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, that is, very good indeed on any surface except the Mouserug, where it still stinks. So, no change there.
    - The side surfaces of the mouse are very different. The original 6000 laser mouse had a surface with a sort of "grippy" paint. This new mouse has thick rubbery plastic (clear on the left over the MS logo and black on the right) on the sides where you touch it that seems much more rugged than the old mouse. I suppose only time will tell how it stands up under repeated use but I'm guessing it will be much better.
    - The hand position seems much better. It does take getting used to for sure. But I find that when I just let my hand relax and use the mouse as intended that it is extremely comfortable. Just be sure to follow the diagram included in the box and don't try to force your hand into a position you'd use with a "regular" mouse because then you'll have hand pain guaranteed.

    The areas where my experience was different than the other reviewer are:
    - My Wireless Desktop 6000 came with version 3.0A of the receiver and I found that it works just fine with this mouse. I did not need to use the receiver included with the mouse. (I'm using Windows XP, for the record.)
    - The base of this mouse is indeed smaller than others but I haven't experienced the tipping and scraping at all. It seems to me you'd have to push like heck on the side of the mouse for that to happen.
    - The scroll wheel does indeed feel set a little farther back, but I haven't found this to be a problem.

    I have pretty big hands and I find that this mouse fits me well. But my wife has small hands and she was totally unable to use this mouse. So, if you've got medium to large hands you're probably OK, but if you have small hands I wouldn't recommend this at all.


    Here's an update after a few months of use: I still like the mouse very much -- it's the most comfortable mouse I've ever used and I never get any hand pain anymore. So that's a huge plus. But the clear plastic surface on the left side of the mouse started to turn yellowish after a few weeks of use and now the surface is starting to disintegrate. (Why can't Microsoft come up with a comfortable surface that's durable too?) But to tell you the truth, the ergonomics of this mouse are so good that I plan to buy another one....more info
  • Disappointed
    I had high hopes for this new natural mouse from Microsoft. I was using a Microsoft wireless laser 6000 mouse which frequently hurt my hand due to the uncomfortable angle forced on the wrist. Being an early adopter, I purchased this new "natural" mouse online before it was available in stores. Upon receiving, the first thing I was disapointed in was that it would not work with my existing wireless receiver from Microsoft. I have a very new wireless desktop 6000 v2.0 keyboard and mouse with a version 3.1 wireless receiver. This new natual mouse came with a version 1.0 receiver and seems to be required to communicate. I'm guessing they're shipping the older 1.0 receiver due to problems with the newer receiver and Windows Vista screen saver (a separate issue I won't go into here). After plugging in the 1.0 receiver (along with my 3.1 receiver required for my keyboard), the mouse came to life. I liked the angle of the mouse and the height - it's taller and puts your hand at a more comfortable angle. However, when using the mouse I noticed that it frequently wanted to tilt slightly to the left or right, causing the bottom edges to scrape slightly against my mouse pad. This scraping I'm sure is due to the increased height of the mouse and also the very small size of the base of the mouse. The mouse tapers down to a smaller size where it contacts the mouse pad. I also felt it wasn't quite long enough, putting the scroll wheel too far behind my finger tip (and I have fairly small hands). I think Microsoft's a step in the right direction with making a more ergonomic mouse, however I feel this mouse is just not right for me. I wish the base was larger so that it would remain flat during use and that it was a little longer. Better yet, it would be nice if they came in different sizes or maybe different interchangeable shells for different hand sizes. I would highly recommend that you try this mouse before purchasing. ...more info