QMS-D1 Wireless Digital Camera Flash Booster / Slave
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Product Description

Quantaray QMS-D1 Digital Slave Flash Booster with auto slave and delay time function

The Quantaray QMS-D1 is a pocket sized flash optimized for use with digital cameras. This wireless booster flash does not need to connect to your camera or main flash in any way. It comes equipped with an electronic slave trigger that discharges the flash when it sees the main flash go off. That makes it a very handy piece for filling in shadows, increasing the output of your main flash or for special effects. It comes equipped with a tilting, table-top stand or it can be put into a regular flash shoe or it can be attached to any tripod.

A digital camera or a digital flash unit fires pre-flashes to obtain necessary information on the subject to be photographed and evaluate the required lighting output or to reduce red-eye effect. The QMS-D1 slave flash can automatically detect the different pulses (i.e. pre-flashes) and fires in synchronization with your camera's main flash. As different digital cameras' built-in flash or external flash unit has different pre-flash delay time before actual activation of the main flash, the QMS-D1 has three slave settings that should be selected and tested before actually taking your photos to ensure that the correct slave flash synchronization is selected.

S: The QMS-D1 will be activated instantly when it detects a flash light which could be a pre-flash from the camera's built-in flash or external flash. ( The activation at this setting is exactly the same as that of the QMS-1 slave flash unit (53-166-0769)) . This slave setting is to be selected for traditional cameras or flash units that do not fire any pre-flash.

S1: At this setting, the QMS-D1 can detect the pre-flash light of the digital camera's built-in flash or external flash unit with single pre-flash function and delays the activation and synchronizes with the actual main flash light emitted after the pre-flash.
(e.g. Synchronizes with the buil

Customer Reviews:
  • A good photo accessory for serious photographers
    The OMS-D1 flash booster / slave is good for photographers who want photos with better lighting. I use it as a secondary slave flash fill to remove any flash shadow your camera flash might leave. It gives you better photos of people if you place it to one side of your subject, so it will light the side of their face and cover the shadow behind them. Place it pointed in the same direction as the camera, but off to one side. It helps to use a white gym sock, cut- off four inches of the toe end and cover the flash booster with it. This reduces the light output and gives a more natural look to your photo. It produces a lot of light. This is a handy accessory to have to get better photos. ...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do.
    Worked like a charm first time out of the box.
    I'm using it with my Fuji E900 as a fill or highlight flash. The multiple settings allow it to be used with "red eye reduction" or just regular flash. I especially like the stand that come with it and the strap to fasten it to pipes or table legs so you don't have to get someone else to hold it for you.
    A very good value and I may get another one....more info
  • works as claimed
    Great increase in flash range... Good at highlighting areas or people...no cords....selectable for number of camera "preflashes" make it work flawlessly with both of my Kodak digitals and my older Minolta film camera...more info