Symc Backup Exec Adbo 11D Win Disk Backup Ml Bndl Bus Pack Basic
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Product Description

- Marketing Information: Enables faster backups and restores through advanced disk-based backup and recovery, including Synthetic and Off-Host backups to perform zero impact backups. Synthetic backups reduce backup windows and network bandwidth requirements and do not impact the original client. Product Information - Software Sub Type: Add on/Application - Software Name: Backup Exec v.11d for Windows Servers Advanced Disk-based Backup Option with 1 Year Basic Maintenance - Add-on - Features and Benefits: - New true image restore functionality automatically restores data sets sequentially, simplifying restores - The Off-Host backup feature enables better backup performance and frees the remote computer by processing the backup operation of the remote computer on a Backup Exec media server instead of on the remote computer or host computer - Platform Support: PC License Information - License Type: Complete Product - License Pricing: Standard - License Quantity: 1 Server

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