Symc Backup Exec Sbs Aws 11D Win Sbs Agent for Windows Systems
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Product Description

- Marketing Information: The Agent for Windows Systems includes the Remote Agent for Windows Servers and the Continuous Protection Agent. This agent expands network-wide data protection and optimizes data transfers for 32- and 64-bit remote Windows servers, including local registry and system state information. Exclusive Agent Accelerator technology helps maximize backup and recovery performance by providing source-level compression and distributed processing at the client. The result is reduced network traffic and maximized data throughput. Product Information - Software Sub Type: Backup and Recovery - Software Name: Backup Exec Agent for Windows Systems 11d for Windows Small Business Server - Add-on - Features and Benefits: - The Continuous Protection Agent functionality enables continuous disk-based data protection for remote file servers with LAN or WAN connectivity to the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server - Continuous disk-based protection simplifies backups by consolidating data protection into a central server, eliminates the backup window needed to protect each file server, and provides faster restores by helping to ensure business-critical data is immediately accessible - Point-in-time snapshots of data on the Continuous Protection Server are periodically captured and protected to provide versioning and granular point-in-time recovery of files - Full system state information is also protected - End users can seamlessly retrieve previous versions of file

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