Wireless Audio Alarm
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Product Description

Frighten potential burglars away from your home with a powerful alarm that's triggered by wireless sensors. The Audio Alarm for AAA can be triggered by up to 15 sensors (sold separately), such as motion sensors and door/window sensors, sounding a loud alarm and warding off intruders. Arm the Audio Alarm for AAA with a Keychain Remote or a wall-mounted Keypad Control (both sold separately). Place sensors around your home to monitor the entries and arm the alarm. When triggered, a sensor will send a radio signal up to 100 feet away to the Audio Alarm for AAA, which will immediately sound its piercing 130dB siren both as a deterrent and as an alert to those nearby. You can also set the Audio Alarm for AAA into a chime mode, so that it will just chime once if a sensor is activated. This is convenient for use when you're home. The Audio Alarm for AAA can also be used as a secondary or external siren for the AAA Home Smart Center security system (sold separately). With a water-resistant case, you can even mount the Audio Alarm for AAA outside to alert anyone within earshot that a burglar is attempting to gain entry to your home.

  • Operate as a main control unit with Chime, Instant, and Off Mode.
  • Activated by keychain transmitter 4B-433A or 4B434 or Skylink Control Panel SC-001 or AM-001.
  • Works in conjunction with up to 15 remote sensors. Water resistant.
  • Can be used as a secondary or outdoor siren.
  • Includes a piercing 110dB siren with flashing LED.