Eforcity Premium Sony NP-FM55H Compatible Li-Ion Battery Compatible with Sony Alpha DSLR: DSLR-A100 / DSLR-A100H / DSLR-A100K / DSLR-A100KKIT1
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Product Description

Compatible with Sony Alpha DSLR: DSLR-A100 / DSLR-A100H / DSLR-A100K / DSLR-A100KKIT1

  • Never run out of battery power when you're just about to capture the perfect moment! Time to get extra power for your digital video camera/camcorder.
  • High capacity, rechargeable DC 7.4V Li-Ion battery with premium cell.
  • Latest Lithium Ion battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH).
  • Compatible with Sony Alpha DSLR: DSLR-A100 / DSLR-A100H / DSLR-A100K / DSLR-A100KKIT1
Customer Reviews:
  • okay, but worried
    I bought this item a few weeks back. They seem to work just fine, however when plugged into the charger the charging light never goes off! With the camera's original battery the light turns green, this one just acts like it keeps charging.

    not sure if that's a problem, the batteries seem to work just fine....more info
  • Waste of money
    I go through batteries just about as fast as i fill up my memory cards. I bought this battery because i was looking for a cheaper back-up battery in case my Sony battery died in the middle of a photo shoot. Well it happened this Sunday. My Sony battery was flashing red on the camera and i went to put in this battery and it was a dead stick. Leaving me with no back-up. I wrapped up before my camera died and went home to charge both batteries. I plugged in the Sony battery first and i charged right up. I put this thing in and the light lit up, so i walked away. Coming back 2 hours latter to a blinking light on the charger. I pulled it out and reinstalled it thinking it was my error. Two minutes later it was blinking again. I tried to save money by using a knock off battery and I'm paying the price now, I'm out the money for the battery and my photo shoot was cut short. Don't cut corners with this battery, the Sony costs more but it's worth having a battery that lasts longer then one charge.
    ...more info
    i bought 3 just to try them out. i was reluctant, because i believe you get what you pay for. but sometimes there is an exception. 2 of the batteries will not hold a charge more than a couple of days and the life is not even close to the sony brand. i have to recharge the batteries right before i use them and only keep them as a spare. as for the third it will charge but the battery is not recognized by the camera. an experiment, but never again.
    would not let me give it zero stars....more info
  • Works like the SONY, and GREAT PRICE
    I bought 2 of these batteries, not wanting to spend $40 on batteries, this is GREAT. Works just as good too!!! Thanks!...more info
  • Works just like the original
    This battery holds a charge and works just like the original one that came with the camera - very happy so far!...more info