DIGITAL CAMERA BATTERY for CANON NB-4L PowerShot SD-200/ 30/ 30Glamour Gold/ 30Rockstar Red/ 30Tuxedo Black/ 30Vivacious Violet/ 300/ 40/ 400/ 430/ 450/ 600/ 630
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  • 3.7V 760mAh
Customer Reviews:
  • battery for canon sd400
    Though the spec syas that this works for an SD400 camera, it does not! We have charged it completely, and have tried it but it seems the contacts are smaller or something and therefore does not work! We have tried this several times thinking that this may be our mistake, but to no avail. Has anyone else used this for SD400 ? When I compare this battery to the original one I got with the camera, the metal contacts seem smaller - maybe that's the problem....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    My husband and I were looking for some spare batteries for our cameras. They both take the same type of battery, and when we started looking around for spare batteries our jaws dropped at how expensive they were. I thought, "Hey, let's check on Amazon." I was shocked at how affordable these were, and kind of questioned whether they'd actually work since they were priced so much darned lower! They fit our cameras perfectly well and work like a charm!

    As for the seller, great customer service and excellent to deal with! ...more info