eBenk Automatic Pan / Tilt Tripod Head with Remote Control
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Product Description

Wireless Remote Controlled Pan Tilt Head fits all Digital Cameras and Camcorders. The sleek design and wireless remote make the MPH-3 easy to use. Features: * Includes Remote Control * Pan Total angle : 120 degrees 60-L/60-R * Pan and Auto Pan speed: 6 degrees per second * Tilt Angle (up and down): 20 degrees * Tilt speed: 4 Degrees per second * 19.5 feet IR Remote Sensor * Remote Operating Distance: 30 feet * Operates on Five AA Batteries or AC Power Adapter (Included) * Works for all Cameras and Camcorders

  • Pan angle (left and right): 60 degrees
  • Tilt Angle (up and down): 15 degrees
  • Works for all Camera's and Camcorders
  • Sony, Canon, & Panasonic Camera's with LANC connectors can be remotely controlled.
  • Quick Release Platform
Customer Reviews:
  • great little unit goes a long way
    I bought this unit to use at my family reunion. I used it with my JVC DVcamcorder. Great range on the remote. Pan and tilt move effortlessly no bumps during movement. Battery life is a little disappointing, but it works great off AC. Overall, thumbs up :)...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I purchased this item for our church and it works great. I would recommend this item. No problems so far. Great value....more info
  • it is the problem, i need this for Europe, and power 220v, you gave me for 110V
    i apreciate your business but the items that you have sent me are 110 volts, unfortunatly i need 220 volts. i use this equipment in europe . i would apreciate if you would help me out as soon as possible because i want to purchase 10 more items now and many more later. can you send me 220 volt?...more info
  • Not Good Enough
    Not good enough, I had to open it up to see what makes it tick because it doesn't work. Two gear systems, one for up/down and one for left/right. Gears don't mess, hence the clicking noise as it tries to go left as you are facing it. The gear system connects to the motor by a meager rubber band that is too near gear grease. The asymbly is too loose and the threads of the gears are able to separate and sometimes jam. As stated before, good idea but it doesn't work very well. Oh yes, you had better use a very small camcorder. It can't take the weight and you can't take the wait to see if it will eventually work....more info
  • tilt tripod head with remote control
    Product is a panning device, it pans way too fast for what it is intended to do,it should barely move back & forth, but move. Also so so difficult to connect all the pieces to the tripod, very flimsy once you do get it connected to the tripod. Product does not live up to its "name"....more info
  • Remote Pan/Tilt tripod head
    Worked fine for me. Used it to tape birdfeeder action. The remote had better range than my camcorder's remote....more info
  • Great Idea, but VERY Low Quality Product
    Looking at the specs, this product matched exactly what I was looking for. I have a Sony TRV38 Digital Camcorder that I want to control from across the room. This unit is supposed to do that. The first one that arrived worked as advertised except for the automatic panning feature. It would pan to the right, but stopped when it reached its limit when panning to the left.
    I returned it to 47st Photo and was sent a replacement about a week later. This unit's automatic panning feature worked fairly well, with a couple of spots where it appeared to drag slightly as it panned the head. This unit, however, has a dead remote sensor ... a wired external infrared receiver that plugs into the main unit allowing the user to control pan and tilt functions when the tripod head has moved out your line-of-sight. I called 47st. Photo again (a week ago). Rather than ship this entire unit back, she said she would see if they could ship me just another remote sensor. No word yet. If I don't hear from them within another couple of days I'm sending the whole unit back for a refund. Sometimes 47st. doesn't answer their phone, so that makes it even more aggravating!
    ...more info