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The Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One with two-sided printing sets a new standard for the level of productivity and value that small office and home office (SOHO) users should expect from an inkjet AIO. The Lexmark X9350 is the only AIO in its class equipped with built-in wireless connectivity and automatic two-sided printing. The X9350 also uses the new Evercolor 2 pigmented inks.The built-in wireless capabilities of the Lexmark X9350 will appeal to today's laptop users who want the flexibility to print without being anchored to their printer and prefer the clutter-free work environment of wireless. And for offices with multiple users, wireless and Ethernet networking make it possible to print from a single printing device - with or without a direct connection. Customers looking for office functionality will appreciate the automatic two-sided printing feature of the Lexmark X9350 that gives a professional look to reports and other documents while benefiting the environment by saving paper.

  • Lexmark X9350 Inkjet Multifunction
Customer Reviews:
  • Unreliable wireless & expensive ink
    The wireless feature is the main reason I bought this printer and that doesn't work anymore. It worked fine for the first two weeks or so then for some reason the wireless connection started only working sporadically. It connected to my network less and less and now not at all. So I moved the printer closer to my router and plugged it into the router. Worked again just fine for about two weeks. Now, once again, nothing. I guess I'll be moving some furniture around so there will be room for this printer close to one of my desktops so I can plug it in via usb now. When that stops working it's junk.

    Oh one other complaint, (though this may be a lexmark issue, not just this printer I've heard) the inkjets run out wether you use them or not. If they just sit in the printer and you don't print anything they'll be empty in about 1.5 - 2 months time. And they are expensive. $30 per cartridge at Office Depot. Not sure where the ink goes, I dont see any drip spots inside the printer.

    Anyway bottom line is this was an entirely regrettable purchase. Plain and simple this is a poorly made product and lexmark is not supporting it with software/firmware updates....more info
  • The worst thing I have ever purchased!!
    I have never taken the time to write a review for anything, but I hate this all in one printer so much, I want Lexmark to feel just a tinge of the pain their product gives me. When we first installed the lexmark printer software it created such havoc, I should have taken it back right then. This printer was made to go through ink like water, these guys have made this thing to sell ink and that's it. I am going though a cartridge a week minimum. The warnings come up when the cartirdge is still half full. The cartridges get gummed up with ink and only print every other line of what you are needing, then when you clean it it wants to run an allignment page which just about uses half a cartridge to print.
    The wi-fi is intermittent at best, and paper jams are continuous. I read PC Mags review and searched the net when deciding to make this purchase and obviously found reviews to be favorable. Now upon owning this the reviews simply were misleading and missed their very purpose, to warn consumers of poor products in the market!...more info
  • The Worst Printer I have Ever Owned
    I must agree with other people who have posted reviews on this printer - we initially purchased it for the WiFi capability - it goes down constantly. The paper jams are so frequent I am ready to unplug it and leave it on the street for someone to take. I have tried everything - downloading updates, troubleshooting, etc. Nothing seems to help. I am so frustrated I am ready to get a new printer. Don't bother with this one - it's not worth it. ...more info
  • Just a BAD Printer
    I really want to like Lexmark; I live in Lexington, hometown of Lexmark HQ (all printers are made in China and Mexico), but this is the last one I will ever buy. It is just bad all around:

    - Feeder jams on just about anything you put in it.
    - The software is convoluted and confusing (and I work for a technology company!)

    The print quality is decent but the picture quality isn't good enough for printing photos which is one of the primary reasons I purchased the printer.

    Finally, the wireless connectivity doesn't work right and required me to physically unplug the printer anytime I wanted to print. FRUSTRATING! I ended up moving it so I could hard wire the machine.

    About the only positive I can think of is that it looks nice when it isn't printing. Take my advice, buy something else....more info
  • No Leopard driver
    Lexmark does not have a driver for this printer for the latest MAC operating system, (Leopard). According to customer service there is NO PLAN to create one....more info
  • Lexmark 9350
    Lexmark X9350 Wireless Office All-in-One

    Frequent jams, which are hard to clear, unreliable wifi, expensive ink, long wait to start printing, printing takes far too long, when cartridge is half empty it delays printing and nags incessantly to buy ink, impossible to claim rewards cartridge (password problems yet to be resolved despite three calls to customer service), scanning produces file too big to e-mail, fax hard to coordinate with answering machine. Decent print quality, including photos.

    With experience, printer is working much better. The high yield ink lasts much, much better. Jams are less frequent (be sure to have paper tray extended). Would give it three stars now....more info
  • Low upfront cost but expensive printing
    This is a good printer if you can get it to function properly. I had to reinstall several times, update firmware (to disable wifi power saving), and have found that you can not turn it off. If you keep it on all the time, most of the wireless connection issues go away. I have to say that Lexmark support was helpful, although I spent at least 4 to 8 hours of troubleshooting before I got it to work as it should. I would probably reconsider spending a little more upfront on a different brand if I had to purchase again. I do like the sheet feeder, which feeds a little crooked though, and the scan to pdf function. I have not found any generic cartridge replacements, so be prepared to pay $30-$40 for black ink cartridges....more info
  • Best all in one printer for the money.
    I purchased this printer about two months ago, and from the start, it was a pleasure. Set up was easy, and I was printing in no time. I love the duplex printing, and contrary to some, I have only had the paper jam once. I love the fact that it will scan color photos to PDF format, or JPEG format. Printing is fast, and color images are photo quality. This printer fulfills all the needs for a home office....more info
  • Ok printer
    I have this printer and have been using it at home office, and it works okay. The scanning function doesn't always work and the software isn't so great to use, it can be clumsy and dosen't work that well. It can scan in pictures but doesn't give great resolution. ...more info
  • nice features, questionable workmanship
    First of all, you have to know how to set up a wireless network in order to use this printer. If you do not know your network name and keys, or how to recover them...forget it. I'm still mystified about why you have to connect a cable to the computer when setting up the network, but I really didn't have any problem getting the wireless going.

    The manual says the printer auto-adjusts itself for alignment; but as far as I can tell, there is no way to manually adjust alignment. That's a major problem in my book.

    It has a lot of nice features, including a very nice LCD screen to view the menu and to preview images in. You can even edit images from there, without needing a computer or any additional software.

    The printer is a bit of a vertical space hog; but then again, it's more compact than having seperate fax, scanner, printer, and card reader.

    I found a lot of reviews saying it prints poorly, but text is actually pretty good, especially compared to Lexmark's X79.
    Photo print quality is in medium range.

    One problem we encountered was that the roller in the automatic document printer froze up after the first use (which was only a single piece of paper at that). The printer had to be replaced, but I was told that this was not a previously reported issue with the x9350.

    I'm not real sure why people are complaining about customer service either. Just use the online technical support chat. Waiting time is minimal. The techie who helped me didn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. He was intent on walking through the pre-scripted diagnostics instead of cutting to the chase and dealing with the actual problem, and his script was apparently for a different model...as he referred to the green button as black, and the black roller as white.

    The manual DOES NOT provide any information on the printer's diagnostic functions. It seems like Lexmark wants to force customers to rely on their tech support.

    All in all, assuming the feeder doesn't go on the blink again, I think it's a fair printer for those who know what they're doing. I would not, however, pay more than the $199 sale price for it.

    ...more info
  • good concept, poor execution
    I have had this printer for a few months--now that I got a Mac I'm selling it and getting a Canon MX700 instead.

    This printer is a great concept, but there are problems with the execution:
    1) I am hooked up via wired ethernet. The problem here is that about every 2 to 3 days, the printer "forgets" that it can receive print jobs over the network (you can still ping it, so the network is running, just the part that accepts print jobs crashed or something). To solve, you have to wake it up, power it off, and power it back up, wait almost 1 minute, now you can print. Now that I think about it, maybe I should've tried keeping it from going to sleep.

    2) Auto-document feeder only works decently with letter-size paper.

    3) Card slots can only be used by PC when hooked up via USB, not when hooked up via network. This was disappointing.

    4) Paper output tray is flimsy and a poor design, IMO.

    5) Had spotty support for Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) although it *does* run bonjour and is easily seen. Upgrading to Leopard (10.5), the printer drivers just crash the applications and Mac OS says the printer drivers are causing the problem. Lexmark shows on their website they will not have Leopard-compatible drivers until MARCH of 2008. This is what is prompting me to sell mine...I just got a Mac and plan to use a printer/scanner from both Mac and PC.

    6) S/W that comes with it is OK, but kind of annoying.

    7) Ink is expensive and only obtainable from Lexmark sellers. It also seems to guzzle the ink pretty quickly.

    If Lexmark would fix these issues, they'd have a heck of a machine. But I don't expect they will do a thing about most of the issues...they don't seem that willing to help the customer.

    FYI, there is supposed to be a 2nd tray accessory for this machine, but I'm not sure they ever released it....more info
    I initially purchased this printer because it appeared to have great options, and ESPECIALLY because of the wifi capability. I would like to tell you that buying this printer was a huge mistake. When this printer does work its does what its supposed to do. However, the wifi capability is a complete joke. I have spent many hours trying to figure this thing out (and im not a newbie at computers), and I simply cannot connect to the computer wirelessly. If you are looking to do wireless printing, I would recommend purchasing the Apple Airport Extreme Basestation. This is good to purchase because it basically a router that has a USB port on the back for a printer. Thats just my two cents......more info
  • Setup a Piece of Cake
    I was hesitant to purchase this unit after reading reviews here and elsewhere that indicated the wireless setup was a bear. However, my wireless (WPA encryption) setup perfectly the first time...couldn't have been easier. I just followed the instructions in the box. The printer is not the fastest I've every had but decent print quality and the wireless makes up for it. ...more info
  • Really, really unresponsive customer service
    Setup of the product is really, really easy... but my printer has a problem recognizing the ink cartridges. I have *twice* replaced the cartridges (correctly, of course), and the printer still insists that it has unknown cartridges. I have been trying to contact Lexmark for support, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Calling the 800 number yielded a 1/2 hour wait (so far) and I can't even get their email submission form to load in my browser (times out). I am *very* unimpressed so far, and will be off-loading this product as soon as I can manage. A shame, really. Lexmark was reputed to have good support, but my experience thus far does not support that reputation. Sigh....more info

    As reviewer swell "Tom" mentioned, the wireless just does not work reliably. It would work for a few pages and then stop. I spent hours re-installing software, downloading new drivers from Lexmark, and it did not help. I tried setting it up with two different laptop computers from two different manufacturers and it had the same problems with both of them, so I don't think it's me. I have installed other things on the network, and have had no problems with them.

    Even when it worked, it was very slow. When you go to scan, it says, "Downloading applications from computer" and this takes about a minute. You have to repeat this every time you scan a piece of paper. The scanning takes about 3 seconds, "Downloading applications from computer" takes a minute, and there is no feature that just lets you continuously scan pages into the computer you selected from your wireless network. So to scan 10 pages takes 10 minutes.

    Since I paid extra for the wireless feature, I'm returning it. It looks like it would have been a nice unit except for the wireless not working, and the bad software.


    ...more info
  • some problems

    This is possibly the most complex hardware/software combo you will ever own. It's not like a car or a refrigerator where you turn it on and it does what it's supposed to. From the control panel and the computer there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. This will be an excellent purchase once all those options work.

    You have read about all the good features already, and there are many. Let me mention the problems I had.

    Wireless: it just plain didn't work with either the Mac or the PC, which have been networked and on the internet wirelessly for years.

    The manual is useless except to tell you to use the 'wizard' to set up your wireless system. There is no additional information at the web site. I discovered that there are several undocumented diagnostic functions available through the printer control panel. I wish they would just publish a proper manual that explains everything.

    At times I was able to use some printer functions connected by an ethernet cable and I was able to use the scanner connected via USB--but neither connection system was reliable and much of the time I couldn't use either computer with the printer by any method. Over 2.5 months I spent around 100 hours trying to make this work.

    Tech support exchanged 18 emails and three hours of 2nd level phone support which were no help at all. Support seems to come from India. You can't call the 2nd level people. You must wait for them to call you and hope that you are there to receive the call- it may be many days before they call again. They try to help but as I said- this is a complex system.

    My suggestion on the wireless option- if it works the first time it's probably OK, otherwise return the unit before you waste 100 hours trying to fix it. I happen to know that many people had no problems with this wireless unit.

    I usually choose duplex printing, but this unit jammed about 27% of the sheets, requiring the entire print job to be restarted. Repairing the jam requires turning the printer around, removing the duplex unit, and yanking the paper out firmly. Additionally, duplex printing caused ink to smear on the back of sheets passing through, making the paper look dirty. This could be the result of pulling out jammed paper.

    One-sided printing was acceptable although dull on plain paper. Once I set up a template for Word and another program, I was able to print envelopes reliably. I was able to print on legal-sized paper and I seem to recall that I scanned a legal sized sheet once.

    Copying and scanning worked much better than the leading competitor but colors were not reproduced correctly. The few sheets I put through the automatic feeder went well, but small items like photographs must be individually placed on the scanner.

    Optical character recognition worked surprisingly well, considering that the software was a free extra with my purchase and doesn't seem to be mentioned at Amazon. This OCR software was on the Lexmark install disk and there are versions for PC and Mac, so I guess you will get it too. There were many other programs included in my purchase (not from this site) which weren't interesting to me. I didn't test the fax.

    I plugged my camera into one of the ports and the printer allowed me to view them on the color window and I could print one or many. Nice, but I would never print a photo without cleaning it up in the computer first.

    I love this printer. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It breaks my heart that I had to return it. The main competitor has a seriously flawed unit with poor customer support and currently no wireless option. If Lexmark can fix the software (I'm sure my duplex unit was a rare defect) and the documentation/support, it will be nearly perfect and I will buy it again!

    ...more info
  • this replaced my networked brother
    So far a fine printer, received in a timely fashion...more info