AXIS 210A Surveillance Kit - Network camera - color - audio - 10/100 (pack of 4 )
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The AXIS 210A Network Camera from the market leader in network video, is ideal for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring. The network camera provides the best image quality in its class, using a progressive scan CCD sensor and powerful real-time image processing hardware to guarantee full frame rate, even at VGA resolution. Connecting directly to IP networks, the built-in Web server, open application interface, and sophisticated networking functions based on open industry standards greatly simplify systems integration. The AXIS 210A, with built-in Power over Ethernet - which enables power to be delivered to the camera via the network - reduces cabling requirements and installation costs, and consolidates power for higher reliability. Its additional integrated audio support including built-in microphone, enables remote users to not only view, but also listen in on an area and communicate orders or requests to visitors or intruders via two-way audio communication. The AXIS 210A provides the perfect solution for securing offices, shops, schools and other facilities over the local area network or across the Internet.Surveillance Kits contain all the necessary components for implementing an IP-based surveillance system in an existing IT environment. They comprise network cameras or video servers and a comprehensive software solution for surveillance and remote monitoring. The kits are meant for use in an existing IT infrastructure containing an Ethernet network, a software server and one client computer for camera monitoring.