Motorola Razr V3 V3c V3m Black Rubberize Crystal Case Cover with Belt Clip
List Price: $23.95

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Product Description

Easy 2 piece snap-on design - Rubberize coating on the surface of the case to reduce slippage

  • Easy 2 piece snap-on design - Rubberize coating on the surface of the case to reduce slippage
  • This case is designed to offer all-around external surface protection without compromising usability
  • Easy access to keypads, side buttons, camera and port
  • Protect against everyday hazards and scratches
  • Included Optional - Removable ratcheting and fixed belt-clips
Customer Reviews:
  • A way to save a broken RAZR
    This little case is very helpful if you don't want to spend money on a new phone. If you have dropped the RAZR - you probably broke it or the battery piece keeps falling off. This case protects the phone and works well to keep the battery from falling out. Also- it's a pretty cheap solution to the problem....more info
  • "Meh!"
    Not a bad product, but didn't last as long as I would have liked. I am rough with my phone and needed something to help. This worked well for about two(2) months before it started to crack and break off in little pieces. I thought the softer (rubberized) plastic would fair better, but for the price, I can't complain too much!...more info
  • outstanding service
    The product is durable and easy to install, I did not recieve the first order but with just one call to customer service the problem was resolved very fast ...more info
  • It's alright
    I like the size of the phone. I also dropped this phone on the concrete several times and it still works! Very reliable....more info
  • already broke!
    I have had the cover about a week and it has already broken. The top cover looks shattered on one side where it grasps onto the phone. Yes I have dropped the phone - which is why I bought the proctective cover in the first place. I was very happy when it arrived. It looks very nice. Is not clunky like the other cases I have tried prior to this one, but at least the those never broke; especially in less than 10 days of use!!...more info
  • Phone holster
    This came as stated and fit perfect and works Great,I would suggest this item for owners of the razor phone.....more info
  • Verrrrry Cool
    An awesome little product. I removed the piece that allows it to attach to the clip(it was only held by a screw). Now it feels like I have a batphone that can easily fit in any pocket. Two thumbs UP....more info
  • Price matched product
    I was a little disappointed that the rubberized coating was coming off in the contact areas so quickly, but for the price, it was worth it....more info
  • Worthless
    Don't bother with this product. Though it's designed to fit the Razr like a glove and will initially look nice when snapped on, you'll probably get no more than a couple of weeks worth out of it. I had mine for ten days, and already the front panel has broken from normal wear....more info
  • Razr Protection
    The V3 cover fits easily and is soft to the touch. The black cover has a matte finish that is easy on the eyes. However, it does show scratches and it unforgiving in that regard. My biggest issue is with the belt clip. While the clip is easy enough to open/attach, it is too bulky. So bulky that I don't use it. In addition, the mount is not a universal one so clips from other Razr covers cannot be used. So, if use of the belt clip is important, one would be advised to think twice about this product. ...more info
  • almost good, but not quite
    I was initially impressed with the sturdy cover, but then the swivel belt clip broke in half. I guess it is almost tough enough.

    Looked good before it broke, almost went 3 weeks!...more info
  • Good Enough
    Is a very good product, but it does not cover the upper edges of the cell phone...more info
  • Great for the Price
    I purchased this product back in march (now november). The only part i didnt like was the cover for the top of the phone was about a quarter inch too long so there was a tacky grey strip with of my phne showing. The Back cover is great, yea the paint scratched off after about 3 months, but its supposed to protect the phone not to make it look pretty. Ratcheting belt clip is great x-ept it starts to wear out after a few months. Also 1 of the 4 screws that atttaches the ratchet clip had no threads. Oh well. Just recently i dropped my phone and the side cracked and wouldnt hold to my phone. Very disappointed as i liked the look of the case.When i bought it the price at $4.90 . Very cheap and great buy. I am going to buy again becuase i liked it so much!...more info
  • Black Razr Case
    Very nice case and fits just like a glove! Protects the phone from getting scratched or broken if dropped....more info
  • Motorola Razr V3 Black Rubberize Crystal Case Cover
    This product was awesome! Way better than the ones you get at the cell stores. Better price by FAR! This came quickly on standard delivery. I have ordered from this company before and it is well worth it! Their products are top notch. I purchased this for my father. Who had a cell phone case from the cell company store, which fell apart immediately. This one has great durability. The clip is magnetic and really does what it says. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family. ...more info
  • case cover
    not bad product for its price. rubber finish started wearing w/ in 2 weeks and racket that attaches to clip broke then also. for its price you pay for what you get....more info
  • Cheap & Poorly Made
    This case cover didn't last one month. I had to buy another one because it started falling apart....more info
  • rubber chips off after 2 weeks
    Good case for $5. Unfortunately rubber comes off after 2 weeks like everyone else described. ...more info
  • Not like I imagined...
    I received my case without the fixed belt clip, and that was the reason why I ordered it. The rubberized material is chipping off, and the material under that is really glossy. Oh well for the five dollars and some change that I spent overall on this product....more info
  • Not as described
    The case seems very neat but it does not have the fixed belt clip as it is described, only the bulky one that is like made of a transparent plastic. ...more info
  • Picture didn't Match Recieved Product
    First: The part that the ratcheting clip clips to has to be attached to the case with 4 screws. Second: No Fixed belt clip. Third: Only the case is black, all other parts are clear plastic. Bought 10 of them for 36 cents each, spent 35 dollars on shipping. Guess i got what i paid for. Now i have to go thru the process of trying to get a full refund....more info
  • Great!
    I wasn't expecting a lot from this extremely inexpensive case, but I'm very impressed. I bought from accessory one, the total cost was about $4. The case fits nearly perfectly, every hole is the right size and in the right place, not as exact as possible but everything works just as well as without the case. Others have complained of chipping paint but in the week I've been using this it hasn't chipped yet. Can't do any better for the $$$....more info
  • Motorola Razr V3 Black Rubberize Cover with Belt Clip
    Very nice, but I don't like the belt clip. If I remove the belt clip there is still an impediment where it use to be....more info
  • Sharp looking but the paint doesn't last.
    I've had this case cover for about a month and the rubberized paint is already coming off. Everything else is top notch!...more info
  • razr v3 case
    The cover fits my phone very well and is easy to use. I don't like how thesoft part of the cover wears off. It was coming off after only two days....more info
  • Pretty Good but some Flaws
    Item was received as described. However, the case began chipping on the edges and a crack emerged almost immediately. Although it is still functioning as it supposed to over my phone, the problems were a little unnerving. In addition, the belt clip is a little hard to figure out as no instructions were included. Besides the chipping and cracking, the case is a good fit over the phone and provides nice protection....more info
  • A little underwhelming
    As mentioned in other reviews, this product fits a Razr V3m near perfectly. It snaps on with little/no trouble and has very good alignment for the camera, spearker, mic and even the "M" logo on the front. Nice that you can remove the ratchiting belt clip nub and belt clip so that the case is a little slimmer for those that like to put the phone in a pocket.

    What I do not like is that it is a little on the cheap-feeling / flimsy side (what do you expect for $3.00?) and has an odd plastic/solvent oder to it which I'm hoping will dissapate with use.

    3-stars for being an average product.

    UPDATE: Well, $3.00 says it all. The case now has multiple cracks (no, I haven't dropped it -- when it's with me, it is usually in a pocket). Still rated at 3 stars, just don't expect it to last very long....more info
  • YAy!! *pause* oh.
    When I first got this item I was very pleased. It was so cheap and it looked great. It snaps so easily on and feels really cool. However, after about 3 weeks, the duller, not so shiny coat that I liked on the cover started to come off. Beneath it was a very shiny black coat. I was so disappointed, I took it off and went with my original cover. It looks really bad and just looks like something I've had for 3 years instead of just 3 weeks. I am very displeased with this item....more info
  • Fits Perfectly
    For the quality and fit of this cover the price is a bargain. It fits very snugly and the rubberized material improves the grip. I found the razr v3 to be akward or slippery at times and this cover takes care of that problem. I would recommend this product highly....more info
  • Great RAZR cover!
    If you're looking for a slim cover that won't add a lot of bulk to your RAZR, this one is great. No, it probably WON'T provide much protection if you drop your phone. It DOES protect your RAZR from scratches and fingerprints, and the rubberized material is easy to grip and feels great in your hand. The cutouts for the outside display, camera (I have a V3m), and M logo are perfectly placed and the whole cover fits well. I don't use the belt clip, as the cover by itself adds hardly any bulk so I just keep my phone in my pocket. Without the belt clip, there is a small 'snap' that sticks out a bit from the back of the cover but it's really no big deal. For the $3, you can't beat this. :-)...more info
    Purchase two different cases for my RAZR, I didn't care much for the leather one but the black rubberize case and cover fit perfectly, looked great and fit so well you couldn't tell there was a case on the phone. I have ordered a second case for a friend...more info