Cam Buster Hidden Camera Locator
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Product Description

The Cam Buster is a simple and easy to use but very Powerful Optical Hidden Camera Locator This Optical Hidden Camera Locator is a very easy to use and works great for locating wired and wireless hidden cameras. This model works simular to the Spyfinder? and is based on the same proven princible. To operate simply turn the on/off switch to on, look through the 4x viewing port and focus. Slowly scan the areas where hidden cameras are suspected and look for bright reflected spots. What seperates the Cam Buster from the Spyfinder is the Cam Buster uses two lasers instead of LED's and features a 4X optical scope. This allows the Cam Buster to scan at a greater distance making it very powerful for locating those hard to find hidden cameras. The Cam Buster is very simple to use and allows for easy scanning of rooms suspect of hidden cameras.

  • Protect Your Personal and Business Privacy
  • Protect Yourself from Hidden Cameras that May be Watching You
  • Locate Wired and Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Powerful Dual Lasers for Easy Detection at Greater Distances
  • Very Affective and Simple to Use