Griffin Technology 1202-PRTSPKR Journi Portable Speaker System for iPod
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Product Description

The Journi Portable Mobile Speaker System is great sound in a rugged, go-anywhere package. With this personal mobile speaker system, you can slip your iPod into the Dock&hitthe road. The high-efficiency internal Lithium-Ion batteries recharge through your computer's USB port. SRS WOW digital signal processing pumps shimmering highs and deep, rich bass response -- even through Journi's two-way speaker system. The innovative Wrapstand exterior protects your iPod on the go, then flips open to create its own stand. Wherever you and your iPod are headed, Journi is the perfect travel companion. They're great-sounding portable speakers in an ingeniously designed, easy-to-use form factor. Dock Connector welcomes all iPod models with dock connector Auxiliary audio input for other digital music players Weight - Approx. 2.2 lbs.

  • Two 50mm high/mid-range drivers and two 64mm passive radiators use SRS WOW digital technology to expand the audio image
  • 8-10 hours of play on a single charge via AC adapter or powered USB port
  • Sync iPod with your computer's iTunes library as it charges
  • Charges on AC power or through any powered USB port
  • Adjustable dock connector for use with all iPod models with dock connection
Customer Reviews:
  • good
    I'm glad to have found this on Amazon, a friend has it & it is great, a good gift for my daughter...more info
    I'm sure this is a great product. I'm sure it has nice sound, and the rechargeable aspect sure sounded nice when I purchased it. However, the description clearly states that "dock Connector welcomes all iPod models with dock connector." This is untrue--the space provided for the iPod to rest in is too narrow for the iPod touch, and there is no way of adjusting the width, just the depth of the iPod compartment. Very disappointing....more info
  • Rechargeable, portable, and sounds good too!
    I shopped for a long time for the "right" iPod speakers. I had previously owned a portable set and I knew that I wanted them to be rechargeable this time, since the old speakers only lasted about four hours on a set of batteries. The battery life is much better than my previous speakers and the charger for the speakers is a usb charger. This is a nice feature because you can also plug your iPod into this charger and charge it directly. So you are basically getting an iPod charger for free.

    The new speakers also had to have a remote, which the Journi does. The remote is also really responsive. It does not have to be pointed directly at the speakers to recieve commands. The remote attaches magnetically and the stand folds around the entire unit for travel, including the remote. The stand is also held in place by magnets when folded up, which keeps it from opening by accident. There is an adjustable piece of rubberized plastic behind the iPod that can be made to fit different depths for different iPods and give them support while in the dock. Even though the included legal documentation advises against it, I often travel with my iPod stored in the dock because it fits so snugly and securely. The fit and finish of these speakers when folded for travel is amazing.

    These speakers also sound very good for their size and they are capable of getting very loud unlike some other portable speakers I tried. It was hard to find a set of speakers that is compatible with both the older and newer iPods. I own three different iPods (first gen Nano, 40GB iPod photo, and Touch) and they all work well in the Journi dock.

    I only have two minor complaints. I own the small Griffin iClear case for my iPod touch and I must remove my Touch from the case or else it won't fit in the dock (snug fit). Due to this fact, I stopped using the Griffin case (too hard to remove). I bought a leather case instead that is easier to take the iPod in/out of. I wonder if they realize that their own products don't work well together. I guess this is a sacrifice for the snug fit. My other complaint is that the stand does not have a more secure attachment at the bottom of the speakers when they are unfolded for playing. I have never had a problem with this failing while stationary, but if you pick the speakers up and move them you will have to reattach the stand every time. Since the rest of the engineering on this product seemed incredible, this flaw miffed me because it seems extremely easy to fix.
    ...more info
  • Griffin Portable Speaker System for iPod
    I was amazed at how quickly this item arrived! I am very happy with it. It will be perfect for traveling since it folds up into a neat package, remote,iPod and all. The sound is great (so far I've only used it in a small 12' x 12' room)and I would expect it would be great in a larger area, too.It looks great, too. The only problem was that my cable TV remote turned it on! So I have to fold it up if I watch TV. I was very pleased with the seller. ...more info
  • Portable IPOD power and sound
    The Griffin Journi is pretty decent value for money. You will likely need to adjust the equalizer on your IPOD to reduce bass, then you have good sound quality for this very portable unit. Plug into AC or USB for power and once fully charge, you are good for hours of sound. You can operate the unit on AC as well...Indeed there are much better sounding units out there, like the BOSE sound dock, but they lack the portability of this unit and are considerably more expensive. So if you want a decent portable unit, this would be my 1st choice....more info
  • very good value
    Although this is not the Bose system as far as sound quality, I am very pleased with it. Portability is what I needed and couldn't see spending 4-$500 dollars....more info
  • Fabulous portable speaker system for iPod
    I ordered this yesterday and upgraded to overnight shipping for 3.99 (advantage of being a Prime member). A Bose it isn't, but for the price and what I need it for it fits the bill.

    If you're looking for a portable system that travels nicely and don't need top of the line audio quality this is for you! Don't get me wrong, the sound is pretty darn good, I just mention it for those whose top priority is sound. (Although I'm sure the price makes that pretty obvious).

    The sytstem does fold much like a portfolio as another reviewer mentioned, and it has simple to use rubber function buttons on the sides. I love how the remote has its own compartment on the back for convenient storage.

    This guy will easily fit into an overnight bag for travel taking up very little space. Oh, it also has 3 different adaptors for AC use in different countries.

    I definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • Elegant Portability
    I went to the local big box electronics outlet in search of a speaker system for my iPod Nano. I wanted portability, quality sound and a reasonably safe docking mechanism.
    The big box had at least a dozen systems to choose from, ranging in price from $49 to $349. They carried the Bose system, the Apple system, several Logitech systems, Lansing, and other Griffin systems.
    Sound varied, with the best sounding systems being the most expensive. However, many of the mid-priced systems ($129-$149) were respectable in fidelity.
    What makes this system so attractive is not only the sound- which is substantial for it's small size, but also the killer portability. The stand wraps around the product and closes like a portfolio. The iPod can stay attached thanks to an adjustable mount that takes up any slack when the iPod is on the dock. There is also a remote control that stores on the backside of the unit, built-in, rechargable, lithium batteries, and a set of international plugs for traveling and using the device while travelling abroad.
    It's rare that I come across a device that is so well designed and so slick that I have to have it. Griffin Journi certainly fits that bill....more info
  • Impressive!!
    I'm so surprised I haven't heard of this iPod dock system before! I was set on buying a family member a Klipsch for Christmas. But when speaking to their significant other to confirm that was a good choice, they stressed it should be something that was portable. So while browsing a local box store, I found this. I happened to have my iPod with me so I stuck it in to listen to the sound. For what it is, it's pretty impressive.

    Its sound doesn't compare to something like a Bose or a Klipsch, but the portability is awesome. It runs on batteries as well as AC, and it stores the remote on the underside of the speakers. To prop up the speakers, you simply turn the case out and it creates a pseudo-stand for the speakers. You don't have to prop up the speakers to hear sound either.

    It's not a problem considering the quality of sound, and anything comparable would be just as heavy, but it's a beefy piece of equipment in terms of weight. It's not back breaking, but it's deceiving when looking at it. It certainly doesn't give the look or feel of cheaply made Chinese products. It's size, though, is perfect for a backpack.

    Since they are into camping and doing things outdoors, this seems like a perfect solution for them. I hope they like this as their gift, and I hope they don't read this review (doubtful).

    If you're looking for a portable system, I would recommend this over any other portable iPod docking system on the market....more info