LED Arming Station for Elk M1 Security/Automation Control System
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Product Description

If you use the Elk M1 Gold or M1 EZ-8 security system, you don't need to install a large keypad at every entrance of your home. This easy-to-use, slim-line keypad can arm and disarm any M1 Gold or M1 EZ-8 security system, and the LED Arming Station fits into a single-gang electrical box; a Decora-style wall plate is sold separately. This keypad handles basic functionality and displays system status using 3 LEDs to indicate Ready, Trouble, and Armed. Ideally suited for such spaces as an office, workshop, or garage, where the full functionality of a LCD keypad isn't necessary, the LED Arming Station is a low-cost, small-footprint alternative. This 12-button keypad is backlit with blue LEDs and has quick-arm keys for Away and Stay. A function key can be used to activate one of six programmable function operations. Additional features include a built-in Piezo Mini Sounder for local alarm announcements.

  • Slim-line keypad arming station features Ready, Trouble, and Armed indicators
  • Features blue backlighting, 2 quick-arm keys, and a 6-way function key
  • Designed for use with Elk M1Gold and EZ8
  • Dimensions: 4.658" W x 5.5" H x .95" D
  • Connection: 4-pin plug-in flying lead connector