Sony Ericsson T616 Cell Phone (Cingular Wireless)
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Product Description

With its large screen, sophisticated design and easy-to-use imaging features, the T616 is visually powerful in every aspect. The T616 opens up new ways to share experiences. It introduces QuickShare - which makes sharing memorable moments with your friends easier than ever before. Snap a picture with the built-in camera and you're ready to share - the philosophy behind QuickShare is to make sure sharing is just a few clicks away. Allow yourself to explore the T616. A built-in camera, a high-resolution color screen and a new graphical interface are among the features that make the T616 a mobile experience out of the ordinary. "Aluminium panels, anodized with color themes that resemble the elements of nature, caught between darkness and light". It is not hard to see why Industrial Designer Erik Ahlgren almost gets poetic when it comes to the T616. Indeed, that is one way to look upon the T616: As poetry, speaking to you in its own words. Have Erik and the design team succeeded in creating a design that measures up to the impressive features of the T616? Well, take a look and judge for yourself. The T616 features a high-resolution screen with 65, 536 colors. More importantly, the T616 takes advantage of the large screen by introducing a graphical interface that focuses on ease of use. Soft keys make applications easier and faster to use. Hotlinks in menus give you direct access to various services. Animated icons and color add life to the desktop and menus. A large screen also equals space: You will find four rows of menu icons instead of three - and, of course, plenty of room for your messages. The T616 is ready to interact. Share content with other devices, other phones and your computer - simply drag and drop pictures from your PC to your phone! The T616 can be synchronized with local area networks, PDAs, digital cameras, printers and, of course, the Web. Additional Features Intelligent typing (T9)

  • The T616 is a sophisticated camera phone. It has a quality 65,536 color display, extensive picture sharing options and the latest messaging. The ring tones are polyphonic 32 voice. And for the best mobile games, the T616 supports Java(TM) download.
  • Networks: GSM 850 / GSM 1900 / GSM 1800
  • Connectivity: BluetoothTM wireless technology, Sync ML, Infrared port, GPRS, High Speed Data, USB support, RS232 cable support, Synchronization Apple?, Synchronization PC
  • Color LCD 65,536/Picture editor/Sound recorder/Picture gallery/Picture effects/Picture Phonebook/Picture wallpaper/Backlight display/Camera integrated/E-mail/SMS long (Text Messaging)/Themes display/MMS (Multimedia Messaging)/QuickShareTM/MMS templates/128x160 pixel display/EMS (Enhanced Messaging)/creensaver/Viewfinder display/redictive text input