Sony Ericsson T637 - Cellular phone with digital camera - Cingular - GSM - liquid black
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Product Description

Your T637 has a built-in digital camera, Multimedia messaging, Polyphonic ringtones and tons of ways to give the phone your personal look and feel. Quality materials and a large and super-clear color display give this phone its sophisticated look and feel. T637 cutting edge accessories include a stylish Bluetooth wireless headset. The Sony Ericsson T637 is easy experience sharing. Sending real pictures from phone to phone - quickly and easily. And when you discover the T637, so will you.

  • The T637 features a high-resolution screen with 65,536 colors
  • With a built-in camera, you take pictures and store them on your computer or send them to friends all in a few simple steps
  • Supports the Java and Mophun platforms, making the widest range of mobile games and applications available for you to download
  • Update your calendar and transfer files to your computer using Bluetooth, infrared, or USB connections
  • Comes with standard battery