Electronic Watch Dog Kit
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Product Description

There are many times it?s nice to have a barking dog react to someone at your door or to a strange noise in the house when you?re gone. But not all of us can have a dog! The answer... the Electronic Watch Dog! This unique circuit generates two different sounds of barking dogs. You can select which "dog? you would like! Then when your electronic dog "hears? a strange noise it starts barking! Unlike a real dog, the super sensitive microphone has adjustable sensitivity to control what activates it (I mean makes it bark!) The "dog? produces 2 watts audio output at 4 ohms. This dog doesn?t eat dry or moist dog food. Instead it eats 2-8VAC or 9-12VDC! And it?s a little guy; only 5.6? x 3?! Works with power supply AC125. If you?re not building the doggie into your own case or application, you can also order the custom case set WCAH2851.

  • A barking dog on a PC board!
  • Two barking sounds!
  • Automatic sound detection!
  • Eats very little and never sleeps!
  • Electronic kit, assembly required