Warlock WSR-2 Deluxe Security System w/ Remote Start
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Product Description

Security Features:

  • User-selectable and programmable custom code override
  • Code hopping
  • Seven-channel receiver with eight effective channels
  • Six channel code learning programmable receiver
  • Programmable active or passive arming selections
  • Single- or two-user programmable with separate control outputs
  • Single button lock / unlock; separate button lock / unlock; both
  • Remote panic in all modes
  • Four-mode adjustable shock sensor:  Warning chirps and 30 seconds for full-trigger response, 30 seconds full trigger (no warning), City mode, Shock sensor off
  • Six-tone mini siren
  • LCD visual confirmation of alarm features
  • Smart disarm feature
  • Smart panic feature allows use of any button to stop siren
  • Selectable manual overdrive mode
  • Protected valet override with optional custom code
  • Dual-stage shock sensor
  • On-glass superheterodyne transceiver antenna
  • Seven-function bright blue LED
  • Starter disable
  • Defective zone bypass
  • Remote keyless entry with access guard (optional requires power door locks)
  • Programmable active / passive door locks
  • Flashes parking lights for lock / unlock
  • Chirp indicators
  • Input for additional trigger
  • Output for additional engine immobilizer
  • Parking meter timer alarm (LCD clock)
  • Vehicle interior temperature indicator (selectable for F or C readout)
  • Personal pager to LCD transceiver
  • 15 selectable alarm/conformation tunes
  • Selectable vibrate or tone
  • Memory preset controls for seats and accessories (if applicable)
  • Telematics data port permits NOTE: This product description has been cutt-off (is not complete) due to the size limit of Amazon.com's description field.