Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Handycam Station Included)
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Product Description

The DCR-SR82 Handycam(R) Camcorder captures video on the internal hard disk drive and keeps the action close & personal with the amazing zoom. That's why the DCR-SR82 Handycam(R) Camcorder contains 60GB built-in hard disk drive storage and allows you to capture up to 40 hours of recording time (LP). A brilliant 2.7-inch Touch Panel LCD display keeps the controls at your fingertips while a 25x optical and 2000x digital zoom makes sure you catch all the detail. And when it comes time to share your memories, it couldn't be easier with the one touch disc burn capability and the Memory Stick(R) Duo media slot. The DCR-SR82 puts the simplicity back into shooting and sharing your videos. Handycam Docking Station Built-in Stereo Microphone Recording and Playback Times - Approximately HQ 14 hours, SP 21 hours, LP 41 hours Video Actual - 670K Pixels Still Actual - 750K Pixels SteadyShot Image Stabilization White Balance - Auto, Indoor, One-push and Outdoor Minimum Illumination - 4 Lux (0 Lux with Super NightShot(R) Plus Infrared System) Low Light Capability - Super NightShot(R) Plus Scene Modes - Beach, Candle, Fireworks, Landscape, Portrait, Snow, Sports Lesson, Spotlight, Sunrise & Sunset and Twilight Analog Audio/Video Output Digital Audio/Video Inputs and Outputs 35mm Equivalent - 41-1189mm (16 - 9 Camera Mode), 43-1075mm (4 - 3 Camera Mode), 39-975mm (4 - 3 Memory Mode) Lens Aperture - f1.8-3.2 Exposure - Touch Panel (32 steps) Filter Diameter - 30mm Focal Distance - 1.9-76mm; Telemacro Mode - 430mm Shutter Speed - Auto, 1/60-1/4000 (Scene Selection Mode) Power Consumption - 3.0W (LCD) Battery Type - InfoLithium(R) with AccuPower(TM) Meter System (NP-FH40) Power Requirements - 7.2V (battery pack), 8.4V (AC Adaptor) Video Recording System - NTSC color and EIA standards Compatibility - Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home and XP Professional Dimensions - 2 7/8

  • 60 GB built-in hard disk drive; record up to 40 hours
  • 1-megapixel Advanced HAD CCD imager; Super SteadyShot picture stabilization system
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; 25x optical/2000x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel SwivelScreen LCD
  • Handycam Station included; one-touch disc burn
Customer Reviews:
  • Very nice camera
    I've taken this camera on multiple outtings now, I have used it for a San Francisco vacation and several family functions. It is a great camera and I highly recommend it. I am not a novice but I'm not an expert and the camera seems fancier than I ever will need. It's easy to use and I love the touch screen but I HIGHLY recommend you get the bigger battery. I did and the big batter will be all you ever need. It also makes DVD's very easily with it's software, and I had no problems using any function....more info
  • Buy this camera!
    This is my 3rd video camera and my first Sony and I absolutely love it! I have officially become a Sony Snob! It is worth every extra penny! I originally had a Panasonic then JVC and only wish I spent the extra money the first time for the Sony.

    I am extremely picky with picture quality and could not be happier! For a personal/nonprofessional camera this is the best! My camera has been on 2 vacations all over the place in low light and bright light, even on a boat and I had NO problems with focus or color.

    The touch screen is so easy to use and convenient. I love the setup and how easy it is to watch or delete a video.

    I was sceptical about the night vision but think it is just as good as a regular light (I had one on my other camera). The picture is slightly grainy with the night vision which is to be expected in low light but I hands down prefer to not have everyone I am filming squinting from the bright light in their eyes.

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about with charging the battery. I do not find this to be an issue- simply plug in the camera and the battery charges..... The battery seems to stay charged for 2-3 hours. I bought an extra one for $50 which works great.

    I was not sure if I should purchase this model after reading the reviews of the picture quality compared to an HD model. THIS IS NOT AN HD CAMERA! Based on this, the picture is AWESOME! I could not be happier! This is the best quality I have had in a video camera by far in all areas.
    I have not tried to take pictures since I have my own camera and don't think you can expect the best pictures from a video camera. This was not a factor for me.

    In my opinion, this is the BEST HDD video camera for the money and I will never buy another brand!
    ...more info
  • Terrible CamCorder
    I never review anything, but I felt I needed to make a review of this product. We purchased this camcorder just before Christmas. Normally Sony makes great electronic equipment, but this camera has been terrible from day one.

    For a long time I thought "Well, maybe it needs perfect lighting" or "Maybe the boys were moving to fast", but then I realized that our ancient camcorder - also a Sony - NEVER had a problem with these issues.

    This camera almost never focuses properly. It's off just enough that you rub your eyes thinking maybe its you, but its not. If you watch through the view finder, you can actually stand there and see the picture go in and out of focus - and I'm not even moving.

    I like the video to disk thing, but it's not worth much if you go to video you little boy's school play and get home to find everything is out of focus.

    It's up to you, but I for one would never spend anything on one of these cameras again....more info
  • Bad shopping @ butterflyphoto
    I had the worst experience shopping for SR82 at butterflyphoto thru Amazon. I always loved shopping at Amazon but this has been my worst experience. First butterflyphoto put this product as on sale for 570$. I was really waiting for an offer as the last time i got this handycam was in christmas and for $500 thru Amazon. So I quickly hit the checkout and purchased it. I recieved a shipped mail (thru fedex) from butterfly after a few days and on the same day I received the mail that the request had been cancelled. I went in Amazon my stuff section to find my order but it clearly had dissapeared. Initially the money was withdrawn but then they had cancelled the payment.

    Now whats so worse when you got your money back you might think. The worst part was the item was shipped to my address and was cancelled half way thru and the only reason I can now find for this is that SR82 rates have increased twice fold.

    Why should they provide a sale if its a false one. If they did not have the product I can understand. But it waas shipped and cancelled and so much for customer satisfaction.

    This is my first review. Many good experiences do not provoke us to write about them but one bad one does.
    ...more info
  • Big Hard Disk, 25x Optical Zoom, Touch Screen. A Lot of Features for a good price.
    I bought the SR42 1st, Which is Lower Resolution and the WideScreen Features are Not as Good. So I upgraded to the SR82 (The SR62 is the Same as the 82 but only 30 Gig). The SR42 isn't bad, you get alot of features for the price, if you can live with less than perfect video quality.

    The Video on the SR42 was just slightly worse than my 10 Year Old Sony Tape HandyCam. I was using a 50" TV in my comparisons. So I got the sr82. The Video Resolution Upgrade is much better on the 62 and 82 models.

    The Other thing I notice is the sr42 did not handle the Widescreen the Same way. When I recorded with the sr82 the Picture filled my Widescreen TV whereas the sr42 did not since 4:3 put Black Bars on the Side and 16:9 had bars on the Top and Bottom. It seems as if the sr42 is 4:3 Native and the Widescreen Mode was 2.35 to 1 Aspect Ratio which I did not Like for Home Videos. The sr62 and sr82 are Native 16:9 Widescreen. They can Also do 4:3 as well.

    The ActiveShoe Interface allows for adding InfraRed or Microphone or Lighting Attachments.

    The Touch Screen is Nice and Works well. It Rotates 270 degrees. So you can Flip it 180 degrees one way and fold it back towards the camera for doing playback or when connecting to the Computer.

    I did notice that the Camera Defaults to SP Mode and Not HQ. So the Highest Resolution is not the default. Just a Heads up.

    The Battery gets you at least an hour of Recording. There are Larger Capacity Batteries Available.

    I use this Camera in 2 Difficult Recording Situations.
    1) Recording my Band. Usually from Far away. Music Really Loud. Varying Lighting Conditions (Stage Lights). It works well but you must use Manual Focus.
    2) Video Taping my Sons Hockey Team. Hockey Rinks are tough to get Still Pictures in as well. Subjects are moving Fast but Flash cannot be used due to the Glass along the boards. The Netting also plays havoc with Auto Focus. The Sony also worked well in this situation. I got good video using Auto, Snow and Sports Settings. I think the Auto may be the best except when the Metal Halide Lighting is too low in certain rinks it can cause varied brightness in the video.

    Overall a great Camera at the Price. Cameras $100 more are probably better. But you get what you pay for. Decide How much you want to Pay and get the Best Camera in that Range. This one Seemed to be the Best one in my Range. Plus I have always had good luck with Sony Products Lasting for 10+ years. Something I cannot say for just about every other brand I have tried. How much did I save when another camera was $50 cheaper but I have to replace it in 4 years......more info
  • Good cam.
    This was my first cam and it is good. I expect better performance for the ZOOM and Night shut. But it is sufficient.

    1. You need a tripod for a good shut. Especially, if you are zooming, it shakes too much.
    2. It is good for night shut but could be better.
    3. Buy with accessories. I could not do it because of the first seller. They sucked. But be sure to get a good kit, tripod, battery, screen protector.
    4. I want to use for wedding, the battery was insufficient.
    5. I will buy most probably a cord for shuts without battery. About $25.
    6. The included kit was easy to use. You can easily install XP drivers and use the recorded videos. I did not used throughly but did not see any problem. Also, USB cable is standard one, which is a good thing.
    7. It's hard disk is perfect. I am very happy about the record medium :)
    8. It is hard to select from screen. Cant touch for the first time. I could not select what I want. Perhaps, I am too cautious about the cam when using.

    Have fun with it. As I said this was my first cam, so I could not compare with the others....more info
  • Nice camera for the $$
    All in all, I think that this is a nice camera for the cost. We bought it to take on vacation, and it suited it's purpose. The software that comes with the camera is not great, and we will likely have to upgrade. Other than that, it is compact and takes nice video!...more info
  • Very nice Camcorder
    I like this camcorder very much with the touch screen and easy to load to the PC and the sofware is great. A++...more info
  • Super cemera
    The DCR-SR82 is esay to handle and use. With a big harddisk it is very effordless to use and there is no worries about being out of tape. I love it....more info
  • Small, High Quality, Easy to Use
    This is an all-around great camcorder... great picture quality and very simple to use right out of the box. Turn it on and you're shooting video. The included software to upload video to computer and create DVDs is adequate; though the DVD creation piece could offer a bit more flexibility in creating the title page, menus, etc. - why not throw in Sony Vegas software? Anyway, that's the software... the camera is perfect. I especially love the touch-screen. The camera feels a bit small in a normal adult hand, but we've found we use it a lot more because it is so small (easy to have nearby)... so I guess that's actually a plus....more info
  • so-so
    I purchased this item in exchange for the sony dcr-42. I thought that the 82 would be better but actually it was not. The video images was scratchy and seemed botched at times. It would go in and out of focus causing the botched scenes. the camara part is ok. I really don't recommend it. sorry.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding camera - if it works
    I purchased this videocam to record the birth of my first child. Unfortunately, when it arrived I had to return it. Straight out of the box, I encountered "buffer overflow" and "data error" messages after less than 3 minutes of recording. Reformatting the harddrive did not work, and Sony customer service was less than helpful. Eventually, I managed to return the camera and secure a working model - which I have used successfully.

    However, in the dark corners of my mind I will forever worry that the same errors will crop up in the replacement unit. For peace of mind, look elsewhere....more info
  • great shipping service
    i bought this camcorder on 12/11/07 and i choose the standard shipping .
    it was estimate to delever by 12/13/07 it was same time for the one day shipping but not the same cost. i received it by the date was estimate for the standard shipping cost i'm happy with the amazon service more than the camcorder.the sony sr82 camcorder is good too.but the factory include the battery with lowest level for highe quality and feature to record video for long time.but the battery doesn't help you to do that.
    thanks....more info
  • Very nice Sony Camcorder
    Very nice Sony camcorder. Easy to use, lots of features, holds an incredible amount of video and pictures. The whole family loves it. I got one for my parents too. Zoom is great for out doors and wild life. Has night vision too. We are very happy with it and recomend it highly. You won't be embarassed to own one of these....more info
  • Good value for money
    Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Handycam Station Included)

    Pretty good camera for the price. Video quality is pretty good, but still images are not of good quality. I'm not worried about that since it's meant for recording videos, not for taking pictures. It has very good zoom.

    -Hard disk drive. Very convenient to record and transfer to computer
    -Good zoom. Love the optical zoom! Nice digital zoom too, but ofcourse there will be a loss of quality in digital zoom.
    -Video quality is good, works better in bright light.
    -Compact, easy to handle
    -Pretty good battery life
    -Night vision is impressive.

    -I feel that it pixelates while panning or while capturing motion
    -Absence of eye piece

    Touch screen display could be pro or con depending on the user.
    ...more info
  • Nice Camera
    We bought the camera to take snow skiing. It functioned quite well as expected.
    Pros- small, fit in pocket, quick start/stop, easy hook-up to PC. Burned DVD very easily using quick burn button on base.

    Cons- The camera picked up interference from my cell phone while recording. I didn't notice this until we watched the re-play. Next time i will turn the cell phone off first.
    There are elevation limits listed in the manual 9,300 ft. I think? This will affect you if going to the mountains to ski. It seemed to function well though until it got too cold. At that time it gave a warning that it was too cold and would not function until it warmed up.

    Video quality- outdoors- excellent/ Indoors- good if sufficient light. Low light was grainy.

    Summary- for the $$ good buy!...more info
  • I wish I Could Have Liked It...
    Pros: 60GB HDD, No Viewfinder, Touchscreen LCD, Feel, Image Stablization
    Cons: Nasty Video Quality, Confusing Menus (compared to previous sony cameras) Only docking station has a USB port, bad low light, useless modes.

    Video Editor: Sony Vegas 7.0 + DVD Platinum (AMAZING!)

    I got this camera for Christmas, with hope. As a young, short film maker (14 yrs. old), I know more about cameras then the average joe. I have had many Sony products, and loved them. I've had two Sony camcorders -- I will never buy one again.

    I previously owned a Sony DCR-HC26 -- a miniDV camera, and I loved it. Cons of it, changing tape, 320x240 video recording is unacceptable.

    The Sony DCR SR-82 records in a larger video resolution, as it is mentioned in the specs for this camera on multiple websites. There have been many comments on its low-light performance, but figured I could work around it when i make my movies with proper lighting, etc. When I opened the box for this camera, i was so excited because i loved the 60GB HDD (hard drive)= BIG PLUS!!! I recorded the family from time to time, in dark lights, bright lights, and even my refridgerator (very bright).

    I hooked up the software for the camera, and its ACCEPTABLE.

    The video, in all lighting condtions (bright, low, super bright, high exposure, low exposure, etc) had a purple and green grain to them. Not little grain, huge spots. This is highly unacceptable, for it to be sold for the price it is.

    When editing my movies, i had to stretch (automatically does it) the old MiniDV video. Even then the video quality STILL looked better then this cameras. I returned this camera today, and I am buying a Sanyo HD700 instead.

    I'm sorry Sony, your cameras are unacceptable for the prices they are sold for.

    I really wanted to like this camera, I really did, but I couldn't!

    (PS-- this camera isn't good for family videos, etc., because no matter the lighting, its bad video quality. ALSO Windows Media Player 9 can't even support the Mpeg Codec (maybe just my computer), which is a real hassle. I had to watch the videos through the Sony software. ...more info
  • So far, So Good
    I bought the product during Black Friday. Saved plenty of time and money buying from the site. Approx $300 I saved buying from Amazon compared to any store on the infamous Black Friday. Anyways, I paid for regular shipping and it came within 4 days. I received an email saying the product would be delivered on a certain day and it was. No problems with the packaging or the items itself. So far I used it on a couple occassions and I am completly satisfied. ...more info
  • Good Item, But noprice diff on Thanksgiving day too
    Item is good. But could not find any price difference though bought on Thanksgiving day....more info
    I was very excited when I received this camcorders. It's the most convenient handicam I'd seen. very compact, and easy to manipulate. However, it just did not live up to my expectations or the hype I had heard. I noticed that the quality of the video, even in HQ setting is grainy and a bit washed off. To make things worse, in low light or indoor setting the video captured is very disappointing. You can see yellow and green spottings throughout the screen. Also, when you move the camara, the picture drags behind you. The voice quality is very poor. While you can hear the person taking video, you can barely hear the people you are trying to hear unless you are in a very quiet setting. I just didn't expect that one of the newest sony products out there would give me similar results as my panasonic camcorder that I had bought 10 years ago.. SORRY SONY, THIS ONE DID NOT LIVE UP TO MY EXPECTATIONS....more info
  • Excellent value and easy to use...
    I am very please with my video...I had spend weeks looking at sites for the best option, after a while I decided to buy this one...belive me you will not regret it is extremly EASY to use plus is more easy to down load what you tape...

    My wife is also very excited about it, 'cause is easy to carry and easy to use. The OEM battery does not last more than 90 minutes, so if you are a heavy user you may want to buy the 6.5 spare battery, personaly I have not ever videorecorded more than 90 minutes...This guys at SONY realy are putting a lot of effort in making technology more friendly... ...more info
  • Almost as good as I expected...
    Like many, I looked for a replacement for my old Sony 8mm (tape) Camcorder for quite a while. I'm a fan of both the Sony label and the convenience of a hard drive camcorder, so the Sony DCR-SR82 camcorder seemed like a good choice.

    Overall, this unit is not bad, but it's not nearly as good as I expected. The sound quality "out of the box" is only fair. The one taking the movies comes thru loud and clear should they make any noise while filming, but often those in the shot can't be heard that well. And as many have stated, the low light filming is OK, but rather grainy and washed of color.

    Finally, I think it's ridiculous that Sony forces us to carry that docking station around and doesn't include the wall mounted battery charger as part of the package. I wound up spending an additional $100 between the higher capacity (3 hr.) battery and the wall charger unit.

    Overall, I don't regret this purchase, but I'm glad my most important home movies (i.e., when my kids were growing up) were captured on my old Sony 8mm camcorder which delivered higher quality picture and sound, overall....more info
  • good picture
    Purchased it about 6 month ago, I used it on my vacation, awseome picture day or night. easy to use. good for the money...more info
  • happy with handycam
    received handycam very quickly and was happy with product. it was an early christmas gift for my husband and he loved it! it was the perfect size and had all the extras he was expecting....more info
  • As usual with Sony, great design, construction and quality
    This was my first Sony product purchase and all I can say is that this video camera is first rate. The night-shot infrared is awesome to use and I'm pleased with how well constructed and rugged this unit is. It was smaller than I had imagined and I was very pleased with how it performed on my yearly motorcycle tour.

    Not having to change tapes is a blessing. I hooked the camera to my laptop nightly and exported the movies to it using the Sony transfer software. Fairly simple process and the 60gb of recording time is enough for an entire vacation. The battery lasts for 90 minutes and I combined a 12vdc/120vac inverter with the charger in my car to keep it topped off nicely. I do think the battery prices are a bit much for new batteries, but if you shop around, there are good deals to be had.

    All in all, I give it 5 stars and have already purchased a couple of other Sony products on the basis of the quality and ease of use their products are known for.

    Great videocam - buy it!
    ...more info
  • Excellent small camcorder
    Pro: Intuitive, very easy to use. Small size and easy to carry around. Plenty of storage space.

    Con: the default color setting is a bit yellow, perhaps can be adjusted but do not have the time to do it yet....more info
  • Good, inexpensive family camcorder
    We chose this camcorder over the others because there is enough memory to record an entire birthday party or ball game, and it was definitely better than our 3-year old dv cassette recorder - smaller, longer recording time and better picture, and easier to use. There are better products out there, but for those who want the most bang out of their buck for recording family events, this is a good choice....more info
  • Good camera for the price
    I have owned this camera for about 4 months and have shot hours of video with it. It's a good little camera for it's price. The video quality is great at all telephoto distances (that I have found). The audio quality is good with exception of wind. My only two complaints about the camera are 1) it shakiness on zoom (even on a tripod); it has a stabilizer but it is not effective on close-ups, and 2)editing the video is all but impossible. The software that comes with it does not have any editing capability. It shoots in MPEG-2 format and I had to purchase a very expensive software editing package to be able to make edited movies. If you shoot raw footage - the camera is great. If you want to make Windows Movie Maker videos, it won't work. There are ways to get around this, but it takes quite a while....more info
  • Excellent Camera for a Mac User
    I am a Mac user and the reviews initially for the Sony cameras and Macs were not to flattering. What really swung my vote to get one was iMovie 08. Finally the camera was compatible with a Mac using this software. The camera itself is amazing with great resolution and superb features. The touch screen is easy to use and the ability to zoom comes in very handy. Low light conditions are good if you don't mind a little grainy video. The IR light does a good job of picking things up that are close. I have used this to record family events as well as record meetings. I am extremely please with this camera and what it does. My only complaint is that my wife doesn't want to share it with me at times because she is having fun recording the kids with it. Oh well. ...more info
  • Good value for the money!
    Sony has a great deal with this 60GB hard drive camcorder. Good features, easy to use with docking station included. One-touch DVD burn option available via docking station and included video processing software. Camera is light, has touchscreen LCD display and is easy to figure out. Downside: Good stereo sound, but microphone picks up wind noise quickly....more info
  • Sony DCR-SR82 60GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder
    I really love this camcorder because it is so small and easy to carry wherever I go. I haven't had as much time to play with it as I had planned yet. I do Wish I could connect it directly to a computer without the cradle. I don't carry the cradle with me on vacation, etc., so couldn't show my pictures to my family nor review them except on the camera itself. I also didn't find a way to hook it directly to the television except with the cradle. Maybe it is me, but, I would really like to be able to do that!

    But I have taken still and video pictures and have put them on my computer and viewed them. It doesn't have a lot of editing functions and sometimes I find the menus confusing. But I think when I use it more, I will find it easier to get straight to the function I want. I do plan to get an extra polarizing lens and maybe some other things. I got an extra battery but probably didn't need to. It doesn't run the battery down very fast. I got a portable charger for the battery and used it every night while on vacation....more info
  • Perfect HDD Camera
    The video files are standard MPEG2 w/ AC3 stereo sound at 720x480i resolution. It comes with Windows software, but is Mac compatible. iMovie 08 makes it easy to edit footage. This camera even works under Linux as a standard USB2 storage device.

    I've owned two previous Handycams, and this one is a huge leap forward. The DCR-SR82 has tons of recording time, clocking in at over 14 hours at the HQ high quality setting. It works great in low light, especially with the infrared and slow shutter. It's amazing how small this full-featured camera is. Make sure to get a better battery, though.

    If you're wondering whether to go high-def... don't... unless you have massive amounts of disk space to edit with, and want to wrestle with some proprietary video format. This MPEG2-to-disk camcorder is the way to go.
    ...more info
  • Very good Camcorder
    This is my first camcorder and i am very happy i made the right choice. Excellent video and audio quality, very easy to operate, very decent photos and nice software to browse videos and photos on my computer. The camcorder is so small and fits perfectly in my palm, my friends hardly believed it is 60 GB and holds 21 hours of video.
    I wish there was some improvement on the battery duration as the battery on full charge comes for 90 Mins. Also the night mode shooting is not that impressive. ...more info
  • buy this one over the dcr-sr62 lesser version
    like it, sleek, and does a very good job. only thing i wish it had was an audio in plug, and firewire cable instead of the usb base you have to use, but other than those two minor things i really like it. especially since you can record dorky things, and not waste micro tapes, or dvds, becasuse you can use the hard drive over and over again, and not spend any more money....more info
  • Sony DCR-SR82 Low Light Performance was not good
    Sony DCR-SR80: In February 2007, I purchased the older 2006 model Sony DCR-SR80 hard disk drive camcorder (since the newer Sony DCR-SR82 was not available for sale until March 2007). It had F1.8 lens and 1/5.5 inch, 1 MP Gross, 0.690 MP Effective CCD and I was convinced by the advertising hype of very good videos. I extensively tested the Sony DVR-SR80 at home for 10 days, and I took many videos in bright light and in low light. The bright light videos were okay. But the low light videos were poor, grainy, and disappointing, and I returned it for refund.

    Sony DCR-SR82: In March 2007, I purchased the new 2007 model Sony DCR-SR82 hard disk drive camcorder. It had F1.8 lens, 1/6 inch, 1 MP Gross, 0.690 MP Effective CCD, and again, I was lured by the advertising hype of good videos. At home for 10 days, I extensively tested and took many videos in bright light and in low light. The bright light videos were okay. However, the low light videos were poor, grainly, and disappointing, and therefore, I returned the Sony DCR-SR82 for a refund. Specific reason of unhappiness, was that during a dim light ballroom, and when I switched from the Sony low light feature "Night Shot Plus" to the infrared "Super Night Shot Plus", that my previously focused dim light people, then became very blurry and unfocused, due to lost of Autofocus. As a double check, and since it is such a hassle to pack up and return items, I made another low light video test at an outside street at night time with some lighted night street lamps, and the same disappointing loss of Autofocus happened, and everything became blurry and unfocused when I switched from "Night Shot Plus" to the infrared "Super Night Shot Plus". And so this camcorder became useless and very unacceptable to me, and so I returned it.

    JVC GZ-MG255: In April 2007, I purchased my JVC GZ-MG255 hard disk drive camcorder with largest F1.2 lens, and largest 1/4 inch, 2.18 MP Gross, 1.23 MP Effective CCD camcorder due to JVC's advertisement that the JVC GZ-MG255 has "Superior Low Light Performance" because of its largest "F1.2" lens. I made many home test videos with my JVC GZ-MG255 in bright light and in low light. My JVC GZ-MG255 bright light videos were, and still are, very great in color and look absolutely very beautiful. And the JVC GZ-MG255 low light videos were, and still are, comparatively very good, and much better than my two returned Sony DCR-SR80 and SR82 camcorders. As proof of my great JVC GZ-MG255 low light videos, I still have the poor low light videos from the returned Sony DCR-SR80 and SR82 camcorders to compare. For more details, please see my full Customer Review of my JVC GZ-MG255 camcorder.
    ...more info
  • This Camera Rocks
    I have only had the camera for a short time, but so far everything has been wonderful. The video it takes is amazing crisp and clear and it is very easy to use. I would suggest this camera to others....more info
  • hard disk camcorder
    I love this hard disk camcorder. One can record some 40 hours, before downloading to a computer. No disk changing, no tapes to fuss with.
    The extra battery is a bit expensive, but necessary. Also an accessory light for use indoors and in low light conditions is recommended ...more info
  • Nice not to deal with tapes but.......
    I like the touch screen features of the LCD. Easy to preview your videos and delete segments you don't want. I also like the fact that I can just set the Handycam into the tray to charge the battery or burn a DVD. Areas for improvement: working the zoom switch while trying to keep the camera steady will take practice, if you plan to do a lot of recording during the course of the day have additional batteries available, be aware that if you use the software provided with the Handycam to burn a DVD the software, upon completion of the DVD burn, will ask if you want to burn additional DVDs. Before burning your intial DVD determine how many DVDs you want to burn because once the video is burned and you later reattach the Handycam to burn additional DVDs the software tells you that there are no new images to burn. You might want to make sure you have a DVD copy utility to overcome this software inconvenience....more info
  • Happy UK user
    Very happy with this camcorder so far. Like the size, touch screen, hard drive size, night capability and the fact that it works on my Toshiba TV in the United Kingdom (wasn't sure about this as the camcorder has NTSC output only, and we have PAL here). We will be moving to the US within a year, so wanted a US-capable camcorder for my toddler. Would have bought one with a better still camera capability, but they are too expensive for now and do not have as good of a zoom or hard drive size. ...more info
  • Poor DVD Quality
    I did not care for this product. The video looks great from Camcorder directly to TV. When I transferred the video to computer to DVD the quality was really fuzzy. I even called Sony tech support and they were unable to help. It was very frustrating and time consuming.
    Also, the lens cover does not automatically close when you turn off the camcorder. ...more info
  • Not my cup of tea
    The SR-82 is a great camera if you don't really care about the quality of the video you are shooting. In my opinion, HD is the way to go. I had higher expectations for this camera, but ended up returning it and am trying to figure out what HD camera to get? I played with is long enough to see if it was just something I was doing. But the camera shoots poorer video than the High 8 I have now, so what would be the point? Other than the quality though, the camera is super small and worked great in every other aspect. Hopefully the return will go OK here on Amazon. 2 Cents...more info
  • Great camera for a great price.
    UPDATE: My camera just broke after 18 months! The video screen shows rolling video like the old TV sets that needed the vertical hold adjusted. There is a sensor in the screen that detects when it has been rotated 180 degrees for filming yourself (which I've never done). Evidently this sensor is "stuck" and is causing the video to flip between right side up and upside down which results in a rolling video that is completely unusable.

    --------- Original Review -------------
    I picked up this camera from Amazon for a great price and I have to say that it is everything I expected and more. We just got back from a 10 day vacation in California (Disneyland, Legoland, Zoo, etc.) and all of the videos that we took came out fantastic. I searched for about 6 months before deciding on this specific brand and model and I'm more than happy with it. Here is a quick rundown on the camera.

    1) Hard disk cameras are just wonderful. I can record 14 hours of video without ever worrying about the thing getting full. That's more video than I took over an 8 year period with my my VHS-C camera.

    2) The camera looks just like an external USB hard disk to my computer so I can just drag and drop the files that I record. I didn't even bother installing the software that came with the camera because I really didn't need it.

    3) The resolution and color are much better than I expected from a low-end sensor. In good light the colors look great. They aren't oversaturated like some of the other cameras I looked at. In low light the colors are a little off but that is true of all cameras. Overall I'm very happy with the quality of the video for the price I paid.

    4) My biggest beef is with the manual focus controls. You have to use the touch screen to adjust it and you really can't get a fine level of focus because it seems to jump in odd increments and isn't consistent. The auto focus does a pretty good job at lower magnification levels and with enough light. But when you get in REALLY low light situations or at really high magnification levels (25X) it can have a hard time locking in.

    5) The night vision capability is really cool. I didn't think that I would actually ever use it but I used it quite a bit on vacation. When we went through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland I used it to film the whole thing. Being dark I wouldn't have gotten hardly any good video without it. But with it I was able to get really good detail on what we were seeing. Using the night vision feature causes the video to be greenish/grayish but it is acceptable in many situations.

    6) I was skeptical when I heard that you had to use a docking station to transfer the video to a computer but it turns out not to be bad at all. The docking station is really tiny and you actually don't need it to charge the unit or play back video on your TV. We left the docking station at home on vacation because we wouldn't be taking our computer anyway.

    7) This thing is actually really tiny. I was able to carry it in one of those small fanny packs while going through Disneyland. It's very comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

    8) I love the advanced battery capabilities. It tells you down to the minute how much time you have left. I actually ran it all the way down and was amazed that it gave me that kind of feedback. The battery can last from 60 to 120 minutes depending on what you are doing with it. That's actually pretty good. I only bought the one battery and really don't think you need a second one unless you intend to film a long-running show or something. The only time it ran out was when I forgot to charge it after the previous day of shooting.

    Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. I got a great price and the quality and usability of this camera is way better than I expected. Having searched the hard disk camera offerings for over 6 months I finally settled on this one. And I'm glad I did....more info
  • Good Handycam for this price
    The quality of the picture is good when you take the video outdoor.But the quality of the video is not that great if you shoot indoor.
    ...more info
    I very annoyed to have bought and used this camera, which is a lovely camera, to find once I want to download films that it is in NO WAY compatible with a Mac. Perhaps my error in not researching this aspect, but I would think that in this day and age a product should alert customers to the fact that it is not Macintosh compatible. I am now completely stuck with a camera that I cannot work with. ...more info
  • The camera to have!
    I recently bought this camera after my last handycam went out during my daughter's recital. We had it for close to 10 years, it had been dropped several times, and with my children constantly getting ahold of it, I knew it was going to happen sometime, just was a little upset it happened during my 3 year olds first ever recital!
    We bought this camera on our way on a family vacation and it is a dream. I went with the intentions of getting a cheaper model, but after realizing the minimal amount you can record on DVD's and how you can't really delete the info on there without going through many steps, I decided on this camera. I took it right out of the box as we were headed on vacation and really haven't sat it down since. It is so incredibly easy to operate, and so many of the features are just a touch on the screen. I thought the software that came with it was very self explanatory and I was able to make a DVD of our trip within a matter of minutes and quite easily. Like another poster said it doesn't take good pictures, but do you really need it to? If it was all that you had and you wanted to email pics it is fine for that, but I wouldn't recommend printing them.
    All and all once again sony has made another wonderful camera that I know we will have for years to come. ...more info
  • Good Camcorder
    Nice product from Sony. Easy to use.I've been using Sony products especially for Camcorders...more info
  • Excellent Quality - but still big and bulky
    I really like the product and the output, but I wish the software was more helpful with the burning DVDs, making movies, and uploading smaller files. The files are HUGE. If you have the time, this is a good product. But it takes forever to do anything....more info
  • Great camera, easy to use
    I bought this camera mostly for home movies, and after doing extensive research on camcorders. First was the decision of going to Hard-drive over DVD or Tape. The ease of downloading videos to your computer, plus the fact that it's the way most camcorders are going to be heading in the near future made this almost a no-brainer. Then was the question about which model to buy. I chose the SR82 over the SR42 and SR62 because of the extra storage capacity, and the improved resolution over the SR42. The video resolution for the SR82 is good enough for most televisions. If you want HD video, you will need to spend at least $200 or $300 more for an "entry-level" HD camera. I'm not too worried about the 1MP still photos because, let's be honest, I'm not planning to use this camera to take pictures! I have a digital camera for that, which has better resolution, low-light performance and options than a camcorder will ever have for taking pictures. Plus, it has a flash, which camcorders usually don't have (unless you're willing to add an accessory shoe and external light).
    Picture quality as I mentioned is pretty good, even in low-light, and the camera is very intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. Downloading to a computer was a breeze too. Do get however an extra battery, since the one it comes with usually runs out pretty fast
    ...more info
  • Great Camcorder
    I just picked this camera up a few days ago and boy is it great. Easy to use right out of the box. Have not purchased a Sony Camcorder in years but I needed a new one. Not having to pop in a tape or a disk is great. I was a little worried about not having enough space on the hard drive in the camera for enough recording time but the 60GB drive gives you plenty of room. I just plug the Camcorder via USB into the computer push one button and it's on a DVD. The picture quality is outstanding and the camera itself is incredibly light and small. Love this camera!!! The only down side is the camera does not have a view finder. You really don't need it as the LCD screen is better. If you are like me and like managing your media on a home computer then this is the camera for you....more info