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Product Description

The EVD-1 Electronic Vibration Detector is listed by Un-derwriters Laboratories Inc. for primary protection of Mercantile or Bank, safe or vault, ATM machine and supplementary protection of interior units such as file cabinets, display cases, walls and ceilings. The detector must be used with an appropriate UL listed control unit. The EVD-1 controller detects short duration, large amplitude signals like those produced in attacks from explosions, hammering or chiseling. It also detects long duration, small amplitude signals like those produced in attacks from torches, thermic lances, drills, grinders or cutting discs. As soon as the EVD-1 detects a large amplitude alarm source it signals an alarm.

  • On-board high-security safe contact interface
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • UL and ULC listed.
  • Remote test and annunciator capabilities
  • Supervised microprocessor