Garmin n㉨vi 670 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The Nuvi670 GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant builds upon the best selling features of the Nuvi family while adding preloaded map coverage of North America and Europe. The Nuvi670 comes preloaded with highly detailed City Navigator NT road maps for North America and Europe. This map database features points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and attractions. The map data is provided by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium quality mapping. Other features include a super-bright, 4.3-inch widescreen display for improved map viewing, POI lookup and MP3/audible book playback. The built-in FM transmitter allows the user to wirelessly transmit audio through the vehicle's stereo. Nuvi670 also offers Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling when paired with compatible phones. Users simply tap Nuvi's screen to answer calls and then speak directly into the unit's built-in microphone. WAAS enabled, flip-up antenna includes MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection Built-in travel kit includes features like sample Language Guide, MP3 player, audible book player with sample audio books, picture viewer, world clock, currency & measurement converters and calculator Configurable vehicle icons allows users to select a fun, customized car-shaped icon Standard microphone and headphone jacks Audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings Built-in lithium ion battery Battery life - 3-7 hours depending on usage Simplified PC connectivity using USB mass storage with access to either the SD card slot or to the unit's internal memory directly from your PC desktop With the POI loader program, users can set up proximity alerts for school zones, safety cameras, create custom POIs and more Unit Dimensions - Width 4.9 x Height 2.9 x Depth 0.9 inch Unit Weight - 6.2 ounces

Now you can go from North America to Europe without loading any more maps with the Garmin's transatlantic n㉨vi 670 Personal Travel Assistant. This pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with built-in street maps for both continents, making traveling abroad as easy as getting off the plane. The n㉨vi 670 is loaded with convenience features such as a travel kit and hands-free calling, on top of which it provides you with even more maps and an integrated traffic receiver.

Despite being loaded with features, the n㉨vi 670 still allows you to navigate with ease. This unit comes ready to go right out of the box with preloaded NavTeq City Navigator NT street maps for both North America and Europe, and includes a hefty points of interest (POIs) database with hotels, restaurants, fuel stops, ATMs and more. Simply touch the super-bright, sunlight-readable color screen to enter a destination, and the 670 takes you there with either 2D or 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice directions. This navigator voice even announces the name of exits and streets so you never have to take your eyes off the road, and can concentrate on your driving to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In addition, the 670 accepts custom points of interest (POIs), such as school zones and safety cameras, and lets you set proximity alerts to warn you of upcoming POIs that require your special consideration such as speed zones and safety cameras.

This sleek multi-tasking Personal Travel Assistant features a colorful widescreen, hands-free calling, and an FM transmitter.

The n㉨vi 670 includes many must have entertainment and travel tools.

The n㉨vi 670 features a 4.3-inch display with a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to select destinations, play MP3s, and more.
Speaking of keeping you safe, the n㉨vi 670 lets you make hands-free calls so you can talk freely during your worry-free driving. By integrating Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker, you can pair your n㉨vi with any compatible Bluetooth phone and talk hands-free while staying focused on the road. You no longer have to fumble with your phone's handset to answer a call or dial a number, just tap the 670's screen and you're instantly connected. And with 1-touch dialing for your POIs, you can quickly and conveniently call ahead to make reservations or get needed information.

You can also avoid tie-ups and steer clear of traffic with the n㉨vi 670's integrated FM TMC traffic receiver. This unit allows you to receive alerts about road construction and traffic problems that lie ahead on your route. Simply touch the n㉨vi's screen to view traffic details or change your route so you can detour around the problem area. All of which can be customized with configurable vehicle icons that let you choose individual car-shaped icons in a variety of colors that show your position on the map. As an added benefit, the n㉨vi 670 has an FM transmitter as well, which allows you to hear its voice prompts, or your music or audio books through your car's stereo for a fuller, richer sound.

In additional to all this functionality, the n㉨vi 670 includes many must-have entertainment and travel tools such as an MP3 player, an audio book player (subscription to required), and a JPEG picture viewer so you can take your favorite music and pictures with you wherever you go. This unit also features a world travel clock with time zones, a currency converter, a measurement converter, and a calculator so that wherever you travel it will be easy to know what you are getting and keep track of your costs. The MP3 player lets you browse music by artist, album, and/or song, while the optional audio books may be purchased from which features over 70,000 hours of audio programs. What's more, the n㉨vi 670 allows further customization via optional software such as travel guide, savings programs and language translation on plug-and-play SD cards for all your travel needs.

The Garmin n㉨vi 670 comes with a built-in, high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, and lets you view and operate it via its bright, LCD TFT touch-screen, wide-screen display that measures 4.3 inches (diagonal) and has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels with 64,000 colors and a white backlight. As a whole, the n㉨vi 670 measures 4.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D), and weighs only 6.2 ounces for easy portability. This unit provides you with from three to seven hours of battery life (depending on use) via its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes with Garmin Lock, which is an anti-theft feature to protect your investment. While you can add software via the SD card slot, the Garmin n㉨vi 670 also lets you interface via high-speed USB for loading data, though users should note that, like most USB mass storage devices, this unit is not compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me.

What's in the Box
Garmin n㉨vi 670, City Navigator NT maps for North America and Europe (preloaded, full coverage), FM traffic receiver and transmitter, vehicle suction cup mount, AC charger, vehicle power cable, dashboard disk, USB cable, leather carrying case, quick reference guide, and owner's manual.

  • Pre-loaded with complete Navteq maps for all of North America and Europe
  • 4.3-inch, touch-screen TFT LCD display with 480 x 272 pixels of resolution
  • Bluetooth for hands-free calling; Integrated receiver for traffic data
  • MP3 player, photo viewer, world clock, currency and measurement converters, calculator and more
  • Weighs 6.2 ounces and measures 4.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D)
Customer Reviews:
  • Karen leads the way...
    This is a great product. The Bluetooth and MP3 player work flawlessly. I have found that I can be confident in the route given by the GPS. I'm sometimes confused as to why it will choose a long route to get from point A to point B. However, it always gets me where I'm going....more info
  • Very happy with this device
    For 11 trips to Europe, I have used a Garmin e-trex connected to my lap top with a RS232 to USB converter, a Y plug in the cigarette lighter to power both the laptop and the e-trex, and Mapsource software on the laptop. A lot of gear, hard on the navigator (laptop on the lap is hot and uncomfortable) but very clear maps and some neat features (like saving tracks easily, making slides out of screen prints to really annotate my trips, etc. Finally decided to upgrade, picked the 670 because the screen size to price ratio was the best I could find, and it had European maps included.

    The really good:
    Arrived early; booted up right out of the box and found satelites faster than the e-trex, pretty intuitive interface (although I did eventually read the manual on disk,) mounted easily in the car and worked very well on a test drive in the states. Maps were old; went on line and got a USA update free - took a while to download but no problems. Didn't try to update the European map. I have read that I maybe could have gotten a free upgrade, maybe not, but I was very aware that Garmin had already discontinued the model and wanted to see if old maps were a problem. More in a minute. The device took up a lot less room than my old setup in my carry-on, leaving more room for a change of clothes and some necessities - which I needed but that has nothing to do with Garmin -
    When we got to Milano (Nuvi recognized Milan, but did better with Firenze than Florence) booted right up and found satelites in 30 seconds without being told we weren't in the USA anymore. Navigated us out of the airport and for the first half of our trip beautifully. Initially set the voice to Italian (my wife and I are both reasonably conversant) but quickly changed back to English - no reason to make the driving harder.

    Trip time estimate was really good, directions were excellent; a little harder to set a more scenic route than the old set-up but quickly learned how to add an intermediate point to get a route off the autostrada when we wanted to. Incidentally, suction cup mount stayed on for thirteen days without a problem. Got to Bergamo, then Firenze, through Firenze's complex streets to the stadio to seek tickets for a soccer match (couldn't get them but again not a Garmin issue) then down to Val d'Orcia without a single glitch. Very, very happy.

    The Good:
    Day trips all around Tuscany with no problems. Didn't do great with finding our kind of restaurant (menu only in Italian, no-one outside hawking tourists, local food, no pizza for pranzo) but no worse than most guide books and we did eat very well on our own. On a very foggy day in the hills/mountains of Tuscany took 40 seconds to find satelites and accuracy was a little off - a couple of times went 3-4 hundred yards before finding out we were on the wrong road - the right one having started out parallel but heading up hill not down. Although U-turns on winding roads are not fun, this was only occassional and we did fine. Had recorded about four gigs of music on an SD card - two problems: Rhapsody does not recognize the NUVI as an MP3 player so demanded money to allow a download to the card. This could be worked around but was irritating. The other is that playing music through the Nuvi speaker is an ear hurting experience. Playing through the FM worked but the FM antenna was in the rear window and it was never great sound. Acceptible, and we enjoyed the drives none the less.

    The OK:
    Back to Firenze fine, but Firenze to Bologna was where the old maps were a problem. Lots of new construction near Bologna and the Nuvi got terribly confused. Finally shut the voice off and just followed the signs. Once off the Autostrada it was fine, but I couldn't figure out how to get it accept the track we had taken as an acceptible route for the several times we traversed this area.

    The not okay:
    Marked the location where we parked outside the old part of Bologna, then used the Nuvi to get back to the car later in the day. If there's a way to get it to set a pedestrian route I couldn't find it. Walking the "wrong way" on a one-way street caused the voice to exclaim "re-calculating" every block, much to the amusement of the other pedestrians. I would think that bicyclists and hikers would want a non-auto function. Finally, nothing on the Garmin site gives a clear answer on how (if possible) to get the Nuvi to interact with my MapSource software. Making the device much more user friendly is great, but I could do stuff with my old set-up that I can't do (yet) with the Nuvi. There should be a difference between easier and dumber.

    Overall, a great upgrade. I'm home now, and going to see what I can do about upgrading the European maps. If I can get it free, great. I knew when I bought it that I might have to pay, so I won't be too upset if I have to. I'd get the same model again without hesitation.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Simply awesome. A great GPS for a great price. I really love it. Very easy to use....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    This product has more features than I'll ever use but those that I have used perform very well. Purchased for 4.4 inch screen and European maps. The 'voice' of the unit is very clean and understandable....more info
  • Love it. I don't have to get lost anymore
    This (nuvi 670) is my first GPS. I love it. It directs me to most places. The reason why I gave it a 4 is because the map on my GPS is old and it does not have some of the new highways ( I bought it 4 months back). However it has directed me very well in cities like Boston, NY, CapeCod, St. Louis etc. However it is not very good on rural street roads because the map is old. It does not stick to my windshield. But this is not an issue. I am happy with it, it directs me pretty well. In St. Louis it directed me in the opposite direction on a one way street. But when I did not go on it, and went the opposite way it "recaluated" and directed me to the highway (which is what I wanted). When ever possible I back it up with printouts form mapquest. But I have yet to use these backups. I am happy with it.
    ...more info
  • Good maps and indications
    This is the first gps that I own. I went to the US and to drive around I used de Garmin Nuvi 660 and liked it a lot. So I had to get one for myself for back home in Europe. Needless to say I am very pleased with this product. I had to buy de Nuvi 670 instead of de 660 because its the one that already comes with maps preloaded for all of Europe.
    I was kind of doubtfull on how precise these maps would be back in Spain. So as soon as I could, I went for a spin to tryout the new GPS. I was completly astounded as I saw that it had all the major roads with all the names correctly situated and not only that, it also had al the little back roads with names and all. I was very impressed with the quality of the maps. It was definitly a good buy. I definitly recomend it to anyone who plans on making a trip to Europe. You can drive around all Europe map free just with the help of your nuvi 670 and it also alerts you were there's a possibility of a radar. Simply Great. I use it all the time now. ...more info
  • Garmin n체vi 670 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
    We found the Garmin 670 to be extremely user friendly and fun to use. It it right on so far and we've had it now for a month. We'd purchased a Magellan prior to this purchase and took it back because it seemed awkward and difficult to use. The Garmin is easy to view, understand, and finding other places of interest is a snap. We highly recommend this product, especially the Garmin n체vi 670 4.3-inch widescreen along with the portable mount sold on Amazon. We haven't yet had the chance to use the bluetooth feature ... it's coming tho' ... ;-)...more info
  • Good but not perfect!
    For a GPS unit the Nuvi 670 provides a great screen, clear voice guidance, and excellent routing. If you plan on using the Nuvi for hands free bluetooth, it is a neccessity to have a AUX input on your car stereo to plug the Nuvi into. While the built in speaker has good volume it does not work well at freeway speeds with the additional road noise. The headphone output on the Nuvi allows you to plug into a AUX stereo input to give you good sound through your car stereo. The FM transmitter is useless... way too much static. The MP3 player is a nice feature and I use it all the time when I get tired of listening to the radio commercials. ...more info
  • it is a good option
    it is a good Navi device,
    and it has north us and Euro maps,
    which i believe is a v good travel kit. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    Bought this item to replace my old GPS device, a TomTom One V1 which was several years old with outdated maps, and somehow managed to get it's screen calibration messed up, with no way to recalibrate the device.

    The Garmin Nuvi 670 feels like a solid device and is well constructed, though after using it for a few weeks, it really does feel inferior to the TomTom in many ways.


    - No battery meter, and no warning when it's low. The device just shuts off, which is very annoying when driving.

    - Power plugs into mount instead of device. Combined with the point above, where the device just shuts off, this is a big inconvenience.

    - No option to enter address by zip code. You have to go through the whole country, city, state process every time.

    - Software feels less advanced than the TomTom, with fewer customization options.

    For example, one nice thing on the TomTom was the option to customize which information was displayed on the main screen (speed, estimated time left, etc). Although the Garmin has a nice big screen, there's no way to adjust the information displayed, and getting additional information requires tapping on the screen, and then tapping back to return to the map.

    I'm strongly considering selling this and switching back to one of the newer TomTom devices instead....more info
  • nuvi 670 is a good gps
    the GPS works fine ,but i had a problem with amazon promising me that the nuvi 670 had the newest map programs in it. that was incorrect .by contecting garmin customer service , i was able to down load the newest us and European maps at no charge.if you looking for friendly ,patient,and knowledgeable people,go buy a garmin.--------p.s.the only problem i had with the navagation was ,when it came to your designation point the nuvi some times made a mistake between left or right side of the street for your arrival .the other problem was it did not have the routes and streets that had been constructed 3 years ago.i am sure garmin will correct these minor program problems.-----paragon Pete...more info
  • A Lot for the Money
    Since the 670 is a discontinued model the price reduction on Amazon was tremendous. For less than $320 you get the following features
    - Spoken street names (although they often indistinguishable via computerized voices)
    - Bluetooth cell phone reception (with a bluetooth phone which works very well)
    - FM traffic monitor (of limited usefulness)
    - US/Canada & European maps (relative up to date; for the latest maps you get one updated map free and the other must be purchased)
    - Car & a separate home recharger
    - Front Window mount
    - Close to 6 million POI's
    - Car/Truck/Motorcylce/Walking modes
    - One way point before end destination
    - Old style flip antenna (instead of built in)
    - Very bright screen
    - Speaker could be louder

    I took the unit on a recent trip and it was at least 90% accurate with recent (within the year) roads and freeways often not given. Highly recommended....more info
  • Glad I bought this
    This is my first GPS unit and I have been very happy with my purchase. We have owned our Garmin 670 for 4 months now and have used it in our hometown and on two out of town trips. When using it in my hometown it has calculated the most logical route. We have used our GPS to drive from Texas to Colorado and back and from San Jose to Carmel and then on to Berekely. It is so nice not to "mapquest" every potential trip prior to vacation. Just plug it in, type the desired address and GO! The combination map on the display with turn-by-turn audio directions make navigating very easy. When driving, we have also planned our meal breaks based on Garmin loaded restaurants along our route. It seems to include most every restaurant, not just chains. I have found that the maps load very quickly. My only criticism is that no manual was included for a first time user. It is fairly self explanatory, but it has many features I would have preferred to read about in advance. Instead I have been discovering the features myself in the car. I would buy this unit again....more info
  • Garmin 670
    I bought the Garmin 670 for my husband who can't find his way out of a paper bag. :) He loves it and found it very easy to use. I ordered it for his birthday in September(he was going to be out of town for his birthday and it came so fast he was able to take it with him out of town....more info
  • NUVI 670
    The Garmin Nuvi 670 is a great product! I bought it for my wife, and she was able to use it successfully immediately after opening the box and charging it. It is quite small and easily carried and stored. She now takes it everywhere, and it has not disappointed us at all. Satellite reception is good anywhere in the car.

    We have a Garmin Street Pilot, and quite using it because it was too much trouble to set up and not that easy to use. This model is much, much better.

    I have a navigation system built into a Toyota Camry, and the Garmin provides much better route selection and more useful information than the built-in system, despite being much smaller.

    I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    Our family makes several trips to unfamiliar areas every year; and, while there, we like to travel by car. A relative bought a Garmin GPS for such purposes and found that it was very beneficial, even in her own city. After much research we decided upon the Garmin Nuvi 670, since it had the European feature. We used it while in the Yellowstone National Park area and were sold on this system. Later we found that it worked very well as we traveled to various cities in Germany. Our German friends decided that they wanted to purchase this same system for their travels in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Therefore, we left our GPS with them and later purchased this same item when we returned to the USA.

    We enjoyed the various features of the Garmin Nuvi 670. Also, we purchased the Portable Friction Dashboard Mount and found that it was a great accessory for our GPS. All of our purchases were made via Amazon, and we were very pleased with their prices and service.
    ...more info
  • Nuvi 670 after a four weeks
    I bought this device as it came with the North American and Western European maps. I've used it Colorado, and the Canary Islands. I like the screen, the accessory functions, and the voice prompts. The device does have the limitations of the breed -- sometimes pins you to the wrong, but near-by street, maps are not quite up to date as I would wish with regards to the status of streets (one-way....) Battery life as advertised is fantasy. The mp3 player playing with coordination with the voice prompts through the FM radio is a high point.

    Bob...more info
  • Great product, easy to use, maps of UK very accurate
    We used this Garmin to explore the UK and it was very accurate and easy to use. We undoubtedly saved lots of time finding our way without having to use printed maps or stop to ask directions. "Hartley" (yes, people name their GPS devices) was a life saver in those famous roundabouts. Have also used it driving to and walking in Chicago (last minute passport scramble)and it was great on both levels. Very 'green' device, no more need to print maps. ...more info
  • GPS or swiss army knife
    I bought the nuvi670 from Brazil and it was delivered 24hs latter to my wife while she was traveling in US, excellent service.

    It is very simple to use and usefull on the road, you always know where you are, you can load your favorite songs (mp3 files) and use it as hands free mobile phone with excellent sound quality and safety while driving.

    I got location precision up to 4 meters on the road. Now I have to buy the Brazilian map to be able to navigate within Sao Paulo and other major cities.

    ...more info
  • Very easy to use but with no possibility to customize
    I'm French and I used this GPS in US and in Europe.
    First don't use french translation in US. Abreviations are not correctly interpreted: Examples Dr = Doctor, St = Saint ...
    The large screen is very good and acces to the different functions is very simple.
    I have a MIO 230 GPS with European maps. On the MIO, it is possible to define which information I want on the screen, and I can customize a lot of automatic functions. With NUVI 670 it's not possible.
    Conclusion : a good simple GPS without sophistigation. ...more info
  • Excellent!! Nuvi 670
    I have only had the unit a few days but so far it is excellent. The 670 came with older maps and Garmin updated both the N.A. map and Europe map for free. Europe was updated online and took a few hours to download with my slow internet connection. Garmin customer service sent the N.A. map DVD via mail which took 3 or 4 days to receive. Hold time for customer service was about 2 minutes.

    The unit locks the GPS signal within seconds both indoors and out. Routing has been accurate and re-routing is very quick. You can in fact add stops along the way to a destination. Spoken directions are clear and precise.

    One issue that I had initially was that turns were announced way too close to the actual turn. However, after updating to the latest N.A. map that issue is not longer present. Turns are announced far enough in advance of the turn. I also think that more announcements are made as a result of the update.

    I highly recommend this GPS. Garmin customer service seems very good also. ...more info
  • Excellent!! Nuvi 670
    I have only had the unit for two weeks but so far it is excellent. The 670 came with older maps and Garmin updated both the N.A. map and Europe map for free. Europe was updated online and took a few hours to download with my slow internet connection. Garmin customer service sent the N.A. map DVD via mail which took 3 or 4 days to receive. Hold time for customer service was about 2 minutes.

    The unit locks the GPS signal within seconds both indoors and out. Routing has been accurate and re-routing is very quick. You can in fact add stops along the way to a destination. Spoken directions are clear and precise.

    One issue that I had initially was that turns were announced way too close to the actual turn. However, after updating to the latest N.A. map that issue is not longer present. Turns are announced far enough in advance of the turn. I also think that more announcements are made as a result of the update.

    I highly recommend this GPS. Garmin customer service seems very good also. ...more info
  • Love It!
    Got this one specifically because I was going on a trip to Europe and didn't want to deal with downloading or buying a memory card with additional maps. Worked great in Ireland an well as California. Menus are intuitive, though some features (like volume control) can take a number of touchscreen button pushes to access. Nice being able to slide a SD card with MP3 files in and listen through the unit's speaker, headphones, or car's radio via FM transmission (FM works well in some areas, not others).

    Having built-in traffic is GREAT! And it gives a freeway map showing yellow and red lines where the traffic is slowed,once gave a "traffic slowing" verbal warning about one mile before I hit a sea of red lights, and gives a written description of local traffic tie-ups (from what exit to what exit, etc.). Only caveat is the traffic warnings are not always completely reliable (probably takes awhile for the source of info to get updated).

    POI feature has been wonderful. Want to know where the closest Starbucks is? It'll tell you. Want to find local restaurants? A list will appear. Very handy and pretty darn accurate (well, except for the time it led us to what "used" to be a gas station....).

    Main reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is the bluetooth isn't so great. Works OK but I've been told my voice isn't so clear on the other end.

    So buy this as a good, solid GPS for the price and consider the extras like playing music, bluetooth, etc. a bonus....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670 Review
    I really love this unit. I have come across a couple of street name errors so far, however, I am very satisfied this unit. Very simple to understand and navigate!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 670
    After only a month we find that we just can't live without it. Going to Italy next month and we'll see how well it speaks Italian. Some of the directions seem a little out of the way but you always end up where you're supposed to be. A good value....more info
  • North America and Europe Maps: A good value for a discontinued model
    I had the Garmin 660 which was subsequently stolen out of my car in the DC Metro region. My advice is to use the Garmin Lock utilizing the PIN code. A minor inconvenience but if the unit is ever returned to Garmin, you might get it back.

    The Garmin 670 is identical in form and function to the Garmin Nuvi 660. The 4.3" widescreen is helpful for improving visibility. Although the external antenna is cumbersome, the reception is good enough to operate the unit inside my house (with an open floor plan and large windows). The features include an MP3 player and Bluetooth capability. Projection of sound through the mono speaker is less than adequate for audiophiles but functional. Depending upon the density of radio stations in your area, the FM broadcast feature through your radio will be spotty in densely populated areas like Atlanta, DC, New York.

    Voices for guidance can be adjusted to various languages, and include American male and female voices, Australian male and female voices and British male and female voices.

    Acquisition of satellite signals can take up to a minute depending upon when and where you had your unit on last. Navigation is intuitive and various favorites, including home, can be set by address or POI.

    The unit comes with North American Maps and European Maps. When you register, you can upgrade one or the other. I opted for the North American DVD ROM update given the duration of updating through the internet.

    I bought this unit for my mother to travel in town and for the family when going to unfamiliar destinations. There is a wealth of Points of Interests (POIs) that this unit has. However, some of the big chain stores, like Staples, was not in the unit (How Strange).

    For navigation, you can view the map in 3D, North up or Track up. From that same screen, you can get turn by turn guidance with map, a turn by turn summary, and even features like speedometer/altimeter/odometer/average speed.

    The unit accepts an SD card for MP3s or for pictures.

    Traffic information is only useful in major cities where the FM transmitter is available. If you are in a Non-metropolitan area, this feature is useless. Unfortunately, the traffic subscription counter starts when you start the unit and you have 90 days.

    The unit is relatively easy to use and has some quirks but overall, this is a solid system for the current price.

    The unit includes a leather case, dashboard mount, front window mount, AC and DC charger (separate cords), so for the money, it is hard to choose between the newer flashier units and a well equipped older model like this.

    Aside from various drawbacks, I still recommend this product....more info
  • Overall Good Product w/ Some Quirks
    I just bought the nuvi 670 to replace my stolen nuvi 660. Since the 670 is actually now a little cheaper than the 660, I figured I might as well get this one and enjoy the additional features, like the European maps.

    While I thouroughly enjoyed owning the 660, it requires a lot of common sense. The routing tends to be a little goofy at times; this is true of the 670 as well. I tend to use GPS as a guide, something to lead me in the right direction when I'm going to an unfamiliar destination. I also like being able to see a map on demand; helpful when you cannot read street signs at night.

    I do have a couple of gripes with the 670. For one, the volume is not loud enough. Second, every time I turn the unit on, I have to reinput my location and time zone. I like to use the British male voice (I can hear him better) but it keep defaulting to "Jane", the American female voice, which is way too low and obnoxious sounding. Finally, there are issues finding certain addresses; even with updates, some areas grow very fast. I, for one, have a current Thomas guide in my car to help fill in the blanks.

    Other than that, it is what it is. For the money, I consider the nuvi line to be among the best around. Just use your head--if you are lazy or don't have any sense of direction, this unit can only help you so much....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    Excellent product. I do a lot of travelling and will not go anywhere without it. The traffic feature is great and it is very intuitive. GREAT GREAT GREAT product....more info
  • Smart device but silly sometimes
    it is a good device. I used it quite often. But only one time, it took me to a different city. Finally it realized the problem and asked to do a U-turn and back to highway. The Suction Cup Mount makes me crazy sometimes. All in all, it is a good joy.
    ...more info
  • Amazing Detail
    We received this product about a week before we left on a trip to NM and CO. The detail in this unit is amazing. We were in some very remote areas and the unit had forest service roads, fire roads, and muddy trails listed. It even had the names of some very small creeks. The restaurant, ATM, gas station, etc. info was amazing. The only drawback was the routing in some remote areas. It would have you driving off onto some little used roads rather than the obvious, faster roads so you have to use a little human logic when using it. All in all, a very reliable and impressive unit.
    ...more info
  • Just Buy this One!!!
    I am a very frugal person and do a ton of research before making a purchase. I looked at many, many reviews for all different models. But everywhere I looked Garmin was on top of the list (including Consumer reports, which rated the Nuvi 770 as #1, and the 670 as #2 out of all GPS devices). I definitely wanted the European maps included in whichever model we purchased. But based on so much negative feedback left for the 770 model locking up and such, we decided to go with the 670 because it seemed that all the bugs were worked out of this model and the new one still had some tweaking to do.

    I was a little disappointed in the lack of a physical manual (just came with a CD of information). I am a printed manual type guy. But outside of that we were up and playing with the options almost immediately. Really you only need the manual to update the maps. The interface is so easy to use, you don't need instructions. Updating the map took FOREVER! But I guess it would be the same regardless of the model.
    The day after we got the device we tested by driving to Canada. It worked great. Now it wasn't 100% fool proof. But it was 98% right on the money. With the GPS unit and plus a little common sense, I trust this device to take us anywhere.

    In Conclusion: If you are looking for a GPS for use in North America and Europe (we haven't tested the European maps yet but can't wait to), then buy this model. It works great....more info
  • many usefull features
    The nuvi 670 has a lot of features that work really well.It even has an mp3 player. The only negative is the free map update which is available through the Garmin webpage. Installing the update is very complicated and takes at least 7 hours....more info
  • Does what it says on the box
    Bought the 670 rather than the lower model because of the pre-loaded European maps (not yet used) for only $30 more, rather than paying $150 to have them loaded at a later date. The screen is clear and easy to read. You have to multi-task and not just listen to it, 'turn right and then left' doesn't mean first left, can mean second left. 'Recalculating' can become an irritating word when you don't follow the instructions properly. Also, 'Saint' instead of 'Street' can be annoying when only the St is shown on-screen.

    Used on a long trip from Chicago to Washington DC and back and around DC for a month. Great when you get lost and good to find local attractions and search for local restaurants/gas stations etc. when you're on the road.

    Have not yet tried all the features, the MPS is great, fitted 100 songs on internal memory no problem (can add extra external memory).

    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Awesome value
    Got the 670 for a trip to europe, given it had pre-installed maps of europe and North America. Didn't bother to update the european maps (saved the free update for North America) before we went on a two week trip with travels thru southern England and Normandy/Brittany/Paris in France.

    Device was INVALUABLE, and a GREAT VALUE. For only about $70 more than a plain-vanilla nuvi 250, you get widescreen, more features, a case, and an AC charger - useful if you plan to use it as a pedestrian in cities.

    I was particularly impressed when it took us from Bayeux to Mont St-Michelle to Le Mans in a route that included a series of country roads I would have never found or been able to navigate on a map. Only rarely was there a road that wasn't on the GPS, and only once a one-way street that hadn't been correctly identified. The only navagational downside is that the audio prompts couldn't quite keep up with the speed of decisionmaking in roundabouts - watch the screen to keep yourself from making an extra loop.

    It was also a great aid while walking in Paris, locating ourselves and finding a pedestrian route to a location or the nearest metro station.

    ps. Also used on the Eurostar train, where I recorded a max speed of 183 MPH!

    ...more info
  • An Outstanding Unit
    I have been using a Magellan GPS Roadmate unit for many years. The Garmin 670 is a truly outstanding unit, easy to use, fast acquistion of satellites, with a great display and many optional settings. I was the Program Director of the GPS System at General Dynamics from 1980-1982 during its developmental phase. I continue to be amazed at its growth in capability and the way units like this Garmin 670 serves the civilian community....more info
  • Great Bargain
    Great price and great features:

    Big screen
    Bluetooth for hands free use of my phone
    MP3 player with FM transmitter
    Photo Viewer (with SD card slot)
    Calculator/currency converter/language translator
    International charger, in car cord and mounting system included
    Easy to move from car to car

    Be sure to upgrade the maps - they are from 2006 (free download instructions included) ...more info
  • Second one I get, one for each car - great product
    Great product for its price and number of maps it covers. love the pedestrian mode....more info
  • Great product that does it all
    Wanted help to reach several sites in quick order. Time was the factoer and I could not miss a turn. Bought the 670 for now and future Europe travel and it did the trick. Hit the rent a car lot -- turned it on in a strange town and it got me to that destination, and the next 4 over a 3 day weekend. Also got me to my hotel every night. Plus I loaded a batch of JPEGS to share with the family and friends as I arrived.

    Best thing I like about this portable model is you can set your destinations and favorite in the comfort of your easy chair away from you car and its dashboard....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    Overall a decent product. Has some shortcomings but this review is limited at this point to the German region. We have noted sometimes a delay with acquiring a satellite signal. The roundabouts are not clearly shown and maps are not fully updated for some of the areas we have been too. Real view is not an option that I can tell and we truly miss this feature found in the Navigon and most Asian navigation systems. The price was decent so I can't really complain. However I would have to see a dramatic improvement in the software to buy another Garmin. ...more info
  • America and Europe Maps
    Very good GPS with good maps for USA, Canada and Europe. Easy to use, easy to read or to hear. Thanks....more info
  • user friendly
    I replaced an iQue 3600 with this GPS. I did not use the Palm features of the iQue so switching to a nav/gps only unit was not an issue for me. Naturally, I purchased the 670 because it has the European maps. This unit is extremely user friendly. Accuracy is more than adequate. I can think of nothing negative to say....more info
  • Life Saver !
    I'd always be hesitant to purchase expensive electronics knowing their price will go down soon, but finally, at the last minute, I pulled the trigger and purchased this Garmin 670 that arrived a day before leaving for Europe ! We were traveling with our elderly parents - better be in a relax mode rather than getting lost all the time. This is my first GPS.... first trip to Europe - no idea how this gadget works... no idea what Europe was like. I only had the time to read the manual to see which accessories I needed to bring along.

    And wooow.... I must say, after 800 miles driving (we only drove for a week out of a month - one biggest reason why we were hesitant to purchase this), I am becoming more like Amex people... "Never leave home without it (GPS)" !

    This Garmin is easy to set up. Don't forget to recharge it fully the first time, even though it said it was ready to use right out the box - I found the battery level was low. In the beginning, it took a while to 'communicate' and adjust with this Garmin. Just like in any new relationship, at first we often misunderstood what it was saying. Sometimes it'd say "turn right", when the turning was more like "stay on the right" or like 20 degree turning only. Or we were not sure if there were several turns close to each other. True that it'd say "in 50 feet turn right".... but we found there were cases when there were 2 turns very close to each other, not to mention that I had to learn the sense of distance, which I didn't really have in the first place. Since English is not my first language (but it doesn't have setting on my native language), this added up to more confusion. Several times we'd miss our turns, but Garmin quickly recalculated the route so that we could get back to our destination.

    After a day or two, we were getting better in understanding the 'language' of Garmin. We didn't detour much, though make sure, if you are not the adventurous type like I am, put the mode in "fastest" - that way you can stay in the highway, or turn off the "avoid delay" mode. Otherwise, what happened to us - we were in a slow moving autobahn when Garmin detected this 'delay' and told us to exit - we ended up in very small roads which I was not comfortable at all - finally despite its direction, I went back to the autobahn. I preferred to wait 20 minutes in a nice big highway, rather than being rerouted to the middle of nowhere in confusing small roads. Another time we ended up in weird route, I suspected that it could be due to the fact that I didn't set the mode as "fastest" - though some reviewers here thought it could be due to software error. It's still a mystery to me, so what helps - if you are traveling, just get a big map for a general overview, and once you know you are in the right highway, just keep sticking with the road signs if there is any, even if Garmin tells you differently - otherwise you may end up in weird small roads. If there's no sign, just follow Garmin. BTW, this 'weirdness' only happened to us twice, during our 800 miles, so I guess it's quite reliable.

    With this Garmin, we were all really enjoying our road trip much better. We went from small town to another small town, which I don't think we'd go since we had no maps of these towns. Everyday we visited different small towns without the fear of getting lost. I always thought english was a universal language... until we got to Europe... they seemed to have no need of english ! The places we visited - most people didn't speak English... we'd have hard time asking for direction if we ever got lost ! Road signs or other signs were not in english. Just imagine the trouble if we didn't bring this GPS !

    I never used other GPS before, so I can't really compare this one with different brands, except to say that I am very satisfied with this one already. Oh, don't wait to purchase GPS when you get to Europe - the price was doubled there !

    The restaurant lists came in handy too, from time to time we used it to find a specific restaurant. Oh, I also used it to see if the taxi cabs we used (when we were not on the road) were honest or not ( hubby would sit in front, I'd sit on the back, turned on my GPS without any sound, the cab drivers wouldn't know what I was doing) - we'd give bigger tip if they were the honest type.

    The price of GPS is going down all the time - don't forget to check the price from time to time since Amazon will refund the difference if it's still within a month. In my case,it went down 3 times (about $ 30 total) - they adjusted it every time I emailed them. Don't forget to check the version of the maps - in my case, I got the older version, but still worked fine in Europe. I think you need to install the software and connect your GPS to computer and to the internet to have the version checked. Later on I upgraded the USA map for free - wish they'd do the same thing for Europe maps. Oh well.

    I was planning to sell this GPS back on the market once we got back - I had no use of Europe map and could just get a much cheaper one with USA map only. But somehow I feel I owe much to this GPS ... it has made our trip so wonderful, which I don't think I could say the same without it.... surely it's worth keeping. So nope.... you can just get yours someplace else.. I am not going to sell you mine... :-)....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this Garmin! It's so easy to use, even for me (who's challenged with my cell phone). I never get lost anymore. Great if you're searching for realestate, yard sales, or any group of addresses in an area. No more printing out pages from MapQuest. The hands-free cell phone option is wonderful with clear connections every time. It can play audio books and music, and has a number of other options available. It's portable and holds a charge for a long time so you can travel with it or carry it with you when you're sight-seeing by foot. The only semi-negative thing I've noticed is that although it always gets you where you want to go, it sometimes takes you the stangest way to get there. With that said, I do love it! It's actually one of my favorite new gadgets and I use it every day!...more info
  • Nuvi NOT new
    I bought a new Nuvi 670 on July 29, 2008. Today, August 12,2008 I happened upon a notice that said the Nuvi 670 was discontinued. I'm rather upset with the news. Nowhere was the discontinued status mentioned. How long will Garmin support the unit? I understand that products do have a lifetime, but it should have been stated in the Amazon blurb. ...more info
  • My 4th Garmin and My Best Yet!!!!
    The screen on this unit is simply unreal. It is exceptional!! Bright, clear and the 4.3 inch is an improvement for sure over my 3.5 inch. Among the 4 Garmins I have the Garmin 370 and 670 are the best (same features except the 670 can make announcements through your car radio speakers, in addition to its own). The smaller one is better for bicycle trips or walking in cities but the larger definately best for my car. The voice is clear, I really don't need to glance at the screen while driving since "she" announces the street names (the turns) clearly. I highly recommend this unit, it is more than I need but glad I got it (wanted both the 370 and 670 for trips to Europe also). ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    I love this GPS! It arrived just in the nick of time after I had it expedited. This one does so much. There's still accessories for me to buy.
    Be careful if you put it on the FM transmitter option. You won't hear sound out of it's speakers which might make you think it's broken. Just go back and find the setting and switch it to auto output and select internal speakers to get your voice/sound back....more info
  • Travel in Germany
    Bought this for my wife who will be in Germany for a year. It is preloaded with Europe and all of the North American maps. It is also Blue Tooth capable. This is the fourth Garmin GPS I have purchased and it is by far the best. Sure the maps aren't perfect but they are certainly the best available. Previous Nuvi models hid the instructions on the Nuvi itself. This one actually has the instructions on the CD in the box plus it is on the built-in Nuvi flash drive. All you have to do is charge the machine, read the instructions and you will be on your way to almost perfect destinations. All of my military and medical friends use Garmin equipment. As to the Blue Tooth - - - it is easier to pair with my cell phone than my Blue Tooth ear piece. This thing is fantastic. Hopefully I will hear positive feedback from my wife when she gets to Germany in about 3 weeks. After checking the Garmin website for a few icon updates (my wife liked the Black Pearl Ship icon best). I tried to borrow the Nuvi 670 but my wife has a habit of changing the subject. Oh well that's life. ...more info
  • It's first European trip was a success!Q
    We bought this product as a gift for our friends to assist them in their 40th anniversary trip to Europe. In their return, one of the first things they said was "how practical and how useful" their GPS was in Europe, especially in England.

    Apparently, at practicality and ease of use departments it beat the in-dash product that came with their luxury automobile.

    Sounds like we picked the right product for the right purpose...

    ...more info
  • So far so good
    Ordered for outside sales work. Have built-in GPS in my personal car which is proprietary for Cadillac so my comparison is to that unit. Has not let me down yet. I did not buy this unit for handsfree phone so have not tried that feature yet. Gets very close to the destination. I have used it in Texas, Oklahoma and New York. Every set of directions were right on. Has only sent me out of the way by 2 blocks for a u-turn. Only issues...wish it had a better temporary mounting surfaces for rental car usage. Sometimes does not let me zoom in/out far enough to really see the details. Could use more POI's and alternative ways to input your destination.

    Overall, very good product. New Garmins are voice activated and that seems like a great feature. Not interested in that, choose this one....more info
  • Nice GPS, but ...
    I bought my nuvi 670 before my Austria trip. One of the main reason I took this one was the built-in map of Europe. It works well in cities like Vienna as it supposed to. So it is a good product.

    This is my second GPS. Compared to my old Mio Digiwalk, I don't think the software of nuvi 670 is designed well. The following is a list of blunders:

    1. The list of "favorites" is short and easily run-out, same as "recently found"

    2. When you go to "favorites" and touch a place you stored, there is only two options: either "back" or "go". If you want to "set location" and search things arround, you have to go all the way back and start from "view map" and painstakingly drag the map to that location. This is one of the most stupid blunders.

    3. While driving, my Mio always provides a sign of the next move (turn left, right, etc), and Nuvi doesn't until getting near the turing point. I would certainly like to know that earlier.

    4. Garmin wasted the big screen by providing so little information on it. My Mio has a 2.7" screen and shows a lot more, such as battery meter, speed limit, distance to destination, and next turn, all missing in nuvi. For example, when I want to check battery while walking in Vienna, I had to go back to "home" screen to see it.

    5. It appears that there is no place to store a list of contacts. I can put my friends info in my Mio, but not on nuvi.

    6. The travel kit misses an extremely important feature: alarm clock. My Mio always reliably wakes me up when I am on trip. How can the Garmin engineers forget this one in their travel kit?

    7. When I play MP3 music on my Mio, it automatically turn-off the screen to save battery and turn it on when it is needed. Whoever designed nuvi 670 MP3 player needs to be demoted for missing this simple battery saving feature.

    8. It is nice to have FM transmiter. But the quality of music broadcast from nuvi is lousy. My suspision is that the transmitter is too weak.

    9. The flip-up antenna is a bad feature in pedestrian mode. I like Mio that hides the antenna. Also, Mio provides a wrist band to make it easier to walk with it. However, you have to hold your nuvi with the stupid antenna sticking up while walking.

    To be fair, nuvi offers some better features than Mio, such as text-to-voice that tells you the street name and the building is "on right". The Euro map is important for inter-continental travelers. So I'd like to give it a four-star rating. It could be easily a 5-star if only the Garmin hired smarter software engineers. Those people wasted a fine hardware....more info
  • great product, less complications
    great product, only freezes from time to time when cell phone is conected. other than that it's a great product. I've been able to us it as an MP3 player by conecting it through the radio transmiter. also I been able to access my phone book on my cell phone through it, as well as dialling numbers off of the navigation....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670 works well
    I have used the Nuvi 670 on one trip of about 1400 miles. The product works well. The user interface is straightforward, and the navigation aids work about as well as any of these products. I have used several, and none of them are any better than thier map database, which is usually good, but ocassionally there is a bit of a flaw - usually something benign, like indicating a turn to go straight along the same section of highway, or something like that. I found the FM transmitter used to hear the voice on your car radio to be no better than other such FM transmitters that I have used with my i-Pod ... not very good. Using the headphone jack and a jumper cable to the line in on my stereo worked very well, however, and I can use the 670's built-in MP3 player to listen to music while waiting for navigation voice prompts.

    I was pleased that the 670 allows setting Favorites via latitude and longitude entries, as I have had to do that a couple of times.

    One feature that I was not really very aware of when I bought the unit was the capability for a language translator add-on. The 670 came with a 'lite' version. After trying the lite version for a bit, I bought the full version from the Garmin web site. I look forward to using it on an upcoming trip to Europe....more info
  • Absolutely great!!
    I researched many different kinds of navigation systems for traveling overseas and by far the best one out there is the Garmin nuvi 670. It comes right out of the box ready to go with a full battery. The traffic updates are as current as the local AM stations with their traffic updates. I use the bluetooth technology on it to make phone calls and I found it to be very understandable on both ends. The only problem is that if you want to update your maps, which mine came with very up to date maps but Garmin gives you the opportunity to update a map for free so why not use it, the process took very long but this was understandable considering what was going on. The GPS had to upload an entire new map of the US which I would think would take a considerable amount of time. The mircophone and the speakers on it are both excellent. I used it over in Europe because that is the main reason why I decided on this unit over others, because of its European capabilities and I had absolutely no problems. I was able to tell right where I was at. It comes with a very nice leather carrying case and so I would just put it in my pocket and I would travel around and then when it was time to come back I would just tell it where I was staying or wanted to go and it got me there with no problems. The detour feature is great because I go a certain way to work everyday and it suggested another way, well after the first time it asked if I would like to save this route as the suggested route and so now it tells me if there are any traffice problems on the route that I take to work everyday. Overall an absolutely great GPS and I strongly suggest buying one for yourself!...more info
  • Great GPS for use in the US and Europe
    We purchased this unit specifically because it has maps for both North America and Europe. We used it in Italy and France as well as stateside. It performed very well on both continents. Just one, very minor consideration: in certain conditions like while driving with open windows the speaker on our unit was not loud enough even with the volume set at 100%. Overall, it is a great device....more info
  • garmin nuvi 670 map updates
    I was ready to purchase a Garmin 670 on Amazon. The 670 has both European and USA maps. After reading customers reviews regarding the maps not being current on this item, and the hassle Garmin is giving customers, I decided to call Amazon's tech assistance. The customer rep was very knowledgeable and courteous, and confirmed that the 670 comes with outdated maps and you will have to call Garmin to get EITHER a free USA map update or a Europe update not both. Garmin will charge around 169.00 for the European map update. The usa update is around 69.00. This confirms many of the feedback comments on Amazon's site for this product. Sadly the customer comments about Garmin's customer service not being up to par is also true. I guess to avoid the hassle its probabaly better to find a local retailer and check the item in the store before you buy it. ...more info
  • Love this unit
    We bought this for our trip to Europe. It has been unbelievable. We have been in the busiest cities and the smallest towns and it gets us everywhere. In Nottingham it got a little confused but so is everyone else! Also, in Baden-Baden it got us up a mountain, convinced that we were almost at our hotel. In fact, we were a block or so away but after 3 kilometers in a tunnel, we forgave "Hazel" for her missteps. Highly recommended for these crazy English back roads. The MP3, bluetooth and other features make it a killer unit....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    This is a great GPS system. We are looking forward to using it in Europe as well as the US....more info
  • Nuvi in Italy
    Bought the Nuvi 670 for a trip to Italy. We were going to rent a GPS navigation from the car rental company but they wanted over $200 for the two weeks. Bought the Nuvi 670 for the balance of features plus US and Europe maps. Upgraded for free the Europe maps prior to leaving. Read several reviews prior to purchasing and had some concerns about the mapping ability based on others reviews. The ease of use is great. Very straight forward and logical. Setting destinations and finding locations has been a breeze. The one thing that others had concerns about has been that the Nuvi at times seems to select some strange routes to your destination. Now I did not read all of the directions but have tried several different settings to see what differences they make. The two most critical seem to be the choice between Fastest and Shortest route. Fastest seems to take into consideration more than just distance while shortest is just what it says. The shortest distance! Besides a couple of very interesting side trips the Nuvi has performed beautifully. I had no previous knowledge of the cities we visited and trusted the Nuvi almost entirely. I think that a paper map of the overall area would be a good recommendation so that you have a birdseye view of where you are trying to go prior to just motoring on. If not be prepared to let the Nuvi take you there. For the most part the device new the routes, one way streets and highways well. Recalculation is quick if you make a mistake and the zoom features are great. Other benefits are the wireless for your cellphone and the ability to have the sound transmitted to your radio via the fm transmitter. This helps if it is loud in the vehicle. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Superb product
    Superb GPS - better than the ones I have in my cars. I bought it because I travel a great deal and want to get around the cities I am in without a problem. I also need U.S. and European directions. I found it intuitive and especially liked the capability of finding lodging, gas stations and restaurants in places I wasn't familiar with. ...more info
  • great gadget for international travel
    I like others took it out of box & used it in USA staright away, locks onto satelites quick, love it. Then went to UK, realised where I was immediately, superb. Got free updates to maps as standard once you register the product. Not used the MP3 part yet, but great at finding stores when in need (recently my brother was in need of Dunkin Donuts...worked a treat). Bluetooth functionality needs a volume boost but doies the job. Great screen size, looks neat, could see need to the 700 series, plus the 770 had a few poor reviews, in all a great Sat Nav from the market leader for an international traveller....more info
  • Garmin 670
    My family took the Garmin 670 to Italy with us to put in our rental car and i can honestly say it payed for itself the first time we got lost. this is truelly a wonderful machine and we had fun loosing it, plus all the stress we avoided from getting mad at eachother and yelling....more info
  • Map of Europe: a deception
    I have bought this GPS because I wanted one to use in both America and Europe. On my recent travel in Eastern Europe I was shocked to learn that despite the fact that this GPS was advertised to have maps for "Europe", in fact, it covers only a tiny fraction of the continent. "Europe" geographically ends at the Ural mountain. The "European Union" includes 27 countries. This GPS DOES NOT even cover the whole EU, not to mention "Europe": it does not have maps for a major part of the EU (e.g. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria...). This item was advertised to have "full coverage of Europe" - in my eyes to exclude half of Europe (home of over 50 million people) is a deception. I was very angry with Garmin when this device let me down at the Austrian border. What would you say if the "full coverage of North America" would in effect mean that the states of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were missing.
    ...more info
  • Nice unit. But a few drawbacks
    This is a really nice unit. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it well. The only complaints I have are:

    1) It's not loud enough. It can be difficult to hear when the radio is on.
    2) No multiple stop routing.
    3) The traffic data isn't always accurate (probably not garmin's fault)
    4) No way to manage destinations (favorites) on your computer. Sure you can add them via mapquest and google maps, but it's not easy to add multiple destinations (for trip planning)....more info
  • Great Gadget
    Man what a Gadget-- I've used GPS for years-- but this is unbelievable. The telephone Blue Tooth interface if worth the price in it's self. Haven't tried it in Europe yet, but in the States it's flawless--

    p.s. -- be sure and buy the holder off Ebay that mounts on the AC vent-- this is alot better than sticking on windshield-- gets it down where you need it for phone use.

    enjoy--- you'll love it....more info
  • Garmin..Simply the best
    I bought this model because it comes preloaded with US, Canada and Europe. My wife and I have been many places where we have put several extra miles on a car and hours on the clock going back and forth trying to narrow down the place we want to be. (we Now joke about it but it wasn't funny at the time) We wonder now, why no one we knew told us about this little device for so long. I don't know how current the maps are I suppose I could find out if I investigated it a bit, but so far we haven't been able to stump her. I plan on buying the expansion map to Mexico and see how that does as well.

    We call ours Laura and she hasn't got us lost yet. In fact, every place we have been to so far, has been spot on. It's really great to, especially at night, pull up to an unfamiliar place and have her tell you that you have arrived at??? Place on the left and see you are really where you want to be. I really like the way it re-calculates and tells you how to fix yourself if you miss a turn. It has always given enough advance notice on when to turn, but I would sometimes miss the turn on purpose to see what she does.

    The lighting in the day and the change at night are great. I don't have to squint or stare at it to understand what is being presented to me, It is easily understood and perfectly visible.

    The suction cup mount works great also, The first time I placed it on the glass I thought surely it would fall right off on the first bump I hit but no deal, Still secure in place and holding fast.

    I even find myself just using it for fun, even when I know perfectly well where I am and where I'm going, It's interesting to see how things behind the main roads are laid out.

    I have not had any complaints and I would recommend this to anyone that just wants to play around and suggest that, its a MUST HAVE if you have ever travelled to a place and spent any amount of time frustrated because you don't really know where you are, and aren't sure where to turn. (It could even save an argument with you're existing navigator).

    Thanks Garmin...
    ...more info
  • BE WARE- the POI are not correct!!!!!
    I just got my 670 couple days ago and had used it but 2, 3 times. One of the perks of having this i thought, was so that i don't have to search for the addresses of museums, because the handy "Point of Interest" that comes preloaded in the unit. Was i wrong! After trusting it fully i end up somewhere in the ghetto where you would never want to venture in Los Angeles. I was lucky that it was still daytime, or else i would be very scared. after double checking the address i found the POI had a wrong zip code, and therefore leaded us astray. But how hard could it be to correct this error if the manufacturer do some double checking?! So from now on i still have to check the addresses of POIs on the computer to make sure they are right, which renders this feature semi-useless.

    Otherwise it's being an Okay GPS unit in my book.

    sw ...more info
  • Excellent
    Very thorough navigation machine. However, it will divert you from a more established road due to traffic without advising you of the reason. I would rather be given the option....more info
  • Great GPS
    This was my second GPS in two weeks. The first one, a Gamin that was far cheaper, seemed out of date. I sold that one to my kid sis and bought this one. The radio function does not work brilliantly but everything else does. It gets me out of traffic jams regularly in the NY metropolitan region. Its true test was a Friday before Memorial Day weekend and I was home in less than an hour! I was on roads I had never taken but it worked and worked better than I expected! A few times it has taken me down a ramp only to take me back up the next one but I think they all do that on occasion. I also used it in Europe briefly and it worked great there too!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    Used this in Alaska for 10 days of travel and it provided directions flawlessly. It even knew hardly used roads that are well off the beaten path. It also located well using adresses or POIs selected from thier list. Good directions, sound, functions, visuals and is definitely small enough to take while walking or hiking. I have an installed system in my SUV and actually prefer this Garmin to it now. ...more info
  • Nice Device, but mapping software needs work
    I purchased the Garmin nuvi 670 GPS mainly for a trip I am taking to Europe this fall. However, I have used it on domestic travel, and my brother used it extensively while he came to visit me. The user interface is done really well. While I did read the manual, I figured out most of the functions without it. The screen is great, and the visual cues are very good. I am not sure white California has some stupid law that prevent me from using the windshield mount, but that is just as well. It only takes a minute amount of dirt on the suction cup to prevent it from sticking. The bean-bag dash mount is much better. Now from my only real gripe - The routing software makes some really dumb decisions. In the SF bay area, it constantly has you exit the freeway, just to get back on again. The just about drove my brother crazy. On the other had, without the GPS, he would have been hopelessly lost. It always got him to his destination, and even routed him around bad traffic.
    The maps are not always up to date. The new car rental facility in Baltimore is not on the map. The POI feature also steered me towards a restaurant that was not there, it was an empty parking lot. I'll see how it does this fall in Europe. In short, It does a get you where you are going. The user interface is great, and the built in speaker is very good....more info
  • Lost no more
    I love my Nuvi 670. With a road trip in France and Spain planned, I chose the 670 because it has North American and Europe maps preinstalled. The plan worked well. I found this GPS to be very valuable in Europe particularly in Paris traffic.

    Having used the Magellan system extensively in Hertz cars, I am familiar with this tool. The Nuvi 670 compares favorably in every category. The hands-free phone and the MP3 function work well. I highly recommend this item. However, there are a few negatives. Rarely, it will send you the wrong way on a one-way street. The traffic alerts have not been useful so far. Traffic is reported that has already cleared or traffic appears with no alert. I hope improved technology improves this function because I would find it valuable but not at the current standard. I also wish that the restaurants were kept more up-to-date.
    ...more info
  • better than i thought
    I used it in England recently, it took me to my destination without getting me lost I am not sure it was the quickest or shortest route. I went to destinations I have done many times before, it clearly took me a different way, occasionally thru a lot of small country roads. What I found amazing, was that it warned you every time there was a speed camera and the speed limit, which is very helpful.
    the MP3 player is pretty descent.
    The blue tooth quality of sound was poor.
    Could not find list of airports which would be helpful, like the VZ blackberry phone GPS has....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670 - Excellent
    I bought this GPS for my wife's european travels. She loves it while traveling on foot, train, taxi, car. I also bought the Language Guide, which has been useful. The portability/size is perfect with an excellent display size and intuitive interface. It fits in her purse. While using it in her car it works very well with her bluetooth Razor phone, so she is hands-free to talk. It plays stored MP3 files and audio books through it's FM transmitter over her car stereo. All in all one of the better gifts I've bought that she really enjoys using.
    Garmin n체vi 670 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to - really well
    I recently used this GPS on a trip to London, Madrid, and then Milan. In every case it locked a satellite signal in no time and had me navigating the convoluted streets in the center of town in Madrid and Milan! I was also nicely surprised when the "safety camera" feature popped up during a jaunt in England as we were traveling outside of London. Everything was worked great.

    About the only 2 negatives I could offer for this unit is that the software connecting it to the PC is not so fancy and the FM transmitter is a joke. I've had a TomTom, Magellan, and this Garmin and the TomTom wins hands down for their PC software. All the FM transmitter features I've tried were no good. The signal is just too weak and has way too much static as a result. As for the PC software, I'd like to be able to plan a trip on the PC and then update the GPS. Planning a multi-stop trip in ANY GPS is really painful.

    This unit is very highly recommended. It does what it is supposed to very well. I love the traffic feature and form factor. It fits well in my travel bag so I take it everywhere....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    Great GPS! Very impressed with the mapping, routing, re-routing, features, size, etc. Package includes lots of goodies. Contrary to other reviews, there is a built in compass but it is simple, no arrow (N, NE, NW, S, SE, etc.) A few small complaints the same as many other reviewers. Huge oversight the POI's (Favorites) are not put in alphabetical order. Owners manual is not thorough enough- left out a lot of information and capabilities (figure out more by playing w/ GPS than reading manual.) Received my choice of 1 free City NAV software update from Gramin, US or Europe. I don't plan on using the FM transmitter or Bluetooth so have not really evaluated them (It's a GPS not a Swiss army knife). Have not used in Europe yet. ...more info
  • A Good GPS
    This was my first GPS purchase and I've been pleased with it so far. The turn-by-turn directions are usually spot-on, especially if you input a manual address. My only major complaint is that the Points of Interest (POI) database is ridiculously out of date. I tried to use it to find a gas station in an unfamiliar area and it took me to a shut down gas station and then to a house that looked like it used to be a gas station. I finally came across a gas station that wasn't even in the POI database. But as long as you have the address of where you're going, this is a very nice product. ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 670 in Europe (France/Germany)
    I recently bought this unit because it has maps for the US and Europe builtin. Since I was planning on using the unit in Europe this summer, that is a much cheaper option than having to buy the European (or US) maps separately. I used it a bit in the US, where it consistently gave me reasonable routes, although, as at least one person mentioned, it occasionally will tell you to get off an interstate, and then immediately tell you to get back on it. I found that I had to zoom out a bit so that I could see the overview better. Of course, looking at the screen forces you to take your eyes off the road...

    So far, however, most of my experience with it has been in Europe. Here I have been *very* pleasantly surprised. For kicks, I had it route me from the apartment where I stay when I am in France (a couple months a year) to work. It found a little country road that I didn't even knew existed. It even seemed to be a bit faster than my normal route. However, I don't intend to continue to use it, since it is a *little* country road. The same was true on a recent trip in Germany. On one several hundred kilometer trip, it gave me exactly the route that I would have taken, after looking at a map. On another long trip, it took me on a number of country roads. These ranged from very nice ones to rather "interesting" ones that only the locals knew about (in fact, they were probably very surprised to see someone with foreign plates on their "private" shortcut!). Once I got to the destination and looked at a map, the route looked very reasonable, and probably was the fastest way (which I asked for in the preferences).

    But it was not without its quirks, as well (no device is perfect, including this one; that's one of the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars). At one intersection, it told me to turn right. Alas, there were two very close roads going off to the right. I chose one, which turned out to be the correct one. However, for some reason, the nuvi got confused and started recalculating, only to give me back the same route that it had originally given me. I knew that, since I got confused and stopped on the side of the road to see what had happened. This can actually be a bit dangerous, since at the same time that I was confused, so was it!

    The directions, at least in Europe, could also be improved. While the exits on the major highways are correctly given, and always matched what was on the exit sign (eg, "Take the exit in the direction of *town*", where *town* was also on the exit sign), on the smaller roads it would say "Turn right on xxy street." Well, often there are no streets signs in Germany or France (or they are very small and not so easy to see). Instead, often there are signposts saying which town the road goes to, and that is what the nuvi should say as well.

    The bluetooth paired with my Blackberry with no difficulty. I was nicely surprised to see my full address book there. However, for some reason that I have not been able to localize yet, it occasionally will disconnect. Phone? Nuvi?

    I originally had a bit of a beef with Garmin, but I can now say that it has been rectified completely to my satisfaction. I received the unit at the end of April. The instruction manual said to go to the Garmin web site to see if there were any map upgrades available. I did, and found a free upgrade for the European map, which I requested. I checked a couple of days later to see that there was an upgrade for the US map, but it would cost $70. Well, after just shelling out $400 for the guy, and not having used it yet, I was a bit upset. I wrote to Garmin, who told me that since it was new, I could get *ONE* free update, either US or European. I told them to cancel the European, since I would be using the unit more in the US. They replied saying that they would ship me both updates. Thanks, Garmin! :-) I haven't had a chance to try out the updates yet, since I am still in Europe, and they are waiting for me back home.

    Again, no device is perfect, and all routing must be checked (as Yahoo maps will tell you). But the directions got me to where I wanted to go, and seemed to be reasonable. That's basically what you want in a car GPS unit, no?...more info
  • Excellent System for US and Europe!
    I received this product as a gift as we were heading to Europe for vacation, and I could not be more pleased with it. We used the 670 in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with the greatest of ease. Driving in a different country always comes with its challenges, but the 670 made it effortless. I have been telling everyone how great it has been since it even gave you warnings about entering a round-about, and which exit to take once in.

    In addition to driving directions we also used it in pedestrian mode within the cities. It has the capability to even take you through parks on pedestrian only roads.

    Since I got back, I have used its traffic capability to get to destinations faster and have not been disappointed yet.

    I would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for a GPS!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 670 review
    I've had a Garmin Quest for many years and have used it throughout the U.S. and Europe on many trips. I bought the Nuvi 670 for my other cars. It has improved antenna sensitivity to work better in a city environment, pre-loaded U.S. and European maps, clearer and enhanced voice instructions as well as blue tooth and other features make this a really enjoyable and useful product. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS
    Excellent product!
    Lots of great features.
    Delivery from the vendor was fast!...more info
  • GPS For Italy and France
    I purchased this unit specifically to use in Italy and France. I drove from Rome to Venice then used it in pedestrian or taxi mode while in France. Overall the system was extremely useful and worth the investment. (I did notice that taxi drivers exclusively used the TomTom but not sure which model). The GPS was helpful when taking taxis because it eliminated communication barriers. It was easy to attach to the rental car and convenient to carry and use while walking.

    There are a few drawbacks: The battery life was definitely shorter than what is advertised. Pedestrian mode can be confusing. It was great to use when trying to find a restaurant or point of interest but the signal was often lost. I noticed that when when we missed a turn the system did not reroute very efficiently. Several times we had to stop driving and reset the system. The GPS is helpful but sometimes a paper map was still necessary. There is room for improvement but I would not drive in Europe without a GPS and this unit did a very good job....more info
  • In general a better guide than my wife - even she agrees!
    We bought the Garmin to use here in N.A. as well as in Europe. It worked well beyond my expectation during our recent trip to Sonoma, Napa, and San Fransisco. Rarely did it fail to guide us in the right direction. We could go to places after dark and return with no concern through roads we were not familiar with. We were pleased with our decision to get the 4.3 inch screen. The suction cup stuck to to our rental Prius' windshield so well that I was able to use the touch screen without any problem. I was unable to play the music tracks I copied to the unit hoping it would function like an MP3. If the pre-loaded maps for Spain work just as well when we're there next week, this Garmin will qualify as one of my better purchases. Otherwise I'll write a brief update after our trip to tell you what went wrong.
    Well, we're back from Spain. Here is a summary of our experience with the Garmin:

    It navigated us from Madrid to Segovia with no difficulty but got completely confused in Segovia to find our hotel. As we drove from Segovia to Toledo, the Garmin was lost again due to the many new roads/highways. It had no idea where the new section of the highway A42 was and failed miserably to take us to A4. Once we managed to get on A4 it guided us to Granada with no problem. Remarkably, it did a wondeful job in taking us through the very narrow streets of the old town Albayzin all the way to our hotel. The Garmin had no idea about some addresses, roads, highways etc. while in general it new exactly where we were. I suspect the reason was that it was not pre-loaded with the most up to date information. Since I purchased the unit in May it should have been current. I have to reduce my rating to 3.5 stars. ...more info
  • Beware of cost of updates - opnly one free update offered
    I purhcased the nuvi 670 from Amazon several weeks ago and I was hapy with the unit until I checked to see if there were map updates avaialable from Garmin. Garmin's website stated that map updates were available for Europe and North America, but only one update was free. So I spent all this money on a International GPS unit only to end up with one map being out of date. When I received the unit it had a 2006 maps for Europe and 2008 maps fo North America. There were updated versions of both maps available, but I would have to pay for one of them - the cheap one costing close to $70USD. I contacted Garmin on several different occasions and they stood by their policy of only offering one free map update. What a disappointment with this supposively good company. You buy a GPS and it doesn't even come with the latest maps. I am very disappointed.

    Ron...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 670 for a trip to Ireland where it worked very well. The only complaint I have about the Garmin is that the battery doesn't hold a charge for very long and fails before the meter says that it is drained. Despite the battery, I found the Garmin brand to be the best GPS on the market. ...more info
  • A lifesaver !
    I bought this for my husband for father's day and decided to give it to him early as we were headed to Boston for Memorial Day weekend. We rented a car and were off in the city and all surrounding areas without so much as a hitch. This is a lifesaver for anyone traveling in new areas. Helps to make you a more adventurous traveler....more info
  • Frustrations with Garmin
    I have had no problems with this impressive device but experienced considerable frustration with Garmin support in obtaining appropriate map updates. Ordered in late May 2008 it came with old maps. Although new updates for the US and European maps were initially promised by phone when I registered it with Garmin, only the soon to be outdated European map was eventually received. Several hours and several calls to support yielded entirely different and conflicting answers to why I wasn't going to get new updates. Eventually, one helpful support person agreed to take the risk in sending the previously promised updated US map for which I am anxiously awaiting receipt. The soon to be released updated European map for my month old devise will have to be purchased. So, if you want a devise with updated maps I suggest you hold off on ordering this model regardless of what Garmin may tell you. I personally believe a newly purchased devise should come with a hassle-free guarantee of free updates on a more liberal basis than Garmin appears to offer....more info
  • Great GPS if you need Europe - just update
    The 670 is the same as the 660 except that it includes the Europe maps. If you want Europe it is cheaper to buy the 670. My unit came with older versions of both North America and Europe. When I registered on the Garmin website to get both updates, it told me I could only get one for free and would have to pay for the other. I called tech support and complained, since I already paid the premium for the 670 and therefore expect to have fully up-to-date maps of both North America and Europe. Garmin said that although this is their policy, they will gladly provide both updates for free. I downloaded the North America update, and they sent me the DVD for Europe at no charge. I suggest anyone buying this unit do the same....more info
  • Garmin's Tech support sucks, overpriced outdated maps
    this 670 had a deffective battery, which was discovered the second time we used it. No support over the weekend, so 4 days of the trip required maps only, purchased at a filling station, WORTHLESS. Then a 2 hour hold and 30 minutes with the tech to get a Return Authorization. I must pay to return a new DOA $500 GPS, and await a repair or replacement. Secondly I purchased this unit because of the pre-loaded European Maps, HOWEVER the loaded maps are outdated but new ones will be sent to me AT NO CHARGE in 4 to 6 weeks. Third the window mount is pitiful, will not hold and the unit constantly fall off, luckily into my wife's hands. One day it will hit something and then the screen will break and that is the end. Fourth cannot change destination while using. You must exit GPS add address and then re-boot. Krazy and very bad!!!Garmin must be just too good at selling, because there is absolutely no company in today's fast paced World that will survive with this lack of speedy resolution to a NEW & DOA product failure. Garmin charges for everything. The city guides installed are minimal and you must purchase detailed ones AT ADDITIONAL COST. The GPS chip costs about $1 the 670 had 2 GB of internal memory $5 so what are the outdated maps and minimal city guides really worth. I have used a co-pilot with mu Sony laptop for years great European maps detailed city etc. Garmin is now my very expensive and worthless dash decoration. ...more info
  • Not Bad
    I'm no expert on GPS, but I like the system so far. I just need to learn how to use the darn thing. One thing I don't like is not being able to just push a button to remember a location. The Garmin may have such an option, but I haven't figured it out yet if it does. The 4.3 screen is big enough and the volume is adequate enough to be heard under most driving conditions. I especially like the ability to enter coordinates. Since I live in Germany and if I don't know an address, or I can't spell it correctly, I go on google earth and find what I want and then input the coordinates and it takes me directly there. ...more info
  • Great product
    I got this GPS to upgrade my Nuvi 350 and I am very pleased with it. The traffic information is just great. Also the big screen is good too.I love it!...more info
  • Wonderful Product !!!
    I did the unthinkable and took the unit out of the box when I received it and put it directly into the suitcase for vacation. The next morning it took only moments to have it up and navigating. We successfully navigated several states during our trip. It worked great and is equipped with a lot of high-end features for the price.
    We are very happy with our purchase....more info
  • second nuvi
    When I started out to find an upgrade for the nuvi 350 which I have had for 4 years, I had no intention in buying a new one. But it was cheaper (with amazon) to buy a nuvi 670 with US upgrade and new Europe (for summer trip) than to upgrade the software. Very happy with the product. It arrived fast and in good shape....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    The Nuvi 670 was purchased because I frequently travel in Europe. It proved it's value immediately upon leaving Frankfurt Airport, and continued to impress me during travels around Europe. It proved much more user friendly than the high-end nav system in the Alpha Romeo rental car.
    The ability to load MP3's, audio books, and photos are an added plus that really impress others. It became the primary source for sharing our photos once we returned to the States....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 670
    I purchased the nuvi 670 prior to travelling to Sweden and Ireland on vacation. After driving through the small streets of Ireland I'm a believer in this product.

    Ireland has been updating their freeways, so the device showed I was off-roading. I've seen this "feature" in other GPS products, so it isn't just a Garmin issue.

    The size/portability, user interface, and intuitive design of the product were perfect.

    Now that I'm back in the US, I use the product to listen to books from [...]. Another great use for the product, since the large screen is superior to my previous listening device.

    The only negatives are the windshield mount and the Blue Tooth link to the BlackBerry. The windshield mount is a terrible design. It takes a while to find a flat surface that it will stick to. That's difficult to find on a mini-cooper windshield. I haven't been successful linking to the BlackBerry, but I haven't spent that much time. The devices don't see each other.

    Would I buy it again - Yes....more info
  • Nuvi 670
    This product works great out of the box and it is ideal for those who live in the USA and also travel to Europe. The new version of the Europe maps is very detailed and impressive....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi
    Excellent quality. Easy to install and use. Directions given were better than my wife's $2,000 nav system!...more info
  • Very disappointed in Garmin customer support- It gets worse
    While the product works it came with outdated mapping software. They want $70 to update. It is only a week old I should not have to pay for an update. The battery is non-replaceable so call this thing disposable after it stops taking a charge. A lot of money for something you throw away. I paid extra for Bluetooth now find out it is not compatible with all phones. I think when the battery dies I will take the $70 and buy one their competitors. Hopefully they will have better customer service.
    Update - They told me to return the Europe software and they would send me the US disc. I sent it to them unopened by certified mail over 2 months ago and they have done nothing. So now I don't have either. Would like to give Garmin Customer support zero stars. - Another update. After another email to Garmin with the tracking document attached they finally sent me the US update, 4 months later. If I hadn't pestered them I still wouldn't have it. They have done nothing to improve my opinion of them.
    ...more info
  • Lots of info in a little tiny box
    The nuvi 670 is quite good, I would highly recommend it. I have been able to use all of the navigation features, load and play music (MP3 files) through the built in speaker and through the car's FM radio without much effort at all (i.e. no instructions and success with little delay). So I'm big fan of whoever designed the human-machine interface I think they did a perfect job. It is both efficient and intuitive. The maps are unbelievably good, yet not perfect.
    One limitation to keep in mind, the memory card slot is for SD cards, not SDHD cards. This wasn't a problem for me as I wasn't looking for more than 2GB of extra memory....more info
  • Excellent product
    This is an excellent GPS unit. So far I've been able to find locations in the POI database that weren't available in my Magellan unit (although this unit is supposed to have a broader POI's database).
    The traffic feature is cool, but I hope it's coverage will increase fast enough. The blue tooth connectivity is probalby so far the best asset. I was really disapointed with the FM transmitter (I've tried all frequencies and I can hear more static in all of them that I can hear the actual sound being transmitted by the Unit (That's why I removed one star....)...more info
  • Very Pleased Overall
    The Garmin nuvi 670 is the first GPS I've owned, I've used them in rental cars, but decided that since I travel so much, I needed to own one. I bought the 670 rather than the 660 although no trip to Europe is planned right now; the cost difference between the 660 and 670 was about $100, and Europe maps cost about $200.

    The unit is great so far. Mapping works, although it doesn't know some recent roads. I travel alot, both in the city and in very rural (gravel road) areas. The routing in rural areas was weird - took me miles out of the way, but later I learned that the "avoid unpaved roads" was turned on. I've unchecked this option and will try again soon. Another weird routing decision was that it routed me one way to my destination and another way on the return trip. Despite these events, it gets me where I need to go and is an improvement on my total lack of direction.

    I love audiobooks, and took advantage of the 3 free Audible books with the Garmin. They have a fantastic selection and I'm really thrilled to get bestsellers to listen to. My library has a good selection, but not too much really recent. Also the NY Times - really great to have the news read to me in the morning!

    I thought I'd love the FM transmission feature - but I guess I didn't understand how it works. I can't listen to my car radio or CD player while its in FM transmission mode. So I don't use it much, except when I'm listening to something from Audible that I've loaded into the unit.

    The best feature is the bluetooth. I don't have to take my phone out of my purse. I can make and receive calls so easily and its much safer than trying to hold the phone while driving. And I like it much better than the headphone I sometimes remembered to wear. My callers say that the sound quality is OK - not great, but as good as what I was doing before.

    The TMC traffic is pretty useless - it has warned me about incidents that don't exist by the time I get to the area - and not warned me about other incidents - or rerouted me into major construction areas. I've heard MSN is better, but I'd have had to spend at least $100 more on a 7xx model, and I didn't think it was worth it for me.

    The POI is really neat too - a mobile yellowpages. Really geat that I can also call with just a press of the button. Its just as helpful at home as on the road in unfamiliar places.

    How did I get along before my GPS?...more info
  • 2000 miles thru Europe in new BMW
    Just back from taking Euro delivery of BMW 550i. As Garmin shareholders, we elected to not purchase the BMW nav and instead the Nuvi 670.

    Overall impressions are good with some reservations. First day travels took us from Munich north in one day to Lieden, Netherlands (about 600 miles). We then drove back south to the Alps over the course of two weeks.

    Overall good screen and value. Used it to "lock" on the car and then wandered thru villages, and mountain hiking, with unit in jacket pocket. Great at night to find way back to hotel or car. Fast satellite acquistion times and idiot proof functionality. Our first time with a "car" unit, we are longtime offshore sailing users of Garmins and liked the ease of use, quick tap in for addresses and visuals. Liked the option of fast route and shortest distance for interesting country roads and side trips.

    VERY disappointed on the lag time for turning instructions. At normal speed limits, we were often in the intersection or at the exit before the prompt "turn onto ......." began and there was no faster setting. Couple that with the incorrect pronounciation of the street names in local language and ........frustrating as it cycled into "re-calculating". Another issue was fuel stations that were often the right brand (Shell) but unfortunately located on the other side of the autobahn and totally inaccessible or worse at exits, not there at all. This caused some exciting times when we let fuel levels get too low. Also, we took advantage of the free trial download of safety cameras for the Netherlands. However, while this became abit annoying as any place a camera could be or may have been became a "DING" from the unit, better safe than sorry and no tickets.

    We opened the box and charged the unit and left on the trip with no prior use. Given that, a very good experience and very glad we had this particular unit. Superior value but takes some time to adjust to. Suggest playing with it at home before travel. Would buy again....more info
  • Garmin GPS Nuvi 670
    Garmin n체vi 670 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS NavigatorI am quite pleased with this unit. It is easy to use the basic navagation system and bluetooth functions. I am still learning how to use all the options it has. I have not used it overseas yet but in the US it has worked well....more info
  • Nuvi 670
    I purchased the NUVI 670 for my husband for an upcoming trip to Italy. We have used it already in the US and he loves it. I loved the fact that we did not have to purchase other software for Europe for our trip. This GPS is easy to use and has a large screen for easy viewing. We rate it 10/10....more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased this product on the advice of a good friend who has a similar model. I'm sure that all the 600 models are relatively similar, but I could not have been happier with the purchase. I would recommend it to anyone and couldn't recommend it strongly enough. Was in Wash DC in Spring 2008. While there was able to find restaurants, attractions, shopping centers, WalMart and Target...then not having to worry about finding my way back to the hotel!...more info
  • Better than Navman
    I selected this Garmin nuvi 670 primarily because it comes with maps of North America, Europe and Australia which is a great feature when you travel a lot. I also wanted a wide screen, 4.3". This GPS is very simple to understand and to operate, it offers large and clear instructions and, so far, the map data seems very accurate. A good choice at a reasonable price....more info
  • International Traveler
    I used the Nuvi 670 in Germany and found that it was very accurate in navigating in downtown areas and performed as advertised. I would highly recommend the product.

    ...more info
  • You are paying a lot of money for a very good product but it should be better
    I have been loyal to Garmin for over 12 years but now I am beginning to think elsewhere. I docked half mark for poor layout. In previous Garmin products, you could choose how much and the type of information displayed. On this model, you can only display two and Garmin decides what those will be. On my regular trips to and from work, I do not need the map but I do like the traffic transponder. However, traffic alerts can only de displayed on the map and not the other displays and so these minor gripes go on.

    I docked a second half mark for the announcement of the next turn off. More often than not, the distance to the next turn is not to a turn at all but as you approach the turn, it advises you to carry on down the road you are on. This renders the displayed information of little value. More frustratingly, it does not tell you that it is not a turn until after you have moved into the lane anticipating it. The most serious implication is that at a complex junction the Garmin will instruct you not to turn for the first exit and then announce a real turn almost as you are on top of it. Not only does this mean you have to move back out of the first exit lane but you need to make quick decision for the real approach. This can lead to you being a nuisance to other road users.

    Finally, I docked two marks for Garmin stopping users uploading bought mapping to the computer. Most people are aware that a drawback of current GPSes is that they can take you through the middle of a town rather than the route around it. They can send you down routes that aren't roads at all. They can take you off the interstate at one exit only to bring you back on at the next. A real danger is that they can take you on roads that are inappropriate for drivers that are not prepared. To guard against this I check the route out on the computer first but with the Nuvi, Garmin expect you to do it on the screen. It is impractical to check out a route turn by turn for a long trip on such a small screen without a mouse and without doing so will lead to nonesenses and occasionally danger... Garmin will of course sell you a second map for your computer and that would require four maps one for each region for both the GPS and the PC.

    One last whine. Garmin do not tell you that you have to update both map areas independently and that one traffic receiver will not cover the two map regions.
    ...more info
  • You are paying a lot of money for a very good product but it should be better.
    I have been loyal to Garmin for over 12 years but now I am beginning to think elsewhere. I docked half mark for poor layout. In previous Garmin products, you could choose how much and the type of information displayed. On this model, you can only display two and Garmin decides what those will be. On my regular trips to and from work, I do not need the map but I do like the traffic transponder. However, traffic alerts can only de displayed on the map and not the other displays and so these minor gripes go on.

    I docked a second half mark for the announcement of the next turn off. More often than not, the distance to the next turn is not to a turn at all but as you approach the turn, it advises you to carry on down the road you are on. This renders the displayed information of little value. More frustratingly, it does not tell you that it is not a turn until after you have moved into the lane anticipating it. The most serious implication is that at a complex junction the Garmin will instruct you not to turn for the first exit and then announce a real turn almost as you are on top of it. Not only does this mean you have to move back out of the first exit lane but you need to make quick decision for the real approach. This can lead to you being a nuisance to other road users.

    Finally, I docked two marks for Garmin stopping users uploading bought mapping to the computer. Most people are aware that a drawback of current GPSes is that they can take you through the middle of a town rather than the route around it. They can send you down routes that aren't roads at all. They can take you off the interstate at one exit only to bring you back on at the next. A real danger is that they can take you on roads that are inappropriate for drivers that are not prepared. To guard against this I check the route out on the computer first but with the Nuvi, Garmin expect you to do it on the screen. It is impractical to check out a route turn by turn for a long trip on such a small screen without a mouse and without doing so will lead to nonesenses and occasionally danger... Garmin will of course sell you a second map for your computer and that would require four maps one for each region for both the GPS and the PC.

    One last wine. Garmin do not tell you that you have to update both map areas independently and you need a separate, expensive traffic receiver for the second map area.
    ...more info
  • Nuvi 670 Review
    Having had the nuvi 670 for a bit over a month, I'm very happy with it. Directions seem to be clear and the map very readable. Also, I'm very glad I got the wide screen.

    I'd like to be able to turn the volume up a bit higher than the current maximum, for noisy situations, and I've seen a few cases in which the directions given can be improved on by someone with local knowledge - for example in approaching a hotel near LAX off the 405 - but overall I'm very happy.

    Ordering the optional dash mount make excellent sense, as I'm based in California (no window mounts allowed) and it's more convenient, and probably safer, than laying the unit on the passenger seat when I drive a rental.

    Looking forward to trying it out in Europe and, with the right maps loaded, in Australia.

    Next purchase is a Garmin Colorado for hiking!...more info
  • great so far but....
    Great so far but the suction cup does not hold the unit. Disappointed that I spent this much money and they took a short cut with the mounting. ...more info
  • Terrible Mac support...
    Terrible Mac support...

    Mac's must use Internet Exlorer to access many links... unavailabe after January 31, 2006,according to my research......more info
  • Works great, don't know we found places wthout it.
    This is a great product. I bought one for myself and loaned it to my wife and I had to buy a second one
    for my car. I travel for a living and found it comes in very handy at the end of a trip when you are
    looking for a paticular address you haven't visited before....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    The vendor shipped on time and it arrived on time. This product is great. The street pronounciation is pretty wild for certain uncommon names. I bought this product to travel in Europe but have not had a chance to use it there. In the US it works great, but it does not prompt you to select "Most use of Freeways, or No Freeways" or other route options. You have to force it by ignoring the proposed route or by missing the turns intentionally. The traffic alert works well in those cities where there is an alert system. I love the touch screen. In general the Owners manual is weak. Great product especially when compared to the in car type that require use of joy stick to spell out the address....more info
  • Intuitive to use
    The 670 is easy to use and has easily moved among our cars. I have noticed that the maps seem to be a little out of date compared to some new roads that have been built in our area. Overall the device has been a real help. ...more info
  • Awesome product
    The new toy for my wifes Christmas has done more than expected. We havent had a chance to try in Europe but here in states it does fine. Have had it not know some new roads etc but usually does fine and immediately gives alternative routes. ...more info
  • Amazing Device
    This device it's amazing all the features work really good.
    The only negative note is on the map's graphic which happens to be a little low defined, but after a little bit you get used to it.
    ...more info
  • Nuvi 670 Disappointment from Garmin
    First of all I am generally a big Gamin fan. I am also an engineer.
    My experience:
    I have a garmin GNS430 in my Airplane, Another Garmin in my boat, I have GPS in my corvette and now I have the Nuvi 670. I have used the Hertz neverlost system extensively in USA and Europe, and have Microsoft streets and trips with a deluo transducer on my laptop.

    - Cannot configure the time of arrival display (UNBELIEVABLE!) typical GPS allow you to change this to provide ETA, ETE, miles left etc..
    - WILL NOT PROVIED LAT and LONGITUDE (UNBELIEVEABLE!) anybody with mulitple gps devices will want this... (It does appear to let you INPUT lat and long. to find a location)
    - in any mode (ESPECIALLY "pedestrian") it does not provide a compas heading in degrees.... (only North or NW for example) <-- almost useless

    - Every single other feature you have to pay extra for..
    - FM transmission (car stereo connectivity) is weak
    - MAPs do seem pretty accurate.. GPS location is pretty accurate (have not yet tried Europe)

    -I am convinced the USB connection is 1.1 not USB 2 it is HORRIBlY SLOW..!!!! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS?

    - Has other good features like blue tooth to phone, MP3 playing (note avail interal memory is only about 1 GB - true it is expandable but all the other features need a special SD card occupying the slot to run - this means that if you have 4GB of MP3s in a SD card, you cant play them while having your dictionary available.. have to keep a bunch of cards handy and keep changing them.
    Dictionary, language translation etc.. but all costs extra..

    Which brings us to another point.. VERY EXPENSIVE.. In my opinion - not worth the money... I would seriously recommend Magellan (makers of the Hertz "Never Lost").. Overall: This item is a little too "dumbed down" for the masses..

    ...more info
  • Flexible and easy
    Wow! We've had a GPS unit in an auto for a couple of years and needed a portable unit for an upcoming European trip. The 670 has both US and European maps. If the maps of Eurpoe are as good as what we have seen for the US, it will meet all of our needs. It is very easy to use. Navigation commands are clear and timely for driving. The displayed maps are easy to read and to change scale. Overall, this is an excellent unit and is much more capable that the fixed unit in the car. ...more info
  • Who needs the pricey options??
    I looked at all the Nuvi models. Unless you love gadgets and can deal with complicated add-ons there is no reason to buy anything more expensive than the Nuvi 650. No blue tooth, no crappy MSN and no FM radio (how stupid).

    The 650's processor, GPS receiver, screen, case & battery are IDENTICALL to all of the more expensive Nuvi 6XX series.

    Hey I love gadgets folks but we are not helping the people who read these reviews for some common sense answers to basic questions if we do not point out which models for basic functionality.

    Originally I even questioned the larger 4.2" screen - Why?: because you should not be looking at the damn thing when your're driving. Set your destination before you start and just listen to the excellent voice instructions.

    For those who just want a very good GPS navigator spend no more than what the 650 costs.

    PS: I thought everyone already had a bluetooth headset for the cell phone?

    Garmin n체vi 650 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Nuvi 670 Negotiating Narrow Medieval Streets of Italy
    Even if you are an experienced Indian tracker, after dark in a maze of cart-wide one way cobbled stone streets of Italy, without a Garmin your directional skills will be severely challenged. Despite some missed turns (my oversight), the Garmin performed admirably finding our way back to the Frascati train station and through the old Etruscan towns of Palestrina and Tarquinia. It is truly amazing to see the agility of the Garmin recalculating new routes through these mazes. Truthfully, without stopping to ask for directions, this trip would not have been possible without the nuvi. Thank you, Garmin.

    I would strongly recommend the Nuvi 670, especially if you like to explore on your own. If you are searching out sites of antiquity, I would suggest that you enter these locations into the "Favorites" section prior to your trip.

    Delighted new owner, Holly Fritch Kirby, M.D....more info
  • "Great Product"
    I have been a longtime user of Garmin products from the forerunner to other handheld products and this is by far the best I have had. I have used it in the US, France, Italy and Spain and it performed great. It even warned me when to slow down for the photoradar driving to Normandy in France.Of course, there are times when the directions get a bit confusing but that happens and is probaby more to do with me than with the unit....The one draw back is the battery could last a bit longer but I usually hook it up to the DC adapter anyway. I have used the MP3 feature as well as the bluetooth phone..all work well. The great thing too is the preloaded maps of the US and Europe...I remember downloading mapsets into my old Garmin (PAINFUL!!) and now...none of that...No regrets with this product. I give it to relatives that visit and the "Home" feature is nice so they can find their way back to us.... ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS
    We purchased the Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS because we had used and liked other Garmin GPS models in the past (e.g., they were provided with rental cars). We selected this particular model for the following reasons: larger screen, verbally names streets when giving directions, and is pre-loaded for US and Europe. We have had the unit a relatively short time and have not used it for Europe, but did use it during recent travel in 2 western states. It performed as expected including navigating us in and out of subdivisions involving many different streets. It was especially useful at night when it was hard to read street signs or paper maps. We also used it to find gas stations, places to eat, and other specific businesses. We have not used all of this unit's features. The unit comes with a very brief instruction sheet and a user manual in many different languages on a CD. These materials are adequate for basic instruction, but do not provide much guidance on how to use the unit in the most efficient and effective manner. We found that we had questions that were not answered in the manual. Much of our learning has been by trial and error. We suggest you use your unit on a few test trips before using it on real trips. Also this unit does not have the same features as other Garmin models, so past experience with other models may be of limited help. We found the battery lasts about 5 hours before unit goes dead. Some street names given verbally do not match local pronunciations. For example, La Jolla was not pronounced correctly. We also found that some listed businesses were no longer in business. We have not updated our unit since we purchased it, so it is unclear how frequently business information is updated. ...more info
  • Very worthy product
    We bought this for a recent trip to England, Ireland and Scotland, and we found that all of the maps were quite detailed and the Garmin easy to use. All of the small roads in Ireland were even on the map, which was good since it would be very easy to get lost.
    We did find it took a little while (especially first thing in the morning) for the satellite to boot up and find your location, which was frustrating when you needed to find a location and were waiting several minutes for the satellite to link with the Garmin. There were also several restaurants, rental agencies and other locations not in the system, which needs to be improved. (for example, the rental car agency in Ireland was not on the map and it was offsite like many others.)
    Overall am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it.
    Chris Young President, The Young Team, Inc.
    ...more info
  • SCAM Artist
    You will not get this.

    I ordered one and received a "can't ship to your address" excuse.
    BAIT and SWITCH.

    BEWARE !!!...more info
  • Don't Bother with Garmin
    My second Garmin and the second to fail within a year or just after. Garmin won't repair without paying them. Go with Magellan
    ...more info
  • The Luxury Navigator
    Overall this is an excellent product. I've thoroughly enjoyed using it and have made use of most of its functionalities such as listening to my MP3s whilst receiving directions through the FM receiver. The bluetooth integration with my cell phone (Qtek 9100) is also amazing and I've been able to do things like receive calls through the navigator whilst driving and lookup the nearest restaurant and call them up for a reservation. The only things I've seen close to a glitch are slightly outdated european maps and some delay in processing GPS signals in narrow roads and alleyways which are typical in this continent. Things I would like to see in future releases are options for a map update service, worldwide coverage, better grammar in Spanish and a java "platform" for loading additional applications such as games....more info
  • Good use in Scotlan
    We purchased this as a replacement for another brand unit in order to get the European maps and the battery operated portability. We used the unit primarily in a vehicle in Scotland and had coverage in all areas around the Highlands. The system was extremely accurate. The unit allows for choice of "quickest" or "shortest" routes and not "most highway use" as did our previous unit, and Garmin seems to make no distinction about the size and quality of the roads it uses to route, at least in Scotland. We found ourselves being routed on one lane roads instead of going a few minutes further to a two lane road. After an adventurous 8 mile leg on a single lane road through a cattle and sheep farm, we dug out our AAA maps and routed ourselves, then let the Garmin reroute to where we were. It was extremely helpful to have a preview of the upcoming road and to have the voice tell us about the exits and roundabout turns. It is always a comfort to know where you are on an unfamiliar road at night and that you can find your way back to your hotel, especially in rural areas. Great product, but don't forget your paper maps!...more info
  • this navi system is fantastic
    This navi system is easy to use and fantastic. We used it here and in Europe. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    I spent a lot of time looking at different brands and decided the 670 had the most features and flexibility for the money. I previously had a Magellan and I like the Nuvi better. The screen is large and bright. The voice is clear and the mounting device is much better than the Magellan. The best feature is the ability and ease of using the points of interest. We just drove cross country and relied on the Nuvi for motels, restaurants, gas and many points of interest for sight seeing. I wish it showed the elevation and displayed how much time to the destination in lieu of what time you are to arrive; that was a bit confusing as we went through several time zone changes. However, that is just a nit pic. I also think Garmin should be able to equip these devices with an atomic clock similar to a cell phone so the time zones change automatically. We had to rely on the cell phone for the correct time when we were in the areas of question and then reset the Nuvi. ...more info
  • Used it for the first time
    Functions well , clear directions, need some experiance to fully benefit of all the options.
    Good help on hi way travel...more info
  • Love it!!
    The Nuvi 670 is extremely user friendly and start-up is quick/easy. For the most part the maps are excellent and it is feature rich - specific address, city only, intersections, favorites, home. In very rural areas, you do need some idea of where you are going. My setup was to "fastest route" and sometimes - when out in the those areas - that meant being told to turn onto a farm road - gravel, dirt and all. The recalculation time is very quick and the GPS is sensitive to very short distances - maybe 200 feet or less. When I failed to turn or made a mistake, it quickly got me going in the right direction. We are just coming off of a 2500 mile road trip with the Nuvi - it was wonderful. Loved it and it saved so much time and gas in determining the best routes plus finding gas stations, ATMs, hotels, etc. If you live in California, you will need to order the friction mount since CA doesn't allow the window suction mount which comes with the Nuvi. Friction mount works very well. ...more info
  • Excellent navigator, room for improvement
    Took the Nuvi 670 to Sweden, Denmark, and down to central Germany. Also, did a trip from southern Maine to eastern PA. GPS reception was always good, maps were very good, and no major routing problems. The fastest route setting does sometimes send you on a slower route (one time it took us off the main road through winding slow roads back to the main road, and there were no traffic alerts). The traffic receiver worked in the congested areas of both our Europe & USA trips. When there is traffic info, an icon silently appears on the screen (several times we hit traffic delays only to see that the nuvi knew about it but didn't warn us). You only get an audible traffic delay alert (and automatic recalculate announcement) when a fixed excessive delay ahead value is exceeded (you can't set that value). Also, the traffic display map is separate from the navigation display maps... and that traffic map is rather primitive.

    Signed up to one of the safety-camera POI services linked from the Garmin site and downloaded the locations of European speed & traffic-light cameras. The POI alert function on the nuvi worked great.

    The photo viewer is dreadfully slow. Photos aren't always displayed full screen, even when they have enough resolution. There is no way to easily locate a photo... you have to painfully go through the thumbnails in sequence.

    I'm not so sure the extra price for the wide screen nuvi is worth it. I sprung for it thinking the picture viewer would be great with my camera... most of the photos had black bands to the side, so the smaller screen would have been about the same. During on-the-road navigation you tend to only look at the map area at the center of the screen, so the sides are not quite as important. The wide screen is useful when finding something when you are at a roadside rest.

    The MP3 player is great... patched the Nuvi to the radio aux input and enjoyed what we loaded on an SD card. The FM transmitter works well until your radio picks up a weak station at the frequency you pick.

    Bluetooth hands-free works well.

    The Webupdater works well, and you'll want to update the software to the latest version.

    Some suggested improvements for Garmin to consider in a future software update:
    - give an audible alert when traffic info changes on the calculated route
    - integrate the traffic display info into the navigation maps.
    - improve the fastest route calculation algorithm... add time for each turn, sharp curve, and crossroad/congested-area.
    - expand on ways to customize the route... for example, it would be nice to tap several road segments and mark each as route-via or do-not-use (and an option to save do-not-use segments for future trips).
    - add a way to quickly locate photos in the photo viewer application (every Nth thumbnail option)
    - speed up the photo thumbnail display
    - have the photo viewer show photos as full screen (unless the photo's resolution is so low it would be too fuzzy)
    ...more info
  • best gift ever
    I absolutely love this GPS! It is easy to use, accurate as it any specific and detail direccion can be. I used to get lost all the time, now it is a breeze, I can go to Italy and know what I am doing and where to go! I have no complaints except for the windshield mounting piece, because it falls easy when there are high temperatures (imagine, I am in FL) so, when I do not use the car in a day and I live it where there is heat, the mounting piece falls. Other than that I will reccomend this to anyone. If you want to give a woman "the perfect gift" (other than diamonds) this will be the gift you want to surprise her with....more info
  • Better use a map
    We took the GPS to Germany and Italy and we ended up buying a map. the GPS had NO reception 90% of the time and one of the roads it suggested taking (after we set it on fastest way) once it did work ended up taking 1 hour longer than the rout we found on the map. Over all it was a very BAD experience especially since this is one of the most expensive ones on the market. Maybe it works better in the US. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    The screen size and quality is perfect. Make sure when you download data to the device or sd card inserted you must use the supplied USB cable. Any other cable will not work on a consistant basis. MP3 play perfectly. The POI points of interest you can download free on the internet work as advertised when you use the POI loader supplied software. Not sure that the increase cost over the 650 is worth it. The only difference is the included Europe maps. Will not display very large JPGs so if you want to store them on the device need to save them as a smaller file...more info
  • Must have travel companion
    I like the N체vi 670 very much. On a recent trip to England, I used the included suction cup mount and cigarette lighter adapter to mount it in my rental car. It was invaluable in getting me from point to point while I concentrated on driving on the left side of the road and navigating the roundabouts. The pedestrian mode was very useful in helping me get oriented after I emerged from underground subway stops. Its pretty clever that they thought to include a mode that ignores one-way streets and illegal turns for people who are walking. The interface is fairly intuitive. The Bluetooth integration works very well with my RAZR. The MP3 player is quite adequate. The picture viewer is useful for a small number of pictures. I would prefer other ways of navigating through images for larger numbers of images. I also found it a little slow when dealing with 10M pixel images from my camera, but that is to be expected. It certainly works well to have a few family snapshots available to show friends, but it fall show of being a good way to review pictures on a 2MB SD card while on vacation. I like the simple USB interface to my Mac. It makes it easy to get files on and off the N체vi.

    Overall, I'm amazed at how much information I can hold in the palm of my hand and the number of things this device does well. I give it four stars instead of five only because of the minor issues I listed so far and occasional hick-ups in the database in the EU. For example, it was able to guide me to the rental car pick-up at Heathrow airport, but not the drop-off. Also, the FM transmitter is not very strong and doesn't not work well in my car. These issues were only minor for me, but make it slightly less than perfect....more info
  • Excellent - But Lacking
    Great GPS... BUT...I bought the nuvi 670 because I like to travel to Europe. However, I use it in the US for every day business and work mostly in the same city going from address to address. Unfortunately, unlike other less expensive GPS devices out there, I have to type in the same city name over and over again while conducting my business. Why couldn't they have programmed a "favorite city" or "SAVED" cities list to select from??? This becomes very tedious - "TOO BAD". Everything else is good....more info
  • A Pocketful of Miracles!
    We have had in-car GPS units in my wife's last two Infiniti FX 35s and I always considered them the benchmark for in-car navigation but the Nuvi 670 is clearly superior.

    I use the 670 in both my BMW sedan and my Porsche 911 and it is markedly better than the in-car systems offered by either of these manufacturers.

    So far it has performed flawlessly. It's easy to program and the maps are nicely detailed. An easy-to-use menu system lets you quickly customize the unit's functionality to your personal preferences. The included windshield mount puts the unit up where your eyes should be - watching the road and traffic - not down at dash level.

    The traffic alert system works just fine in my area and it is a terrific help in avoiding delays. The traffic data links up to the 670 through a special power cord that includes an FM receiver.

    Don't lose this cord - the replacement cost is north of $200! A standard vehicle power cord is $30 and is what I use when I take the unit on business travel or vacation trips. After the initial trial period the traffic alert service costs $60 for an annual subscription fee.

    The unit updates over the Internet via your computer and thanks to a recent software fix it is both PC and Mac friendly.

    I plan to use the 670 both in-car and - thanks to the battery and built-in maps for both North America and Europe - on foot in Italy this summer. This wouldn't be my pick for a back county hiking GPS but I'm looking forward to seeing how it helps me get around Rome on foot.

    When you factor in the other features Garmin builds into the Nuvi that go beyond navigation (Photo Viewer, Bluetooth link, MP3 player, SD card slot, etc.) and the add-ons and accessories available you have the Swiss Army knife of portable GPS units. ...more info
  • Essential Travel Item
    Just took this to Italy. It was just great for driving. Option for selecting "truck" versus a car keeps you off the smallest streets, a plus if you are not used and do not care to drive the small windy roads in the mountains or within cities. You can also insert a waypoint to avoid or bypass certain areas. Very up to date. Only a few new intersections or rods were not mapped. In the "pedestrian" mode, you can use it to wander a city, after marking your parking place. One problem is the slight ambiguity of which way to start, when walking. A north arrow would be good. Also, the battery will run out if used continually for a few hours of walking, so be careful. Be sure to have the 12 volt charger for the car. Other than those two issues, it was absolutly great.
    The Fedor Europe addition was pretty good, but not must. Overall, I would not go without it. I also use it extensively in the US, as I travel often....more info
  • Did everything I needed
    Was looking for a GPS navigator, and decided to buy the 670 since we were planning a trip to Italy. Whether walking around the cities/towns or driving in the countryside of Tuscany, the Nuvi 670 delivered what I needed. I can't begin to imagine how many times we would've been lost had we not had the Nuvi.

    If you are driving around in the country, I would recommend you disable the navigator's use of Unpaved Roads. In my case, it used them a lot more frequently than I would've expected.

    You'll also find that some places out in the country (i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc.) don't know or publish their street address, especially the street number. But, it's pretty easy to take an educated guess, which ususally gets you very close to the intended destination.

    Finally, I could bicker about the pronunciation of the Italian street and town names, but that really wasn't a big deal at all.
    ...more info
  • Nuvi 670
    Don't throw those paper maps away just yet! I've had my 670 for a couple of weeks now and my sister in law has had a 650 for about the same length of time. Hers' doesn't navigate any better than mine, so it's not a defective unit. I bought the Nuvi so that I could get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The problem is that in at least 1/2 the cases, Nuvi takes something other than the best route. It may not be obvious when you don't know where you're going, but when you know the best route, Nuvi may well direct you far out of the way. Case in point, last week I drove 100 miles or so on a route that I've taken several times in the past. When the Nuvi directed me the wrong way down the nearby highway, I rejected its' routing in favor of the route I had taken in the past. The trip took me 1 hour 50 min. On the way home, I followed Nuvi's route and took 2 hours 10 min to get home. Nuvi had rejected an interstate highway that went in the general direction of my destination in favor of a state highway which went thru the middle of several cities complete with many stop lights. It also had me backtrack 15 miles in the wrong direction on the interstate to pick up the slower highway!...more info
  • It's OK, but...
    Well, this machine is impressive, the first time I turned it on I got a fix in less than 10 seconds! There are nevertheless some flaws:
    For instance, The Nuvi 670 shows a route from point A to point B, and then a totally different route from point B to point A.
    Many things are optionnal and expensive (for instance, the language dictionnaries).
    The translations are approximate... and very funny! For instance, "Powerline Dr." in spanish turns into something like "Poder linear Doctor", which had my family laughing for 10 minutes! I haven't tried french, but I am sure I'll get some nice surprises also.
    The manual is not very detailed, and I haven't been able to put a destination in the "favorites" folder before I get there... Strange.
    There is no way I can hear my iPod through the speakers of the Nuvi (the TomTom offers that feature, and by the way is about half the price!)
    I think I still have to use it more to get accustomed to it, and to be able to discover and take advantage of the tons of features.
    ...more info
  • Nuvi 670 delivers the directions
    After using the Nuvi 670 for a few months I will have to say that it is wonderful. This is the only driving GPS I've owned but I've used numerous built-in ones and rental car ones. There is much to like about it. The traffic option is good but quality varies by location. The map does appear to be just a bit behind when you're driving too.

    I have not had the opportunity to use it Europe, just in the US.

    Would I buy it again? YES!
    Here's a quick list of the Pros & Cons

    - Reception is very good and locks on quickly
    - FM traffic information is useful
    - Very easy to use

    - Street & merchant database is a little old in some areas
    - FM traffic information could be displayed a little better
    - Searches for some merchants never return
    - FM transmission audio quality is REALLY bad
    (Believe all the reviews, it's THAT bad!)...more info
  • Could easily be better
    This is a good piece of hardware (receiver, screen, interface) but Garmin could have added a some features to make it better for raw navigation.

    The Nuvi DOES NOT show:
    -Longitude or latitude,
    -Compass heading (in degrees not just N,S,E,W),

    This is data that is certainly available but Garmin has decided it's not worth their time to provide it. It could easily be added as its own menu item and would make the device that much more useful for backpackers, mariners, bikers, hikers, etc. As it stands it's pretty much useless for anything other than driving.

    If they got serious about it (and remember this is JUST SOFTWARE) they could allow you to set a heading with the touch screen, display topographical information, average speed along a given route, deviation form shortest route, etc. - and of course keep all the features it has now. A week for a good programmer - tops. C'mon Garmin, you can only gain customers by doing this.

    Other problem: The Nuvi 670 I have froze up about once every two hours on the road requiring a power down and re-boot....more info
  • Really Like This Device
    This is a remarkable GPS, portable, easy to use, and surprisingly accurate.

    There's a lot to like about this unit. The MP3 player is outstanding. It plays well enough through the built in speakers, but when coupled with the FM traffic antenna and a car radio, the sound is superb. Absolutely no static, no interference, unlike add on FM transmitters for iPOD's. If I really want to listen to music, the audible directions can be disabled.

    The number of languages and voices is amazing. Arriving in France with a US voice, pronunciation of street names was hilarious. Switching to French solved that problem. I liked the ability to have english words and directions on the screen, but French spoken. So the unit would read, "take the second exit in the roundabout", but the audio would be "prend le deuxiem sortie au rond point." The spoken word gave up once in a while in Sweden, instead of really messing up a street name, the voice would spell the name. This only happened twice during travel in Italy, France and Sweden.

    Ease of use, the unit does take some getting used to. Some of the settings aren't exactly obvious. And it took a bit of time to figure some things out. I really disagree with the comment in another review about changing the settings for Car, Bicycle, Pedestrian, off Road, etc. That is down right simple to change. Three presses and you are there. I frankly would hate what the Tom Tom does, ask me every time how I want to get there. You usually set this once and then never set it again.

    Map detail is phenomenal. I was on a shuttle bus INSIDE Charles DeGaulle airport, taking me from my plane to the terminal. I turned on the unit and the "alley way" we were on inside the airport was listed. The entry doors were even on the map. Frankly, I've never seen a paper map with that much detail. The unit had sidewalks in a small southern suburb of Paris. The address of a friend in Sweden, where the development is two years old, was on the map. Walkways in Genoa Italy near my hotel were listed. I never saw a single street or alley anywhere I travelled in Europe that was not listed.

    Direction accuracy. The Nuvi 670 never took me a wrong direction while travelling in and around Genoa, Italy; suburbs of Paris; and Stockholm, Sweden. Chicago area is a major piece of cake. Whenever I misunderstood a direction (more on that in a minute), the device simply recalculated the route. I've used so many other systems that make you feel awful about deviating from a route - Hertz neverlost is the absolute worst. Almost all of them tell you to make a U-Turn. I never heard that statement once out of this device. I made some pretty foolish errors, all my fault, and the device simply got me back on track. Stockholm was very challenging, not for the device, but for humans. There are many bridges and multilayered areas in that city. Twice I made the exact same mistake, taking a right exit instead of just staying to the right. When you see the paper map of this area, it's almost impossible to not make this mistake. Tunnels, multiple ramps, and bridges all in the same area did confound my ability to navigate.

    The traffic warning system is very odd at best. In the US, no problems with this unit. It's as good as the radio or internet traffic websites, they both use the same information. In Italy, there was no traffic information. In France the service exists, I understand it is free, but the service refused to work. Sweden isn't supposed to have a traffic information service (it wasn't listed on the Garmin website), but there it was in Stockholm in all it's glory, functioning beautifullly.

    The safety camera warning system is also strange. France seems to have a million of these. Fixed ones were pretty accurately warned. The system actually beeps if you exceed the published speed limit for that camera - say 90kph. The strange thing, the computer can't figure out which road you are on or which direction you are travelling. If you are on a highway and happen to cross a road that has a mobile warning, you will get say a 40kph warning on a 110kph speed limit road. Strange quirk in the software.

    There's really little I wish would change in this system. I can learn to live with most of it's shortcomings. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

    Is it worth this much money? Absolutely yes. In that equation I also compared the Nuvi 660 and the cost of adding European maps and the FM traffic antenna. I've tried so many times to learn how to use NeverLost, and about 10 different navigation systems in rental cars. This is so much easier and consistent. ...more info
  • Nuvi 670
    In general, it works well. However, I am having trouble with the BlueTooth link to my Motorola Razr cellphone. It works fine when
    I call out, but only answers properly about 50% of the time.
    When it malfunctions, I can not hear the person calling, but they
    can hear me. Also, it's not the easiest thing to figure out how
    to make it drop the Bluetooth connection. So when it is acting up,
    its hard to drive & drop the connection at the same time...

    If you don't want to attach it to the windshield, you can buy the
    dash top friction mount 010-10908-00. It has a ball mount which
    connects directly to the socket mount that comes with the Nuvi.
    So far it is working very well for me, does not move around on the
    dash, and it is easy to set on the floor when I park the car.

    ...more info
  • Not quite ready for Prime time
    I bought my Nuvi to take to Europe, which I did. The problems outweighed the joys by far. I was disappointed with the following. 1. Many streets in Rome, Florence and Paris (3 major European cities) were absent and not on the map. Also, many restaurants were not included in the section on Places to Eat. 2. Most of the time it took "forever" to contact the sattelite. I would stand in a Piazza waiting for up to 10 minutes for the transponder to connect with a sattelite so I could begin a search. 3. The batter was impractically short lived and could only be recharged in a car or in an electric socket. 4. I never knew which direction I was going in. There is no compass function which would tell me the way to my route.

    I think the major problem here was that I was always on foot when I used this GPS. Even though I set it to the pedestrian setting, it tried to take me on streets that were appropriate for vehical travel. For a walker, I found this to be a total bust and a waste of money. I returned it when I got back to the U.S. and Amazon gave me a refund. Bravo to Amazon but thumbs down to Garmin. They need to do better....more info
  • the Nuvi 670 pocket /Vehicle GPS
    This is the Best darn GPS on the market I tried the Garmin 3600 iQue and this is better by far. easy to use touch screen and it works like a charm. I also like the bluetooth hands free compatibility with my cell phone when I'm on the road.
    We plan a trip to Europe and this GPS has European Maps. I mark this GPS a 5 star buy...more info
  • Garmin N체vi 670
    The unit was bought for a holiday in Massachusetts in April 2007 and I'm glad I did. It made driving around so much easier.
    And it seemed like a better idea compared to buying a US map for my Garmin iQue 3600 (European version).

    Ease of use. You don't need to consult the manual much.

    The size of the display.

    The speaker is loud enough.

    USB interface to pc: with Windows XP the unit and the SD card in it are assigned drive letters and you can transfer pictures or mp3 files by "drag and drop". Lovely.

    You don't have to select a specific postcode/city when looking for an address. You can make do with streetname and number, and then search the lot. A friend of mine has a unit (different brand) that forces a postcode/city selection, it really bugs him and I see why.

    Bluetooth interface: Connected easily to my mobilephone (Motorola K1).

    FM transmitter: I think I like it even though you have to choose GPS or radio, you can't have both.
    It pauses the mp3-player when giving directions and it doesn't interrupt when you are on the phone (via Bluetooth, of course). Neat.

    TMC: I like it and the equipment for it is not bulky.

    Missing features
    Routes: I don't always agree on the suggested route. So give us routes or at least a few more via points (instead of just the one avaiable).
    An example, with the iQue 3600 you can make a route and have it suggest the best order.

    Track log: I miss the track log I have in my iQue 3600.

    I want current speed on the map display. Speeding fines are up, authorities are less lenient (at least in DK) and my speedometer is very inaccurate.
    It would be useful if you could customise the map display.

    Configurability, overall: There is not enough. You can't make the unit individual to suit your taste.

    Danish letters: You never know beforehand when a name or word is spelled correctly or the Danish letters have been substituted for the two-letter equivalent. Fix that, please, Garmin.

    Maps: Ran into problems around Logan Intl Airport, Boston, when I was pressed for time and later also in Denmark. (Tracklog might have helped a bit).
    I don't think that map updates coming out once a year is often enough.

    Gallery: "Slideshow" shows the pictures in the order you transferred them to the unit. You should have more choice here, e.g. order, size, date and random. Also, you should be able to control the interval between pictures.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 670
    I pick this one by the size of the screen and the fact that has the European map. We travel a lot and we go also to Europa so i'm hoping to use it there.
    Buying thru Amazon i did get a better price than thru other online stores....more info
  • Worth it
    I have used this now for several months. I have a Garmin quest that I am extremely happy with so most comparisons are made to that. In general I'd higly recommend the unit.

    1. Fast satellite acquisition
    2. Directions spot on
    3. Very intuitive interface
    4. Voice directions loud and clear (sometimes mispronounced but not a big deal)
    5. Big clear display
    6. Very compact for the amount of functionality it provides and the screen size. It will fit into jean pockets provided you don't have anything else in there. I wanted something with a large screen and if you don't need the additional functionality and looking for more portability go with the 3xx series. I wanted the extras since I'm planning europe trips so I'm fine with the extra girth.
    7. Bluetooth functionality works great with my slvr l7.
    8. It's good that they made their connectivity using mini USB rather than some proprietary plug.

    NOTE: I don't have any major cons with the devices but there are a fe minor annoyances:
    1. Speaker seems too soft to recieve calls over unless you have it mounted quite close, not sure if this is a function of the unit or the phone on the other end since directional instructions come through loud and clear. Also I haven't tried recieving through the FM transmitter
    2. Havn't played with it too much but I have a garmin quest and it's routing algorithms seem a little better than the nuvi. The nuvi tends to try and take side streets rather than use freeways even with all avoideances turned off. I'm hoping this is just a settings issue.
    3. Disabling the europe maps doesn't seem to affect stratup times too much.
    4. For the asking price would have been nice if they included some extras like the language dictionary, but I'm not sure what the margins are on these things.
    5. Would be nice if you could change the number diplay subsections to whatever you want. On my quest I can customize the number readouts to show things like total distance left, speed etc. Don't seem to be able to do this with this unit and this is an annoyance since it displays the time left which is often wrong and ultimately not that useful. Hoping that Garmin will release an update for this.

    Functions not used:
    1. FM Transmitter
    2. European maps
    3. Language dictionary
    ...more info
  • Used Nuvi 670 on Recent Trip to Europe
    I purchased the Nuvi 670 for use in both US and Europe, and just returned from a 2 week trip driving in Germany, Austria and Italy. The 670 worked as advertised - just turn it on and it found the satellites and our location and was ready to navigate. I used the included suction cup mount, wedged into a dash tray. No problem with satellite connection. Internal speaker was excellent. Maps were very detailed. The 670 found every small road we used, even the winding one lane paths in small towns. Pronounciation of street names was comical, but adequate, especially when coupled with the clear text line at the top of the screen that gave the name of approaching cross streets and the turn instructions in the lower right corner. We could not have navigated in some places without the Nuvi, as the street maps we purchased were not as detailed and were impossible to follow quickly enough. This is a superb product....more info
  • Navigating how to use the Garmin 670
    So many features can sometimes mean too complicated to use, but not with the Garmin 670. The CD of instructions was helpful and once you got the just of how things work you can easily figure out how to utlize all of the other features. I plan to go to europe in the fall so I can not comment on the europe map quality but I am sure it will be excellent.
    ...more info
  • Easy, fast and powerfull
    I have had other GPS before this one. This holds all the US and Europe maps, has an incredibly bright and big LCD display, is multilingual and extremley interactive and easy to use. I LOVE this one, and I will take it now to Germany with me....more info
  • Upgrade
    I'm probably considered the "soccer mom" referenced in a previous review. I bought the Garmin Nuvi 670, as an upgrade to our current TOMTOM 910. It's much easier to carry & attach to the windshield compared to the TOMTOM 910 - my Garmin Nuvi bluetooth was a one time connection (TOMTOM wants to reset often), and back to my original comment of being a soccer Mom, it's worth it's weight in gold when I don't have to rely on a 10 year old to give me directions to their house after practice!

    On the other hand, I frequently travel, state to state and occasionally international - I find when I get into a rental car, in an unfamiliar city, my portable navigation system is my best friend. It certainly doesn't hurt to do some "personal due diligence" prior to any trip - map out your locations, google & research addresses - and program them in prior to your trip (if they're not already listed in POI's) I would never plan my entire trip based solely on POI's programmed into my navigational system.

    The nuvi offers extras that have definitely come in handy - to say the least, having a currency exchange calculator built in to the unit has often been helpful (although it needs to be manually updated). I haven't tested the language dictionary/conversion - but what a neat feature if you need it. Calculator - good to have too.

    I'm just beginning to use the Nuvi to it's full potential, but have been very pleased w/ trips to Vancouver BC, Victoria, along w/ a great deal of the west coast to AZ... the real test will be in London this fall. Don't let the cost deter you, it's definitely worth it....more info
  • Good but needs more configuration options.
    From an ergonomics and hardware perspective, the Nuvi is clearly the class leader. It does cost too much and the simplicty of the interface greatly limits flexibility.

    Hardware. The Nuvi makes the TomTom and other units look downright bloated and clunky. The industrial design is not quite in the Apple league but is the best thing available at the moment. The SiRF chipset is far superior to those used in older GPS units (including some current Garmin StreetPilots). It locks signal quickly, the screen is bright, the voice to text is clear, etc.

    I have owned many GPS units of all makes and types. Thus, unlike many 1st time GPS owners, I am no longer mesmerized by the fact that GPS can find my street address. The Garmin, like many other brands does a very good job at getting you from point A to point B. Garmin's maps and algorithms do seem slightly better than some others but it will still send you on some routes that a local driver would not use. the fact that the 670 is preloaded with maps of both Europe and the USA is a great feature IF, and only if, you have a need for this.

    My biggest frustration with the Nuvi lineup is the limited configuration options. Garmin, in an effort to appeal to soccer Mom's, has really dumbed down the interface compared to years ago when you could configure just about everything including display of MGRS data. The Nuvi has even less flexibility than the StreetPilot series when it comes to configuration options.

    Like any brand of GPS, the Garmin will often recommend a route that is simply absurd. This is where the interface falls down because the only place to select from shortest time, shortest distance, etc., is in the system configuration menus. Magellan, for example, asks you every time if you want "shortest time", "shortest distance", "least use of freeways", "most use of freeways", etc. If Magellan suggests a goofy route you simply go back one screen and pick an alternative. This also provides a quick and easy way to compare various routing suggestions. To do so on the Nuvi you have to return all the way back to the system settings and even then you only have shortest time or shortest distance. I do understand that many folks want to keep it as simple as possible but I also think Garmin should include an "advanced settings" menu for those who want more. Yes, the StreetPilots are more configurable but they are dinosaurs from a hardware perspective.

    The TMC traffic service is a mixed bag. It is only useful in certain metropolitan areas. Likewise, the information is often not current. It is like listening to the traffic report telling you that Route XYZ is fine when you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on that very road. Quality of data really depends on the geographic area and the road itself. But yes, the way Garmin built the FM receiver into the power cord is a thing of engineering beauty.

    Bluetooth may or may not work for you. When I try to pair my Nokia 9300 the Nokia sees the Garmin but the Garmin never sees the Nokia. If this feature is important to you then do check the Garmin site to see if your phone is listed as a compatible unit.

    The graphics are good but nothing special. Again, about on par with everyone else.

    I have not tried using the Nuvi as an MP3 player. I already own an iPod.

    The big question becomes, is it worth the money? This is a tough call considering that some GPS units are now at the $200 mark. If you fly from city to city and want to take your GPS along then the Nuvi is a good choice. It is great to be in a strange city where you jump in a rental car, plug in an address, and away you go. If you want the basics or do not need the slim form factor there are much better deals from Magellan, TomTom, and even Garmin. The Nuvi is a better product but i do not think it is so much better that it justifies the huge price premium. I might feel differently if it had some amazing graphics engine or there were an "advanced configuration" menu that allowed me to tailor it to my own quirks and needs.

    I did buy the 670 for the size and the USA/Europe maps. For those specific needs it is the best in class. I do love the Nuvi hardware but I still prefer the software and configuration options on my 4 year old Magellan Roadmate.

    ...more info
  • AWSOME UNIT!!! Garmin 670
    I bought the unit as a replacement for a unit that was stolen. All I can say is that it's AWSOME. The menus are intuitive, the instruction are clear, the bluetooth works flawlessly, the traffic alerts are spot on and the GPS acquires super fast. This is by far the best unit out there. Yes, it's expensive, but it is worth the extra coin to have the european maps preloaded and all the extra cool features in the ultra-sleek package....more info
  • best gps device
    First time buyer of GPS device and I certainly do love how the capabilities of Garmin Nuvi 670, from giving directions to accurately pin point the exact locations that aren't even listed, as long as you know the exact address it'll get and give what it's capable of, i have experienced Garmin670 the first time i travel with the whole family by car going to florida, from home all the way to FL (Disneyland) never experienced a problem reading and following directions, compared my Garmin to people I work with their Tom Tom doesn't even do much what Garmin has. I never regret paying so much for a device. Delivery is a success also, I didn't wait for a long time to receive it....more info
  • Disappointed
    The good: Lots of bells and whistles; Bluetooth, mp3 player, custom points of interests.
    Nice options for pedestrian and bicycle mode. Although I am not sure it's waterproof
    enough if you get stuck in the rain.

    The bad: For what you get, Garmin could have done a better job. Driving on the freeways in
    southern california, don't expect to hear the navigated directions with the window down.
    Same goes for trying to use the bluetooth in making phone calls. That's even with the
    volume cranked all the way up. I can hear the radio just fine with the windows rolled down.

    Although it's a nice thought of adding custom POI's, such as for safety cameras out here.
    The directions almost require you to have a technical degree, to upload them.

    Garmin if you are reading this, make it easy on the novice and test your products better.
    If someoone wants to add a custom POI, make it easy by having an icon that will automatically
    log the location you are at as a custom POI.

    Also do a better job of testing the products for volume controls with the windows up and down
    in various traffic areas, conjested or not....more info
  • Great device, but POI database totally inaccurate
    Man, what a disappointment! The Nuvi 660/670 is a beautiful device - a sleek design with an excellent screen, and great position accuracy. Since this is our second Garmin (we currently own a Quest), we were mainly interested in a GPS device with an up to date US & European point of interest (POI) database. The Nuvi 670 seemed to fit the bill perfectly given its large POI database.

    But this is exactly where the device failed. We tried more than 25 POIs in Atlanta, GA where we're currently based. The 670 was unable to successfully guide us to a single POI correctly. We tried various well known shops that have been around for at least 5 years, e.g. Publix, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart (including a Wal-Mart Superstore that has been around for 10 years), Target, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Either it did not know that the shop existed, or it guided us to a non-existent shop. The same applied to fuel stations.

    If we provided it with an address it worked like a dream and the accuracy was great. But the POI database proved to be totally useless. Fortunately Amazon's after sale support is brilliant and they allowed us to return the Nuvi 670.

    Oh yes, Garmin has no after hour support...

    ...more info
  • nuvi 670
    The nuvi 670 is my third Garmin GPS. The first one was Street Pilot II, very hard to use. The second one was C330, very easy to use. I also have built-in GPS in two of my cars too. The new Garmins are all very easy to use. I bought the 670 for traveling in north America and Europe. Also bought the bean bag, what a waste! Within the first two miles I tried, it just flew off the dash board in a straight acceleration at a traffic light. I am sticking with the suction cup.

    A couple interesting things: A street near where I live was built about three years ago and it wasn't in the nuvi still. I tried to look up some hotels and attractions in Venice, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland but the nuvi didn't even list the two citis (read on). I e-mailed Garmin tech support and was told I have to be near the cities to be able to find the POIs. What a bunch of BS. It worked when I searched POIs in Zurich, why not Geneva and Venice? Later I found out by myself that, if the spelling of an European city in its native language is not the same as its English spelling, the nuvi may not list it after you enter the city name in its English spelling. You need to enter the native spelling. For example, I entered "Geneva", it listed a bunch of Genevas in the U.S., but not THE Geneva in Switzerland, same thing with Venice. I found out the Geneva is Geneve and Venice is Venezia in native language. Once I typed Geneve and Venezia, it worked!

    I guess you need to play with it a bit to learn the tricks but all in all it's a nice device....more info
  • Good, but with some surprising old Garmin faults
    I bought this to replace a Tomtom Navigator 5 system running on a Dell x51v with the external Tomtom Bluetooth receiver. The major issues with that were a terrible lack of POIs, terrible time and distance predictions, poor routing, no control of the map view and the receiver shutting off despite being on external power.

    First thing I noticed on opening the box is that the mains charger comes with adapters for all the countries I regularly visit, so I clicked the US two pin adapter in place, plugged it in then plugged the lead into the 670. It came on immediately and said it was loading maps. A few seconds later it showed a map. It was already locked on! That's a huge advance from the old days when it took at least 4 minutes for my GPSIII+ to find the satellites. I am in the middle of the top floor of a large open plan building, the position shown was accurate.

    Without looking at the manual I got rid of the touch beep, bound it to my bluetooth phone, set the timezone and voice and set it up to navigate to a restaurant for lunch. All in under 15 minutes with time out for work.

    In the car I mounted the unit to the windshield and plugged in the power conenction, it immediately lit up green to show it was connected to the traffic system. I was expecting to have to register and sign up for a service agreement, instead it came up and showed it was already enabled with 3 months to run. A few minutes later I looked at the traffic detail map and saw it already showed the local problem areas. Very cool.

    Apparently the 2.60+ firmware handles 4Gb SD cards so I ordered one and look forward to trying the MP3 player. (I have used three different 4Gb cards since I wrote this and they all work perfectly.)

    I tested the POI list by looking for gas stations and particular stores in the area, it had everything I knew of and more, so I am very hopeful at this stage.

    I'm looking forward to trying the hands free too, all we did so far is dial another cell phone in the car and laugh about the echo we got. Sound quality and volume seemed good. I'm going for a 1500 mile road trip to Utah this weekend, so I'll update after that.

    1685 miles later...

    Garmin certainly has accurate maps for CA, NV and UT, they seemed very up to date. The option to "avoid dirt roads" was especially welcome and saved me some nasty miles that the direct route would have taken on unpaved roads. Routing was mostly good, but could do with some more skepticism on the choice of rural state roads. I was happy to take route 88 into the Sierras from the bay area because I was on a road trip, but I80 is probably 50% faster.

    The one significant bug is a holdover from previous Garmin products like the GPS V, it is also an issue it shares with Tomtom. While heading down an interstate, let's take I880 from Oakland to Fremont as an example, with many miles of straight ahead to go, the 670 will direct you off at a ramp, it likes to take the I238 ramp towards Livermore, and then immediately back on. This is amusing to a local, but it could be very confusing to a visitor. It did the same to me in 395 south through Reno last night, that did confuse me. This is a bug that should have been eradicated years ago.

    Another issue with the GPS V is still present in the 670. When recalculating the map display is suspended, so right when you need to see what's going on you have a useless map. When routing resumes it gives the verbal instructions before repainting the map. Not good. In contrast the Tomtom always recalculates silently and just flashes up the new route. The Tomtom never leaves you with a dead screen. I don't like to be told every time the route is recalculated, when I go the wrong way, for whatever reason, there's no brownie points to be gained telling me off. At the very least there should be the option to disable this 'feature'.

    POI selection is absolutely outstanding, at least compared to other things I have used. It makes the Tomtom implementation look like amateur night. You can select the POI by type, gas stations, shops and restaurants are my favorites, then either go straight to the list of hit SPELL and type in part of the name. It will match on any part of the name, so you can include partial names, even partial words, and it will still show the matches. Once you have your list you can select by address, direction and distance, or see the POI on a map. The direction changes from compass direction when stationary to relative direction when moving, so you don't have to waste your time looking at gas stations you passed twenty miles ago.

    I did have one POI which can obviously never have been true, the Shell station near Lohi, UT has obviously always been a house. But mostly the POIs are very accurate.

    It is disappointing that you can no longer select different on-screen data, I liked that with the old units and miss it. That's a big step backwards. I want to know time-to-next, time-to-go, course, altitude and other things that used to be offered.

    There is a weird issue with map detail and zoom level, small roads appear and disappear as you zoom in and out. Let's be clear, a small road that is visible on a small scale (big area) disappears as you zoom in and then only reappears at some of the highest scales (most detailed) when you can't see any context, or even if it's actually the same road.

    In general though, the automatic map scaling is very good, the 3-D view shifts to a track up view as it zooms out, this addresses my major gripe with Tomtom in that it allows you to keep your route in context and see how you are getting on in the big picture. As the view zooms in it adds a lot of street detail, much much better than Tomtom.

    The time to destination predictions remain excellent. Outstanding. It was within minutes on the driving time over a distance of hundreds of miles on each occasion. Tomtom is often pessimistic by 50%, totally inadequate for planning purposes.

    Is it worth it? Is it as good as it should be? For me, no and no. For $850 I can get a decent laptop, that's a lot more hardware, so that's not where the money went. They are still not addressing their software issues, they have faulty algorithms that have been unmodified for years and inherited from old products. As a software engineer I am disappointed but not surprised. Near work it will still sometimes tell me to take three right turns instead of an entirely legal left.

    But it is very good. Garmin's mechanical people have done a great job, this is obviously a class device. But the software and systems people aren't as good.

    Overall? If I could edit the rating I'd drop at a point or two now. But I still haven't seen better. At these prices it's not like there are many people who are willing to try them all.

    Contrasting my own companies attitude to software errors (we are one of the biggest suppliers in the cell phone, commercial radio, wireless networking and many other fields), we would not allow even a mildly irritating bug to remain in one of our products for years. So I am wondering if I should return this on principal. I'll try support first, in the past that didn't achieve much.

    8,000 miles later

    Yes, I do a lot of miles.

    Lasting impressions: I almost always have the voice prompt switched off, the guidance is repeated too often on high speed roads and I hate to hear it continuously telling me that it is recalculating when I don't agree with the way it told me to go.

    There have been too many instances of ridiculous routing, you need to zoom out and see of the route looks sensible. Most do. A good example of a bad one was in Yellowstone National Park, I was in Canyon Village and wanted to return to my hotel in West Yellowstone, about a 35 mile trip fairly well due west. The first part went OK but then I was directed north 60 miles on US89, 30 miles west on I90 then 60 miles south on US191. I ignored the advice and the continuous u-turn instructions and recalculation. As I arrived at the Wyoming/Montana border, about three miles down a straight road from my hotel, the Nuvi crashed. Screen controls didn't work. When I swiched it off and on again it discovered there was a three mile route to the hotel instead of the previous 170+ mile suggestion. Strange.

    The traffic information has been a mixed blessing too. As traffic builds in the morning and evening rush hours it seems to be added in realtime, but it doesn't seem to be purged out when it is no longer present. So if I go in to work late at 10am the roads are running at the speed limit but the traffic information on the Nuvi still says they are at a crawl. On Friday night I went to dinner after work, when I left at 11pm the roads were quiet and most people were doing 15mph over the limit, but the Nuvi told me that I880 was jammed solid with a 30 minute delay for the next few miles. That had probably been true six hours earlier, but not in the last four. This isn't a fault with the unit, it's a fault with the traffic service, when switched on the unit gave the correct route. Bad traffic information also gives unreasonably pessimistic ETA estimates.

    Would I buy it knowing what I do now? Still yes. I still think Garmin are the best of the current offerings, they just need to fix a few things and beat up their traffic information provider.

    Does it work with SDHC Cards? Yes it does. I have tried the Transcend 4Gb card, which I use for music and audio books, and a SanDisk 4Gb card which came straight out of my Canon SD1000 and in to the Nuvi. A couple of seconds later it was showing a slide show of the pictures I took recently, so it can handle 2Mb jpeg files too.

    Long term traffic issues: the traffic information is mostly for entertainment, the service quality is minimal, so you might get informed within half an hour of an incident, but they then might leave that on for another couple of hours. So by the time you multiply that by a few hundred incidents and road sensors it leaves you with a very unreliable picture of the world. It also misses some of the major daily bottlenecks, in the SF Bay Area good examples would be where south I880 narrows at Mission, and north I880 at Alvarado Niles, both places slow every day and can cost you 10 minutes and aren't reported reliably unless they spread out of their usual mile of clogged road. But again, this is the fault of the service, not the unit, but Garmin pays the fee and needs to lean on their information providers....more info
  • Nice GPS Personal Travel Assistanant
    I used this Garmin Nuvi 670 just for a short time but I do like the features it has and just for the few times I used it I like it allot.
    I tried the navigation, the hands free bluetooth technology and the FM transmit. in my area the traffice control does not provide service at the momement so i can not tell much about that....more info
  • My Second Garmin
    For about ten years I had been using a Garmin 12 Map for my travels. It worked quite well and still functions as if new. I was quite curious to discover the differences that one decade would make in a navigational system. To claim here that the changes are astonishing would be both accurate and vastly understated. The Nuvi 670 includes a variable FM transmitter that permits the audio to run through a car or home stereo on any vacant FM frequency (although there are few such frequencies any more). The Nuvi also includes VERY detailed maps of the USA, Canada, all of Western Europe and some of Eastern Europe. It has a superb MP3 player, a photo storage capability and a useful talking book player.

    At 6.2 ounces it feels light and portable, even in a shirt pocket (where it fits easily). The screen is clear, bright and functions well on its internal (Lithium Ion) battery, via an (included) AC adapter or the 12/24 Volt car-charger (also included) that simultaneously serves as a traffic info antennae that will also run through the car's FM radio. The tiny built-in speaker provides good quality sound and volume, so the FM radio is not necessary (if there are no vacant frequencies or you are outside of a car/home).

    The car charger only connects to the Nuvi via the suction cup adapter (for windshield mounting) so a user needs to carry the mounting system on trips to be able to use the car charger. As with all portable GPS receivers, mounting is an issue because the windshield suction cup obscures some visibility, and leaving on the dash (even with an optional "bean bag" mount) makes the unit subject to sliding or falling during sharp turns or sudden stops. However, because reception is VASTLY improved (over my 12 Map Garmin), satellite signals can easily be recceived anywhere inside the car, so I am now placing the unit on the center console where it works just fine.

    I recently purchased a new car and decided NOT to include the factory GPS because it was far more expensive than the Garmin (MSRP $2,500), less functional and not portable. I am convinced that was the prudent choice, and when I eventually sell this new car, I get to keep the GPS.

    I do plan to take the Nuvi to Europe this fall. The map coverage there seems as complete as that in the USA.

    Clearly I am quite pleased with my second Garmin. The company has earned my loyalty AND the record profits Garmin has earned from being such a leader in a complex field....more info
  • Nuvi Review
    I am extremely satisfied with this GPS. This is the only one I have used, but it is very easy to use, and has lots of useful extra features. I only speak English and live in Germany, and having a European GPS is invaluable. It also features pedestrian and bike modes, which are very useful in Europe. The built in FM modulator makes for easier listening in the vehicle, and the built in MP3 player allows for music listening while the stereo is tuned for the FM modulator.

    The only downside is the battery charge only lasted for about three hours while walking around downtown, and the unit was mostly on standby in my pocket.

    ...more info
  • The best purchase I have made in years!!!!
    It's been years since I have been so happy with a purchase. This product is amazing. My mistake was not buying this when it first came out. I was on the fence about buying this and if you are simply considering it, buy it and try it out for a month, you will not return it, it's just too good. The only difference from the 670 and 660 is the europe maps. The incorporated traffic is worth every cent of the whole product if you live in a traffic area. Buy it now....more info
  • My First GPS Navigator
    I picked Garmin because their web site gave better info on their products than other manufacturers. The size and shape of the Nuvi sold me over their PDA-based products. This 670 has a larger screen than the 370 and has the pre-loaded European maps which the 660 model lacks.

    The unit has worked properly right out of the box and even acquired the GPS signals inside our house.

    The maps display clearly in both 3D and 2D views, with detail appropriate to the level of zoom, which can vary from tens of meters out to showing the whole continent. Mounting the unit in the center of the windshield just under the mirror reduces the obstruction and places it where one is already used to looking. As expected, full sunshine compromises visibility even with backlighting set to 100%. At night, reducing the backlighting to 50% still gives a brighter image than the car's instruments.

    The pre-loaded maps include some fairly out-of-the-way restaurants and hotels that I've visited before. Searches for points of interest can start from other locations, so you can get directions to an out-of-town location that you haven't already visited and saved.

    Calculation of routes works well with the caveat that the the unit can't know that I prefer to use a scenic route or to turn onto busy main streets at a light.

    You can select from several voices. I first picked a classy British lady to read directions, and was quite happy with the result. However, her pronunciation of street names once we got to Quebec make me laugh. Picking the French voice cleared that up, but now I can't wait to hear what that one will do to English place names.

    I've had no use yet for the Bluetooth and FM TMC traffic features. Ditto the so-called "must have" features such as MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, currency and unit converters, and extra-cost SD cards. However, I do find the world clock feature, displaying up to five time-zones, useful. The MP3 player is just that; CDs ripped in .wma format won't play.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase. I rationalize the expense (maps only cost a few dollars) by noting that, although I can plot out a route on a map, a few minutes into the trip, I'll have forgotten the directions. Write them on paper? What, and miss all this fun?
    ...more info