Biometric USB Flash Drives
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Product Description

The Kanguru Bio Slider II is an encrypted USB 2.0 secure flash drive utilizing biometric fingerprint recognition technology. The drive offers a low maintenance, effortless approach to protecting and storing your portable data. Rather than trying to remember passwords in order to keep your information secure, the Kanguru Bio Slider II uses a biometric sensor that will recognize your fingerprint or thumbprint. Only after an authorized fingerprint is confirmed can a user access their confidential information. And since your fingerprint or thumbprint is the password, it can never be stolen, forged, or forgotten!The Kanguru Bio Slider II, although sophisticated in design and technology, is very easy to use. During set-up, the user is shown that the sensor is reading and recording the fingerprint until the print is fully captured. To begin using the slider, simply insert the drive into an available USB port and slide or swipe a finger across the sensor square on the drive. Without the correct fingerprint, the drive is locked and only accessible after an exact matchof a registered print is authenticated. As an added benefit, all saved fingerprints, as well as the security program itself are stored directly on the drive. This allows for ultimate portability and convenience, as you can take the Kanguru Bio Slider II to any PC without having to install anything to use it!

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