Q-See QDVR4MD 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder w/Motion Detection & USB 2.0 Port
List Price: $279.99

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Product Description

This is a Digital Video Recorder that will record video input from the Security Camera/CCTV connected to this Unit. It will provide rock-solid, easy-to-use performance, which makes it ideal for multi-camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial and individual applications. With up to 4 cameras connected and connect to TV or LCD flat Screen, you can monitor 4 locations at a time and record them into the HDD.

  • Record at 30 FPS (Total) / Display at 120 FPS
  • Motion and Alarm Detection
  • Time Schedule Recording
  • Color Quad Mode
  • USB 2.0 Connection for Backup
Customer Reviews:
  • works but difficult to review footage
    i was able to quickly set up the unit a wireless camera. one note if using motion detection, wireless cameras will inherently produce static glitches every now and then, and cause it to trigger recordings.
    my issue with this unit was with reviewing the recordings. as others have mentioned the controls are difficult and i could only scroll through about dozen of the latest recorded clips. (you would have to specify a date and time to veiw older recordings). fastest forward scan is about 60x and rewind jumps back alot so it's hard to review the footage. no problem i thought since i can transfer footage via USB and review it on the computer, however watching on their player software isn't any better and the files are propietory format. you can convert it to AVI through the software but in realtime! it plays while it rerecords it to the AVI format.
    i like to know what has been going on while i was away so the process of reviewing the footage is important to me....more info
  • No Hard Drive
    I agree with the previous reviewer. It is implied that the hard drive is included but it is'nt. The problem of no single frame advace is also true. The interesting thing is I own an identical unit sold by Sams Club which comes with a 80gb hard drive and has single frame advance. The price is $278.00. I tried to save $70.00 but you get what you pay for. The Sams Club unit is sold under the name "piczel"...more info
  • Works good, save money, but no hard drive, read on!
    When I bought this DVR the description on Amazon wasn't clear as to whether it came with a hard drive. But I thought for the price even I have to buy the hard drive separately it would save me a couple of hundred bucks. So I can now say there's no hard drive but you can buy a large one cheep and it's easy to install. This DVR has a lot of valuable features in it's menu system. It allows you to connect various kinds of alarm triggers, it has a menu option to divide each camera view (by view I mean cameras 1 thru 4) into a grid of small squares that allows you to turn each square on or off so that you can control what areas of the screen the DVR monitors for movement. You can set it up so if any movement is detected within any of these squares on the screen the DVR will start recording for what ever length of time you choose. By setting it up this way you don't have to have the DVR continuously recording thus allowing for much shorter reviewing time if you want to check if there was any unwanted activity on your property.

    Here's the one gripe I have with this DVR. There's no slow motion control. It's ether Play, FF, or fast Rev. This makes it hard to catch something that streaks across the screen. If you set it up like I have so that the DVR only records for 5 seconds when something triggers it and doesn't continue to trigger it, (like when something runs past the camera) you keep going back and forth trying to stop the motion at just the right spot to see what it was that triggered the DVR. Fast Rev jumps back in time several minutes no matter how fast you are at hitting the play button and if hit the stop button it returns to the very end of the recording and you've completely lost your place. If you start watching it several minutes before the event you trying to see, the point that the DVR was triggered to record is right at the very beginning and you would have to be lucky enough to stop it just past the previous event. I haven't tried the software that came with the DVR that allows you to transfer the video to your computer. The owners manual says the software has a player that has frame by frame search, but that's kind of a pain to have to transfer the video to your computer each time you want to view what usually turns out to be the neighbors cat or dog that raced by.

    Another thing I thought I should mention is don't buy any of the 2.4 ghz wireless cameras if you live in the city. There's to much interference from all the other devices that run at that frequency. Also don't buy a camera with less then 480 lines of resolution if you want to get a good still shot to show the police....more info