Universal Door Shield Set 2-3/8" Backset
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Product Description

The Universal Door Shield comes as a two piece set that is made fit doors with non-standard lock spacing and with locks backset 2-3/8" from the edge of the door. This piece is an integeral part of the Door Jamb Armor System. If you use the other components without this piece, your door will split. However, this piece is relatively useless without the rest of the Door Jamb Armor system because your jamb will almost always be the first thing to break if your door is kicked. Do not buy this piece seperately unless you are using it to cover up cosmetic damage.

  • Universal Door Shield Set (2-Piece-Set) is designed to fit doors with non-standard lock spacing and 2-3/8" backset.
  • Like all Door Jamb Armor components, the Door Shield comes with durable powder coating, which looks great and can be painted to match your application.
  • Universal Door Shields are designed to fit doors that are 1-3/4" thick and have lock spacing that is greater than 5.0" apart. If you are not sure of your lock spacing, you should consider this piece.