Crosley CR248 Songwriter CD Recorder - Oak
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Songwriter CD Recorder - Oak Are your albums sitting idly in a dark, dusty corner somewhere? Can't bear to live without them, yet can't seem to find the time to fire up the record player these days? What are your options you ask? Well, have we got a solution for you - The Crosley Songwriter CD Burner. You can now simply take your old vinyls and convert them to CD in minutes with just a few simple steps. The Songwriter CD Burner allows those old vinyls to be recorded in a digital audio format for high quality sound on a smaller, more modern compact disc. The Songwriter also allows you to record from cassette to CD. However, if you still want to enjoy your albums old style, then Crosley's Songwriter offers a 3 speed turntable for your listening enjoyment. Preserve your entire music collection with the Songwriter.

  • CD Player/Recorder Records Albums and Cassettes to CD
  • 3 Speed Belt Driven Turntable Plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM Records
  • Digital AM/FM Radio with LCD Display
  • Side Mounted Cassette Deck
  • Auxiliary Input, Auxiliary Output, Video Output
Customer Reviews:
  • Crosley CR248
    I purchased the Crosley CR248 Songwriter CD Recorder to transfer a large number of tapes and records to CDs. It works just as described. I am very happy with its performance. While my experience with it is still limited, I would certainly recommend it to anyone having needs similar to mine....more info
  • 1st one delivered was defective, nervous about ordering another
    I ordered this for my Dad for Fathers Day and it was delivered fast! He has one of the other Crosley players but it does not record to CD which he really wanted. Recently the cd player door will not stay closed on his original Crosley ( he has only had it a couple years and it was not cheap either!)... anyway so I figured I would order him this one to replace it with. It was delivered 2 days before Fathers Day and I was real happy about that. He was very excited and tried to set it up and the display does not work. He tried for a couple of hours working with it and the screen would come on but would not show any of the functions. Well he is very disappointed and so am I. I have scheduled a UPS pick up and decided on a refund instead of an exchange because I want to make sure my refund goes through ok first before I reorder. I have never returned anything to Amazon before so I hope it will be a smooth process. After reading some of these reviews I am really nervous about reordering ..... but I know he really wants one, so I guess I will....more info
  • Just What We Wanted
    Does a great job of converting vinyl to CD - the sound reproduction is excellent. The CD created sounds just like the original. The ability to play and convert records of all speeds is wonderful as we have an extensive collection going back to the 40s. Easy to use too....more info
  • A Must-Have!
    What a wonderful product to preserve those timeless, precious memories captured on tapes and records. I'm so glad I bought it; I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner!! It's a must-have....more info
  • Records and cassettes to CD Review
    I would rate this very high and it has been great so far but haven't used the recordings for every song on an album as this feature wasn't so easy to use as you have to stop and start every time for each song so we just recorded whole albums at a time and just jump to each side when playing back instead of each song. But it has recorded about 120 so far without a hitch and very easy to use. Lots easier than computer recording......more info
  • James Tapscott-CRosely Songwriter
    The one problem I have is that I cannot pickup a clear AM & no FM station with or without the antennas. I am very disappointed about that. I have a similar unit that is not a recorder and I get clear AM/FM stations. Any suggestions??...more info
  • Waste of Money
    The Cr248Songwriter CD Recorder is without a doubt the biggest lemon of it's time overpriced. Inferior Radio speakers weak and cheap. Top everything off with no customer service from manufacturer. Made my Christmas very unhappy. Cd door will not open;. Recorded 8 cassettes to Cd then it quit working. For a company that has been around as long as Crosley they ought to be ashamed of there craftmanship....more info
  • Cassette Recorder
    So far everything has been just fine except the inability to finalise a couple of discs. The print on the front of the unit is very difficult to read....more info
  • almost.........
    This is a great idea for all of us with vinyl and tape to convert to CD. It worked great for about 6 cds then became very inconsistant. Only half of the display was visible. Shortly it stopped playing any cd. Can't recommend it....more info
  • Sensational Songwriter
    Excellent product and just what I was looking for. I love it! Now I can get all my old cassette tapes and 78 rpm records onto CDs....more info
  • Dont buy it
    I just received by Crosley songwritter and after opening it I feel it is not worth the price they ask. The tape button are hard to work,the function buttons are very hard to read and it sounds like a thrashing machine when it is in pause mode to space between songs while recording to CD.Very dispointed in this product....more info
  • It works for me :)
    I do think the other reviews were very accurate re: sound quality, etc. For me, it works to get my cassettes on cds. I also am able to get my records on cd too. It's fairly simple. I do love the appearance of it too. ...more info
  • Good as new.
    I purchased one of these mechines for the express reason to re-record LP's and cassettes to CD foremat. I have a large collection and I do not
    want to lose it. There has been no problem with this mechine. The sound is exactly like the source being recorded. I have recorded more than 50,
    LP's or cassettes. I even recorded a few 78's. You can't buy a Christmas, CD recording by Gene Autry. ...more info
  • Crosley CR248 Songwriter CD Recorder - Oak
    Beautiful piece of history. Not reall good if you wish to copy cassette to cd's. ...more info