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Summer Infant 02400 Extra Camera for 02090 Handheld Color Video Monitor This Summer Infant 02400 Extra Camera and A/C Adapter is for use with the Summer Infant 02090 Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor.

  • Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
  • Top Quality Children's Item.
Customer Reviews:
  • Trouble with interference
    We have the full camera/video set this camera is supposed to work with - gave us tremendous interference when we tried to use it with the existing system it states it is compatable with...we could not use both the A and B channels on the monitor...only one channel would come in clear..and the other would sometimes work, but mostly not ....we ended up returning it to purchase a different set for our second baby...a 2.4 GHZ system so as not interfere with our existing 900 mgz system ....more info
  • Great when it works
    When it works, the 2nd camera is great, but its reception is inconsistent.
    I Bought the second camera to monitor our twins with the same parent unit. We put this on channel B and the original camera on channel A. Like a prior reviewer said, the original does have slightly better color quality, but the 2nd camera is pretty good too so the difference is not enough to prevent buying the 2nd camera.
    However, while the reception on the original camera is great anywhere in the house, we get spotty reception on the 2nd camera depending on where the parent's unit (handheld monitor) is. I'd say we get it only 40% of the time walking around the house. Luckily, it works where we need it most (by my bed) so I'm relatively happy with the second camera. ...more info
  • Good item with a little glitch
    I bought this extra camera for my daughter's new room when I was expecting my second child since I hadn't had any problems with the first monitor. Aside from a little static on the B channel I was happy with the results. Yes I do get static in certain areas but I just move the monitor around a little and it does the trick. The peace of mind of seeing the two rooms with one flick of a switch outweighs the static....more info
  • Outstanding quality!
    This extra camera for Summer Infant handheld monitor is as outstanding as its original camera and monitor set. Both picture and sound is great day or night. I haven't found better product with 2 cameras. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that Channel B doesn't have as good frequency in my house as Channel A. That goes for the original camera as well as the extra. But with some effort, once a good spot is found, Channel B works well....more info
  • Great addition
    The additional camera is a great addition. It allows us to monitor our 15 month old in her room and our newborn in our room. My only complaint is the interference when the monitor is near any other kind of wireless device. Other than that we are so happy we didn't have to go out and buy an entirely new monitor set. It was as easy as plugging in the second camera!...more info
  • disappointed
    Since we have installed this extra camera in my second child's room we find that the original camera doesn't work as well. Both cameras are very staticy and completely black out from time to time. When the camera seems to be acting up it automatically switches back to the orignal camera, which is annoying when I am trying to look in on room 2. For the money, we spent about $250.00 for the orignial and extra camera. Next time I would just by 2 of the less expensive 100.00 cameras for each room....more info
  • perfect
    This is perfect for giving little one's some space of their own. I have 1 on crib and the other covers the rest of the room so she can play by herself with out me being ontop of her and I can still make sure shes safe and not getting in to trouble....more info
  • Excellent chocie to keep an eye on your baby
    I love this product. It work perfect, even in the dark. It is great to keep an eye on your baby when he is sleeping or playing in the crib.
    It is the best choice !...more info