Wireless Protection 2007 (3 User)
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Product Description

Wireless Protection 2007 (3 User) MULTI-USER VERSION - LICENSED FOR UP TO 3 USERS. Wi-Fi? is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to simple networking. Research indicates that more than 60 percent of wireless networks are unprotected, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft and the loss of irreplaceable files. McAfee? Wireless Protection eliminates that vulnerability, closing the security gap that anti-virus and firewall programs can't address. Licensed for up to 3 users, McAfee Wireless Protection blocks hackers from attacking your Wi-Fi network and encrypts your personal information. You get industry standard, automatic protection against data theft, unauthorized network access and broadband "freeloading" through an easy and intuitive one-click interface. What's more, strong, rotating encryption keys thwart even the most determined intruders, giving you peace of mind that unauthorized people cannot access your network. McAfee? Wireless Protection eliminates networking hassles and wireless security risks. McAfee Wireless Protection also includes McAfee? EasyNetwork which makes sharing files and printers across your network easy. It also comes with McAfee? Network Manager which monitors PCs across your network for security weaknesses and makes it easy to fix potential security issues. Product Benefits Blocks hackers from attacking and connecting to your wireless network, eavesdropping on your transactions or stealing your perso