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Anonymizer? Anonymous Surfing™ The Internet has become a fountain of information that most people use on a daily basis for entertainment, education, work and play. Unfortunately, the convenience of the World Wide Web also comes with hidden dangers. Online crimes are on the rise and are constantly evolving technologically. Anonymous Surfing protects your privacy and secures your identity by staying one step ahead of these online predators. With Anonymous Surfing, you can enjoy: • Safe Online Shopping • Secure Internet Banking • Easy One-Click Protection • Wireless PC Security • Improved PC Performance Anonymous Surfing hides your IP address so online snoops are unable to track the sites you visit and build profiles on your Internet activities. By redirecting your Web traffic through our secure servers, your online identity is protected. Our servers are armed with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, similar to that of your bank. So you can rest easy knowing that Anonymizer has you and your family covered. Additionally, Anonymous Surfing also protects you from inadvertently visiting Web sites that are known to be phishing, pharming or spyware sites. If you unknowingly visit one of these sites, a warning page will be displayed to notify you of the hidden dangers that are lurking ahead. Phishing threats lure unsuspecting e-mail recipients into clicking a link in an e-mail that looks like it's from their bank to