Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame
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Product Description

Kodak EASYSHARE SV811 Digital Picture Frame is perfect for on-the-spot viewing of digital pictures and videos from any digital camera, home PC via USB and all memory cards.

  • 8-inch viewable LCD display
  • Play back videos and MP3s; built-in speakers
  • On-screen viewing and editing features
  • 128 MB internal memory; compatible with SD, MMC, Memory Stick, xD, CF and MD cards
  • Convenient remote control included
Customer Reviews:
  • Kodak Delivers on this Frame
    I purchased this frame because I read it had better resolution than others that were cheaper. I am very impressed--it delivers. It also has very easy photo transfers and offers an array of options that are useful. The cons (and they are minimal) are that the arm that holds the frame upright could be a little longer. And the remote is not intuitive to use--guess I'll have to break down and read the manual. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Great price with amazing picture clarity!!
    I was looking for a photo frame that would showcase my friends childhood pictures at their wedding reception. This frame looked very elegant next to the cake and the card box and the guests loved it!! The 100 pictures that I scanned in were so clear and bright and the set up took barley no time. Additionally it came with a feature that you can download music into the frame and play while the pictures are being displayed, so far I uploaded 5 songs but I think there was room for even more! Great price with amazing picture clarity!! ...more info
  • Got it for my parents
    Got them for my parents and for the inlaws. Great picture, easy to use if you use a sd card, hard to use if you are trying to add it to your wireless network. It may be becuase my parents and inlaws have old wireless routers, but I really didnt have time to try to problem solve to make it work. Maybe this Christmas when we are visiting I will be able to set it up for them. ...more info
  • Bad experience
    Would not transfer pictures from Easyshare photos. Spent over 3 hours on phone with so called techs that were very hard to undertand. Poor english. Finally he said it needed to be sent back for repairs....more info
  • Received articles, excellent.
    Received articles, excellent. This very beautiful and well equipped one, I recommend it. You show the images with the quality that certifies Kodak. ...more info
  • Excellent frame
    The color and clarity on the frame are great. I love that you can use either a flash card or a flash drive. The only aspect I did not like was that it takes a while for you to learn how the controls work. They menu is not too user friendly and the instructions really do not help, so be ready to spend a good 15 minutes getting to know your frame. After that it works great....more info
  • Great Frame...Finally got it to take pictures from my Mac
    I purchased this for my husband to take with him when he is out to sea. I spent many, many hours researching digital frames and trying to find just the right one to fit in my budget and that would work with a Mac. I finally settled on this one because it had what I wanted without too many extras that would have increased the cost.

    I installed Kodak EasyShare on my iMac and imported my pictures into it from iPhoto. I then spent many frustrating minutes trying to get EasyShare to export the pictures to the frame or to even recognize the frame. After about an hour of this, I went back to iPhoto and tried to export the pictures from there. I was able to successfully export the photos to the frame (in three batches to three different folders). It was actually a very simple procedure once I bypassed EasyShare.

    My husband loves the frame and the quality of the pictures and now that I can transfer them easily, I like it too!...more info
  • Great for a gift
    This is a very nice digital frame. The price is pretty competitive with the others on the market. Do note that a memory card is NOT included. The quality of the pictures is not spectacular when looking closely, but are just fine when you stand a couple feet back. It is very easy to load the pictures into the frame. A remote contol is included as well. ...more info
  • Kodak Easyshare digital Photo frame
    A friend of mine bought this for me while visiting New York. We live in South Africa. Unfortunately the frame does not work that well. We are using a 12v adapter to run the frame and it does not connect well to the actual digital photo frame. Therefore it constantly switches on and off. We are trying to chat with Kodak in South Africa to see if they can help us with this faulty frame. Otherwise I think it is a great product and when it works it is does exactly what is says on the box....more info
  • Disaster
    It doesn't work. That's the short version.
    Here is the story - Since this was bought in the US for me and i intended to use it in India, i thought it wouldn't hurt to be absolutely sure on the do's & don'ts of this 'not-so-cheap' electronic item.
    So, before i set this up in my house, I first took this product to Kodak's authorized service center here in bombay (30 minute drive, 1 way) since i was aware of the difference in voltage/plug/adapter and thought it would be best to get the company guys to show me how to operate this before i take the plunge. They weren't able to figure it out and made me call the Kodak head office, which then directed me to another of their service centers only this time it was a 2 hour drive (1 way).
    Paid them a visit and it was concluded that the LCD was spoilt and would need to be replaced. Since (as i later learnt) this product didnt come with an international warranty they said they could not replace it. They may be able to fix it though but the cost involved in replacing the LCD would mean as good as buying a new product.
    I'm now stuck with this product and am left writing customer reviews/feedback in the hope that amazon/kodak can help me out.
    The irony of this whole deal is that i purchased kodak since it was well-known brand name and i figured it may be a 'safe' purchase given their presence in this part of the world also. So much for that theory!
    Moral of the story...be sure of the warranty, don't get adventurous with electronic products, by them 'locally' and brand names don't mean much....more info
  • automatic album
    I love this item. You can see more pictures then a regular album will hold.I also like it because you can put in from very old to recent and you dont have to keep flipping thru albums. The only thing I do not like is I have not figured out how to keep them in order that I want them for the slide show. Very worth while and I will buy more in the future....more info
  • Excellent for photos but videos are poor
    Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture FrameI was really satisfied with the picture quality of this photo frame. If i am suppose to buy next time i would again choose this. The price is also reasonable. But video display is poor. The play is not continuous. If your primary purpose is to have more video don't go for it. If its photos that you are concern with buy it....more info
  • Total C.R.A.P. on a good day....
    If I could give a negative number on this product I would. What a total bass ackwards system this thing is. I feel like I am in the stone ages trying to set the clock on one of the first VHS players that ever came out. The settings are worthless and for the most part don't work well, or at least as they should. They allow a frame time of 3, 10, 30 seconds etc. I set it on 3. The first picture was 3 seconds, the second picture was 10 seconds, the third picture was 15 seconds, the fourth picture was 8 seconds. You get the picture. NO consistency what so ever. Also, the so called smart feature to interpret which way a picture should go is wrong at times, and guess what, there is NO WAY to adjust it. So, in short, avoid Kodak. They are like Sony. ALL name, NO product....more info
  • A little pricey but VERY happy with it!
    I was a bit hesitant to pay so much for a digital frame when there are so many other choices out there for much less but I have to say that the wireless aspect (specifically the wireless connectivity to your Kodak Gallery) is awesome! The quality of the display is very good and all pictures are displayed with great clarity and rich color. Overall, I'm VERY satisfied with this digital frame....more info
  • Great Quality!
    We have now purchased 3 of these frames for gifts. The picture quality is superb. We checked several different frames before purchasing....more info
  • some disappointment in this frame
    I've used my digital frame for almost a year, and have been disappointed with some of my experiences with the frame. The biggest problem is that despite assurances from Kodak representatives that photos will displate in name order, they do not. I have not been able to determine any consistent way the frame displays photos -- not name, date, order placed on card, etc. There are also times that part way through a slide show, the frame just restarts from the beginning (or what it thinks is the beginning).

    Also, I bought it knowing about the 16:9 aspect ratio, which has been more of a problem than I suspected. There are many pictures with important part of the picture chopped off at the top and bottom unless shown in the "fit entire image" option, which leaves black bars on either side of the photo....more info
  • Great picture frame for the $
    The SV-710 is a great picture frame for the money. I first gave one to my mother and she loves it. Unit has a timer to have it turn on and off at the same time every day automatically. I have since purchased 2 others. One for my home and one for the office to greet customers with pictures of our recent/past projects.
    ...more info
  • Nice little product
    Very fine little picture frame, like the timer on/off, like the remote, like the slideshow. Don't like that you have to reset the clock/timer everytime you switch it off, little tricky to navigate without the remote (so don't lose it!). Great for standard 640x480 pics, but even better for shots taken in widescreen....more info
  • WiFi is subpar
    I like the picture frame but the WiFi doesn't work well. It works but not like they lead you to believe if you want to run pics directly from your computer. In that mode the scheduler doesn't work, the sorting or random play doesn't work(you will always see the oldest pictures first and follow in chronilogical order) and and frame will lock up often if it doesn't like a pic. Overall very poor firmware. Support said they are releasing an update soon, but who wants to wait and who knows if it will be better. So I returned it....more info
  • good value
    I thought it was a great buy for the money, just wish it would have come with a little bit of memory....more info
  • Close but not quite
    I bought this particular frame because of price and other reviews. While I am not totally disliking the frame I am a little disappointed with some of the features. There is an option to turn the frame off at night and then back on in the morning. It turns off and on fine but will not start showing pictures again without intervention. Managing pictures and music on the frame is PAINFULLY slow. The screen is great, clear and sharp though....more info
  • Kodak digital photo frame
    Prompt service,product works & appears as advertised. I had it mailed to my son as a gift - have not seen it myself. ...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    I have had a terrible experience with the 10 inch wireless frame. After trying two different frames (bought one, shipped it back because it didn't work, they sent a replacement), I have come to the conclusion that this is just an extremely poorly designed product. The wireless feature works maybe 5% of the time (which is great when it works) and the frame is soooooo slow to respond. It takes up to a minute for it to respond after pressing a button. I really wanted to keep this frame - I have like 200 albums on Kodak Gallery that I wanted to access through the frame; but after two totally defective worthless frames, I gave up. Do not buy this frame!...more info
  • Excellent Gift for Grandparents
    Gave as a gift for grandparents to enjoy. Everyone was impressed with the photos and how easy the frame was to use....more info
  • Not great!
    This digital photo frame is ok, but not great!
    The frame stand is MUCH, MUCH too short and forces the frame to lie back at a very low angle. Also, the Voice quality of my videos when displayed on this frame sounds like Mickey Mouse is talking!!
    Picture quality is ok....more info
  • Nice picture, simple setup, Grandma loves it.
    The frame works exactly as expected. It has a good display from a couple of feet (on the shelf above the computer).

    We used Picasa from Google to sort through several thousand photos to find a few (hundred!) to put on an SD Card. You do need to avoid portrait layout.

    Good price, nice display, easy to use, Grandma loves it. Five Stars. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I chose this frame over others primarily for the wireless features. The idea of transferring a lot of pictures from my camera to my computer and then from my computer to the frame with no SD card in the middle was very appealing.

    But it didn't work.

    I spent a full day trying to get my computer and the frame to link. I followed all the steps outlined in the ridiculously unhelpful manual. I spent hours researching possible fixes online. I tweaked WM player and my network again and again. I spent hours on the phone talking to ridiculously unhelpful customer service reps until finally reaching one who took the time to walk me through some possible fixes (besides reinstalling the software--that classic get you off the phone CS gimmick).

    But it still didn't work. Trust me, I've trudged through the message boards where the same problem popped up again and again with no solution. Because there is no solution. You will not be able to connect your computer directly to this picture frame.

    I was able to post pictures online at Kodak's website and then wirelessly transfer them to the frame that way...but that's not why I bought the frame. I bought it because Kodak claimed I could wirelessly transfer pictures directly from my computer.

    But it just didn't work.

    So I returned the stupid thing....more info
  • Excellent picture quality
    I've owned and given as gifts several different digital picture frames over the last 5 years. This Kodak frame equals the best of them in terms of picture quality, and is much better than most. The wifi link came up and found my router with no issues.
    The user interface is ok, but still a bit clumsy and requires the use of the tiny remote. I have not yet attempted to have the frame link directly to a Kodak gallery online, but that is the main reason I bought it; I just haven't had time to set up a gallery. I'd certainly like it better if it would let you select from Flickr or Picasso rather than requiring you to use a Kodak gallery, since i already have an extensive Flickr site.
    I'm not sure why most of the frame manufactures have switched to the wide format; it is not at all compatible with most digital camera aspect ratios. Thus the pictures must either chop off part of the picture (often a critical part that you would NOT want removed, like the subjects head) or resize the picture to fit within the frame, leaving much of the screen empty. It just seems like such a waste.
    I have also tried it in both landscape and portrait modes; it works fine.
    So I'd give this one a 5 in terms of picture quality, a 3 in terms of 'usable' screen area, and a 4 in terms of the wifi connectivity. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware--the random slideshow feature lacks functionality
    As much as I enjoy the quality of the scrolling pictures in 'slideshow' mode, the relatively simple instructions for set-up using the remote, I am VERY disappointed that once you decide what photographs you want to store on either the SD or USB thumb drive for viewing, the setting for random does NOT work. During the slideshow mode, I was under the impression that the order of the pictures would be rearranged throughout the display. Instead it's the SAME pattern each time you turn the digital frame on. I've tried adding more pictures....deleting pictures to create variety--but no, even my attempt to 'outwit' the unit does not work. Kodak's 'random' version means displaying a picture smaller than its normal view. However, pictures that once appeared smaller STILL appear smaller even after I tried rearranging the photos on my USB or SD memory stick to create variety. One ends up seeing the SAME photo in the SAME sequence ALL THE TIME. This becomes really old real fast.

    Granted I bought this unit for it's nice screen display but I also wanted to enjoy the variety of sequenced photo displayed in the powerpoint mode or any other mode for that matter. I or my guest have to physically walk over to the unit to see the smaller photos after it's been running for hours. What's the point? So until Kodak improves that 'random' feature, it only deserves 3 stars from me. ...more info
  • Enjoying this frame!
    This was a good purchase. At first, it was a little bit of a struggle, because I was trying to use a high density SD card. Finally realized that I had to use a regular SD card. It is quite a pleasure to have this on my desk! The frame looks nice, not cheap. ...more info
  • too small
    turned out to be too small a picture size. Unless you are at eye level right in front of it you cant see well. picture quality was fine and easy enough to get started but am returning it for a slightly larger display....more info
  • Perfect addition for any digital photo enthusiast!
    This is a great digital photo frame. It's easy to use and offers on/off programming. It accepts any digital card as direct input to the frame. Screen resolution is crisp. I highly recommend this frame for anyone considering a digital frame....more info
  • Works as described
    I bought this as a present for my mom, who is fairly tech savvy. She had no problems viewing pictures or setting up wifi. It works great with Kodak gallery which she is a big fan. She loves when we send pictures and they are just there when she gets home....more info
  • was expecting more from Kodak
    Nice enough, easy to set up, but two gripes which left me feeling deflated:

    1. the LCD screen isn't exactly going to impress anyone who's used to working on laptops or owners of flat panel televisions - the image quality is a tad poor - I would have hoped for a higher resolution screen for this price
    2. the stand on the back of the unit doesn't allow for the unit to be propped up more vertically, meaning that if you have the frame in a chest height shelf or chest of drawers, the frame tilts back to a point where the image is difficult to view with any clarity. you can experiment with what I'm trying to explain by tilting your laptop backwards, and watch the clarity and quality of the screen lower....more info
  • Digital picture frame
    The best yet that I have seen. The pictures are sharp and clear, easy to use. I'm going to be buying two for gifts and would recommend to any one that's interested....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame
    Nice product. I found the instructions a little confusing but overvall I am happy with the product....more info
  • very good
    works great, but needs to be at your eye level for it to look as regular picture, from an angle it looks dark. but for bright daylight picture looks nice. unless you want to use it on your desk its advisable to go with a bigger screen size...more info
  • Great Picture Frame
    Excellent product. It connected to my wireless network, and I was able to download photos to it without a hitch. I plan on getting a couple more as presents for my relatives....more info
  • Exactly what I expected.
    Did a bit of research about the different offerings from Kodak. Since I intended to use this at work I knew the wireless option of some of the other models would be wasted on me. The picture quality is great. It's bright and easy to control. The sound on the speakers is shallow, but I wasn't expecting much. I haven't tried with a headset yet. ...more info
  • great frame
    great frame. brighter than other frames I looked at. my only complaint is that the native resolution of my digital camera doesn't match up in a 1:1 ratio to the digital photo frame resolution, so a fraction of my pictures get cut off when being displayed. This is easily fixable, so I'm just being picky....more info
  • Good Product
    I like this product a lot. It's picture quality is good. I will highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • So easy to use and download pictures to
    Great product. I knew nothing about digital picture frames. Did my research and this product fit the bill. Upon receiving it & getting started, the instructions made it sound Very difficult to get the pictures to load on the frame. I called the Kodak # and discovered that it was an easy process & that the directions in the book that comes with the frame were incorrect.
    The pictures are clear & sharp & the remote control makes it a breeze to turn on & off....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare SV-710 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
    Found this very easy to use and I am techno challenged!
    I am using a memory card. Photos are very clear.
    I liked it so well I ordered two more to use in our office! ...more info
  • Feature packed, and wi-fi makes it awesome
    I bought this frame for my mother-in-law to have with her so we could push photos of my daughter to her. This is done over the wi-fi, as kodak lets the frame pull photos from an online gallery that we can upload pictures to.

    Note however that I have seen this frame freeze up (just while being on and doing its thing), and thus needing a power-off-power-on cycle (no need to unplug, as there is a switch).

    For the price, feature packed!...more info
  • Good product, Amazon's service is great
    The first picture frame I received from Amazon displayed a horizontal white line in the middle of the LCD screen. So I returned it and Amazon shipped a new one to me immediately. The whole return/exchange process with Amazon is really easy and hassle free. That's why when I go online shopping, I go to Amazon. This second picture frame I received works really well, and the picture quality is high. It's easy to use.

    ...more info
  • really good item
    I got this for my gf and she loved it. It was cheaper being refurbished and still looked new and still had a warranty. she loves it!...more info
  • Absolutely great Pictures
    Of course they are never any better than the pictures you put in them. This frame complimented my new digital camera better than I expected. I love it. As usual the professional manner that I was taken care of by Amazon keeps me coming back....more info
  • Excellent
    I bought the 10" one (without wireless) and I love it. The large screen is great. It is bigger than I really realized and I probably would have bought the 8" had I known just to save money but it is wonderful. I had no problem at all transferring pictures (using Windows XP). There isn't much space on the frame itself (128 MB I believe) so I ran out of room pretty quick with 2 and 3 MB pictures. So, I'd recommend getting an SD card from the start since they're so cheap. Also, in hindsight I would have done the wireless. I didn't think I'd need it but it would be a lot easier and worth that small additional cost if you have a wireless network. My mom has the 8" wireless one and it's pretty slick....more info
  • Good product for the price
    I bought this frame to give it as a present.

    First, I put some pictures and music so the couple could enjoy it immediatly with pictures of their friends.

    I had the problem with the picture size. It's 800x480 ... no so standard, so I had to crop the pictures so they could show well in the frame.

    The viewing is pretty cool. Also the sound. It accept all kind of flash cards and also has 128Mb on itself.

    I would have liked it had a 'random' view, for me it would have been the 5 stars.

    I recommend this product, specially for the competitive price and the good quality viewing.
    ...more info
  • Power supply is 110V only
    Power supply is 110V only, so don't go buying this for any friends in Europe or the rest of the world. It is also pretty difficult to find a 12V 2A power supply to replace the one provided.
    Other than that it does what it says on the tin....more info
  • Nice product but can be better
    Kodak is known by the above quality of its products...but I think that Kodak could be better...and also includes complete technical information on his site, especially in the part of supported video formats, because there are so much video formats that you can confuse about the correct video format to use with this Digital Picture Frame...About the picture feature It works fine...I test with a 3.8 MB jpg picture from a 8.1 Megapixel camera and plays well....more info
  • It is what it is...and it's pretty good.
    I've owned this frame for about a week now. It isn't anything fancy, I just wanted a small digital frame for my desk at work. When Amazon made it available for under seventy-five dollars I just couldn't pass it up.

    The picture quality is great, and that's really the whole story for me. I bought a frame to show off my pictures, and it does that beautifully. It's as easy as loading up a memory card (SD in my case) with the pictures you want, sticking it in the frame, and turning the frame on. It isn't going to get much easier than that.

    It will play music with your slide show if you like. It will even play MP3's that you put in. I usually don't mess around with these things, but I occasionally will play a bit from my camcorder with sound though it and again, it works fine.

    What don't I like? I don't like the same thing that I don't like about many electronic products these days. Some of the controls are only on the remote. Some of them are on the back of the frame, but some are remote only...so don't lose it.

    Bottom line, it's a great little display for the money. I'm thinking about buying another one for my bedroom. I just haven't decided if I want to pony up the extra money for one that I can update and change pictures on remotely....more info
  • WiFi functionality does not work as advertised
    It's a normal picture frame just like many other on the market, but I bought this one because of it's wireless capability. The claim is that it can be synch up with a home desktop via wifi so that it does not store any images locally but rather gets the from the desktop. THIS DOES NOT PRACTICALLY WORK! The bug is that you can make the two connect and start the slide show. However, whenever there is any minor network or a computer slowdown, that happen a couple of times a day never mind power outages, the slide show stops. The only resolution is restarting the show manually. There is no automatic restarting of the show. Unless you want to be restarting the show several times a day wait till this product matures. ...more info
  • Great product
    We've had this for over a month. I used their software which takes a little bit to set up but once done it is easy load up pictures. ...more info
  • Great way to see your photos
    Bought for my husband for father's day. He has it at his desk at work. It's easy to use and hold all the pictures of kids, grandkids, etc... Great product for the money....more info
  • Perfect Gift
    We purchased this for our grandfather who just celebrated his 90th birthday. Let's just say it's so easy to use that he can work the frame with no issues. I don't know if people realize but this is the best way to share pictures from a distance because all you have to do is upload the images to kodak's website and they will instantly appear on the frame! You can share your own album or the albums of your friends. Now he can look at pictures of his family who all live in a different state as soon as they load their pics on the kodak site. I'm sure this review sounds a little cheesy, but I've never seen someone so happy about a gift in my life ;)~...more info
  • Great Gift
    Bought this digital photo frame for my dad for Father's Day. He was thrilled. It's easy to use and understand, even for someone with limited computer/electronics experience. My dad loved the way the slide show would open each photo in a different way and the fact that music could be downloaded to accompany the pictures. The resolution was good as well.

    The screen is a little small (but I'm used to seeing a 10" screen my boss has in my workplace), but this one is affordable - especially purchased on Amazon rather than retail.

    I'm sure you can get better products for more money, but this is a good value for a basic digital frame!...more info
  • Almost Perfect - Needs a Random Mode
    I liked everything about this frame except it has no method to randomly display your pictures. It displays them in the order you added them to the device - so if you have hundreds of pictures, you will always see the same pictures in the same sequence at start-up. This to me is a huge oversight and flaw - I would think that random would be the default display method for any digital picture frame.

    Aside from that the picture frame is great. The picture quality is outstanding and the interface is fairly easy to use....more info
  • Love it!
    Everyone who stops in my office immediately notices my Kodak picture frame - it's awesome. I haven't even taken the time to figure out the features, but I found it was easy to set up -- I just plugged in the card, turned it on, and away it went. So easy! The one ever-so-small annoyance is that it doesn't scale the pictures to fit the frame and so sometimes you'll find some pictures cut off a bit, but if you take the time to adjust them, then all is good....more info
  • Kodak SV811
    Good-looking frame, but more importantly, good-looking pictures in the frame. Photos displayed vertically are much smaller than full-frame. Fairly easy to load from a PC, but not easy to tell how mcuh space is left in frame memory. Kodak-supplied software does not help manage content of frame....more info
  • Buy this if you want to add value to your money and quality to your pics
    I got this item shipped to me today. I've been playing with this for a while now and everything works as expected. The picture quality is amazing, wifi set up was a breeze and the tiny remote, which is all you need to operate this, is extremely handy. I've so far tested the basic functionality in this, and I'm very happy. Highly recommended!

    Update: It looks like I was too hasty in writing a review. Apparently, my frame is not able to recognize computers connected to the network. I called the support folks at Kodak and they were pathetic - one of 'em told me WMP 11 works only with certain routers!!...more info
  • Bad picture quality
    I saw a Kodak 8 inch model at BestBuy and the picture looked very sharp. But this one is not even close to that. The picture looked grainy and not clear at all. I returned it and bought a Smartparts one and I am so happy with it....more info
  • Kodah EasyShare Frame
    Easy to use with digital camera and computer. Price a bit cheaper than similar products at retail stores. Free shipping and no tax was a real incentive. We bought the frame for our 97 year old mother. We have downloaded old pictures for her. She really likes it....more info
  • Great frame!
    I bought this for my husband for Father's Day and he loves it. For the money ($113), I think this is a great frame! It is easy to use. The screen is great; the pictures look clear and crisp. The frame automatically rotates pictures and keeps them a decent size. The only thing I don't like about this frame is there is a slight red tint to faces. I'm not sure if that is a problem with the picture(we also have a Kodak camera)or with the frame. Does anyone know??? There is a brightness adjustment but not a color adjustment. For what I paid, I am very happy with it. ...more info
  • The Perfect Mother's Day Present
    The Kodak easyshare Frame is so simple to use, there is no need for an instruction booklet. It has made the perfect mother's day present, and it runs family pictures constantly! What a great value in this product....more info
  • Pretty good
    pretty good product... black color looks good..decent product for the price. different operations are good....more info
  • Easy to use.
    Simple to use and clean looking. Only complaint is that the music feature is a bit "tinny" sounding, but you don't really purchase this for the music....more info
  • Love it....
    I bought this for my husband for Fathers Day. He absolutely loves it. I just wish I would have bought a bigger size now. However, I will buy another for a gift for the grandparents....more info
  • Bad reviews about SV811 are all true
    I don't really want to repeat great reviews I've found for SV811 digital frame, especially the discussions about video playback at the frame. Siply put, Kodak falsely advertise that the frame can play video - it can't. EasyShare software badly designed and very inconvinient to use. You'll need extensive work with every picture in order to display it properly.
    My advise - if you need to buy it as a present for old people (who won't try most of the listed options), it's OK.
    Don't buy it for yourself....more info
  • A Perfect Digital Frame
    This was just what I wanted. Easy to use and good quality. I just loaded my photos on a jump drive/flash drive (purchased separately) and put the jump drive in the frame and it worked! I loaded 300 photos (some of them scanned), and they later added some more from their computer. I sent the whole thing to my folks and it worked for them. It made for a lovely 50th wedding anniversary present. Worth the money :D...more info
  • Kodak Eas Share SV811 8 Inch picture frame
    Great purchase. I purchased the picture frame for my sisters
    birthday. She was so happy to get it.
    I went to the website and downloaded the updates. I setup a few pictures for her to view.
    It was easy to do. But then I am very savy with electronics.
    The picture quality is great. I like the idea that you are able to set the time for your pictures to be viewed. Normaly 10 seconds is long enough.
    I recommend this product. If one of my sisters sees this, I have a birthday comming up and this is what I want....more info
  • this is fantastic!
    the SV710 is my second kodak digital frame. i received the EX811 for Christmas last year (i'll get back to the WiFi issues). in any event, i purchased the SV710 for my mother, who is now residing in a nursing home. with limited space, i wanted her to have a display of family and friends. this little number is just the ticket. you can hang it on the wall, and it won't take up precious space on the dresser (don't leave the remote ~ take that home with you). i also purchased 3 1GB SD cards that i can easily swap out on my visits, and update her pictures when anyone sends me a new one. the display is crystal clear, even with scanned snaps at 300 dpi. i've even scanned crayon drawings from the little ones. it's so nice to have everything in one place. i also bought a card reader, and keep her folder on my desktop. just drop new pictures into the folder and update the SD card, swap it out with the one in the frame when you go to visit! it's so easy and you don't need to install the kodak software for the SD card to function. i love it!

    PS ~ the WiFi on my EX811 stopped functioning. it's all about the settings on your network. if you're having problems with connecting the frame to your network (i have verizon FIOS), you might want to check the settings on your router. set the speed to 'auto' i've had no problems since....more info
  • Excellent product with a few problems
    I purchased 3 of these to give as presents. I have had the 1st one for a month. I have memory sticks (new and old) for more photos. The photo frame read the old 128 meg Memory Stick just fine. The newer MS Duo it read but had problems adding photos to the stick. The SD cards (brand new) it would not read at all. The memory stick, DUO and SD stick read perfectly well on my computer.

    The picture is crisp and clear. The menu (using the remote) is easy and intuitive. The menu from the photo frame (using buttons on the back) does not have all the features of the remote. The menu from the back is cumbersome. The remote has a convenient caddy that mounts on the rear of the frame.

    The photo frame must have a slow processor. A large photo 1-2 megs loads slowly as the photo appears in chunks. A photo of 25k to 50k is good enough resolution and is nearly as clear as the 2 meg photo and loads very fast.

    Placing the photos on the frame is easy but takes a little thought the first time. I connected the photo frame to my computer using the USB cable and Explorer came up with 4 drives. F: G: H: I: My adapter to read the memory sticks that I plugged into a second USB drive came up as J: K: L: M: N: It was confusing to find the pictures on the adapter (L:) drive and drag and drop to the (F:) drive. If you are using different sticks than I was they will be different drives. Other than the minor confusion keeping track of the drive it was easy to drag and drop the photos.

    I put some MP3 files on the photo frame, the speakers were cheap. I didn't expect much from small speakers. I put a small video from the camera on the photo frame and it was jerky in the movement. I would not recommend this photo frame to anyone for MP3 or video. That is about the sum of it.

    As a photo frame, I like it. Overall it was easy to drag and drop. I wish it had a gig of onboard memory but the memory stick worked fine. Wonderful resolution for a small flat screen. The majority of my photos were 25k to 50k with 10-15 photos in the 1-2 meg I was able to load about 200 photos.

    One real nice feature that I loved was that if you arrange your photos in alpha numeric order on Explorer it will be in the exact same order on the photo frame. My default was A-Z. It was nice to have them stay in that order when I placed them on the Photo frame.

    Beaumont, Texas...more info
  • Very pleased
    Easy to understand & get started. Great color. Videos work great. Very pleased....more info
  • A gift that keeps on giving
    An extremely fair price (50% off) after searching all the major electronic stores online. Quality of picture is just as good as the picture in your camera. There is plenty of storage space for well over 100 pictures. After reading the instruction booklet it was very easy to use. You can follow along page by page to download all of your pictures or just the ones you want to store in the unit. This particular unit made a great gift....more info
  • Very nice digital photo frame
    This is a great digital frame. It looks better in person than it did online. It is very easy to load pictures after I had to go buy a memory card which it does not come with. Unless you intend on having it plugged into your computer to work, you'll have to buy a mini-SD card for it. That's the only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5....more info
  • Pretty good product
    My brother and I purchased this digital frame for our parents as a gift. It displays great images and my dad has had a lot of fun playing with it while my mom has enjoyed looking at all the pictures it will hold. The only negative was that it was kind of complicated to get images on it through the wireless (memory chip worked great!) but it's likely that it was an issue with the router/network rather than the frame. It's a great product and I don't regret purchasing it!...more info
  • Great value, great product
    I purchased this frame as a gift and loaded the pictures on it and I absolutely love it. The pictures are crisp and clear. I searched many places for a digital photo frame and this was the best price I found. It is a great frame with an even greater price!...more info
  • Not happy
    Power adapter doesnot work after after first tow day... :(
    Also, copying pictures using easyshare software is not intutive. ...more info
  • Kodak EasyShare SV811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame
    Excellent product and I love that it also works with a Mac. However, no real manual is included. One can see and/or download a comprehensive manual from the Kodak site under Product Support. (That's where you'll learn how to use the internal memory.) I bought this for my mother's 90th birthday in September. Hope to have it loaded with photos for her, so all she'll have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and watch....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare - More Work/Less pleasure
    After purchasing this product, I found the ability to make this "Easyshare" functional was far from easy. I didn't want this to become a major project, just an enjoyable experience. If Kodak wanted this to be "EASY" it failed miserably for those with average tech skills.
    Some of the other reviewers clearly are highly skilled and had some difficulties. (Think about this prior to purchase.)
    The photos once installed have a good crisp quality. The screen however, is really small for anything other then desktop viewing....more info
  • Disappointed
    Very disappointed, the input power rating is only 110V, portable device should cover 110V-240V, think twice before buying this Digital Frame, the quality of the picture is very good though....more info
  • False Advertizing
    I purchased this picture frame primarily because it stated on the packaging that it played MPEG4 movies. Come to find out that it doesn't actually play/recognize them - at least not the files from my camera. Troubleshooting online revealed that many buyers have had the same problem. None have found an easy solution and only a few have been able to get the frame to work after jumping through a lot of hoops. This purchase was a huge disappointment....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare SV-710 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
    Good, Loved It. All I had to do was put the memory card into the Digital Picture Frame after uploading pictures and music from my PC to memory Card
    Wish it had built in Memory also....more info
  • outstanding
    The product that I've purchased through your site is absolutely outstanding. I would recommend this product for anyone who likes pictures and wants to show them off....more info
  • It works fine.
    We ordered this photo frame as a gift. It works fine and the recipient is happy with it....more info
  • Very pleased with this item
    I purchased this item for a gift for my daughter and she is quite pleased with it. I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • GREAT!!
    this photo frame is easy to use. i got this working right out of the box. fast setup and easy to use....more info
  • digital frame
    The frame is a typical digital frame for under $100, which means it has no internal memory. You must use a zip drive or memory card.
    Using the zip drive allows you to keep the pictures you want and add/delete as needed. But its ugly sticking out from the side.
    The pictures are sharp and clear , and this model has a remote, but it doesn't respond well or quickly at times.
    All in all , it does what its supposed to do , but If I had to do it again, I would have upgraded to a better more expensive frame....more info
  • Good picture quality
    we have only used the basics, I bought it for my mother, she is happy with it....more info
  • terrible KODAK frame
    The frame was from kodak and normaly there products are good. This product was defective and I tried to e-mail kodak two times but none called me. The frame is still defective and I need more help from kodak to resolve this product. The frame was for my wife's mothers day but she's not happy to see her grandchildren pictures....more info
  • Does not wirelessly connect with a mac
    Despite box packaging and os x software - beware - this frame cannot via wireless, link with you mac. It can link via Kodak gallery but not via wireless to your mac. From support:

    "Thank you for your recent visit to the Kodak Web site and question about Kodak EasyShare EX1011 digital picture frame.

    We understand that you have problems with wireless connection. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

    Macintosh computers communicate with EasyShare digital picture frames using the following:

    - Digital picture frames connect to a Macintosh computer through a USB connection and are fully supported.

    - Digital picture frames connect to the Kodak EasyShare Gallery from a Macintosh computer through a wireless connection and are fully supported.

    - Digital picture frames do not connect to a Macintosh computer using a wireless connection (uPnP Wi-Fi).
    The digital picture frame cannot retrieve content directly from a Macintosh computer through a wireless connection using EasyShare software at this time.
    Limited trials with third-party software such as TwonkyVision allow for the wireless connection to be made; however, Kodak cannot guarantee the performance of this software nor offer customer service for this software.

    [...]...more info
  • arrow buttons didn't work
    The pictures were fine but but the left and right buttons didn't work and you couldn't check or uncheck pictures. At my expence, I could send in the
    remote and Kodak would replace it hoping that would fix it......more info
  • Wonderful Idea!
    I purchased this digital frame for my Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day. She loves it! We recently went on vacation and she brought it along so she could have all of her favorite pics with her on vacation. It is great!
    I want one now, so I will be purchasing one soon.
    I would recommend this digital frame to anyone, especially if they use Kodak Easyshare software.
    Easy to use - beautiful display of photos all in one spot!...more info
  • Good for the price.
    Don't forget to buy some form of memory! And if it's a memory card, then don't forget the reader. And if it's for an older person, like a grandparent, that doesn't have the latest in computer technology, be aware that the software that comes with the frame won't work with Win98. And the Win98 compatable drivers you can download are virtually useless. (So no drag and drop into the frame for you!) Other then that, nice frame for the price....more info
  • excellant product
    i would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great deal and rock solid performance. bought this for my wife for mother's day. she had not seemed interested in having one when i suggested it as a possible gift for her on different occassions. bottom line is that she loves it....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare SV811
    Well we haven't had it very long it was a Mother's Day gift and the concern was that my wife found it easy to use. She did and loves it. We haven't found any technical issues with it and never really used the manual so it is realatively simple if you have any experience with computers. We specifically like that we can set it to start playing at a certain time and turn off at a certain time. I did some detailed research and most reviews concurred with mine. ...more info
  • You have to experiment with various video programs.
    It is nice once you find the right video software that will play the movies on the digital picture frame....more info
  • Mac verses Kodak
    I though I could use my Mac iphoto and put my pictures to my frame,but I could not transfer them. I used a USB to tansfer them.If I new it was so hard i would buy a norther unit....more info
  • jack
    I like the first one I bought so much I bought two more. Great digital picture frame for the price....more info
  • Good idea, frame overpowering
    This is a good product and great for the office. The only complaint is the frame is huge! Easily twice the size of the picture area. That is the only complaint. Otherwise a great product with decent easy to use features. ...more info
  • Great for photography lovers
    I bought a couple of these as Mother's Day presents when they were the Gold Box Deal of the Day. They were a great deal at around $70 each. Neither of the recipients were likely to ever buy a digital photo frame for themselves, but I was amazed at how quickly they had pictures displaying on the frame. One even got used at her parents' 60th anniversary party, and it was a great hit.
    This model doesn't have any internal memory, but that wasn't a problem as both recipients had memory cards laying around that were really too small for taking photos, but they held plenty of photos for display. The power timer function is great to help make sure that the frame is used without wasting power. The power on and power off times can be set to any desired time....more info
  • Great product not so great tech support-Kodak 8" digital frame
    This was a 69th anniversary gift and was well received by our parents.
    Since I was using a Mac iBook G4 and wanted to avoid viruses reported in other digital frames, I loaded the photos on a flashdrive and then transferred them to the internal memory. When I experienced a problem and sought help from Kodak tech support, I never got the right answer. They danced around the question and never gave me a solution. After many hours of trying this and that, I was able to succeed. Overall I like the product. Just wish they had a better instructional manual or tech support. ...more info
  • Very easy to start
    This digital picture frame was very easy to use. I had it loaded from my PC and cycling pictures in about 15 minutes. I priced it at my local discount superstore, and saved about $30 buying it from Amazon....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare is less than advertised
    Doesn't display pictures in order, no control. Good picture quality. Interesting transitions. 8 X 10 is size of frame, picture is much smaller....more info
  • Not Worthy - SV710
    I bought a similar 7" from another vendor recently for my wife. It was so easy to use I thought I would try one myself and bought the Kodak SV710 for about the same price.

    Pro - The Kodak had better sound for mp3 and a better picture.

    Cons - I did experience a few problems that were not an issue on the other product.

    A few of my pictures would not display. 3 different Kodak support people could only suggest that the files were damaged. They clearly were not as they displayed from a USB drive and SD card on my computer and in the other picture frame. Why would one jpg file display and not another? I had enhanced them with a photo editing program and discovered that I had saved them as progressive jpg files. Changing to standard displayed them. But I don't feel that should have been necessary.

    I wanted to change the order of the pictures and the mp3 files. There is no random function in the SV710. And I could not change the order by renaming them. A Kodak support person did not know the ordering convention and could only suggest using Kodak EasyShare software to rearrange them. With the other picture frame I did not need any additional software to manage the files, just Windows. I did figure out later that the pictures are displayed in the order they are copied onto the memory card. So any new files copied onto the card will be played last.

    If you have the finances I would suggest going for a bigger 8" screen. The pictures will be more attractive. Also it may come with internal memory. The SV710 does not, so you will have to have an additional memory card.

    ...more info
  • Great Product!
    It was exactly what I expected. I got it for my mom for Mother's day and she loved it. All of my family wants one now! ...more info
  • Very poor image resolution
    If you want your children or other subjects to look like Lego sculptures, then this is the picture frame for you. We ordered this product (7" frame) with high hopes since we had heard Kodak digital frames were better than others. However, we were very disappointed. The picture resolution was so poor that we had to return it.

    I am astonished that resolution of the image is not disclosed as a standard piece of information on all digital frames. ...more info
  • Not a finished product
    Bought this for a friend. Before giving it to the friend, wanted to load some pictures of the friends in to the frame. Here was my experience making the frame work.

    1. Setting up the frame and getting demo to work was a breeze

    2. When I connected the frame to my MacBookPro, the frame simply said use the "PC Interface to transfer photos". The frame becomes unusable at this point. I realized that frame is mounted as a "Untitled" volume in macbookpro. Transferred the pictures to Frame.

    3. Out of the 12 pictures that I transferred, only 3 displayed correctly. Other 9 did not display.

    4. Called the Support line which was available on a Sunday. Support gal explained that even though I transferred JPG files to frame, the frame does not recognize all JPG files. I was asked to load the pictures in easy share software and do a "save as JPG" on each photo even though I already had JPG files.

    5. Installed the accompanying Easy Share CD on my mac book pro. On the first launch, the Easy Share Application crashed. I had to find a later version and install that instead. The later version worked fine.

    6. After going through "Save As" dance and retransferring the pictures, the pictures showed up in the frame

    7. I had 2 kind of pictures. The old pictures that I scanned on HP scanner and the new pictures taken on a digital (non Kodak) camera. The photos taken from digital camera looked crisp and great on frame. The pictures that were scanned looked horrible.

    8. We wanted to order the pictures in the frame the way we wanted it. Could not figure out a way. Called and got the tech support guy. He also went through a bunch of options like rename, name the picture only with numbers etc. None of these options worked. I gave up on the odering.

    I do technology for living and it took me about 4 hours to transfer my 12 photos and order them the way I want. It apparently works better if you have a Kodak Digital Camera. ...more info
  • I would go with a different digital frame.
    Make sure the frame you order has internal memory. The software this frame comes with is usless. The quality of the pictures is less than average....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare EX-1011 Digital Picture Frame - Okay but not Great
    The Kodak Easyshare EX-1011 Digital Picture Frame is a good product unless you want to use one of its most highly touted features of wireless capability. The onboard memory works great, the USB input capability works great (using a thumb drive as input as well as direct connect to the computer), and the SD card input works great. However, if you want to use the WiFi connection within your home to display your photos from your computer located in some other portion of your home, forget it. After weeks, I have still yet to have success in getting the unit to communicate wireless to my computer. It connects to the network okay, but talking to the computer is another issue entirely.

    I've tried to get support from Amazon as well as the Beach Camera, the company Amazon works with for this product and Kodak - all with no success.

    By the way, be aware also of the Kodak Easyshare software suite that literally takes over your computer and installs gobs and gobs of unwanted / undesired software. I have not determined specifically yet, but I believe the software actually contains a rootkit. Right now, I've completely uninstalled the Kodak software suite because it took my computer to its knees and corrupted my registry in the process.

    So, if you want to use WiFi with the unit or the software that comes with the product on your computer, I suggest you look for another vendor's digital picture frame product....more info
  • Nice product
    For the most part, everything turned out as I expected except for two things. 1) I was disappointed with my images not being able to fill the 8" screen. Even with that option available, when I checked the box to fill screen with picture, none of my pictures filled up the screen as demonstrated with the preloaded sample pictures. Instead, I see a block of black on each side of my pictures. If I had known this, I would have saved myself $50 and just got the 7" model instead. I originally bought the 8" thinking my pictures would look larger but instead, these pictures would have probably filled the 7" screen better. 2) I was also disappointed that the vertical pictures come out tiny compared to horizontal pictures with the horizontal option. The vertical pictures come out nice on the vertical option but I would have to separate all my horizontal and vertical pictures and that is very inconvenient.
    Other than these two, the kodak digital picture frame can make a very nice gift for anyone who does not own a computer as it is a very basic tool to view pictures with the option of music. ...more info
  • Black/Grey frame surround fits in better than I thought it would...
    The frame itself is very plain in appearance. Some might say it is "modern". I was a bit concerned about its looks when I ordered it, but after I put it on the table, it looked fine. When it's on, all you focus on are the photographs and when it is off it just sort of blends into the background. As far as how it works, well, it works just fine. Picture quality is very good. It is easy to use. It comes with a remote that you can store in a little holder on the back/top of the frame. It has plenty of features without being overly complicated. All in all I'm very pleased with the product and I can recommend it without reservation. ...more info
  • worth it
    It was worth the price I paid for it and it is easy to use....more info
  • Almost Close, but No Cigar
    I had high hopes for this product from Kodak which I thought would be intuitive and very user friendly to give to my mom for Mother's Day. I thought it had all the standard features of other frames and that it would be easy to use.

    When I received it, I plugged in the SD card that I had thoughtfully filled with decades of memorable photos for my mom, it was identified by the frame and started showing the photos. Fine...that's to be expected.

    But then when I turned the frame off and then on again, I noticed the thing that drove me crazy... there was no way to set a "random" sequence for showing the photos... they ONLY display in the same order as they are on the card... over and over and over again. This was unacceptable and the deal-killer for me.

    THAT, and I found a faulty pixel (point of light) in the upper-middle section of the frame that always showed up as a white dot on the screen, so the frame was defective, too.

    I would not purchase this product until the product offers a "random" slide show mode. I returned this product and purchased the Philips 6.5 Inch Digital Photo Frame and have been VERY impressed... the picture seemed even clearer/crisper than the Kodak, it was less expensive, it had "random" viewer mode, and it was user friendly. My mom was delighted with the gift. The end.
    ...more info
  • Great product!!!
    This photo frame is so much fun!!! It's better than watching TV. Easy to load and use, the clarity of the pictures is great, and it holds soo much. ...more info
  • Excellent Digital Photo Frame
    We bought this frame for my mother-in-law as a mother's day gift, since she is in North Dakota and we are in New Jersey. I did some research, and this looked like the best frame available for the price range. In addition, Amazon's price was the lowest by far! I was very pleased to find this frame on Amazon, as I had thought more would be on sale in the stores leading up to Mother's Day only to find they weren't. This was a fantastic deal, even compared to the ones that were on sale, because I knew and trusted the Kodak name. Not only was it easy for us to load all of our pictures onto a SD card and plug it in so it was ready to display when she received it, but the frame itself is easy enough to operate, a requirement of ours when picking this frame out. The pictures were clear and beautiful on this frame, and we are very impressed by the fact that it will rotate the pictures depending on whether the frame is displayed horizontally or vertically. Although you can also have the frame play MP3s, we did not test this feature. In all, we are very pleased with this purchase and so is my mother-in-law. ...more info
  • Wireless Won't Work
    I bought this for my wife. We are very happy with the resolution and the video capability.

    However, we were unable to make the wireless feature work at all....more info
  • Nice frame
    My husband and I bought this for his mother. It was easy to use and looked great. I'd been reading reviews and specs for many frames, and didn't find one in our price range (under $200) that had everything we wanted (good resolution, remote, black or wood frame (not white), picture cycling times including longer cycles of >5 minutes, etc.). The only shortcoming we found with this frame, which I knew going in, was that the aspect ratio was not the same as that of our camera, and that pictures would be cropped to fit. That's what happened, but it was fine. Few pictures suffered noticeably, and even those that would have been better uncropped were fine. I figure we always have the original to print or resize for the frame, if we want to....more info
  • Great
    I bought the Kodak EasyShare SV-710 for my family member's graduation. I put family photos on it. Even very old photo that I had to scan into my computer turned out beautiful and sharp. For someone in their young adulthood the 7 inch frame was perfect. For my old eyes I would buy the 10 inch frame. I loved it so much I want to buy for every special occasion now. ...more info
  • Great photo frame
    We ordered the frame to be an on-going display to promote the ODU School of Nursing with pictures of student activities, classroom situations, and ways we help the community. The frame has a built-in timer so it turns on in the morning, and off in the evening. It goes right into the slideshow when it turns back on, and it even turned itself back on after a power outage. It is just perfect for what we wanted it for. And the 10" frame is nice and large for viewing. ...more info
  • Koday versus Coby
    I bought both the Coby DP-888 8" frame and the Kodak EasyShare SV811 8" frame and compared them using the same slide show. One was to keep and the other was destined for Grandmother as a gift. I wasn't interested in email, websites or wireless. I used a USB flash drive on both and exported the photos from iPhoto, including some movies I took with my digital still camera (640x480 resolution, 16 bit). I also tried exporting a slideshow from iPhoto (in the form of a Quicktime .mov file).
    The bottom line is that the Coby has a 4:3 screen and is much better suited to a camera format than the Kodak 16:9 screen (a ridiculous format in either portrait or landscape orientation) but the Coby firmware is extremely primitive compared to the Kodak.
    A few pros and cons for each frame.

    Coby pros:
    -screen is good (800x600; one of the few screens for which you can actually find the resolution) with brightness control on the frame. Plenty bright.
    -frame looks nicer than the Kodak
    -sturdier leg for supporting display with rubber "feet" to keep it from slipping
    -4:3 format
    Coby cons:
    -no auto on feature
    -no auto rotation of photos in slideshow (that has to be done before sending to the frame)
    -no setting for frame orientation (not critical - probably want it in landscape to match most photos)
    -transitions not as nice looking as the Kodak
    -can't play movies as part of slideshow; must select photos or video
    -doesn't recognize .mov files (so it wouldn't play my Quicktime slideshow)
    -can't play 640x480 movie from USB drive or a CF card properly; movie stutters and skips and sound is broken up

    Kodak pros:
    -has some internal memory (Coby has none)
    -auto on/off feature
    -nicer transitions
    -menus slightly easier to navigate
    -can turn frame on/off with remote (Coby can't)
    -can set frame orientation
    -auto rotation of photos
    -plays .avi files fine (although the firmware must sort by file type because all of the movies were grouped at the end of the slideshow)
    Kodak cons:
    -would not play my Quicktime slideshow properly (slide duration was way too fast and no sound)
    -lousy 16:9 format (there is an option to either display the entire image, which can make for a small picture depending on frame and picture orientation, or autofill, which will crop your carefully framed pictures in undesirable ways)

    The verdict is that both of these frames are flawed. If the Coby had the more sophisticated Kodak firmware (or vice versa) I would have been reasonably happy. As it was, I couldn't stand the widescreen format of the Kodak frame and that went to Grandma (hey, at least it is easier to use). I think the digital frame market awaits some savvy manufacturer who will be able to put it all together to produce a five star product but these two frames are not it....more info
  • This is a WIDESCREEN device with NO internal memory.
    I bought one of these after looking at a few of the Amazon reviews, but somehow I missed two important facts about the Kodak EasyShare SV-710 digital picture frame:

    1. This is a WIDESCREEN device (16x9 aspect ratio). I bought this frame to put all of my old pictures on it. All of my old pictures are 4x3, and my digital camera is 4x3. This means that I have to a) Manually crop ALL of my old pictures so that I get the best part of the image, b) Allow the frame to just CUT OFF the bottom of the image (which it does by default), or c) Configure the frame to put bars on the sides of the image. None of these options are acceptable to me. I don't want to lose parts of my pictures and I don't want wasted screen real estate.

    2. Some of the other reviews here mention that the SV-710 has 128MB of internal memory. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The SV-710 has NO onboard memory. At all. You MUST use a memory card or USB flash drive.

    Sorry Kodak, but this device is sorely lacking. I returned it for a full refund (the Amazon return policy is fantastic). I ended up spending twice as much money on a "Digital Decor" generic 4x3 digital picture frame from Target and it works like a dream by comparison....more info
  • Great!
    I sent this to my 75 year old Mom for Mother's Day and she had no problem setting it up and using it. She loves it and loves having the "latest" thing to display her pictures....more info
  • Good for the most part
    This is a very good product, excellent image quality and good value for the money, but...

    Problem One:
    Uploading photos (and ONLY photos - no video or audio).
    Since the product had limited internal memory, I also bought the Dane digital card (link, below).
    Several times, I attempted to move about 180 photographs from my computer to the Kodak frame and each time I got a "memory full" message.
    Several times, I re-edited my photos in Photoshop to reduce the image size and repeated the upload into the Kodak frame, getting the same error message.
    Solution: load only a few photos at a time.
    Seems a bulk upload jams the Kodak.

    Problem Two:
    WHY oh why didn't Kodak include a simple dissolve between images?
    Okay, to be fare, some of the transition effects are nice, but the lack of a basic dissolve is odd.
    Hello Kodak: ADD a dissolve effect!

    Problem Three:
    Tiny remote control.
    I bought this frame for my 80-year-old mom.
    Her eye sight isn't too keen and her hands aren't that dexterious.
    The remote control is very small and is easy to loose.
    A plus is the remote holder in the back (nice!).

    A few other minor issues:
    1. took too long to figure out how to operate - the pull-down menu was confusing to me (and I work with computers!).

    2. frame too light - Kodak should add power transformer in frame to both add weight and make the power cable less bulky.

    All in all - this is a very cool item and I feel it is well worth the price.
    The look on my mom's face when she was able to see dozens of images of her family was well worth the upload hassle and time it took to figure out how to get the images to display.

    Dane Elec DA-SD-2048-R 2GB High Speed 133X Secure Digital Card...more info
  • Great Digital frame
    Read other reviews, this is a great product. Easy to use, great specs and best price on the net !!!!!!...more info
  • Great gift for grandpa
    Easy to set up and use and grandpa loved it. I did not install the software and utilize it because I had read reviews that reported it was not helpful, but rather put pictures on a flash drive and then transferred to the internal frame memory which was easy and worked well. ...more info
  • Junky
    This picture frame has zero internal memory, so if you want to view photos, you have to have a memory card, USB drive, or your computer connected to it at all times.

    That said, 2 of my 3 thumb drives would not be recognized by the frame. Additionally, my desktop recognized the frame the first time I connected it, and then ceased to recognize it again.

    Additionally, the lack of a random slideshow setting means you will be looking at the same photos in the same order every time you turn this puppy on.

    This was my first digital photo frame purchase so I don't know how it stacks up to others, but for $75 you're better off buying something that actually works....more info
  • My 70 year old Mother is very Happy with this Picture Frame!
    This is a wonderful product and very easy for Mom to use after I set it up. I loaded digital and scanned photos on to a SD card, added in a few of Mom's favorites songs in a MP3 format and even choose a few .mov video clips. It was all pretty straight forward. I inserted the SD card into the photo frame and choose some display settings such as number of seconds to display each pictures and random transitions and whether the photo is displayed in original aspect or "stretched" to fit the entire displyable area. All Mom has to do is turn it on using either the supplied remote or the switch on the side. Mom can mute the sound or make higher or lower. Overall, she was very happy with this product! A more techy savvy Mom can do this all by herself....more info
  • SV-710 resolution is only 480 x 234
    We bought the SV-710 for Mom because it was the most popular digital frame on Amazon at the time. I can't imagine why it's so popular. The resolution is very poor, and Amazon doesn't even tell you what the resolution is in their product description.

    It's a paltry 480x234, and it really shows (i.e., pics are grainy).

    And the 16:9 aspect ratio doesn't help either. Your pics will be cropped to fit that aspect ratio.

    If we were to purchase another digital frame, we'd go with a higher resolution and more standard 4:3 aspect ratio....more info
  • very pleased
    I researched a little before I purchased, since I've never used a digital frame and found this to be the best quality for the price. I bought one for a gift for grandparents, then liked it so well I got one for myself! It's easy to use once you set up the wireless (without wireless it's a little more complicated). The one thing I haven't figured out is how to save music to the internal memory! I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works great!
    Nice looking, easy to use. Takes about five minutes to figure out how it works. Good contrast and a wide angle of view.
    If you don't want to spend too much on digital photo frame, I recommend picking these one. If you are looking for better technical specs go to the more expensive models.
    ...more info
  • It CAN play videos!
    I read a lot of mixed reviews about the Kodak SV710 7" digital frame and must agree with those who say it's a great product once you learn to work with how it works - much like many new electronic digital devices. The interface with the remote and frame is quite easy with a little time invested into it. PC connectivity is a cinch, no EasyShare software necessary, and is like turning the Kodak frame into a 'drag & drop' media bay.

    It is incredibly important to be able to resize and crop larger raw digital camera or scanner images to the appropriate 800:480 [480:800 for portrait] dimensions. There is freeware on the web which is highly capable of this if you don't already have any. I've noticed a few people really not liking this and it's not all that bad. Widescreen is the fad these days anyway. Isn't panoramic a part of photography as well? My hundred-dollar Nikon digital camera has a setting for taking 16:9 pictures for lossless display on a widescreen. Kind of works perfectly for this frame.

    The music is straightforward; place the MP3's on storage device, plug in to frame, and play from browsed selection. The Music Key on the remote is a nice shortcut to current audio files as well.

    Video playback is rather picky and sensitive as to what it will recognize. First of all, it does not take only a Kodak camera's video capture for playback (rumored from other reviews), and secondly .Avi does not mean DivX. There's many boundaries and customizable settings into video codec (compressor/decompressor) processing that it almost seems ridiculous, but alas they're there and Kodak's digital picture frame isn't open to all of them. I have not found an .Avi or .Mov video which plays, but have found an .Mpg setup that does. If your video doesn't work, perhaps recoding it will do the trick.

    The .mpg found to work for me is made of an MPEG1 container/codec with MP3 audio; the video works pretty well sized at 480:272, running 23.976fps, a bitrate anywhere above 700, and the audio doesn't need to be anything over 64kbps Mono. Again, there's freeware on the web which can do this.

    Will still look into other compatible video formats and update any discoveries.

    Most seem to dislike the lack of a random display function and no support of DivX, which can only be hoped for in some future firmware upgrade. If that's not going to happen, then perhaps it'll take learning how to recode videos (or find a nerdy friend who knows how) and maybe add a couple bundles of other photos of some neat CG 3D art, nature landscapes, or even of outer space to make it seem more random.

    After my little time put into getting familiarized with the frame I am overall 90% satisfied for what it does and for the bargain it went for which is surely worth 5 stars....more info
    At first, I thought my pictures looked very good on this--bright and beautiful. But after it played through all my photos, I realized none of my video clips played, which it claimed to be able to do. I went into the menu and manually selected my video clips, only to be told "that format is not supported." Confused, I went back into the manual and was told to go online for a detailed list of all supported video formats. When I did so, I saw that my video clips were clearly in the format that Kodak claims the frame can play.

    So I called tech support, got transferred 3 times to different people who couldn't figure out what the problem was. Finally, after having been on the phone for about 30 minutes, I got a rep who said my problem was that I didn't shoot my video clips on a Kodak camera (I have a Canon). I told him that NOWHERE on the box or manual or any published materials I can find does it say that the frame can only play clips from a Kodak camera. The rep insisted this was the problem so I asked him why Kodak doesn't make it clear--i.e. printing it right on the box--that the frame is only compatible with Kodak cameras (at least for video clips) so people like me wouldn't have to waste their time buying the product if our camera is a different make. He said he didn't know why it's not mentioned, apologized for my trouble and that was that.

    I'm not an angry customer. I'm simply trying to save you some time and trouble if you're considering buying this and expecting it to play your videos from a non-Kodak camera. I wasted a LOT of time trying to figure this out, only to regrettably return it. ...more info
  • Expected more from this frame
    First of all, it is hard to tell from the pictures of the frame, but it is made entirely of plastic. I was hoping for some better quality materials for a picture frame that cost $150.

    The screen on the frame is very nice, bright, good colors, etc. The 16x9 aspect ratio is a real pain. I had to go and manually crop all of the photos I wanted to place on the frame so they would look ok. I am sure that the frame would have adjusted the photos for me, but the results would be unpredictable. I would prefer a 4x3 ratio if I had the choice.

    The frame has some nice options. I like that it has a timer, but I wish it had the option for separate weekday and weekend settings. This way if I have it at the office like I intend, it won't be running all day on the weekend. Of course I could turn off the frame before I leave, but what are the chances I will remember that on a Friday afternoon. Also, and here is the major deal breaker for me, there is no random/shuffle slide show. The slide show always starts with the first file in memory. To top it off, whenever the frame is turned off, it starts at he beginning again, not where it left off. So if I put 1000 pictures on the frame and have them change every minute, my timer turns the frame on at 8 in the morning and off at 5 in the evening, I will look at the same 500 pictures everyday at the same time in the same order, and never see all the pictures past 500. The only way you will ever see all of the pictures on the frame is to leave it on all the time, speed up the time between pictures, which is annoying for me, or have fewer pictures. If the frame would at least start off where it finished, that would be somewhat acceptable, but it doesn't even do that.

    Anyway, I am going to send this frame back and look for another one. I have nothing against Kodak, and I may even look at some of the other Kodak frames, but I definitely would not recommend this one....more info
  • Works OK but not perfect
    Could never get the frame to download photo from my Mac. The only way was to use a memory card to get photos on the frame. It looks good and is a nice unit for the price....more info
  • picture fram
    I bought 2 of these for Christmas for my 2 children. The frames are turned on all the time, in both homes. Photos of the children run continuously, and they work easily and were easy to load. So glad I bought them....more info
  • Good product with limited features
    For a simple display of pictures, this product met my needs. I have not yet tried the music feature. The user-menu options are tedious and not user-friendly. In addition, you need the remote to make most of the changes, including basic features such as brightness, etc. So, if you lose the remote, you will not be able to access most features. Once settings are adjusted, the photos look nice. However, with just 2 features for "Fill Screen" and "Fit photo", either the picture gets chopped from the bottom or the picture gets crunched. Hence, the product is new technology with limited features - dont expect much other than a illuminated display of pictures which is a good talking point with guests, etc. I was disappointed that Amazon did not ask for the country of usage, and hence sent me the standard US power cord, although I planned to use the product in India - this meant I had to buy an additional transformer....more info
  • Picture Frame
    Great frame; this is actually my second Kodak. My only issue is I couldn't figure a way to sort the songs and images. The frame seems to not follow the proper naming sort logic....more info
  • Just okay
    Just received this with the intention of giving it to my mom for mother's day.....and it looks nice, the resolution is pretty good - however there are no instructions included as to how to get the pictures loaded! Plus, although it's nice that you can listen to mp3 files, you can't play the music and see the pictures at the same time. It would be nice if you could view your picture slideshow set to music but not the case - you have to choose between listening to music or looking at pictures. Price is pretty reasonable but I'm not completely impressed. ...more info
  • First digital frame experience
    Product performed as described and was pleasing in appearance. I am very satisfied with the product as well as the price I paid for it. It was very easy to set up and the remote is very functional and handy to use. Would buy this product again or recommend to a friend,...more info
  • Perfect Picture Frame
    I had Purchesed a digital picture frame previously, but the Kodak frame is a far superiour product. I would recommend this frame to any one looking to purchase a new or different picture frame....more info
  • Disappointing, considering it's Kodak
    Kodak is usually a trustworthy name for photo related products. However, this frame does not deliver. As some of the other reviews indicate, I've had problems with the resolution on pictures when viewed on the frame. Actually, one of my biggest complaints is that the software doesn't have a randomize or shuffle feature for your pictures. I suppose this is my fault for not researching better but I figured it was so basic that every frame would have it, but this frame doesn't, so if you slip a 1 or 2 gig card in the frame you'll have to go through every single picture in order. Without random, instead of the nice surprise, "Oh, hey, remember that picture?" it becomes like sitting through a relative's boring vacation slideshow....more info
  • the picture is not very clear
    I red the reviews about this product before I bought it, but when I got it , I found the picture is not clear and seemed very rough, so I returned it. But I think the service of amazon is really good, since I didn't think it was so easy to return a product and they took care of it so quickly, so at the end I should say I am very satisfied with the purchase experience from amazon although not every product will satisfy us! thanks...more info
  • This is perfect!
    I love this thing! I bought it as a gift for my dad, and now everyone wants one! I bought a card for it (the one that Amazon suggests with it), and had no problem using the USB cable to copy photos from my computer onto the card. I love the slideshow feature - although I have 2 minor complaints:

    1. The slideshow doesn't have a random option (at least that I know of), so it only play in the order you put the photos onto the card. I handled this by mixing up the photos as I copied them onto the card.

    2. It doesn't adjust portrait photos that are saved in a landscape form. So, in order for the portrait photos to show correctly, you have to save it in portrait form on your computer before copying it to the card. If you don't, portrait photos show sideways.

    I'm not sure why some people complain about this frame. For what I was using it for (as a gift) - copying photos from my computer to a card using the USB cable, it worked perfectly! The photos look fabulous on this frame, and it's super simple to use! I will be buying more in the future! ...more info
  • Digital Picture Frame
    Very happy with the look of this frame...also good picture quality and interesting patterns when pictures change. I didn't realize there was no memory on the frame itself but it is relatively easy to upload pictures to the Compact Flash disk. ...more info
  • Good frame, though pricey!
    My boyfriend and I bought one of these for each of our desks at work and are quite happy with our purchase. Some of the photos are a bit pixelated at times, but the frame definitely serves its purpose and I have received many compliments on it.

    I chose to only give this frame 4-stars because I think it was a little pricey for being a very basic frame. However, loading photos on to the memory card was very simple, and the frame serves it purpose of allowing me to see my most favorite photos throughout the day. And the remote control is a really great feature....more info
  • Shows pictures well but nothing else is good
    The SV811 does its primary task of displaying jpg images well. If that is all you want, then fine.

    However, none of its other features are without flaw. Do not buy it for them.

    * mp3 playing interface is awkward. Speakers are tinny.

    * Most videos will not play properly. It is designed to play videos taken from still cameras-- but several formats from still cameras do not play well. If you want to encode video for it, try VCD format. Nothing else has worked for me. With VCD, it badly needs a deinterlacer. The video is not good.

    * Failed to recognize a new SD high capacity external card (an old standard capacity card was fine).

    * File transfer function failed.

    * I upgraded to new firmware-- and functionality became worse....more info
  • The Missing Instruction Manual
    This is a review of the SV811 which I bought to give to my 76-year old parents who don't have a computer, Internet connection, or digital camera. I was looking for a easy way for the family to be able to share digital photos when visiting, and to provide them with a 'stock' set of family photos that they could view whenever they wanted. The 'stock' set would be stored on a 2GB SD card that would be installed in camera when digital photo frame was given to them. It was very important that they be able to turn it on and it starts showing photos. No messing with remotes, or buttons, or inserting cards. I ordered the SV811 2 weeks ago (I see it's dropped $15 since then), and received it a week later. It has taken me 2 weekends and some long weeknights to get this frame to do what I want it to do. It would have been easier if the user manual had been better written.
    To begin with this frame as advertised as 800x480 pixels and as 16:9. One of these is wrong. After much experimentation I determined that the frame is 16:9 and actually displays 840x480 pixels. Great, more pixels! But, also significant cropping if setting to 'fill frame' is selected. In fill frame mode, if photo is larger that 840x480, the frame center crops and resizes. This can result in missing/partial heads and other artifacts. If setting is not selected, pictures are displayed at 640x480, or less, to preserve aspect ratio. This results in a lot of unused pixels. I finally determined that to obtain best pictures, I would have to crop and resize each picture to 840x480 on my computer and then load onto a SD card to insert in frame. I found a really good freeware program (FastStone Photo Resizer) that allowed me to do batch edits. This saved a lot of time.
    I had initially played around with the frame using a SD card that had a few hundred pictures in several folders. Every time I inserted the card, or turned on the Frame with the card already inserted, the frame would automatically start showing slides from the card. However, it was my plan in the final configuration, to put thousands of photos on the SD card for display. I loaded up the SD card with about 1200 photos to start with, inserted card in frame, and watch it go to Home instead of automatically showing slides. WTF? After HOURS after experimentation, I determined that this frame has a total file/folder limit. If limit is exceeded, the frame will NOT auto-start a slideshow. It just goes to Home. It appears that the folder limit is 65 or 66, and the file limit is between 943 and 966. This appears to be sum total for all memory in the frame.
    Something else I determined is that the frame displays photos from a memory card in the order to which they were written to the card. This seems self-evident when inserting a memory card from a camera, but no so evident if card is being loaded from a PC. I wanted to display photos in a certain order, and it took me a few tries to figure this out.
    The one feature that I wish the frame had is capability to either resume a slideshow from where it was when device is powered off, or to display photos randomly. As it is, every time the device is turned on, the slide show starts from the 'beginning'. Maybe in the next firmware update....more info
  • decent picture but BAD connectivity
    Ok, first off the picture is decent... ...and that's it.

    The reason you buy this thing (or not)... it's the wireless access. Kodak really dropped the ball here. The only way to actually use the wireless access is to use Kodak's online gallery or have your computer share them out using Windows Media Player.

    The Kodak Gallery option: Kodak's Gallery is very limited with how you can post pictures to your account, expensive compared to other photo sites if you want the premium packages and makes it difficult to find friends who may be using it.

    Windows Media Player option: not very user friendly, not intuitive and you have to have your computer on all the time.

    Other wireless picture frames will let you point to URL's, stream RSS feeds and even email pictures to them. Kodak has no plans to add any of these types of features in the future... I asked them.

    Don't buy this frame if you're looking for a wireless frame... there are others with better features. Last time I buy Kodak....more info
  • Great picture quality
    This frame is a good value for the money. It doesn't have any internal memory, so you have to plug in another device with your images. The up side is that the frame accepts many different types of devices (USB, SD, XD, etc). You can easily change the frame to display the image as originally formatted. I was worried about this because another reviewer mentioned that the frame only allowed wide screen images, so the images were stretched. But this is easily fixed by changing the settings on the frame. The picture quality is great on this frame. Very colorful and vibrant compared to others that are available on the market. I was very happy with this product and would reccomend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Gal likes it alot .........
    I purchased this product as a gift for my gal on Valentines day. She has many photos and I figured this would be a great way for her to show them off. She was able to figure it out and use it immediatly without any help from me. The frame looks "O.K." and the picture quality appears "Good". seems to be one of the most popular and affordable models available atm....more info
  • Good frame -- as long as you're not counting on Wireless
    I purchased in January and found that the frame presented sharp, color-rich photographs. I found the instructions for connecting to my PC incomplete and inaccurate. I phoned Kodak's technical support and found their support staff to be completely ineffective in providing assistance. Additionally, the support staff became rude. They insisted that I had not configured my wireless router correctly -- I explained that the router must be configured correctly as I could connect my shared, on-line Kodak Gallery. For this reason, even though the frame presented sharp, color rich photographs, I cannot recommend this frame to others....more info
  • Clean, Crisp pictures, but odd size
    I purchased this as a present for my father. He absolutely loves it.
    The pros are a clean and clear picture, a large amount of internal memory, an easy to use interface, and nice looking frame.

    There are 2 cons to this model though. The image size is 480X800, which is a widescreen format. If it had been 800x600, the pictures would have fit much easier, not needing to be cropped. This is my mistake, however, I didn't do enough research before buying.

    Second is that there does not seem to be a random slideshow function. It displays the pictures in alphabetical order, causing groups of the same event to be shown. A random option would be a wonderful addition.

    ...more info
  • Much better than lower quality, cheaper frames - you get what you pay for.
    We have been very happy with this product. The image quality is fantastic and the menus are very easy to navigate. The ideal purchase price for this is less than $250 (if you can get it for around $200 - you are getting a real steal).
    Just a couple of things:
    (1) The wireless does not integrate with Apple computers (Windows only).
    (2) It does not work with the newer HC-SD cards.
    Well worth the investment as it is much better quality than similar sized frames by other companies....more info
  • Great way to share pics
    Great product we now have two. card slots and usb port makes this unit easy and versatile...more info
  • Pictures on screen are nice; uploading pics to it tricky.
    I bought this for my parents for Christmas. I have thousands of pics on my computer and was transferring pictures to the frame and memory card easily, but then it started getting buggy and wouldn't let me load anymore. I contacted tech support and they suggested I download an update, which I did, but it still didn't help. I had to stop uploading pics as Christmas was getting closer and I needed to get it wrapped. I was able to put over 300 pics on it (I wanted to put at least 1000 on it). I told my mother of the trouble I started having with it and said I will try loading more another time. I wanted to get a frame for myself, but I think I will be patient and wait longer until they work more bugs out of it (and I'm sure the price will come down, too). ...more info
  • Great digital picture frame!
    I got this as a birthday gift, along with a 2 gig SD memory card. The screen is clear and bright, really easy to load pictures, songs and videos from computer to memory card, just plug it into a USB port and start loading files! The remote is very easy to use. Some reviewers complained about not having a random fucntion but I don't care. There isn't anyhing I don't like about it! It's a great product at a great price !...more info
  • Great Memories
    This was a great way for our family to share photos with my bed ridden mother. All of us children can get pictures from past events and put them on a media device and play them in a slide show for her to enjoy. She only needed to learn the controls for one easy to use frame to have many photo albums worth of memories. ...more info
  • Not good as it seems
    The Digital Frame itself works but the wireless capability is a disaster. It doesn't want to connect to my Cisco WPA network. It only works with the WEP and works really bad... it crashes after loading few pictures online and crashes again if you change the menu while loading the pictures online.
    The network feature is just a disaster. I should have been tested before selling it!
    I have also opened a ticket in Kodak to get support and they are not helpfull at all. They just answer based on the product manual...

    Just buy the regular one without wireless, it's a waste of money......more info
  • Parents gift
    Bought this for my parents for christmas and they love it and it has good picture quality...more info
  • Easy to share, Easy to use, Easy to see, Wonderful!!!
    After pricing various digital picture frames and reading countless reviews (on amazon and other websites), I decided to purchase this picture frame for my in-laws for Christmas. I was not disappointed!

    The frame was very simple to load. The pictures look fabulous (even ones that were scanned from old photos). My in-laws are not very technologically savy and they have no problems changing the settings.

    I plan on purchasing more of these as gifts for others (and as a gift to myself!)...more info
  • Great frame, great features, great price !!
    I got this as a gift from my kids. I have been wanting one for awhile now and got a new camera a few weeks ago so they thought this would go perfect. It was a great price cause it had a rebate. I love how easy it was to setup and use. I love the music feature. I also just ordered a 2 gig sd card to go with this and the new camera so I should have a on of picture space. ...more info
  • I sent it back
    The problem with this photo frame is that the display is widescreen 16:9, but my digital photos are standard photo format 4:3 so the images were getting chopped off. There is an option to display the entire photo but that shrunk the images down so much they were not worth looking at. If Kodak made a photo frame that used a standard photo format, that would make sense. This frame was no good for my photos....more info
  • Not Bad, Especially for the Price
    I bought a couple of these frames last Christmas for our relatives. The pictures are presented on screen in sequence (no random option, unfortunately) and the color is acceptable. At times, some pictures are shown with a little too much yellow, but I don't know what conditions trigger that. However, as I said, the quality of the images is not bad and this was at the time among the least expensive frames.

    I think that this type of product requires one or two years to mature to a point where the quality is comparable to printed images, so i decided to go with a simple model for now....more info
  • Great product!!!
    Great product! Excellent picture quality! Many nice features! However, the quality of pictures pulled over wifi from the Kodak Gallery is something to be desired. This is a result of settings on Kodak Gallery, not the frame. I don't regret the purchase, but did anticipate equal picture quality from all sources....more info
  • Not what I hoped for
    I bought this 7 inch frame as a gift for my parents. Perhaps I didn't fully read the item description as I thought the frame had some internal memory, it does not. I have no complaints about the set up or transfer of pictures to the frame. I am disappointed in the picture quality, the resolution just wasn't what it should have been, again maybe my fault for not understanding the description. I guess I got what I paid for....more info
  • Feature Packed and Good Quality
    Overall, I am very happy with my decision to purchase this product.
    I originally bought it to display some family photos for an anniversary
    party. The display quality is surprisingly good even when displaying older, scanned photos. The ability to add background music is a plus and the price is quite reasonable compared to other similarly sized
    My only wish is that it would have the ability to run off of batteries.
    I find it odd that almost none of the better quality digital photo frames offer this option. Otherwise I think it is a great product.
    ...more info
  • Good Product, Needs Some Tweaking
    Great color & clarity. Some problems with the wireless connectivity. Initially slideshow would not show pics faster than one per minute! After contacting Kodak customer service, performed firmware upgrade and improved to approximately 5 seconds. However, the slideshow still "chokes" frequently. Also, bottom of picture gets cropped off....more info
  • Excellent Frame
    This frame has a high quality images, and is extremely easy to use. On our Mac there was zero setup... just plugged it into the USB port and dragged and dropped pictures from iPhoto. It even scaled down the high-res pictures to its resolution to save space.

    Our only issue is the strange dimensions of the frame... they're not the same as your standard digital camera image, so you're forced to crop all images. ...more info
  • I love it!
    Love the digital frame, the pictures are very clear and easy to load. Great deal for the price....more info
  • Easyshare Is Easy
    My husband is a photographer and I got this for his birthday. It took him about 10 minutes to set it up and we had an ever changing view of some of our favorite pictures. He also takes it along to use as a table display when he does an event because it's so portable. It looks good sitting on a table in your living room or den. It also makes a great gift to friends or relatives who don't have internet access. We would highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • Things I wish I knew before I bought this frame
    Things I wish I knew before I bought this frame. This is the first digital frame I have purchased, so some of these comments may apply to other digital frames besides this Kodak model.

    1. The picture is displayed on an LCD type screen. This means that if you are not looking at it from just the right angle you either can't see it very well or the colors don't look right.

    2. Hanging the frame on a wall rather than displaying it on a table or desk minimizes the viewing angle problem, but then you have a thick black power cord hanging down the wall (you can't run the frame off of a battery).

    3. The exterior of the frame is a matte black, which looks nice. There is also a shiny black plastic rectangle surrounding the picture (kind of similar to a mat on a regular type picture frame). If you put this frame in a room with a lot of lights (like an office with florecent lighting) this reflects a lot and the glare distracts from the picture.

    4. I paid $200 for this frame - which seems like a lot of money given that it just basically plays a slide show. I know it has some other features like being able to print - but why would anyone use a frame to produce prints?? You can probably buy a refurbished computer for $200.

    Glare an angle problems aside, the picture quality on the Kodak frame is good, however I do think $200 is way too much to pay for this frame. If the cost dropped significantly I might consider buying it again - but not at the current price....more info
  • I love the product but don't use the CD
    I installed the accompaning CD and ended up with an expensive computer geek bill to fix it. It converted application from my defaults in an obscure way. I was able to export photos easily from both my Dell an Apple without it....more info
  • a great gift, but not completely user friendly
    We bought this as a Christmas gift for our parents. They have really enjoyed it and say that the picture quality is fantastic, but they have had trouble figuring out how to play videos on it. They are still trying to figure it out...perhaps it just doesn't work with digital camera videos?...more info
  • If you can add the photos, a good gift for the elderly.
    I'll start off with the fact that this was purchased as a gift for my 85 year old grandmother in-law who always complains that she never has any pictures of our family. My favorite aspect of this product is, that if you preload it with pictures for someone, when you turn it on it just goes into slideshow mode. This was precisely what we needed for my wife's grandmother as I figured she'd have problems plugging it in, let alone using a remote. She was able to plug it in and turn it on with no assistance (after some careful labeling of switches and plugs by my wife...).

    Adding pictures to the frame storage device wasn't exactly straight forward, but if you're comfortable with USB drives and the like you'll have little problem. I give it a four star rating only because copying the pictures to the device wasn't easy enough for an 85 year old grandmother in-law.

    ...more info
  • Kodak EX Review
    I just recieved the unit today. I have found that it will meet all my needs for a picture frame. I have not used all the features however I am writing this to warn buyers to be careful of paying over the msrp on this unit and the sv 811, many dealers are charging way over the asking price from Kodak. Check the Kodak site for the fair price. A fair price is around $ 169.00 some are asking around $ 199.00- 225.00
    the only problem I recognized right away is that the stand is not going to support the unit. I fixed the problem by going to walmarts and purchasing a picture frame stand, problem solved. update as of Jan 26th'

    Check the price at Kodak store they are going for 199.99 and I think this is high for the unit. I paid 166.99 at Amazon just about a mounth ago they will go down. Word to the wise
    ...more info
  • Very pleased!
    The Kodak Easy Share SV1011 is an excellent product. It's not too complicated, and the picture quality is outstanding! I transferred pictures I have on my computer to the Easy Share, and they came out crystal clear. Highly recommend....more info
  • great
    I bought this for both my brother and cousin for christmas. This has a fantastic picture. very easy to use with sd cards. buy a dedicated sd card and transfer pictures to it rather than using the usb cable. I would recommend this for anyone. ...more info
  • Met Expectations But...
    I purchased six Kodak SV-811 8-inch Digital Picture Frames as Christmas gifts for my wife and grown children. Prior to my purchase, I searched CNET and other electonic portals to check reviews by professional reviewers, ratings by users, and price. I zeroed in on Kodak's 7 and 8 inche models.

    Each gift was preloaded with relevant family pictures and each family member received 1 gig ScanDisk to put their own digital show on.

    The Kodak 8 inch frame met my expectations.

    The picture quality is great. And I highly recommend paying the extra money for the 8 inch frame which adds a lot of viewing space. My only ding on this product relates to the deletion of pictures already loaded. Once loaded, selecting and deselecting individual pictures was not only hard to figure out but downright impossible. Basically, one has to deselect all and reload only with those that one wants to appear. This is the basis of the four star versus five star rating.

    ...more info
  • Ripped off by Amazon and Ace Digital Photo
    I purchased this item from Ace Digital Photo a so called Amazon approved vendor, and later found that I pain $100.00 over the price at Kodak. Neither Amazon or Ace would make any refund.

    I suggest that nobody shop at Ace Digital or even Amazon if they are not willing to stand up for their loyal customers....more info
  • Wish it was easier for Mac users
    Overall, the Kodak product is not a bad frame, but I wish it would work better with a Mac.

    Last year, I bought three Panvision frames as gifts. I had to exchange 2 immediately because they did not work, then 1 of those replacements had to be re-replaced. They were only $70. I was able to get the 3 set up, but when I went to change out the pictures, all 3 failed so I took back the gifts from the recipients and returned all 3, vowing to replace them for Christmas. I then did as much research as I could and settled on the Kodak frame, knowing there would be issues, but it seemed better than other frames.

    I tried the wireless, but as others reported, no luck.The other thing that didn't work for me was the iPhoto interface and I spent a lot of time on it. There is supposed to be a plug-in, but I ultimately found out it doesn't work with Intel Macs. Also, the card seemed to fill up much faster than I expected and I don't know why. It's a 2GB card, the Finder shows less than 100MB used, but the software says the card is full. A minor issue is that there were a few files that for no reason seem to say "bad" on the frame. The frame stand is surprisingly not steady and that has nothing to do with technology - just a frame stand. The pictures look pretty good.

    Won't someone make an easy to use frame that works with the Mac? After getting so much good info from the Amazon reviews, I thought I'd offer some of my experiences....more info
  • Good Frame and "Current File is Bad" Problem Resolved
    I researched a lot before this purchase and settled on the Kodak SV-1011, which also essentially comes in 7, 8 inch versions and 8, 10 inch wireless versions. I purchased the SV-1011 for 173.00 from an online vendor and here are my comments:

    1) An excellent frame overall but forget the button menus -- remote control is easier to use. The interface itself is not that intuitive (a little klunky or awkward) but not awful (just could be a little better). There is a lot of "back" button usage.
    2) I loaded 70 pictures and it worked instantly. However, 20 of the files displayed a "Current File is Bad" Error. Online Chat with Kodak was useless but I did get a reply in about 30 hours from an email with a good response. Before that, however, I fixed it myself. Here's the deal: the frame only handles "baseline" JPEG, not PROGRESSIVE SCAN. My files were a combination of digital camera pics and scans, many of which were modified in Adobe Photoshop Elements. You need to save the file as "Baseline JPEG" not "Progressive" (it's a menu that pops up when it asks what quality of file). I've heard elsewhere that you need to do 1200x600 dpi files but I suspect that author actually was saving it as baseline when changing the dpi and thinking that was the problem. In reality, I have larger files but the problem was confirmed by Kodak in a very detailed email. EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT and the casual user should never run into this, only if you scan or modify using a photo program.
    3) Lousy documentation -- comes with Easyshare CD but don't even bother using this. The available USB cable in the package connects directly to the frame from the PC or transfer using the media card. No need to even load easyshare (I thought documentation was on the CD). The online documentation available at kodak.com is slightly better.

    All in all, I'm very satisfied with this product and marked it lower than a 5 because of the issues listed above....more info
  • Missing equipment
    I ordered six SV-811 8 inch Kodak Digital Picture Frames on Dec. 2, 2007. The one that I received and gave to my wife for Christmas was missing the USB Cord, Remote and the Remote Holder. I contacted Kodak on Dec. 24 to let them know that the parts were missing. All six picture frames came in plain brown boxes instead of the normal Kodak Packaging. They were sold to me, through Amazon, by Shop Digital Corp. On Dec. 27, I received instructions to fax the sales document and other information to Kodak Accessory Services. I faxed that on Dec. 28. I've heard nothing from Kodak. I can not operate the picture frame as identified in the instruction manual. I can look at the pictures that are preloaded on the unit, they are lovely, but I can not look at my own pictures....more info
  • Nice start - now finish the product
    Nice clear display and has great features, but some features are incomplete. No additional charges required to use the wireless feature with the Kodak Gallery which is nice. Overall, I can recommend this frame at least at the price I paid for it, but beware that this frame has been thrown on the market before all of its features have been implemented.

    Two biggest complaints :
    1) The setup works fine and is pretty intuitive, although if you want to or need to manually enter your network information, it could take you hours if you make a mistake in using the remote to enter the information; one mistake, and you have to start all over pushing lots of buttons on the remote to navigate through menus and enter data. Took me over two hours to configure wireless capability, but most people may just use the auto setup which may work fine and be much faster. And I had to re-enter all the setup information again after I updated the firmware.

    2) The auto-on/off feature is a GREAT idea except it has not been fully implemented. The frame turns on alright, but it displays the setup screen which requires user intervention to navigate through menus to get the frame to display actual pictures. Maybe this scenario occurs only if there is no media card in the frame, but the frame should be configurable to go to the Kodak Gallery when no card is detected and start displaying images from there. Duh! I am not even going to mention the fact that you will get nice little icons burned into your display if the frame always turns on to the same set up menu and sits there for hours. Well, I guess I did mention it.

    I hope Kodak is working on updating the firmware and completing what they have started. I bought this frame for my parents for Christmas hoping to set it up to turn on automatically and display recent family pictures from the Kodak Gallery. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Still waiting for a firmware update......more info
  • Misleading description.
    We returned the frame without even trying to load it. Very disappointed to see the frame opening was 8" on the diagonal which makes it much smaller than a regular 8" frame....more info
  • Great Product
    -Comes with lots of features
    -Slideshow feature
    -Accepts various types of memory cards

    -Screen kinda small
    -Not sure if speaker qaulity would be that great(note:did not try this feature just opinion)
    -Needs a memory card for your pics

    OVERALL A GREAT PURCHASE and my mom seems to love it....more info
  • Good Pictures
    I ordered this gift for my mom for Christmas. I was scared as it wasnt a really expensive one, and I assumed you get what you paid for. But this frame works great, just put in your disk and watch the slideshow. The pictures have a really good quailty. The only reason I labeled it a 4, is because I know there are better opnes out there, but they cost more money. Also I havent played with all of the features. But my overall vote: a very good digital picture frame....more info
  • Great Picture Quality, needs better wifi usability
    This photo frame has great picture quality, runs video and music files and overall looks good.

    The wifi works good but you'll want to be a more advanced user to get use out of it. I'm fairly geeky and I think I'll just stick with the card slot. The Kodak Photogallery software is also cumbersome. You can download it from thier site to try it out before you buy the frame.

    The documentation is minimal and poorly written. I was under the impression that I could copy files over the network to the frame and play them, nope. I also misunderstood and thought family and friends could email photos directly to the frame through my network, if it's there I couldn't figure it out. Maybe you'll have better luck with the wifi.

    Even with the preconceived misunderstandings, this frame is a good product and you can navigate (with proper premissions) your entire network and play all sorts of media files. ...more info
  • Things Kodak should have told you...
    1) how to download music onto the frame (not included in the instructions)
    2) that you really only need the software contained in the box IF you plan on uploading your photos to www.kodakgallery.com and that it actually has nothing to do with the frame (even though loading the software is the FIRST thing they tell you to do in the instructions)
    3) the instructions VERY minimally address what you need to know
    4) the instructions forget to tell you how to actually transfer photos to the frame (aside from showing multiple ports on the frame illustration).

    I have become pretty tech saavy over the years and feel very sad for new owners of this frame. Many purchasers will likely buy the frame for a loved one who has no idea how to load it.

    The picture quality is very good, the options for viewing are very user friendly and the electronic menu on the frame is very intuitive (can even be reset to multiple languages, including Greek ). However, if you are purchasing this item for someone who is not highly proficent with electronics, digital photos or relies heavily upon written instruction with new electronic toys, please plan on loading the pics on the frame for them the first time with an additional purchase of a CF Card, SD card, thumb disc, etc. (which will need to remain with the frame)....more info
  • Hardware is nice - WiFi Software incomplete
    The hardware for this product works just great. No complaints other than the aspect ratio is odd ( very wide ). The issue I have is with the WiFi interface. As far as I can tell, it is only designed to talk to a UPnP media server. The manual walks you through trying to use Microsoft Media Player (huh?) to handle all of your photos and dish them out to your frame. When that doesn't works ( it didn't for me ), you're stuck. Even if it did work, what are the chances that Windows Vista, or followon OS will still work with the frame 2-3 years from now? Answer - very slim.
    Thankfully sneaker-net with a SD flash card works just great. Copy your pics to the card, slap it in the frame.
    For WiFi, I was hoping for a simple little application that you would just drag your JPEGs into and the software would transfer the files to the picture frame. Even better would be to have the picture frame show up as a network share drive. No such luck. Kodak simply washes their hands of trying to support WiFi with a simple to use interface. I can't recommend the WiFi Frame as Kodak provides no software to interface with it....more info
  • Excellent product....easy to use!
    I purchased this frame for my dad for Christmas and he loves it!!! It is so easy to use...literally plug it in and insert your media card. This is the perfect frame for someone who enjoys viewing pictures without having to sit at their computer or for someone who doesn't have a computer. The picture quality is very good and the transitions between pictures makes viewing more interesting than just flashing from one picture to the next. The acceptance of different media types makes it very adaptable to anyone! ...more info
  • Very cool little frame!
    These frames are really cool. I bought two for holiday presents this past year. Just seeing and using them seems right out of "Star Trek." The colors are vivid and the resolution is sharp. It makes other picture frames seem really outdated. My only complaint is that the overall plastic feels a little cheap....more info
  • Happy, Happy, Happy
    Im in IT so, when I initially tried to hook this up, I looked into it too much and made it more difficult than I needed. After attempting to hook this through my home wireless network for a second time, it didn't take more than 5 minutes! Music and pictures are loaded and all is well! I have the clear frame in the mail as well so, that I can change it from the black. I love this product! Not having to worry about having enough storage space is exceptional and so worth the extra money for those with wireless networks....more info
  • $100 cheaper on the actual Kodak Website!
    I gave 2 of these to people for Christmas - and they love it. Despite the low-sounding resolution, it performs decently and the image quality certainly outperforms other comparable frames I saw in the store. The real mystery however is why these are priced at $249.99 on Amazon - I bought mine on the Kodak website for $149.95! And I'm not confusing this with the wireless-capable version - it's the same model number, SV811....more info
  • Great frame
    I was very happy with this product. Easy to put together and a great, clear picture. ...more info
  • Great Media Player / Pic Frame!
    I'd say that this frame is pretty good, you can take the pictures right from your digital camera and play them back. That's what makes them awesome.
    The only concern and problem I had is that right out of the box it didn't work until I went to the kodak support website and downloaded the latest firmware and installed it. After that it worked fine. It plays JPG mixed in with mp3 music or MOV videos with sound.
    From other reviews they said that the sound was tin-ny and they are right. Here's a suggestion: if you pick up some cheap PC speakers and plug them in you'll get a lot better quality....more info
  • I LOVE this product.
    I received this digital frame for Christmas and so far, I adore it. I'm not a professional photographer but I appreciate quality photos and am so pleased that I can display the pictures we've taken with our digital camera. I think the clarity and colors are very sharp on the screen and this frame can even play any videos (with audio!) you have recorded on your Kodak camera. I also felt that it was extremely easy to set up and there's an option on the frame that allows you to choose which photos you want added to/removed from the slide show. I haven't downloaded the software for the computer yet, so I can't comment on that myself. I was a bit bummed out to discover that there isn't any internal memory and I have to pop my memory card in and out of the frame whenever I want to use it, but my overall satisfaction with this product more than makes up for it. :) This is a great alternative to clunky, dusty photo albums that I have to lug on and off my bookshelves. All of my pictures from throughout the year are displayed continuously in a sleek, modern frame that looks cool on my wall unit....more info
  • Great Product!
    I recently bought this frame after returning a cheaper lower quality one to Walmart ... it was a gift to my recently married nephew ... I put wedding photos and also some of their wedding songs on the frame and gave it to them for Christmas ... it came out awesome ... the pictures display great and the music is pretty good for a picture frame (don't expect awesome sound, it is a PICTURE frame after all), but I really can't complain ... I learned a trick also ... I had the songs in order of how I wanted them to play, but the picture frame plays them in alphabetical order ... so you just need to go back onto the memory card and sequence them by putting A,B,C, etc as the first letter for the song files ... can't rate the wireless capability yet, but this is a great frame!...more info
  • Kodak Dig picture frame
    There are not sufficient instructions for downloading pictures to the frame and it is user friendly only if you use Kodak easy share software which I do not want or need ....more info
  • SV710 is a nice digital frame
    I think this device works well. I didn't try the audio feature but it was simple to put pictures on and to setup. The picture quality is good but it could be a bit better (but couldn't everything be better?).

    Good frame and user friendly. ...more info
  • Kodak EX 811
    This frame is very cool. They have some bugs to work out as far as updating software and the ease of set up. Once we got through that the frame is very cool. It has features we did not even know about. It goes out to our Kodak Gallary and gets pics to play. You do not just have to get them from the PC. Lots of fun to have and use....more info
  • Good Frame for the Money
    This Kodak Frame is a good frame for the money. The frame arrived quickly and in great condition. Good packaging and easy to follow instructions were included. The setup on the frame is very easy and really only required a brief glance of the instructions to set up. Anyone familiar with a SD Memory Card will have no trouble with this frame. Exterior look of the frame is sleek and attractive. Excellent Fit and Finish. The digital picture is great and my wife (gift recipient) was very pleased with the frame. We were both surprised when we inserted our memory card and the frame even displayed the video we had taken with her camera of our kids decorating the Christmas tree. It is really cool to enjoy pictures and then suddenly see the picture switch to video. Have not tried the sound feature yet, but we are happy with the picture quality, screen, ease of use, craftsmanship and order and delivery process. Remote control is fun. Wall mounting and leg to stand up the frame very easy to use.

    ...more info
  • Critical Flaw - No Random Slide Show
    I picked up this picture frame as a gift for my wife, thinking that the name (Kodak) would get me a better quality frame than some of the unknown brands out there. Well, I was partially right... the display is gorgeous, the frame seems well-built, and the feature set is rich. My initial assessment was strong enough to give the frame 4 stars.

    However, after using the frame for less than an hour, I believe that this device has one fatal flaw that ruins it. There is no way to have the frame pick pictures randomly to display in the slide show. There is no shuffle play! This means that every time you start it up, you see the exact same pictures in the exact same order as last time.

    The "Getting Started" guide sums it up this way: "The pictures and videos - on the card or device you inserted - are displayed in the order they're stored on the card or device." IMHO, when you've got hundreds of pictures on an SD card, you'd like to see a variety, a sampling of what you've got, not the same ones in the same order every time. To me, this is such a basic feature that I didn't even think to look for it. That's my mistake, to be sure, but I hope that others can learn from my mistake.

    BTW, I played around with different ways to change the order, including changing the last modified dates of the files, the names of the files, the creation dates of the files, and the last accessed dates of the files, but to no avail. I'd take the SD card, put it in my computer, tweak the files, then put the card back in the frame, only to see the exact same pictures in the exact same order as before I changed anything. Very frustrating, and very disappointing.

    Until Kodak fixes this problem with a firmware upgrade, there is no way I could recommend that anyone buy this frame. I'm still searching for a good one.
    ...more info
  • Kodak Easyshare EX-1011 digital picture frame
    This is perhaps the easiest digital picture frame to set up and use. Kodak has this down to a science. All you do is install your memory card, turn on the frame and follow the instructions. A 5 year old can do this. I am really enjoying the one I purchased....more info
  • good product
    I bought this as a gift for my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first child. They were so excited, they already have so many picture frames around their house and love that they can have one frame to show so many pictures....more info
  • great product
    This is the easiest and quickest way to see your photos and enjoy them often...more info
  • Doesn't recognize any video formats
    Don't buy this for your videos because it failed to recognize any of the supported formats that were listed. I used both the e-mail and live chat support that Kodak offers and all they could suggest was to reload the firmware. It had the latest version, but I reloaded it anyway to no avail. The next suggestion was a 1-800 number to send it in for repairs, which wasn't available on Saturday morning at 9AM.

    Wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • EX1011
    I bought the EX1011 for a xmas present and I have to agree with the review by Dennis Wierzbicki. I was very disappointed to find out you cannot transfer photos from you PC to the frame wirelessly. Kodak wants to control this though the use of their online Gallery which to me is only to sell you other Kodak junk. Some other problems; I have a network drive and when I try to copy pictures to the Gallery you cannot browse the network. You have to have the photos local or on a lettered drive (ie C: or D:). So you have to first copy the photos from your network to somewhere you can upload them to the Gallery. I put photos up in the Gallery and some were in portrait mode and it could not switch them unlike when they are on a memory card, you had to do rotate them manually and then re-upload them to the Gallery. It also allows you to use you PC to host the photos instead of the gallery but you have to use Media Player 11 but who wants to leave their computer on and tied up with Player to show pictures on a Frame? And the comment about having a default album at startup is correct. It is a very confusing interface. Also it tries to load a lot of crap on you system when you install the software...more info
  • Great frame, horrible Wi-Fi approach - beware
    This review is appropriate for people who were thinking the Wi-Fi would be great for people who store lots of photos on computer and would love ability to automatically access new photos added periodically, without having to do physical transfers via mem stick etc etc.

    I bought this for my parents for christmas, thinking i'd also buy one for myself later. I picked this over other frames because it came with some internal memory (watch out, many of those other cheaper frames have NO internal memory, so you end up having to buy a memory card anyway, making it not so cheap after all.) Also bought this because of its media options (taking different memory card formats) and because of positive reviews from other people re: photo resolution (I had seen comments that cheaper frames had worse and sometimes weird picture resolutions). This seemed like a flexible and safe bet. Turns out I didn't read deeply enough about the wi-fi option and how it works.

    Bottom line, i paid extra for an option that does not work in a practical way. I should have just bought the SV model (no wi-fi) and then I would have been 95% satisfied. As it is, I'm 50% satisfied. No one should have released a product touting wi-fi with as many problems as I experienced. The only reason I'm not saying less than 50% is that at least the rest of the frame worked very well.

    I'll summarize pros and cons briefly then go into the wi-fi con for those who care.

    - Came right up out of the box and played pictures in a card or USB stick attached.
    - Great looking pictures. I loaded pics I had just scanned and pics that were straight from different digital cameras. No conversions required. Just rotated some before I loaded then so all would be right side up.
    - Menu easy to navigate and understand for me using the little remote control. A little less intuitive for my Dad (70 yrs old, decently computer literate, just not as confident as me), but he got it OK. Nice to be able to stick his memory card in and copy from card to frame if he wanted.

    - Frame requires XP SP2 and windows Media Player 11. Former should be no big deal, everyone should have upgraded to that years ago- but beware if buying this for the grandparents. Midnight on christmas eve, everyone has finally gone to bed, and I sit down on my dad's computer to install the software and get this thing ready loaded with pics and talking to his network before I wrap up the gift. Big mistake. Hours later I'm still doing upgrades to his computer, because he had never done SP2 for XP.

    SECOND part of this problem - The frame's software requires Windows Media Player 11. OMG what an evil piece of software. I installed it; actually got the wi-fi between frame and computer working quickly and started sharing pics with the frame. THEN - I wondered why my dad's computer suddenly couldn't do ANYTHING else. CPU totally taken over by WMP related files. Finally brought up my computer (because his was so taken over after a few minutes that i couldn't even get to the web to look anything up), and found tirades online about how WMP 11 in media sharing mode sucks the CPU down when talking to things like Xboxes. Long story short, on Christmas Day I showed him the wifi sharing, then turned off the sharing mode, turned off WMP 11 and apologized and told him I'd try to find a way to make it work as soon as I could. I basically blew at least $30 because the wi-fi mode of this frame is unusable.

    I'm now at home doing research online trying to figure out if there's some WMP 11 fix I don't know about yet to get around this problem. How can Microsoft put a product like this out? or is it the fact that my Dad's computer's memory (256MB) just won't handle it even though he's got XP Professional loaded? (I'm going to try this media sharing on computers with 512 MB and 2 GB and see what happens and will update this review if I find antying out... but I have not been able to find ANY help online so far saying "if you just get this much memory the problem goes away.)"

    Anyway, I wanted to post this review for any other folks considering this frame for grandparents who routinely use their computer for pictures. Becuase this family did NOT find a way to make it work. (and if someone out there wants to respond and tell me where I'm being stupid, I am ALL ears... this was a very frustrating experience).

    - Other major problem, Easy Share software stinks, at least for me. Tried installing this on 2 different computers, had trouble both times. Installed on my dad's computer, older, but then kept locking up. I had to reboot his computer to even get the program to shut down. Wouldn't even install on mine (the one I use and abuse at work for all kinds of programs - so no reason it shouldn't install.) It first goes out to validate that you've got a legit version of Windows- which I do.... but I couldn't even get past that step on my computer. I finally un-installed it so my dad's comptuer would stop locking up. So there goes the ability to log into an online gallery account and download family pics, another reason I got this model of the frame.

    Bottom line again, the frame is great except for the way the wi-fi shares pictures with the computer - more Microsofts problem than Kodaks, but I would have expected them to test this better and know that in practical setup, it is NOT USABLE! or issue better computer system requirements instructions. I I buy one for myself, it will be the SV version, no wi-fi, unless I can find some something online about how to get around these wi-fi shortfalls.
    ...more info
  • Kodak Easyshare Picture Frame - Great!
    We bought this frame for my 79 year old mother-in-law as a Christmas present. It is easy to download pictures and the pictures are crystal clear to view through the frame. No issues here and a great present to give!...more info
  • Kodak SV-710 SC Customer Opinion
    I bought two of these as gifts. I read all the reviews before buying. I am pleasantly pleased. A few of the pictures were a bit blurry, but that could have been due to the resolution of those particular pictures - others looked fabulous! The actual viewing screen isn't as big as I thought it would be, but a good size none the less. The recipients were happy and that's all that matters. I have yet to use the music function, so I can't speak to that. Download and set-up are really easy and straightforward if you've ever moved data. For the money, it's a great buy....more info
  • Great product @ great value!
    These 7" frames are a great high quality product at a great price. We looked at the 8" ones, but their significantly higher price tag and wireless capability made them less attractive for what we needed; a great Christmas gift for elderly parents and inlaws who already have everything and just want to see pictures of the extended family.

    These digital frames are even better than digital cameras/pictures because there's no fooling with syncing, hooking up USB cables, and all that. We just put all the photos we wanted our elders to have in a folder and copied them to SD cards, put the cards in the frames, got the frames ready to play the slideshow when the frames were plugged in and turned on, put everything back in the box and shipped them off. Done!

    This can be done with any of these digital frame models, of course, but for the price, the ease of use, the smaller size of this particular model, it worked out fabulously for us. Strongly recommended for any and all.

    oakndog...more info
  • download issue
    I got this item to give to my wifes parents who dont have a computer nor do they have a digital camera. We could attach our memory stick and look at pictures but the frame would not download the pictures on to the frame. My wife was on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for assitance with no help. I like the item but if you cant download the pictures what good is it. ...more info
  • Nice Picture
    Cons: 1. Unfortunalty I am going to have to exchange this product for a new one, due to several "blank" pixels on the left side of the frame after the frame has been on for a few hours.

    2. I was very disappointed in the instructions for using the frame. There is pretty much no instructions as to how to put your pictures on it, you need to know how to navigate your own computer once you have plugged in your frame. The software that comes with the frame has nothing to due with uploading pictures to it, which was a bit confusing.

    Pros: 1. You can download songs to the frame that will play during a slideshow, plays videos, and the picture looks great!

    2. You can upload pictures into different files and change the groups of pictures that change.

    3. The frame gives you a lot of control for your own preferences. I love that you can have it automatically turn on and off at a certain time to save energy. The remote control is great!

    4. Lots of options for veiwing! Great picture!...more info
  • Easy to Use
    I recieved this frame as a Christmas present. I was aware beforehand and transfered all of my pictures into a compatable memory stick. Christmas morning I opened the package, and inserted my memory stick and it was ready to go! I evened added the pictures that we're taken during the day....more info
  • What a Great Gift!
    Just got this for Christmas - loaded with family pictures from over 50 years ago to today - by our great photographer daughter - the selection was amazing. What a treasure. In the event of a fire, flood or earthquake???? I just can grab this little treasure and take it with me. What a wonderful gift! ...more info
  • 100% Perfect As Always
    The digital frame does everything it says on the tin. Delivery process, packaging and speed of delivery up to the 100% quality standards I have come to expect off Amazon. All the way from Dublin, Ireland, you've made someone very happy this Christmas....more info
  • Love it!
    Okay, I'm not a professional photographer but I do know what I like. Great product. I am very satisfied. Great picture. ...more info
  • If you are lucky
    I purchased this wifi frame because I thought Kodak had to do a good job. Their film biz is going away and this is a natural place to excel. Sorry Kodak, get yourself a new set of (wifi) engineers. First, the Kodak manual is useless. If you just happen to have the 'happy case' for all parts of the wifi (server, router, Kodak frame) then it might just work and all you will need is the manual. If however, you are like most of the world and at least one piece is unhappy, then you are on your own. Googleing won/t help (although, I'm working on that). You are more likely to get snow in July then see connections for your Kodak frame on your computer or your router and not likely to see your computer on the Kodak frame either. For those geeks willing to spend a couple of dozen hours and risk your computer's stability, you may get it to work. Did I mention, Kodak was _no_ help? Back to the un-happy case. Here are a few acronyms that you will need if your setup is un-happy. UPnP, QoS, WMP 11, Windows client, HTTP SL, Qsos RSVP, Network Sharing Service, RPC, WMM, SSDP. Kodak, get your act together. ...more info
  • A very solid picture frame for the money
    We looked at a number of the locally-available frames at places like OfficeMax, Best Buy, etc. The Kodak was by the far the best in accurate color rendition and resolution. The SV811 costs maybe 50% more than some of the budget frames of similar size, but for that you do get the sound/movie capability (which may or may not be of interest), a little internal memory, higher resolution, and a good color rendition (to my eye).

    We did compare it side-by-side with a number of cheaper frames and the differences were very noticeable. Recommended....more info
  • Kodak SV811
    Works great and very easy to use. The only drawback I have is the same as other have said in that you can't see your pictures randomly, just in the order they're put in....more info
  • Non-intuitive Interface, Not Mac Compatible
    The interface on this product is poorly designed and is difficult to navigate. In order to make this work, I will have to load the pictures onto the SD card and be bound to display only those photos as it is not Mac compatible despite its claim to be. I would take it back if it weren't a gift. Maybe I'll sell it on eBay, but with the horrible reviews here, it doesn't look like it would sell....more info
  • Hit a few snags in the setup but still a cool product
    Like my title says the frame took a little bit longer to setup than I thought it would but when I was finished I was happy with the result. Not until I opened it up and started checking it out did I realize that it doesn't come with and type of storage for your pictures you want to display...you have to have your own memory card or something to plug into it. But on the up side of that little hang up you can use different memory cards or a USB thumb drive or plug your camera into it so there are some options there. More for the positive side..the pictures look very nice on the screen(nice color and resolution), the music that you can play on it sounds realy good, and there are some nice options on how you want your slide show to be presented. Its also worth saying that you don't need to waste your time loading the software that comes with it... it has nothing to do with the frame! The software is just Kodak stuff to organize picture and share them..again non of it is used WITH the frame. So after I figured all that out and got it loaded and ready to go it was preaty cool. The only glitch that I've found in its operation is sometimes I have to turn it off and on again a few times to reconize a different memory stick or card that I've put in but there might be an solution for that (I haven't read the whole manual yet). ...more info
  • Kodak SV-710 Digital Picture Frame
    This is an excellent product, as you would expect from Kodak. A very good price and very easy to operate. My 90 year old mother-in-law can easily use this product. Good, clear picture....more info
  • 16:9?? WHY? Who crops photos to 16:9??
    I just got this digital picture frame (SV-710) for xmas and had it out of the box for about 2 hours. i set it up in about 10 minutes and it works fine. the remote is very nice. the image quality is alright. i kinda expected more/smaller pixels in the screen than what it uses. the pixels are too big so if you are close to the frame, you see everything is composed of little squares. i noticed this same problem on other frames in every store i saw them displayed though, so i guess manufacturers just use cheap screens with less detailed pixels for photo frames.

    anyway, the screen is described as " 7 inch diagonal " or 16:9. Why?

    this isn't a tv or a movie screen. it is a means of displaying PHOTOGRAPHS. Photos are 4x6 or 5x7, etc. and digitals are also described in resolutions of 640x480, or whatever. so why would you offer a picture frame and label it's size in anything other it's length by width dimensions in inches or pixel resolution?????

    but this isn't limited to Kodak though. market wide, most other digital picture frames are labelled this same way. treated as a television would be treated, INSTEAD OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY STANDARD OF MEASURING THE IMAGE DIMENSIONS!
    so now i have to recrop any picture i want on this (or any digital picture frame) to some weird special 16:9 aspect ratio. so lets say i take a picture of a dog sitting up. if i want to print out that picture to put into a normal picture frame AND display it on a digital frame, i need to crop it TWICE. once for the normal frame, and once for the digital. *****If you don't recrop the images to specially fit this stupid 16:9 standard, then the frames just cut off the bottom of your images*****

    as dumb as this mistake is, i can understand new businesses messing this up and thinking "well its kinda like a tv so we'll just treat it like a tv" that would not be a valid excuse, but at least i could understand how it could happen. But kodak isn't new to photography. if you're gonna tell me that kodak has no idea how to frame a photograph, then what have they been doing for the last 115 years? i give the item 4 stars because besides the 16:9, it is a a nice looking device that does what it is supposed to and has no other faults that i'm aware of.

    but i give the whole digital picture frame industry 0 stars! take that!...more info
  • Kodak Picture Frame
    This product filled all my requirements and desires for a picture frame. It is very easy to set up and use and has great picture quality....more info
  • Good electronics, BAD physical design
    I'll try to keep this brief. I bought the Kodak "SV811 + Glass Faceplate" (available only at Target). The digital electronics part of the unit seems pretty good, but they did an AWFUL job on the plastics.

    In order to install the glass faceplate, you need to remove the plastic frame that the unit comes installed in. IMPOSSIBLE, or almost so. The plastic frame is essentially impossible to remove. I managed to do it, but I am a technically and mechanically competent adult male. After pushing the little "lever" that's supposed to release the electronics from the frame, I had to use all my strength to deform the plastic frame in order to really free the electronics from the frame. There is another little plastic tab that is not released by a lever and the only way to disengage it is to bend the plastic frame--very difficult to do.

    This took me about an hour, a half hour of which was spent on the phone with a useless Kodak customer support person. I knew more about the product than he did.

    If that isn't enough, the unit comes with a little caddy for the remote that is barely large enough for the remote. You have to actually force the remote into the caddy, thereby making it almost impossible to remove the remote from the caddy. What a bunch of idiots.

    This was my first and last Kodak product....more info
  • Easily one of the BEST Frames out.
    I shopped around and purchased several other frames just to return them.
    Either the picture was poor or the menus and interface was horrible.
    This frame is excellent compared to whats out there. Excellent picture and it works right out of the box. Just plug a picture card in and it starts the slide show as soon as you start it up. No screwing around with menus. EXCELLENT gift just for this reason.

    It will play videos and music as well. It also has the most diverse multi-language menu options I have seen.

    Home run product. I gave one as a gift but I will buy another for myself.
    I wouldnt even bother looking at another manufacturer at this point. Buy this one....more info
  • Does not work as promised, little technical support and almost no instructions
    I purchased this product because I believed it would be easy to use. One of my criteria is finding updated firmware in under five minutes. Kodak's website seemed quick and easy to use and I liked that. After having recieved the picture frame I figured I would set it up connect to Windows XP's Windows Media Player as is listed in the products features. I was able to get it to connect to my wireless network fairly easily but it refuses to see the computer. Also, if you lose the remote you will not be able to enter WEP codes as the controls on the back only allow you to move up and down on the builtin display keyboard, not left & right. After trying to contact Kodak via phone, email and online chat for two days I am ready to put the frame back in the box and go with a Samsung frame. Most of the links for the online chat are old and do not point to a valid link. The phone numbers are difficult to find and even though they say support is available Saturday to Thursday, I have had a window open for over an hour saying someone will be with me. Any of the phone numbers I call I navigate through the the phone tree before eventually being told they are closed. As for the picture quality it seems pretty good and something I would be happy with if it would only display the pictures stored on the computer. I'm not going to have my wife upload them to an EasyShare account and copy them off of the camera's memory stick just to show them. I am sorry I went with Kodak as there is not time to exchange it before Christmas....more info
  • Easyshare EX-1011 Frame
    This is a good frame for the money.

    I did need to update the firmware before I could get the wireless to work with my system, but that was not a big deal. The wireless feature is really nice for uploading pictures. The pictures load easily and look great on the screen.

    The remote works well.

    This frame also plays mp3 files. The sound quality isn't that great, but I got it to display pictures not play music.

    I have this on my desk at work and everyone stops to look. It is timed to turn on when I get to work and turn off just after I leave.

    It would be nice if they added a calendar and clock display.

    ...more info
  • Great Product, BUT
    This is really a great gift for people who LOVE to take photographs all the time! However, Wal-Mart sells it for $179.99. I wanted, for convenience, to buy it here, but for $30 savings I was willing to run out to the local Wal-Mart!...more info
  • Nice frame
    I bought this for my mom. It is simple to use. I was dissapointed that the frame has no internal memory. Otherwise a good product....more info
  • Not good for computer beginners .....
    I bought this as a gift for my parents, who are not very proficient with computers. I thought the frame would be easy to use and a nice techno-toy for Christmas. Not a good choice. First, the manual is little more than a list of the buttons on the frame and the remote. It is in 5-6 languages, but not very useful. Detailed info/full documentation is available on line - not good if you do not have internet access or use the internet for email and limited browsing. As with many companies, Kodak uses its software and internet site to try to sell you more services, etc. The software is not very good; getting pictures from the computer or SD card to the frame was too hard. The frame's quality is OK, although the control buttons did not always work the first time we pushed them. Menus are not very intuitive. The picture quality is good, and the slide show seemed to work well. As expected, sound quality was very poor. There was one 'dead' pixel (on the right side of the frame). Overall this was a very disappointing purchase and was returned. ...more info
    Just a warning this is 149.95 from Kodak or at Best Buy....100 bucks more here at amazon....but I do hear good things about it and although resolution is not as good as on you computer from what I read it is one of the best digital frames out there....more info
  • A nice product, but far too pixelated
    I bought a couple of these for my in-laws this year, and I've been a little disappointed. The overall construction is nice, the frame does everything it says it does, and does it well. The lack of internal memory is annoying, but since you can just get a 512MB SD card for about $15 or less, who cares? Also, the load time for large images is very long, so make sure you make your pictures nice and small (the display resolution is 480x234, and the screen does a so-so job of re-scaling)

    The one thing I have to complain about, and the reason I gave it only 3 stars, is that the display resolution is under 80 dpi. I can see the pixelation at about a foot, and even from across the room the pictures look a little funny. ...more info
  • The "Point & Shoot" of Digital Frames
    I have other frames of various brands, but this is easily the best. Handles both still shots and video on the same memory media seamlessly shifting from one to the other. In a word excellent and at a good price....more info
  • Ok for the money
    Kinda pixelated, but ok for the money. Unless I missed something, it has to be plugged in to work, which is a hastle (a battery option would be nice) but again, you get what you pay for....more info
  • Great Digital Frame
    Great digital picture frame. This was a good value. My daughter received it for an early Christmas gift and she was impressed with all the features....more info
  • Ordering Problems bad screen resolution
    Tried to buy the EX wi-fi version but it seems that Amazon is having a lot of trouble on actually shipping the correct product. I recieved the 7 inch low end model but was chared the top of the line price. Beware when ordering here, I've also noticed prices changing on items from screen to screen. So you can't be sure that you will be able to get what you pay for until the work the bugs out of the system.

    But since I had already turned it on, the screen resolution was very low and not worth buying for the professional photographer since the other higher res screen models look much better....more info
  • Great Product; Very Easy to Use
    I purchased one of these for my wife and I, and several more to give as Christmas gifts. It's excellent. The picture quality is very good, the internal memory is very convenient and more than addequate, and it is so easy to use. We were loading pictures from the PC and camera memory card within seconds. As others before have mentioned, you don't need the software that comes with the device. I have a Compaq computer with Windows XP and it linked without any trouble at all using the USB cable that came with the frame. I highly recommend this frame over other comparable models, and definately over lesser, smaller models, for it's ease of use, quality and value....more info
  • Okay, But Depends on What You Need
    I have no complaints about the frame's ease of use or picture quality, but the inability to randomly portray the pictures is a MAJOR drawback to me, and is a big disappointment. Had I known I would NOT have purchased this. What good is being able to put 2GB worth of pictures in the frame if EVERY TIME you turn it on you are faced with the same pictures in the same order? If you want to see picture #700 you might just want to leave it on all night and catch it when you get up.
    I also learned there is no need for the included Easy Share software. Just connect the frame via USB and transfer the photos....more info
  • Great gift
    We bought this frame as a gift for a relative, and it was a total hit. We bought a 2G SD card, copied a pile of pictures and avi files over to it, and that was it! Very easy to set up, and the pictures look great. ...more info
  • Just OK - Not Worth the Money!
    The picture quality was a disappointment; you can actually see the pixels but it should be fine for Grandma. If you buy this for someone you will also have to buy either a memory card or a flash drive, since there is no internal memory (the Amazon description does not explicitly state this). The directions are also very brief and do not really tell you anything. The Easy Share software is really good for other things but does not really have a direct relationship with the picture frame; seems to be designed more for printing and burning cds....more info
  • A good product overall
    Bought this for my wife and she really likes it. The clarity it outstanding looking straight on. Like any LCD, as soon as you move off-axis the colors start changing. My Vista laptop recognized the frame but my XP desktop did not (I have had other USB devices not recognized by my desktop so I don't think it's a frame problem.)

    One little quirk which I believe is common to all digital frames: the resolution is not a standard digital photo resolution. It is 800x480. What this means is that loading a standard picture will either crop some of the image or reduce the horizontal image size, leaving black bars on the sides. I dealt with this by editing each picture to 800x480 resolution using a combination of cropping and shrinking. This had the added benefit of reducing the file size substantially so I have 120 pictures in the internal memory and room for hundreds more.

    One other comment: you can load just the frame drivers if you don't want the Kodak EasyShare software and all the extra junk.

    Overall my wife and I are very happy with this product. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Photo quality is very good & it is incredibly easy to add/remove pictures & music by using the memory card. Sound quality is good too. Overall very happy with this frame....more info
  • Don't buy this if you use a Mac
    Yes, that's right. Don't buy this if you use a Mac. I am not computer illiterate, but suffered several hours of frustration with this unit. Even the manual (what there is of one) gives the wrong web address for Kodak's help section for digital frames. And the updates are img file format rather than dmg. Thanks for nothing, except the hole in my budget. That's all I have to say about it....more info
  • Not happy
    This frame displays pictures ok. But DO NOT USE KODAK'S EASYSHARE SOFTWARE, your better off using windows to transfer files. Navigation using the buttons on the back of the frame don't make any sense, you have to use the remote to navigate. This frame is supposed to play .MOV .AVI .MPEG1 & .MPEG4 files .MOV files created with my Kodak Z812IS camera do not work on this frame, niether do .MPEG4 files. You can play .AVI & MPEG1 files 640 x 480 resolution....more info
  • Beware: Not OS X MAC compatible!
    The specs say that this unit works with Macs and OS X. It doesn't. There are no driver to make the wi-fi work as it is tied to Microsoft Media Player and you can not use an IPOd as again it must be MP3 on the Windows Media Player. Kodak support was useless and they said sorry but had no downloads or help get this to work.

    The screen is nice but the software needs work.

    Also the packaging from the seller " Ace" was really poor, no offical Kodak box, parts just but on box, along with manuals.Maybe these are gray market goods?
    ...more info
  • Kodak Digital Photo Frame Mdl.SV811
    The feature that sets the Kodak #SV811 apart from most other digital frames is it's higher screen resolution of 800 x 480. Lower resolution frames, (most 8" frames are 480 X 234 or 320 X 234), look very good when viewed by them self, but when viewed side by side with Kodak's 800 x 480 screen the differance is striking!

    The Kodak software also has "Tray" and "Copy To" features that simplify sorting your photo's into portrait and landscape groups before copying them to the frame or a memory card.

    I am very pleased with and would highly recommend the Kodak series of digital frames.

    12/13/07...more info
  • Kodak EasyShare SV1011
    I purchased the SV1011 and found the picture to be very clear and the product easy to use. I purchased the SV model which was much cheaper than the EX model which has the Wi-FI capability. When I got the product I took it right out of the box, plugged it in, and inserted a camera SD card and I worked right away without having to read a complicated instuction book. I like to edit my pictures on my computer and so I downloaded those pictures to an USB flash stick and inserted that into the picture frame and it worked great. (The flash drive does stick out and you might want to download your pictures to an SD disk rather than a USB flash drive). The picture frame automatically crops the pictures to fit the frame and most of the time it did a good job. There are several things to consider before buying this product and that is that the pictures are better viewed from up close than across a room and also you need to be close to an electrical outlet. This frame would be perfect on a desk or on a coffee table near a chair you always sit it. This would be a good gift for family members that aren't that computer savy as it is so easy to use and you can preload picture for them. Also a draw back is that the pictures play in order and can't be played randomly. Also if you have a lot a pictures on your disk and you want to start in the middle you have to scroll thru the thumbnails to start at the picture you want which can be time consumming. It is still a good product but just think about how you are going to use it before buying it....more info
  • They really mean EasyShare....
    I purchased the digital picture frame for my Mom & Dad in NE to give as a gift on their 50th Wedding Ann. ~ they love to take and hang pictures ~ So when considering a digital frame I wanted to ensure that it would be easy to use for when I'm not there with them to help guide them.

    They loved it and Dad ~ the photo taker of the house ~ was very pleased at what he could do with it. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I highly reccomend this item...I purchased it as a Christmas present for my Mom and loaded a USB memory stick full of photos, testing the product before giving as a gift. The picture was very clear and the product is very easy to use and set up. The only drawback I have is the picture size of 7" but I was on a budget and the digital image fullfilled all my expectations. ...more info
  • does the job you ask for
    A great digital frame for the price. I found using a 2gb memory stick the way to go. It was passed around to members of my family who loaded it wiht pictures and then we gave it to my mom for her b'day-she loved it.We also brought one for my wife's family in Brazil. A great gift!...more info
  • works well, but I almost returned it before discovering the following
    I had looked at several frames as a gift, and decided on this one. From my view, it works as promised. But I did come real close to returning it because I couldn't get some things to work, even after careful review of the documentation. Specifically, the buttons on the top of the frame seemed to not work sometimes, especially when trying to set the times for auto on/off, and in general they are difficult to use (button pushes not recognized, response lag, some functions not selectable, ergonomically difficult). On a wild idea, I tried the remote instead of the buttons on top of the frame and those work fine. So the bottom line here is to just use the remote and ignore the buttons on top of the frame. Don't lose the remote, install the remote holder and keep the remote in a known location....more info
  • My first picture frame
    This is my first digital picture frame. I am really enjoying it. The features are good. I am very much satisfied with this product....more info
  • Christmas Gift
    From what I found this is a very good product however I can't rate it because it's a Christmas gift.
    My experience with Amazon has been very good....more info
  • Great show, but no internal storage
    I just bought the SV710 for my 89 and 87 year old parents. Wanted to make a slide show of the history of all of our lives. I want to thank all the people who have taken time to write reviews as they helped me decide on the Kodak SV710. Maybe someone said it but I did not pay attention to the fact that it does NOT have any internal memory. I purchased it on sale for $99 + tax, and basically what you are getting is a screen. After trying to download pictures from the computer with the cord that they provided and it kept telling me I needed an interface card, I realized that I had to provide a memory card or stick. Tried putting some pictures on a memory stick and ran them through and it was wonderful. Chose to have the pictures copied to fit the frame, and I tried to choose all the same kind of shots (verticals or horizontals). The minute I turn on the machine it starts going through the slide show. My parents won't have to understand the remote control or any other button, which they could not do. I will get two memory cards: one for horizontal shots and one for vertical and then I will exchange the cards when I visit them. I know they will love this gift, so it turns out being worth the price, but just know for the price you are getting the screen, you need to provide the memory holder. Kodak Easyshare SV-710 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame...more info
  • This is not the best DPF you can buy today
    I purchased the Kodak SV1011 and Pandigital DPF80-2 photo frames recently during my business trip to USA. Paid 169.99 for SV1011 and 139.99 for PAN80-2 (in store price excl tax, not mail order). Both models have universal voltage AC adapters so it works outside USA.

    The SV1011 is not actually a 16:9 display. If you check the specification from Kodak website, the display area is 8.9 × 5.3 in. (225 × 135 mm) - that's 15:9. 800 x 480 also means it's a 15:9 display, unless the pixels are not square.

    I am not a professional photographer but my main camera is Canon EOS 5D with a few L lenses. I capture in RAW and convert & scale the images to JPEG using Canon DPP s/w. For the SV1011, I tried scaling it to 15:9 800 x 480 and 15:9 1600 x 960.

    The SV1011 has a serious problem with its scaling engine. When fed with images at its native resolution of 800 x 480, the picture looks very soft. I can also easily see jagged lines. When fed with 1600 x 960 images, the picture looks very sharp. If the image is not scaled to multiple of 800 x 480 (e.g. whatever native resolution that comes out from the camera), sometimes the image does not look good (again, scaling engine problem).

    I don't have such problem with PAN80-2 - the scaling engine is perfect. I get the sharpest image at its native resolution of 800 x 600 (4:3). Testing with the images created for SV1011, the 800 x 480 images look sharp on PAN80-2. But when displaying pictures with blue sky (e.g. the PanDigital demo picture with the boy holding a kite with blue background), it reveals that the LCD panel of PanDigital does not have enough bits. I guess it's a 6-bit panel, but it does not have enough steps to display the blue sky smoothly. The same picture when displayed on SV1011 shows very smooth blue sky but the edges on the boy's shirt look very jaggy.

    The PAN80-2 has better color/hue and contrast/brightness control compared to SV1011. Skin tones look pale with the original setting but can be adjusted. The skin tones on SV1011 looks too saturated and cannot be adjusted further except for brightness.

    The SV1011 has faster USB speed (PAN80-2 USB is really slow) and better GUI for managing folders. The PAN80-2 does not show folders in memory card but just display all images from different folders.

    The PAN80-2 has separate slots for different types of memory cards - I can load 4 types of memory cards simultaneously compared to 2 for SV1011. If the slide show is running on the SV1011 and another card is inserted, SV1011 automatically recognizes that and starts slide show from the newly inserted card.

    After showing both DPF to my family, they all like PanDigital 80-2 better. If I want to buy another DPF, very likely I'll go for PanDigital.
    ...more info
  • Very poor picture quality
    Warning! Shop around. The picture quality of this frame is not worth the premium price....more info
  • great gift idea for military
    We bought this for my husband, to take with him when he deploys. Better than a regular picture frame, as it changes pictures and plays music!...more info
  • One of the best
    Very easy to use, great picture quality, good tiny speakers for your mp3 selection. It's a cool gadget to show your friends and seems to easily draw people's attention. You get a better effect if you managed to distribute a few of these around the house, each one with a particular theme, say marriage, honeymoon, vacation, etc.
    It comes with an AC adaptor so no need for batteries.
    Kodak seems to be pretty reliable and its products seems to be very well buit, this digital frame is no exception....more info
  • Great unit!
    I love this unit. Picture quality is excellent and the speakers serve the function of background music quite well. I use a CF card for the pix and an SD card for the music. Nice it can take both at the same time. Only drawback was the cheap looking suppled frame, but I bought the glass frame accesory from Kodak and it looks fantastic and feels much more substantial. I especially like the remote. I had a Philips frame, which was nice, but no remote and it was difficult to work the buttons.

    No need to install the software, just insert a card and go!...more info
  • Great frame
    Got this frame and a 2GB SD card to put 6 years of digital pics on. Very happy with the purchase. Original photos look best, but I reduced the resolutions on all my pics to fit them all on one card. There are, of course, differences in display quality due to the decreased resolution, but the output still looks good.

    I did find one weird bug. About 10-20% of my vertically oriented photos display horizontally. Thumbnails look fine on the computer, but they come out wrong on the frame. The frame allows you to adjust orientation, so it's fixable. Oddly, as soon as I put the card back in the computer to load more pics, all the on-frame orientation fixes reverted to the wrong orientation again. Kodak customer support has been working with me to figure out what the deal is. It's not a show stopper, but worth mentioning. If I could give 4.5 stars I would. It's not a full star knock in my opinion....more info
  • Nice frame, but no good if you want to use online sharing
    This is a decent digital frame for displaying pictures but don't bother trying to use it with the online picture sharing service.

    I purchased this particular digital frame primarily for its advertised capability to share pictures using the online Kodak photo sharing service. I wanted a picture a frame that I could setup in my parents' house and have me and each of my siblings post pictures to display on the frame without much, if any, user intervention required of my parents - needed this thing to be grandma proof. And for that, I was very disappointed.

    I updated to the latest firmware, but it didn't help me. After calling technical support and struggling to get the person on the phone to even understand the problem I was describing, I opted for emailing my plea for help. I did get an automated reply that said they would respond within 24 hours, but I never heard anything. Poor support.

    It turns out that I could get the frame to recognize updated pictures on the Kodak Gallery online service, but I had to power cycle the frame to get it to do so. And to have my parents or anyone be required to power cycle the frame to get new pictures was ridiculous. Bogus workaround.

    So the bottom line is that this frame displays pictures nicely and it was easy to get it connected to my wifi network, but don't bother if you want to use it with the online picture sharing service. Kodak missed the boat on that one....more info
  • Frustrated!
    I just bought/received two of these and I've been trying to set one up for three hours now. Seems, although the pictures I've copied to an SD card are in JPEG format, this frame won't acknowledge the pictures I've taken w/my Canon and other digital cameras. Went to software to see if I needed to Sync it and the software doesnt recognize/acknowledge the frame (only cameras). Also, cant get Kodak picture transfer software to work to transfer files via computer/USB. The Kodak website contact/chat room is closed and, of course, there's no "800" number to call anyone either. Should have done more research before buying!...more info
  • Lots of Difficulties and the music option doesn't work
    After spending a good portion of the day working with the tech support, very poor support, hard to understand, following other links to upgrade firmware, etc. the music still will not download. Their responses to my requests for help were more surprising than the fact that the music feature doesn't work or I can't get it to work.
    Please shop for another brand....more info
  • Caution - no random viewing
    I bought this as a gift for the grandparents. Loaded about 800 pictures on an SD card and turned it on. The image is very nice. But I noticed that the first picture displayed was the first I added to the card.
    Hmm. Turned it off, then back on. Same thing.
    Then I looked at the manual (which is inside the box, obviously) where it says that pictures are displayed in the order added.
    Very bad!
    You'll never see the last 700 pictures unless you sit through the first 100, every time you turn it on.
    I took this back and bought a Westinghouse DPF-0802 which has a random display and nice image. I wanted another one of those but everyone is sold out.
    Just be careful if you get the Kodak and expect to see a different show each time you turn it on....more info
  • must buy, more than worthy for the price
    I decided on this one instead of Westinghouse, I compared both at the store the first time and you can see the difference on the resolution. It's great! I liked so much that I bought another one for Christmas gift....more info
  • BE CAREFUL OF AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Be very careful of Amazon.com. Many of the items which they present as sold by Amazon are really sold by third party sellers. They do not stand behind their products or orders. Several times, including this item, Amazon has failed to stand behind products. Several times they failed to deliver products, including this product and did notify me until 2 weeks after I purchased it. This particular time, they told me the product would arrive by 12/4. After waiting almost 2 weeks, they notified me today that they could not fulfill the order. Now I have a problem because I bought this a gift that I need now. BE CAREFUL OF AMAZON. This definitely not the Amazon I have used in the past but seems to be the new Amazon. Order elsewhere from a reputable dealer....more info
  • Great product at a great price.
    This is my second purchase of this item, I plan to purchase another, they make great gifts....more info
  • Decent digital frame for the price
    This was a decent digital frame for the price. It was smaller than I anticipated, so some of the pictures didn't look as good as I wanted them to. However, I would recommend this to someone who wasn't looking to spend a whole lot of money and yet get a good product....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I bought the frame for my parents so I could send them new pictures via e-mail- which is much easier than standard pictures.

    Since my parents are not the tech savy type, i decided to do the setup
    of the frame and load all the pictures already before wrapping the gift.

    Surprise, surprise... The frame does not recognise the MOV. files for
    the videos. I contacted Kodak, and after a few e-mails back and forth and upgrading the firmware as recomended, I have still the same problem with the frame.

    One would think that paying a premium when buying Kodak products provides you with a certain peace of mind that you won't have those type of problems, but it looks like I would have been much better buying a cheaper brand.

    Very disapointed with that product. The minimum Kodak could do is test the software correctly before putting products in the market. Won't buy Kodak stuff anymore....more info
  • Very disappointing
    Short story: this product is unreliable and annoying; it reboots every 2 or 3 hours and loses its configuration so I have to reprogram it before using it again.

    Long story: I was very excited about this product; I've never been willing to tolerate the housekeeping of moving pictures into a wifi card in order to view them, and knew that eventually I'd be able to pull them directly from my computer. With the release of this product I thought I'd finally be able to have things the way I want.

    Setting up the frame was easy. Contrary to some other reviews, it does support encrypted wireless. I was satisfied with the images.

    Unfortunately, in use the frame fails regularly. Every 2 or 3 hours it reboots. And when it comes up, it's lost its state (my specification of which computer to get pictures from, which pictures to show, etc). So I have to enter all that info again before the frame can go again. So, it's pretty useless. I'm hoping to return it if I can find the time....more info
  • Limited File Name Lengths Cause Pain!
    We bought this frame to send to grand parents and loaded many photos on it. Long file names were used to keep track of the various locations and dates. After much testing we found that there is not enough memory allocated to file names to allow long file names. We had 160 photos totaling about 60MB in size. After much gnashing of teeth we renamed all files 1 through 160. That solved the problem but now grandma and grandpa will not be able to see the descriptive titles. Otherwise a good product.

    Pros: Good quality display and handles multiple file sizes and shapes well. Easy to use as long as you use the remote. Photos can be loaded directly from a PC using a USB Cable and Windows Explorer.

    Cons: The buttons on the frame are almost useless. Use the remote. Does not allow space to store too many long file names. Documentation is almost useless and lacks detail. Don't waste your time with the PhotoShare software....more info
  • Improvements Needed
    When I first received the Kodak SV-811 Picture Frame it looked as though it was just a good product, but it needs some improvement before I'd advise anyone to buy one. Shortly after buying this 8" frame from Kodak, I returned to Amazon and bought the 10.2" Opteka Picture Frame, one that put the Kodak totally out of the running. The Kodak has only a brightness control for its' photos, it needs also to have a contrast control over the frame. It's like only having one control on your TV for picture brightness and depth, hopefully down the road Kodak will repair this oversight. The format of 800x480 (300dpi) for photos should allow around 500 photos to be stored on the internal memory of this frame. After only 200 photos my frame locked up and wouldn't let any more be installed. Another feature the Opteka frame offers, much nicer in my opinion, is the random showing of the photos. On Thanksgiving day I set the Opteka up in our dining room, and the Kodak in our family room, only the children looked at the Kodak. People were so impressed with the Opteka 10.2 Digital photo frame that 3 of them went out on Black Friday to buy one for themselves!! My best friend who bought the Kodak at the same time as I did, spent his day trying to exchange the frames. Sorry Kodak, you should buy one of the Opteka frames and see what your lacking!!...more info
  • Excellent procuct
    I have looked at a number of these in stores and it seemed to me that, especially for one with a bigger screen, this one had an exceptionally sharp and clear image. When I received it, I put in a memory card with my own photos in it. They were very crisp and sharp. They were probably sharper than the images themselves really are (i.e. I wouldn't get prints looking as good as the screen). I see that as a plus overall, but some might find looking at something other than the real image a drawback. I have not used any of the special features such as Wi-Fi or MP3, so my review is restricted to the images themselves....more info
  • Good One !
    I bought this Digital Photo Frame recently. It works fine. I like it very much. But you have to fix the frame in exact eye contact position, if you want to see photos in good quality. ...more info
  • Great Frame!
    Great frame.
    Easy installation of the Kodak Software.
    Nice outlook - not looking so plastic like the picture here.
    All options works fine.
    It recognized all networks around, and i didn't have any problems with setting up my local Wi-Fi. Then you can easily go online to the Kodak EasyShare page and all albums you have there can be previewed on the frame.
    Otherwise it has internal memory, which is not enough for anything except the initial tests, but all memory cards i used was working fine.
    The only one "problem" is that the slideshow is really slow, but it's not so embarrasing.
    Good choice for everyone....more info
  • Great Digital Frame
    I purchased this frame as a gift for my father for his birthday. Reading some of the reviews on this and other sites and most had some good things to say. After I unboxed it and started it up, I knew I made a good choice. As a digital frame I don't think the size and price can be beat. Great pictures, great display. Great purchase. One gripe is that I wish you could shuffle photos on the frame. That's it....more info
  • Nice product
    Nice product, very good features, works very well. Esy to operate. This is a great idea for a present, especially as a gift to your parents/grandparents. I bought it for my parents in Warsaw, Poland, and it was so great we could display onscreen instructions in Polish! My parents are in their 80s, and never had a computer, but it was easy to teach them how to operate this product. It works great with 1GB USB memory stick. I would recommend it to anybody as a great idea for a gift! ...more info
  • I works the way it should.
    This is an excellent product. I am especially pleased by the way it plays video. I have tried other products of this kind but Kodak was the only one that worked the way I expected....more info
  • Good item to buy
    I bought two of these, one for my mother-in-law and one for my mother. I preloaded the pictures and they loved them....more info
  • lousy support, wifi
    This is a review for the 10" wifi model kodak photo frame.

    BTW walmart has this same frame for $179 (+ tax of course so it's about the same net price) But when you decide to return it because it is fairly crippled feature wise and the wifi won't work, it will be easier to take it back to Walmart.

    First, I think I am an advanced intermediate level computer/wifi user. Say the 90th percentile in terms of techno-freakiness.

    I have been looking for a decent frame which will show videos in sequence, which this does. (.mov and a few other formats are supported).

    Picture quality is good. And it plays my .mov videos just fine. Haven't tried the music feature. End of good comments.

    My frame connects to my wireless network but it does not show on my computer, and the computer does not show the frame. I have done EVERYTHING kodak has instructed me to re using latest versions of various software and firmware etc, enabled file/media sharing, etc. Still no luck so I will return the device. There are too many other non-wifi units on the market and I believe the market price is due to crash on these things.

    As others have said, no random show option, no fade transition option.

    Kodak "support" stinks on ice. No email response after 24 hours. No user forum. When I ask to chat, the message/send box goes away and never comes back. Plus they say the chat room is only available Sat-Thursday. The "support" must be located in some country which has a religious holiday on Friday.

    And I am a Kodak retiree. Shame!on the Kodak name. Thankfully my pension is funded and held elsewhere....more info
  • Kodak disappointed me.
    I purchased this after reading an early review in Consumer Reports.
    It is attractive, and has many nice features. Unfortunately, the software is rudimentary, and I could not conceive of giving it to my parents as a Christmas gift. I subsequently bought the Pandigital 8.0 which is a much nicer software interface.
    EML...more info
  • Let me save you some time - Mac OSX users = look elsewhere
    There are some great long reviews here but let me get to the point:

    The Kodak software you get for the Mac DOES NOT directly connect via wireless to the "wireless" frame.

    IMHO - this is NOT a Mac compatible product....more info
  • Good but video still lacking
    I bought this one to replace a much cheaper 7 inch KDS frame I bought for my wife's birthday. I was immediately impressed with the picture quality and the polished menus. It has 128 MB of internal memory which is plenty for holding just pictures.

    I wasn't impressed with the video, as this was one of the issues I had with the KDS. The video plays slow and the audio is choppy (probably trying to keep in time with the video). The videos were from my digital camera taken at 640x480. I didn't try smaller videos, so maybe it's a size thing. I have come to the conclusion that digital photo frames just don't do video very well in general.

    It can apparently play MP3's, but I didn't test that.

    All-in-all it is a high quality photo frame with a nice finish that is quite attractive. Don't expect it to do more than photos though....more info
  • I like it
    I think what I like most about this frame is the frame itself. It is the first and only one I ever owned but when I look at just the physical quality of the frame it is nicer than many others. I haven't played with all of the features but the pictures look great on it. I need to check out the mp3 capability. I will say that the manual was worthless and since I tried hooking it up while not connected to the internet there was no other help. Even the internet help was a bit hard to find. Once I find out how everything works I expect it to be great....more info
  • Not my kind of frame
    This works but

    * The picture and the frame itself has a bright/glossy finish, which looks like a computer LCD screen rather than a traditional picture. A matte finish is my personal preference. To be clear, the inner frame that directly borders the LCD is very shinny.

    * Wireless works but requires too much manual navigation to get it to start the slide show. I'd like an integrated slide show that will automatically, randomly or sequentially show all pictures that the frame has access to. To have to use the remote to navigate through things is too much, I may as well use a computer. This is also too complex for non-computer users.

    * slow - remote/action response somewhat too slowly for my taste. My my internet connection is speedy enough (no problem when used from a computer), browsing and navigating through the kodak gallery is very slow. it appears to only show thumbnail sized quality as well instead of what the frame is capable of displaying.

    * size - 8 inch looks a lot smaller than it sounds. look at the dimension carefully.

    * placement - the support in the back of the frame is positioned too low. placing this on table top angles the frame way too much.

    ...more info
  • Great Photo Frame
    This is a great product. Ordered it for my wife for our anniversary. Works like a charm; setup was almost non-existant....more info
  • Easy to use!!
    I gave this digital frame to my parents and they love it!!! It was very easy to set up and explain. They have had no trouble with it. I also found the pictures to be crisp and clear!!!! ...more info
  • OK but not brilliant
    The Kodak Easyshare SV-1011 10-inch Digital Picture Frame is an ok product. It needs more development. The functionality is OK, but the algorithms it uses to scale a larger image to the resolution of the frame are poor. For best results you should use computer based software to scale the images to the size and resolution of the frame. Also the contrast is insufficient. It does not produce an "ooh" or "ah" effect....more info
  • No Video!!!
    Does not play any type of video, the ads & description lie!! Spend hours upgrading firmware, trying different codecs but the video just won't work. Try to get support! Kodak should be ashamed of themselves!!...more info
  • Ezshare EX-811 (wireless)
    Great picture frame. I would buy another

    Excellent picture Quality.
    Really easy to set up. [1]
    Supports WPA-PSK wireless security.
    Kodak releases newer firmware for the unit.
    Works with my existing PC media server software (TwonkyVision & TVersity)
    16:9 aspect ratio - Great for cameras that can be set to take 16:9 photos (my Cannon).
    Works with a Macintosh (manual only had instructions for Windows)

    Viewing angle poor.
    Cannot set Wireless PC connection as default slide show.
    Tinny sound - I don't use this so don't care
    Removable Remote holder blocks the wall mount holes (this is brain dead)

    1. Set up - Hints:
    Set your wireless access point to broadcast it's SSID
    Turn on DHCP

    I did have some issues if I didn't do the above. The info can be entered manually but this is a pain. The July firmware too had wireless issues. The October 2007 firmware works great with wireless.

    Cannot speak about the Kodak Software as I have not used this.
    ...more info
  • So Impressed I bought a Second One
    I just bought one of these and was so impressed I bought a second one.

    I'd been toying with the idea of getting one of these for a while and the 10" ones are now a reasonable price.

    I didn't install any of the software: just copied images to a CF memory card and plugged it in. The frame detects this and starts to play images from the card.

    First thing I did before any of this, was to get the latest firmware from Kodak website.

    Unfotunately, the documentation is poor. It mentions nothing about optimal resolutions. I finally batch converted all my high res images (using BreezeBrowser) to 800x480 pixels, 300dpi JPG (100% quality). These resulted in files of about 5-6MB each. Quality is great and images are bright and vivid, even in normal indoor daylight conditions. I've been using digital cameras for 6-7 years and I work in the graphic arts industry, so I'm pretty picky about image quality and color. It would be nice if Kodak supplied an ICC profile for the device, so at least you can preview how they'll look in Photoshop, etc. or convert to the device color space.

    A lot of reviewers complained about the remote control. It's a bit clunky, but it works. It's a picture frame after all, not a TV. I just use it to setup slide duration, transition, etc.

    I'm buying a second frame one for all my protrait orientation pictures, as they are too small when displayed in the frame in landscape format. So, I'll have one frame with landscape pictures and one with portrait. This way, each image will use the maximal area of the screen.

    I also use the "fit" option, not the fill. I don't want my pictures cropped.

    One of my biggest bug bears is that there is no resume function. I have 200+ images on the frame which change every hour. The timer is set to turn the frame on at 6pm and off at 11pm (so 4 pictures). Problem is, when I turn it on the next day, I see the first 4 again. So I have to forward to ones I've never seen. For this reason, I'll need to leave it on 24/7.

    Great picture quality
    Easy to use

    No fade transition (just wipes and bars)
    Only one on/off schedule (would like one for morning and one for evening)
    Poor documentation
    Can't select a default slide show/folder on SV model (but it will play memory cards first - so just put everything you want on the memory card)
    No resume - Always starts from slide 1

    (I would strongly recommend some kind of batch conversion software where you can set the image size, resolution, quality, etc. Maybe the supplied software will do it, but I never installed it, as I already have something to do this.)...more info
  • My life was indeed rich in activities!
    I was really looking forward to receiving this digital picture frame in the mail. I was like a little kid (and still am) when I opened the Amazon.com shipping box, to reveal the colorful Kodak packaging with the long awaited digital picture frame in it.

    The digital frame was well packaged, protected with its own wrapping within the box, and a thin transparent sheet protecting the screen. Nothing the postman could have done could have damaged the product during shipping.

    The digital frame comes with a CD, for both Windows and Macintosh, and allows you to install in ten different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, and Turkish. During installation, you will be prompted on whether you would like to check the internet for a newer version of the software. I found that a newer version was available, and that was automatically downloaded and then seamlessly installed.

    The software is very easy to use and will automatically search your computer for all stored pictures. Within seconds (depending on how many pictures you have) you will have all your pictures neatly organized in one folder.

    A remote control, with battery included, is also in the package. It has a separate stand that attaches to the back of the frame, making it convenient to store your remote control. The remote control is a must, and turns the digital frame into a user friendly product. In fact, I didn't even have to read the owner's manual. It is really very easy navigating the frame's menus and settings. It is much easier setting this digital frame than your DVD player or microwave! A few tips though: The remote buttons must be pressed hard and kept pressed for a good second; you must be within a straight line and not too far away from the frame. If you are experiencing problems, change the battery.

    USB cables are also included to allow you to connect to your computer or directly to your digital camera. The USB cable will also allow you to upgrade the firmware on your digital frame.

    In order to upgrade your firmware, go to www.kodak.com/digitalframesupport, choose your product, and then click on downloads and drivers. Once you download the new firmware, you must first unzip it on your computer, then connect your computer with your digital frame with the included USB cable, and transfer the unzipped `img' file by dragging and dropping it on your memory card (which is not included) inserted in your digital frame. Then it is a simple three step method of going to your frame's menu, then to `settings', and clicking on `upgrading the firmware'. Once the firmware is upgraded, you need to switch off your digital frame, wait 5 seconds, and then turn it back on. You should check every month for a new firmware for your frame and EasyShare software updates for your computer.

    I noticed a few important improvements once the new firmware was installed. The pictures were clearer; there were no more any error messages while displaying the pictures, and more of the pictures were displayed when `fit to screen' was selected. I highly recommend you check for a firmware upgrade as soon as you receive your digital frame.

    A unique feature is that you can also communicate wirelessly with your digital frame, allowing you to share your pictures with your home network. This is really a neat feature that is fun, convenient, and just simply cool! Your digital frame can also access the internet wirelessly and keep its internal clock set to the correct time. This is useful when you set your frame to switch on only at certain times. For example, you can schedule your frame to display pictures only during the day, and automatically turn off at night, only to resume displaying pictures again in the morning at a specific time you determine. This is a unique feature that is energy saving, and will give your frame a longer life than simply keeping it on all the time.

    As mentioned above, no memory cards are included on which to record your pictures. The digital frame will accept the following memory cards: SD, MS, xD, MMC, CF, and MD. The frame has an internal 128 MB of storage, hardly enough for the savvy photographer.

    The memory cards need to be formatted first before you record your images on them. I first formatted my Sony SD memory card using NTFS, but my digital frame was unable to read it. This was before I did the firmware upgrade. When I formatted the memory card using FAT32, the digital frame read my memory card and displayed the pictures. I am not sure whether future firmware upgrades would allow NTFS formatting, but this is not needed. Make sure you format using FAT32!

    Some additional nice features of this digital frame: the possibility of choosing different picture wipes and duration during the slideshow; brightness control; ability to print pictures directly from your digital frame; audio background during picture display; video display; and fit to screen feature.

    This is really a great and very easy to use digital picture frame. It is so nice to watch all my travels, adventures, celebrations, parties, and gatherings that span a period of many years on one digital frame.
    Time really does fly! And as your pictures will testify, life is beautiful.

    Peace and love to everyone, God bless you all, and may you have a long and healthy life preserved in pictures for generations to come to enjoy!...more info
  • Nice Digital Frame
    This digital frame suits most of my needs. It looks nice and the resolution is great. The only negatives are that you need to fit picture in frame to get the good resolution. When you do this, it crops the picture automatically towards the middle. That means the top and bottom edges will be cut out on the widescreen if you loaded the standard 4x6 size pictures. It doesn't allow you to move the picture up or down, unless I'm missing something. Also, it doesn't appear to have a random setting. The pictures will scroll through in order, unless I'm missing something there too....more info
  • Great frame but the wireless capability is VERY week.
    Great frame. Great picture. The wifi set up never worked and contacting Kodak for help or information is useless. I emailed them a very specific tech question on set up and on how long can I keep the frame runnig, and they sent me a link from the Kodak page that doesn't answer the questions. They say that they will contact you in 24-48 hours, but both times it took over 5 days. To use the wifi they suggest being in the same room with your wifi. If I was in the same room, I would run a cord!

    Picture quality and look of frame- great! Wireless capability and Kodak help- poor. Will update information when/if Kodak will contact me. ...more info
  • Excellent Images
    I purchased the Pandigital 8" first and really wasn't that impressed. The image quality was ok, but then I saw the Kodak SV811. The frame is what caught my eye at first. I then went to a couple of stores to check the Kodak out and hands down this was the best. The price was slightly higher than the Pandigital and you also get a one year warranty versus a 90 day warranty.

    It is true if you set the frame to display on the entire screen, the top and bottom get cut off. But it is not as bad as I have read on the reviews. The color and image quality is awesome.

    I purchased this for our team to give to our boss as a present. I liked the frame so much, I had to buy one for me too! And, it is simple enough to give as a gift for the technically challenged as well!! ...more info
  • Highly recommended!! Great way to relive old memories
    There were quite a few issues with the firmware that came with the picture frame. And thats why the poor rating I gave earlier in my review. But thankfully I was able to fix a lot of the problems after I upgraded the firmware. I'd now give it 4 stars, instead of 1. But Amazon does not allow me to update my rating.

    Well, after many days of intensive research comparing different digital photo frames and reading reviews on many different websites, I narrowed down on the Kodak 1011 10" Digital photo frame. Got it in a few days from Amazon.

    I was able to set it up and get it working in almost no time at all.
    - Easy setup for all features including accessing pictures from your home computer over WiFi as well as pictures shared on the online Kodak Gallery.
    - Picture quality is great.


    - The frame has a plastic look to it because of the thick black plastic area around the screen. A thinner border would have looked much better
    - I would have liked some more software features like displaying just one picture. I cannot do that. I always have to have a slideshow on.
    - The max duration of any picture on the slideshow is 1 hour. I would have liked 1 day's duration.
    - If you go to the Menu screen and change any setting, you cannot continue the slideshow from where you left off. You either have to switch off/on and restart from the 1st picture or go through the gallery, and manually choose which picture to start from.
    - Portrait pictures are a bit of a hassle. You need to change the frame orientation and keep the frame vertical. I have no problem doing that but the issue is that the slideshow will include all photos. So the landscape photos will become very small in portrait mode, and vice versa. The issue is that the slideshow picks up all pictures irrespective of their orientation. I tried keeping all Landscape photos in one folder and all Portrait photos in a separate folder. I was hoping that I will be able to choose a folder from which the pictures should be displayed. But once it goes through the landscape folder, it continues on to the Portrait folder and displays those pictures too. It would have been good to have the flexibility to display only Landscape or only Portrait photos. My recommendation is to keep only one type of pictures on the frame, Landscape or Portrait pictures, but not both.
    - Videos take forever to load and play, and keep pausing in between.
    - You would have to keep the frame at a height of 3 to 4 feet. Only then will you be able to see the pictures clearly when you are sitting / walking in the room. If you keep it at a higher level then the pictures are going to appear darker.

    Overall, a great purchase!

    ...more info
  • Very nice. Nice indeed
    The quality of the pictures when shown is very good. Other digital frames I've seen have visible vertical lines or the picture is somewhat grainy (even with a high quality pic). No such problems here! One thing to note: while the frame has easy to use slots for a flash stick or memory card, I have a bunch of pictures on my computer and the easiest way to get them into the frame was by attaching the frame directly to the computer with a USB cable, which is included. The frame becomes like a flash stick or external hard drive and you can drag & drop your photos very easily....more info
    Bought this as a gift for one of those "hard to buy for" people in my life (an inlaw), and it was a hit! VERY simple to use, LOVE that it has internal memory-I put about 55 pictures on the internal memory before wrapping it and left it up to the new owner to decide if they needed to purchase an additional memory card or not. The on/off timer is a great perk, you can set the frame to turn on/off every morning and evening at a specified time. The remote control is another great perk, you have the control to pause and play just like a DVD. The color and clarity of this frame is awesome, fits well with any decor- from office to formal room. PERFECT GIFT IDEA!!! ...more info
  • **Updated - still a great digital frame...with some hiccups
    ***Updated 9/27/08 - I still really like this digital frame - I purchased 5 and all 5 are still kicking with daily use. I use the auto on-off program feature which is so nice. It still won't accept the mini flash drives and there are still ocassional hiccups with edited pictures. Honestly, I don't expect this to last much past another couple of years. Still, I like it and I'm waiting for Kodak to come out with a 15" frame. I've looked at almost all the others and just don't like the quality - not worth the price yet until Kodak enters this market.

    I really like this ditigal frame and I actually bought 5 - 3 are going to be christmas gifts. 2 major warnings: 1) don't even think of loading the software that comes with the frame - you don't need it in any way. Just plug in a flash drive stick or SD card and it automatically works. Just plug into your computer with synch cord and let Windows recognize it and do all the work, and then add pics on to the jump drive from your computer. 2) Mini flash drives do NOT work on this frame! Only full-size flash drives. From what I read on message boards, it has to do with if you are using edited and cropped .jpeg files, which I do use. In any case, the only way around this so far that I've found is to use a full-size flash drive, NOT a mini drive. The problem is the full-size drive protrudes out from the edge of the frame and is visible. Not very cool. I haven't tried the SD card yet and that would be invisible but not nearly as easily synchable with any computer since you would have to have a card reader. With a flash drive, I can add or change pics from any computer. I don't have that capability with an SD card.

    I know it's strange, but I still really like the quality of the picture and the size of this frame for the low price even tho you can't use a mini flash drive. This is just my 2 cents worth.

    I had absolutely no trouble at all buying from Amazon and from Ace Digital Photo. Package arrived as described and it came very very fast for just the regular, standard shipping....more info
  • Lousy photo frame
    I bought the kodak EX-1011 digital picture frame for its size and the wireless capability. I am greatly desapointed.

    The software install crashed my computer and I spent 2 days recovering from it. Luckily I have a good backup system. I finally downloaded the kodak Easyshare application from kodak.com and install just that.

    The frame turn on and off by itself few times during the day. I guess it respond the tv or stereo remote control .

    You could copy picture to your frame only by sharing them through microsoft media player... And even that is painfully arcane.
    The frame crashed and rebooted twice when I select many pictures at the same time.
    There is no way to push the picture from your PC to the frame directly. You have to select the picture through the frame remote control then copy them, again using the control.
    The picture quality is bad and the viewing angle terrible.

    And yes I updated the frame to the latest firmware!

    Not a product I recommand....
    ...more info
  • A Waste of Money
    This product simply does not do what it says it will do. It will not display certain jpg files for no apparent reason--size and source do not appear to be factors in determining which files it will reject. There is no hint of an explanation for this terrible flaw.

    The screen quality is poor.

    Do not purchase this product, unless you want to spend a lot of time trying to work around the flaws....more info
  • Cool!
    Very cool, great picture. Not super user-friendly... well my mom hasn't figured out how to really use it yet. But great product!...more info
  • Kodak 8" Photo Frame - Excellent!
    I gave this as a gift to my 80 year old mother. I had created a slide show with a lifetime of pictures for her. I created everything on my PC and then copied it onto a SD card. I have some old 256MB cards that aren't large enough for my new camera, but were perfect for this.

    I bought a different model but returned it because it wouldn't handle the photo orientation very well. It cropped many of the pictures instead of turning them. The picture quality also was more grainy. This frame was in the store alongside all the others, and it really stood out with superior picture quality.

    I took my card with me back to the store, and we tried it in this frame. I needed something that is VERY EASY to use. My mother has trouble with technology and never used a computer. I didn't want her to be intimidated by it. This frame worked perfectly!! It handled the transitions beautifully and managed the orientation flawlessly.

    I didn't even use the software that came with it. I'll simply use my card reader and plug the card into it. I wouldn't waste my money on the wi-fi model.

    I had created a couple of photo album collages as well for her slideshow. I saved the album pages as jpegs, and they worked perfectly as I hoped they would. She was so pleased with this gift of a lifetime of memories. My 256MB card held about 100 photos (I use 'fine' quality so my files are large). The entire family enjoyed the walk down memory lane, and we had a great time reminiscing.

    This is the most beautiful gift I could have given her, and it's easy for her to use. We plan to give this as a gift to other members of our family this Christmas....more info
  • Ordering the Kodak SV-811 Digital Frame
    My wife and I needed to purchase a digital frame to give as a gift. After researching different brands and the sites that offered them, I decided to purchase Kodak's SV-811 Digital Frame through Amazon. They offered a time frame within which the frame would be delivered (taking advantage of a "no shipping charge" deal). The digital frame came when promised. The price was among the least expensive I found (including the 'no shipping charge').

    We decided to preload images into the frame's memory before giving it. Very easy to do. Picture quality is excellent.

    This is the second time within a few months that I ordered from Amazon. I rarely buy things online. I won't hesitate ordering through Amazon again. Painless....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare SV-710 7-inch Digital Picture Frame
    I had very bad experience with this product. The software comes along with this product is absolutely waste. After installing the software my PC is not able to detect the digital frame. I have called Kodak customer support, they also don't know what to do. They simply ask me to go to their website and download the latest software. Nothing works.

    I am totally sick with this frame, I am going to return this.
    ...more info
  • kodak digital frame
    This is a wonderful product. We gave it to a friend before he moved. He keeps it on his desk with all our pictures. He said he loved it and was very grateful that we gave it to him....more info
  • Not a bad product overall
    Just bought this for my dad and tried it out this evening for a few hours.

    Better color than some lesser expensive brands
    Seems to read files from USB flash drives quickly and well. Navigating to subfolders was easy (using the remote), and the thumbnail preview needed only a few seconds per shot to show - indicating a decent CPU is in use.
    Had no problem with movies (at least the formats I tried)
    It read small and large JPGs fine (I worried about this, but did not need to)
    Sound is OK - but its a cheap small speaker. Don't expect lots of fidelity...

    Don't even think about trying to navigate the menus with the buttons on the back. They do not work for some parts of the menu system (e.g. setting the time, etc.), and their assignment to actions is not well planned.
    As commented by others, the remote is too small. Layout and ease of use is OK, and there is good tactile feedback (contrary to one review I read), but Kodak should provide a somewhat more robust remote at this price-point
    On initial use, I inserted my SD card from my Canon camera and it only showed 6 photos out of the 15 on the card! Fiddling for about 20 minutes eventually allowed me to see the other pictures - but only once. I could not seem to get it to show more than the 6 when I took a break and came back to it. Now before you assume that I am a computer novice, please understand that I am not. I have worked on hundreds of computers since 1982 and with all OSes. There is just some kind of bug in the software. The USB-drive navigation was fine, but the frame would not reliably recognize/show pics in the Canon-formatted SD card for some odd reason...

    My dad has a Kodak camera, so I think I'll keep the frame and give it to him. But when it comes time for me to buy another - I'll look at other models/brands and read reviews more carefully :-)
    ...more info
  • Great! Clear Picture-Not much pixelation
    I purchased a frame made by a different company and it was terrible. It was incredibly pixelated. This frame gives you a nice clear picture and the software is failry user friendly. Would remcommend this frame to those who are looking to purchase a digital photo frame. ...more info
  • Great for the price!!
    I recently purchased the Kodak Easyshare SV-710 7inch digital picture frame for my inlaws as a gift. It was very easy to set up and instantly worked displaying the photos we had taken with our digital camera. They are thrilled with it....more info
  • For low expectations, it might be just fine
    Purchased the Kodak Easy Share SV 1011 for my 75-year old parents, so they could enjoy the digital pictures that my web-savvy siblings and I share on the web. I purchased it a week before their anniversary so that I could figure it out and tutor them on it. I wish I could say the software was easy to use, but I found it to be a confusing interface.

    The frame is sharp looking, however, the type of controls I expected were missing.

    First off, being a video editor, I was enamored of the idea of loading short avi or mpeg videos onto the frame's hard drive, to add some interest to a slide show. No go. Due to some proprietary bullpucky, I discovered it won't play movie files copied off of a computer. Only videos loaded directly off of a camera, making the function useless for those of us who edit our videos on our computer.

    Also, I've heard mixed ratings on the pixel quality, and perhaps I'm expecting too much for over $200, but I was not impressed.

    In short, don't let the bells and whistles make you spend the extra dough. I am betting a less expensive model will do what you want without paying for benefits that aren't what you might expect.
    ...more info
  • not ready for prime time
    good screen not bad price but falls after that wireless support very week uint hangs up with too many pictures on the flash card. Forget support the take forever to answer email and when you call they just read the book then they say i guess thats a problem.
    their support web site is also poor

    save time buy somethin elese...more info
  • Easy set-up
    Had this frame up and running in 5 minutes
    Nice image presentation. Crisp and clear. Audio and slide show format add to quality of its use....more info
  • Frame good, software would not load
    The frame works well. The software would not load after many attempts and multiple patches downloaded from the support website. We have to use a work-around to load pictures. We load pictures to a memory card inserted in our laptop. Then we load to memory card into the fram and copy from the memory card to the internal memory of the frame. It is cumbersome, but it works....more info
  • wireless implementation is a joke
    Do yourself a favor and skip this product for following reasons:
    * Wireless implementation is a joke and not working if you want to add security to your network (only works when removing encryption which you really do not want to do on your WiFi network). I am a network engineer with 10+ years of experience and this frame is the crapiest WiFi implementation I've ever seen.
    * Interface is real clunky.
    * The frame can not auto start and display pictures out of your kodak gallery without the need to go play around with the remote.
    * Technical support is a frustrating experience: Long wait and they do not know a whole lot either.
    * A very frustrating experience really... Too bad I can not give 0 stars on this one....more info
  • Digital Frame
    We now have many digital photographs and this photo frame is an excellent way to display them. We use a USB drive to hold the photos. The frame gives an excellent image and reads the USB drive without a hitch. A good way to show off your digital images. Very well pleased with the frame....more info
  • Was excited, now I'm disappointed
    This frame is one of the best I was able to find, when researching. The reasons consisting mostly of wi-fi, overall size of the screen and the cost being comparably affordable.

    However, after buying I've been very disappointed. First, the size of the screen is deceptive. 10" is accurate, by the method of measuring the screen. However, while most photographs are roughly 4:3 and this screen is roughly 16:9 (800x480) -- while this is great for video, very few photos have that orientation, and are therefore severely cropped vertically, or rendered very small with wide black bars on the left and right margins. This means the efffective size is actually SMALLER than many 8" frames, so beware if you're hoping to get a large image from this!

    Second problem: support. Support at Kodak is BAD. Forget email support -- it takes roughly 10 days just to get a response, which is so generic and basically assumes you're an idiot (without even bothering to read all the details of the support request) and is therefore completely unusable and not helpful, in general. Once we CALLED them, they were very confused, and seemed to not even know their product well at all! It took a very long time to find out what are my biggest issues of all -- that this is a very limited product when it comes to Wi-Fi, which brings me to...

    Third problem: Wi-Fi is severely crippled, and with no good reason to be! First, you have to use the Kodak Gallery, though that is not much of a big deal. However, it will not fit images to your screen, as opposed to cropping (a feature that it readily does with wired images coming in via USB, flash memory, etc.) See problem #1 above to see why this is such a horrible problem! Second, you MUST have it set to a ONE MINUTE transition effect, no matter what you set it to or the speed of your connection. This is REALLY bogus, and makes it actually quite tedious to watch! One of the most frustrating aspects of the Wi-Fi limitations is that NONE of this is documented in the manual, online support, or something even support technicians know about -- it took a lot of escalation and asking around of other employees to come to that conclusion. Further, when going through the settings screen, nothing indicated that when we set the image to fill the screen or transition time to a few seconds that it would NOT honor those settings, and would be overridden with a much less satisfactory option!

    Fourth problem: brightness. The LCD screen is of good quality, but the brightness is very poor, and therefore problematic in viewing from any reasonable distance.

    Fifth problem: remote control. The remote is TERRIBLE! You have to hit the buttons very hard, and there is no tactile, audible or visual feedback to let you know that a button has actually been pressed! Also, you have to be VERY close to the frame for the remote to actually work, and with a direct line of site -- no further away than a foot or two! (Making the use of a remote pretty silly, actually.)

    I've not really explored the other options of the frame, such as video capability and sound (with the built-in speakers) since the use of this frame is really limited to just needing a good photo viewer using the wi-fi connection -- so I cannot really comment on them. However, based on the experience of those problems above, I rate this product VERY poorly, and sadly feel we have wasted our money -- sad, because this product seemed to have so much promise and we were very excited to have found it.

    The only reason I gave it two stars, instead of one, is that I'm giving Kodak the benefit of the doubt in that the other features must work decently, and the frame is sturdy and looks nice -- though that may be a bit too generous since that is hardly worth the money spent....more info
  • Ok, but no random viewing
    I bought this as a gift for my husband to use in his office. It was very easy to setup and overall I liked it. However, I ended up returning it because there was so setting where you could set the pictures to be displayed randomly. My husband set up the frame with the timer so it would turn on and off at set times, but because there was no random setting he saw the same pictures, in the same order, every day. I got a 2GB SD card to go with it, so there was a vast umber of pictures that he would never get to see. We had purchased Philips digital frames as gifts for other family members, and they had the random setting. We were happy with their performance and displays, however, the style of the frames wasn't what I was looking for. I ordered the Digital Foci Image Moments frame. It seems to have all the features that I am looking for. Oh, one other thing, and this seems to be common for quite a few digital frames I have seen in stores. When placing the frame on a tabletop, the stand is a little short, so the whole frames is leaning back further than I like....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    Very attractive digital photo frame. No problems with the pictures. We are looking forward to displaying many themed groups of pictures in this frame....more info
  • Good product with a few flaws
    Pluses - timer allows you to set the on and off time of pictures so the frame isn't working when you're not there. Pictures are good quality. Memory holds quite a few, but not as many as using the SD card. Remote works well and set-up is very easy
    Minuses - doesn't randomly sort pictures. SD card has to be pulled out and re-inserted each time it comes on to see pictures on card (this is the biggest minus). Downloading from Kodak network is very slow - almost not usable.
    Overall - I would recommend. Probably wouldn't pay for WiFi capability next time....more info
  • Don't buy it yet. The product is not mature and support ... none
    I bought an 8-inch model a month ago and like the photo slide show. But it does not play AVI video as it claims. After I found out that was last year model, I returned it and ordered the EX-1011 from Amerson. EX-1011 has a bigger screen, and that's all the good news. The features that I like in the old model (dissolve in/out slide transition and random slide play) are not in this new model. The slide shows photos in the same order every time. It gets boring after a few showing.

    It still does not play AVI video. I emailed Kodak technical support. They suggest I try with a new memory card, try with a different camera, try ... I finally attached the video file with my reponse back and never heard from Kodak's technical support again.

    I didn't bother to try the wireless function after I read the negative comments. It is a pity, EX-1011 has a nice screen. I will wait until Kodak fixes the bugs....more info


  • Kodak Easyshare SV-710 7-inch Digital Picture Frame
    This was very easy to use right out of the box. I was able to drag and drop pictures to it without using the Easy Share software.

    I've had many compliments on this product, and people are surprised at the clarity of the pictures. I am very happy with it.

    I find most of the comments here are for multiple versions of Kodak frames, so it is hard to tell which frame is being commented on.
    Kodak Easyshare SV-710 7-inch Digital Picture Frame
    ...more info
  • Kodak Easyshare EX-l00l Digital Picture Frame
    What an enjoyable item to have. Not the easiest thing in the world to set up if you're not able to follow directions........some of us can't. However, it was a gift for my husband and he is very computer savy and figured it out right away....more info
  • becomes easy as you go along
    taking it out of the box it s a beautiful frame .ended up to really be the main attraction of party. Threw in my card and off you go.Downloads about 60 photos .Great frame and photos look really great and truly beautiful. It ended up to be the best present just hope a 90 year old can navigate through it ....more info
  • More than one year's worth of review
    I am a professional photographer, and was looking or something to put on my desk to show a continuous slideshow of my work. After holding off on buying a digital frame for years, I thought the EX1011 would be just what I was looking for.

    Unfortunately, it feels like a product that is not quite done. The WiFi transfer only works with Mac OS X if you buy a $39 3rd party app called TwonkyMedia (more on this later) and you can configure the unit to go online to retrieve photos off Kodak's EasyShare gallery which works OK. The image quality is fair, but disappointing for something from Kodak. The only adjustment is "Brightness" control which normally means white point, but in this case using this adjustment distorts the image. I had to put a color test pattern on a CF card and use this to calibrate the image which is WAY too much work, and there aren't enough controls to allow for a real calibration anyway:

    The web-based EasyShare feature is kinda neat, and actually works pretty well. You'll need to go to Kodak's web site and download a firmware update otherwise you'll see that the images lose some resolution, somehow, going from upload to download, plus the photos end up being shrunk in size by about 15%. In other words, you upload a 800x480 image, and it ends up being 680x408 on the screen, and the colors undergo one more level of distortion and decrease in color depth. This was fixed with firmware update 2007.7.06.

    Also, when the unit starts up, there is no way to have the unit default to the online gallery. The manual talks about setting an online gallery as My Slide Show, but having talked to Kodak customer support (don't ask how long THIS took to successfully accomplish) this feature was never implemented, so you can only use the default directory to function as My Slide Show (which is what the unit uses as a "Screen Saver"). You need to replace the photos in this default folder with your own. Be advised, when the unit shuts down and restarts (for whatever reason, including if you use the frame's auto timer), it will restart by going to a slide show in this default folder. Unless you want to watch Kodak's sample images all the time, you need to go in and change these photos to your own.

    Plus plus: when you update the online gallery, the frame doesn't know this, even though it's connected to the online site. You need to shut the unit down then return to the online gallery in order to have the display update.

    The unit is WAY too dependent on the remote control, and sooner or later the remote WILL be lost since it's really, really tiny. Sure, Kodak provides a little compartment for you to install on the back of the frame, but how many people are going to use this? Plus, if you hang the unit on the wall, you can't install the remote control storage compartment - it goes in the same holes used for wall mounting.

    The way to get the unit to work with the WiFi file sharing is to download a program called TwonkyMedia (I'd include the link to the software but Amazon won't allow this - do a Google search and you'll find it), pay $39 to register, then open up ports TCP 9000 and UDP 1030, 1900, 9080 on the Mac's firewall. In addition, you need to find the Twonky configuration screen (an HTML file hidden in the Applications folder) to set up which folders you want to share with the frame. All in all, a pain in the rear, even for an Engineer like me. Once I worked through all this, though, I have to admit it's a cool feature, and one I have found myself using frequently. Also, THIS is what separates this frame from the others on the market, which is why I stuck it out until I got it to work.

    The improve how the images look on the frame, save them in the highest resolution you can (> 200 dpi if possible) and crop them to a 16:9 aspect ratio. I also wrote a PhotoShop action that optimizes the appearance on the frame, including some sharpening, contrast and levels adjustments, and now they look much better.

    All in all, though, it took a LOT of work to get this thing to work as it should have right out of the box. Admittedly, I'm a perfectionist, but just to get the online file sharing to work right requires a firmware update, and to get the WiFi sharing to work require s 3rd party app, then more finagling. Honestly, how many people are gonna go through all this, especially if buying the frame for someone else, who may be less technically adept?

    Update 11/15/07: Just upgraded firmware to the 2007.10.09 version. Changed some of the user interface items, and gives a few more options than before (like auto-notice of firmware update availability) but the frame still doesn't recognize ANY video formats I use (and I've tried almost every possible configuration of Quicktime, .avi, .wmv, etc.). Also, still no wireless support for Mac, so you still have to use the glitch-filled TwonkyMedia 3rd party app.

    I've noticed several WiFi capable frames come on the market in the past couple months in preparation for the Holiday season, so if I were you, and WiFi were important to me (especially if you're a Mac user), I would again advise you to look elsewhere for your digital picture frame. This unit is STILL not finished.

    FINAL UPDATE 9/26/08: After just over a year of use, this produce simply stopped working. Admittedly, I had it on the internal timer to come on every morning and go off every night, but now it turns on and stays on for about 5 seconds then shuts itself off.

    When I finally contacted Kodak (after they hung up on me twice), I found out the standard cost of repair exceeded the clearance price my local Costco is charging for this frame by $10.

    Amazing. Makes me not want to buy another Kodak product ever again. In fact, makes me want to revise my review to be 1 star, but Amazon won't allow this.

    In this day and age, you expect a modern product to last more the ONE YEAR, don't you?...more info
  • EX-1011
    Kodak support never responded to my questions.
    There should be a sort order capability - it was difficult to get the files to play in certain order.
    Movie files appear darker. I spent the most time trying to get the movie to play without any choppiness. In the end, I discovered that they are always choppy with the SD card, but the usb flash drive played them with no problem.
    I'm in general very happy with it, but there's still room for improvement....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare - Zero Stars
    I ordered this product from Electronica Direct or some such store through Amazon and ended up returning it. The product's manual didn't explain everything and simple as a digital picture frame ought to be to use, this one was not created by someone who plans to use it. The software it comes with actually makes it difficult to get pictures into the frame! I ended up using other photo software that I own, but the quality of this product just isn't up to snuff with some of the others out there. I've never had luck with Kodak products, or at least never liked them, they always seem to be behind the ball when it comes to competing with other companies in new technology. I should have known better.

    I ended up returning it. Unfortunately, that's going to cost me a 20% restocking fee at this company. Guess I missed the fine print. Amazon shouldn't even be dealing with them....more info
  • Good overall buy
    Great resolution and easy to set up. The only feature lacking is the ability to display more than one photo at a time....more info
  • Beautiful but difficult
    The picture quality displayed is great. 5 stars. And the overall package is quite handsome. However, transferring pictures isn't as easy as it is on my daughter's cheap Phillips frame (purchased at Brookstone). The wireless feature is nice, if I had any idea what the password for my wireless network is. but I don't. So I have to rely on cables.

    And what's with Kodak loading all their photo-sharing software onto my computer? I suppose I agreed to it. but once it was there, I realized its not what I was looking for (its more for printing out hard copies using their printing service).

    But the picture quality is nice once the pics are on the frame!...more info
  • Great except the wirlees is worthless
    Summary: Great product if the wirless was reliable.


    Bright screen with good resolution.
    Good off axis viewing.
    Great feature set.
    128MB internal memory
    Card reader handles a lot of card formats


    Wireless can't stay connected for 24 hours even when close to access point.
    Eashyshare software is poor
    Loading photos is painfully slow
    App will sit in the background chewing up CPU cycles doing nothing
    Wide frame aspect ratio can be frustrating when dealing with portrait shots
    Customer support is poor


    I spent weeks trying to make this work. The Kodak Easyshare web site wouldn't stay connected more than a few hours. I changed from a 5 second picture rotation to 15 minutes thinking bandwidth might be a problem. I then tried using a directory off of my laptop. That would crash the frame in the same way i.e. to the top menu. After the frame crashed to the top menu the only way to get the wireless connection back was to power cycle the frame. Otherwise you would drill down to the photo directory and select a slide show only to be bounced back to the home (top) menu. I then tried my desktop. I then though Vista might be a problem so I tried another desktop running XP Pro. I never got the frame to keep displaying the photos over the wireless link for an entire day.

    Throughout all of this I tried several other things. Photos were sized down so they weren't too large in case that was a problem. The frame was tried in two locations. One had direct line of sight to the wireless antenna. Both locations were 10' to 15' away from the wireless antenna with no obstructions. Troublesome photos were removed. As another reviewer commented, this frame dislikes photos that work fine when viewed on my computers. I even tried using 2 different routers and made sure QOS was turned off.

    This was an anniversary gift to my wife and she loved the frame except for the crashing. That is why I tried so hard to make it work. Competing frames are either too big or low in resolution so I will have to wait for someone to bring out one that fits our needs.
    ...more info
  • Kodak EasyShare EX-1011 oversaturates pictures
    Recently I decided it was time to get a digital picture frame. I wanted a frame so I could load it up with the thousands of digital pictures I've taken over the years then have them rotate in my office during the day for my casual viewing pleasure.

    Unfortunately there are not alot of complete reviews out there but several reviews pointed to the Kodak EX-1011 a possible candidate. Features I was looking for in a digital picture frame were:

    1. A sharp, accurate image. I wanted to be able to look over at the fram from time to time and see a picture that resembled a printed photograph.

    2. Support for multiple media cards (CompactFlash, SD, etc).

    3. An attractive unit. Since this was going in my office, I wanted it to look like a piece of the furniture and not some cheap plastic frame atop a wooden desk.

    4. Easy to use.

    5. Any other features that may be useful (wireless, remote control, internal battery, etc)

    So let me speak to each of these items:

    1 The Kodak EX-1011 offers a 10" screen with an 800x480 resolution. 800 horizontal pixels is the highest resolution available on today's consumer picture frames so I was satified with this. What I was very unsatified with however was what Kodak calls "Kodak Color Science" for "vibrant color and crisp detail." What this translates into is boosted contrast and distorted, inaccurate colors. With nothing to compare to, one can accept the images provided by the EX-1011 but place it next to a Philips 9FF2CWO/37 (the frame I ultimately went with) and you'll immediately see the difference.

    2. The Kodak EX-1011 supports all the major flah media formats. No problem there.

    3. The Kodak EX-1011 LCD is surrounded by a black plastic frame. At 10" and widescreen, this thing is large. The plastic itself is plain and simply, in my opinion a little on the cheap looking side.

    4. The Kodak EX-1011 is fairly easy to use. There are a number of buttons on top back of the frame (not visible when looking at the fram head on) for up, down, left right, menu, etc. I found myself almost always fumbling when pushing these buttons as it wasn't clear what button (left, right, up, down) did.

    5. Other features: It is very useful to have a remote control, especially if you want to sit back in your chair and navigate through the photos. The wireless feature I initially thought would be very cool but at least with this frame there are limitations regarding the location of the images on your PC plus your PC needs to be running in order to view the photos. To me it's much easier to just use a flash card....more info
  • Great picture quality, but you may get "current file is bad" on picture frame
    The picture quality is probably one of the best I've seen but......
    There's only one problem that I have had with the Kodak SV 811. If your files are too large, i.e. 3MB+ photos you may receive the following error message "Current file is bad" on the picture frame. To resolve this problem do the following and it will correct the problem: resize your photos to 1600 X 1200 dpi(landscape mode), (1200X 1600 for portrait mode) and the frame will work fine.....Plus you'll be able to store over 300+ photos in the internal memory.
    P.S. Edit the photos in a program like Adobe Photoshop (resize the images in Adobe to 1600X1200 dpi) and then reload the resized images back into the Kodak digital picture frame. I resized all my photos in the Kodak digital picture frame to 1600 X 1200 dpi and there are no more "bad files." And the quality of the photos is still very good.......more info
  • SV-811 Digital Picture Frame
    I looked at several digital picture frames before selecting the Kodak SV-811. I really like the high resolution and vibrant colors of this digital picture frame. The black background and frame make the images truly stand out. The frame is easy to set up and use and the 800 x 480 pixel format is great for landscape photos. The only drawback is that portrait photos tend to look a little dinky....more info
  • Promising but ultimately disappointing
    Despite reading several diappointed reviews, I went ahead and bought this frame. It was a good frame, but I ultimately returned it for several reasons: the WiFi connection kept dropping; the transitions were very slow when showing pictures from my online gallery (well over a minute, despite having set transition time to 3 seconds); the device kept resetting itself, as other reviewers had warned; and I found the online support from Kodak to be very poor and aimed mostly at selling the product rather than helping with problems; it didn't help that the documentation was extremely thin and there were no firmware upgrades to download that might have fixed the frame's failings as delivered. (Firmware is the software for the frame itself.) Even though I liked the look of the frame and the picture quality, I ultimately concluded that the only way I'd actually use this frame was by loading up a memory card with pictures, and that I could get that kind of functionality for a lot less money. No sense in paying for features that are so annoying to use that you won't use them....more info
  • Good product
    I think the features make this product worth it, I bought it for my girlfriend, I think its great, I have put songs on it, pictures, but I have yet to add video, i think that would be fun to try, overall a great product, i just wish it was 7x5 screen and not a 7x4 screen...more info
  • Great service
    Would buy from company again. Product was just what I ordered and arrived on time....more info
  • Awesome Frame
    I received this frame as a birthday present. It took 15 minutes to unpack it, set it up, load 45 pictures and two songs, and start the slide show. Another 3 minutes to go through the menu and adjust the settings. Great clarity, novel idea to have the music, wonderful frame! ...more info
  • Highly Recommended, Definitely Worth it!
    Love the frame. Always happy with any of Kodak's products and have been a loyal customer for 9 years! Picture quality is awesome, the wi-fi features work great. Very user friendly and easy to set up. The only quirk that I have is the 1 minute slide duration when viewing from kodak gallery online. Other than that, this is defintely worth the money!...more info
  • Best clarity!
    We had been looking at many digital frames before purchasing one and found this one, which has the best clarity of all of them. Additionally, its larger size makes viewing photos a pleasure. Everyone who sees it, admires it! Thanks, Kodak, for such a great product. ...more info
  • disappointing
    On most of the images that I had scanned from photos the frame gave me a message saying "current file is bad" even though these same images were no problem to display on my computer- They were all jpegs and the problem was the same whether read from an sd card or the frames memory.

    There is no mention of this error message in the user guide or on the online documentation. 2 emails sent to Kodak were ignored even though they promise to reply in 24hrs. The phone support is a nightmare and does not even give an option for frames. When I finally reached an operator she switched me to a recorded line for software support. I finally reached a tech on their online chat support- The tech was said it had to do with what he called "the incriptions" (data embedded in the image) and that there is no fix. He seemed unsure and this explanation does not account for the portion of my scanned images that did display correctly. The frame worked fine for images taken with a digital camera.

    It is sad to see a venerable old company like Kodak that makes decent products, slip so badly when it comes to service. Every company that manufactures electronics is now involved in photography, a market once dominated by Kodak. Instead of cutting corners Kodak should embrace excellent service as a way to better compete and build loyalty. Those that remember a better company will soon be gone....more info
  • Do NOT use EasyShare Software
    As others mentioned, the documentation for the picture frame is horrible. Thus, I decided to hook the frame to my MacBook Pro using the supplied USB cable and transfer images. For some reason I could not eject the disk image after transferring the images from my computer to the frame and when I disconnected the USB cord it seemed to corrupt several of the images which in turn caused the frame to malfunction when it encountered the first corrupt image. Fortunately turning the power off and then on corrected the malfunction.

    I then deleted all of the images from the frame's memory, and decided that I would try loading the EasyShare software onto my computer to see if that would facilitate the transfer. BIG MISTAKE!! DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. Here's what happened... After loading the software and then launching it, it asks to import your images and it tells you that it will not change any of your images. IT LIED. The software ended up corrupting about 100 of my favorite images that I had enhanced using Aperture and I've spent the better part of the morning recoving the files from a backup and then reapplying the enhancements to each image.

    After that debacle, I was about to pitch the frame, but I decided to try one more thing. I used the computer to transfer all of the images to a USB thumb drive and then plugged the thumb drive into the frame. This worked like a charm and resulted in gorgeous images being displayed on the frame. The frame allows you to copy images from your thumb drive to the frame which is what I ultimately did so I could use the thumb drive for other tasks.

    Other than not using the included software, my other recommendation to purchasers of the frame would be to export the images that you want to put on the frame from your image processing application using a resolution of 800x480 pixels. This way you will maximize the number of images that the frame's memory will hold....more info
  • Bad Documentation - NO SUPPORT!!!
    I bought the sister product - the 10" EX 1011 - same issues apply to both the 10" and this 8"

    The product looks great BUT!!

    I bought it to send pictures to Grandma. We thought we could post pictures on the Kodak Gallery, and she (many many miles away) could see the latest of the grandchildren. HOWEVER ... it keeps losing its contact withe Wifi and reverting to its internal memory. If Grandma was up to resetting it to point at Gallery, she would have a computer and wouldn'r need this.

    The on-line documentation says that you can make the Gallery the place it automatically goes to BUT .. the menus described on the web page are NOT, in fact, availale on the device. We sent a question email to customer service .. git an autmated response that said we would get a real response within about 24 hours. 5 Days NO RESPONSE. They do not post any phone numbersw to call for this device. They have an online chat that is ALWAYS BUSY, and so does not respond.

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! Personally, I will never buy any Kodak product again. I expect some minimal level of support from companies that want me to buy their products....more info
  • Product is a trick
    One major problem: the SV710 simply displays pictures from a thumbdrive, a memory stick, xD card, etc. It is impossible to actually save photos to the frame - your card, thumbdrive, etc must stay in the frame for it to function.

    Useless for it's designed purpose. You may as well put a slide show on your tv or computer and save your money....more info
  • Works well, minor issues
    The quality of the displayed image is wonderful. There are really only two or three minor issues. I gave it only three stars because there are frames for sale without these issues and I therefore would not buy this one again.

    First, there is no battery. My frame is hanging on the wall with a rather obvious wire hanging from it. Second, the wide screen aspect ratio while great for movies is not so great for pictures which are normally in more of a 4x6 format. Last, when the frame is hanging, the holder for the remote (which is a nice idea) becomes useless. This could have been designed better.

    That being said, it's nice to easily display my digital pics without having to print them first.

    Bottom line, I would look for a frame without wide screen and with a battery unless you are standing it on a desk rather than hanging it on a wall in which case the wire is more easily hidden....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    It was easy to setup (as long as you use the remote and not the controls on the frame itself) and has a pretty good picture quality as long as you don't look too close. There are a lot of features on it that I don't use (such as mp3 playback) but it's nice that they're there in case I ever want to. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    I don't know if I got a lemon or if all of these products have this defect, but the off/on timer does not work. The timer is designed to allow you to specify when you want your frame to operate. I enabled the timer to shut off at 8pm. The frame shut off its slide show running from an SD card at 8pm. Then a little while longer it turned back on again, this time running the slide show from the internal memory. I shut it off manually using the remote, and again a little while longer while I was sitting in the room the frame just turned on again. Finally I just flipped the switch. Also after the frame turned on, it no longer recognized the SD card until I pulled it out and put it back in again.

    As far as resolution quality and look, I really like the frame. It plays videos great and it is fun and easy to load pictures to the frame.

    The remote only works at very close range to the frame....more info
  • Perfect for grandma!
    I wanted to send my 85yo grandmother a picture of our kids, but this digital frame is going to work so much better! Out of the box, without using any EasyShare software, I connected it via USB to my MacBook and dragged some images onto the drive. Ejected the drive from my desktop, but it remounted right away, so I unplugged the USB and dismissed the warning Mac OS X gives you. The picture frame immediately started displaying photos AND MOVIES! I've got a Cannon A70 digicam and this frame plays the movies without any trouble, even sound!

    So I had to do some configuration settings, 30 second delay, little more brightness, etc. But my grandmother will be able to plug it in, turn it on and enjoy without any futzing around!

    Perfect, perfect, perfect!...more info
  • NIce picture quality, doesn't randomize pictures
    I bought this frame as a mother's day gift after buying the polaroid version that had really bad picture quality. Digital picture frames (in my opinion) are just unnecessarily expensive. So with that said, and realizing that you will have to pay over $100 for ANY frame with 1/2-way decent pics, I will say that this frame is a very good value (comparatively) for its price.

    I have no complaints on the picture quality (although of course, there are more frames out there with better quality...but for a better quality you will definitely have to pay over $200), especially at this price. It is quite crisp and very bright. I really enjoyed watching the pics on this frame. My only gripe with this frame is that it does not automatically randomize your pics, nor does it offer an option to let you do so. It would really make the show more interesting if you didn't have to view all the pics in each folder on your memory card before moving to the next one. Also, a lot of frames come with changeable faceplates to change the color of the frame--or have nicer frames in general, rather than the plain (and kinda cheap looking) black plastic that is on the kodak frame. That is one area that could also be improved. Overall though, for the price, I think this is a good purchase. DEFINITELY a much better choice over the polaroid or smartpants frames that are around $30 less. ...more info
  • Didn't come close to expectations
    This is a review of the Kodak EasyShare SV710; Amazon has some miscategorized reviews.

    I was unable to get the EasyShare software to load on my laptop running XP without a call to their tech support. While holding, I connected to my VPN and was able to download the software that way. the tech support person did not have any explanation for this, and could not offer any assistance with the frame itself, only the EasyShare software (frame support is available only M-F, apparently).

    The EasyShare software makes no attempt to connect to the frame, and the manual is slightly above the level of a Dr. Seuss story, giving no hint at first about how to get pictures from the computer to the frame. I finally got the pictures to appear from my USB drive, but I wanted to be able to upload them to the frame itself. It seems there is no way to do this.

    So this item is going back to Amazon. Too bad...it was a nice Father's Day present, but this may be one reason why Kodak is doing so poorly in the marketplace...under-delivering on its products...more info
  • Digital picture frame
    I always liked looking at slides but with the advent of digital photography slides were "out of the picture". However this digital picture frame is the best thing going and I feel I am again looking at slides. Everyone who see this frame has shown an interest in purchasing one.
    How Did I find this frame? I did an extensive search on the web and finally decided on this unit. For the money it offers so much of everything I wanted. The three features I really like are wifi from my home computer to the frame. That means I can send the picture right to the frame. Second, the price which is very competitive. Third, every memory chip I have goes directly into the frame and I can connect the frame directly to a computer using the supplied USB cable. There are many other features and all are great. If there is a better frame I do not know of it.
    One slight problem. In order to use the wifi I had to install Microsoft's SP2. I did not want to do that but I eventually did. Not happy about that feature....more info
  • The best digital picture frame on the market!
    I have been looking for digital frames for my mother who is in her 80s for 6 months. I bought a few other frames and returned them all. This one, however, is excellent and sending pictures to the frame wirelessly from anywhere in the world is a wonderful feature. I highly recommend this produce.

    Downside - it takes just a bit of "playing" with it to get all the wireless features setup correctly. However, once it is set - it is wonderful. If you are not using the wireless internet feature then there is no downside at all....more info
  • Satisfied
    This is a good digital picture frame. It does more than I expected. The SV series does not have wifi. The EX series is the one that has it. If the EX does all that this frame can plus the wifi, I would go for the wifi. Clarity and picture image is good. My coworkers really like seeing my slideshows. So instead of dozens of frames of friends and family there is one rotating slideshow. It will even play music!...more info
  • good and easy
    great pic quality, easy to load. i thought the remote was too much - at least until i saw my wife take to it. turns out it was just the right touch. ...more info
  • Nice Idea, But the Software
    I bought this frame to view the thousands of photos on my PC over the wireless. While it is working, the frame does this job very well. The photos are clear and reasonably easy to view, though like all LCD displays, viewing the screen from an angle degrades the image.

    The software on the frame is reasonably easy to understand and use, which is fortunate for Kodak, since the documentation for the frame is incomplete. For example, most of the buttons on the remote are never described. The simplicity of the software, however, makes it less useful for large photo collections. Scrolling through thousands of photos is not practical, particularly when it takes several seconds to bring up the first thumbnail on a new screen.

    I have run across two major problems, which are going to lead to me return the frame. The first is that the frame shows pictures in a fixed order. It does not have random shuffle (as far as I can tell). This might not be so bad, except the second problem is that the frame resets itself every couple of hours, so I need to manually restart the slide show (at the same point!). I have never seen an error message, it just stops displaying photos and goes back to a setup screen. Perhaps I have a defective frame, but it is pretty annoying to have to manually restart it several times a day and see the same pictures over and over again....more info
  • Just Great
    It was not a problem connecting to our wireless network, it worked right away. Quality of pictures is great. Best part is our family members send us albumns to view by email from the Kodak gallery. Now the Kodak gallery is on the picture frame and when they send it we can watch the slideshow from there. Only complaint is the time between pictures when getting them from Kodak gallery is fairly long. It is an absolutely great product and I am extremely happy with it....more info
  • Good basic digital photo frame
    I believe this product does a very good job of what it is designed to do. I bought this item for the internal 128MB memory and the wide veiwing angle and I have not been disappointed. The frame has a variable brightness control, which is nice, and I like the random transitions between photos.
    The instruction booklet leaves a lot to be desired. You have to be somewhat of a techno nerd to figure it all out.
    When I read the other reviews for this product, I wondered if the reviewers were actually commenting on the right product. Many of them were complaining about the wireles capability. This caught my attention because the Easyshare SV-811 doesn't have wireless capability.
    ...more info
  • Deserves 5 Star after firmware upgrade
    It all works perfectly after the firmware upgrade. It has lived up to its potential. The integration with my Kodak Gallery is spectacular!!!!! The documentation is still a problem - even the firmware instructions were more difficult than needed to be! I just copied the firmware file to an sd card and upgraded. There instructions added another unnecessary step. Kodak is supposed to make things for the average user - this product instructions are just not clear! Remember Kodak who buys your products!...more info
  • No internal memory on the SV710!
    I am extremely disappointed with this purchase.

    First of all, I placed a pre-order as the item would be available April 30th and shipped out at that time. Today is May 22nd, I just got it today! Horrible!

    Second, it states "128 MB internal memory", yet in the manual it says you cannot copy pictures into this model!

    The picture quality isn't that great.

    This WAS supposed to be a birthday present for my dad, how embarassing. I will be returning it!!...more info
  • great COLORFUL picture quality
    The KODAK frame is easy to use and has amazing colors with great sharpness. I am very pleased--it works as designed. A great product for people who do not want to print every picture and like a variety of shots to "slide show" through the frame. ...more info
  • WIFI Picture frame, NOT.
    I got this frame mainly for the Wireless capabilities and I was greatly disappointed in the wireless usability. First let me say, it's a nice looking pictures frame and the display quality is pleasing I would have gave it a higher rating if the wireless function was usable. That being said, if you don't need wireless don't get the frame. If you need wireless definitely don't get this frame.

    I was able to setup the wireless connection no problem. After that all hell broke loose. Navigating the shared folders over wireless was painfully slow. Even worst, the frame would reboot for some unknown reason.

    Selecting groups is terrible. There is no recursive directory selection. You can just selected the directory folder for all the picture. You manually have to got through each directory and select all the picture. I have my pictures organized on my computer by [Year]/[Month]/[Event]. Because it's so slow in navigating, it leaves you to wonder if the frame locked up or something. I had the frame less than 24 hours had I've had it reboot at least 4 times trying to select all my pictures. After painstakingly selecting a small group of picture from 2006 Dec - 2007 April. I walked away for a few hours to come back to find the frame had rebooted for some reason. Even worst, I lost the selection group. All of these issues are thought the use of wireless. I sent 4 email to Kodak about the issues and I got a response that a week later for 2 of the emails that they are looking into the problems.

    Also, the software that comes with the frame is terrible. It't slow and takes up a lot of memory. Even worst, the software runs everytime you boot. I have a 2.8GHz dual core computer with 4GB of memory, yet after I installed the kodak software my computer would take forever to boot. Luckily you don't need the kodak software to use the wireless feature for the frame. The frame uses Windows Media Sharing to display the pictures stored on your computer.

    Another thing is it will only download picture from the Kodak website when going to the internet. This is fine for me because I use Kodak to post my picture on the web and make prints, something to consider before buying.

    On top of that there is no RSS support. So, you can't get the weather or other news downloaded from the internet to display between pictures. Other wireless picture frames have this feature.

    I was going to send this back but I ended up giving it away to someone who really don't care about the wireless.
    ...more info
  • Nice features ... no cordless power option
    I give this unit 4 stars because it lacks portability via the use of batteries.

    I can understand the need for power. Everything needs it in one way or another. However, not having any type of internal power option for this frame limits your ability to place the frame anywhere you'd like as well as the ability to hand it to a another person for them to comfortably enjoy the contents of it.

    I bought this as a gift for my wife, and because of the requisite need for the wall wart, I returned it. Sad, too, because it boasted all the features I had been looking for in a frame of this size. The WiFi I never tried, and it was a option I hadn't been shopping for anyway. Overall, I liked the unit. If Kodak would provide an option to use battery power for the unit, that would be great!

    In the mean time, I'll keep looking around. While the packaging didn't say it would work with batteries, I made an assumption (I know, I know) that since it had a DC power adapter that it might take batteries.

    In summary, if you're looking for something that has portability in a digital picture frame, this is not the one....more info
  • Wi-Fi and WMP 11 don't always work together.
    I jumped at this as soon as it was available. I wanted the Wi-Fi so I could hang the frame on the wall, hide the cord, and have a mounted frame that did not show any visible means of how it worked.

    You must have Windows Media Player 11 on the computer, install the Easy Share software, and have a wireless network. I had them all. On the main computer in the house, where all the photos reside, Media Player would not accept the command to share media. After you choose Share Media, you get a box, and are supposed to place a check mark next to a statement that says you want to share your media. After pressing OK, you are supposed to get a dialog to show where the media you want to share is on your computer. The main computer would not show this second box, no matter how many times I tried, rolled back to Media Playeer 10, reinstalled Media Player 11, and uninstalled and reinstalled the Easy Share software, in many different orders and methods.

    I finally decided to try it on the computer we have in an extra bedroom, (after installing everything I needed as above) all with XP Pro by the way, and it seemed to work. I got the second box in Media Player to say where my media was and entered the location into the box. Then I loaded about 100 photos into that folder, and made sure the pictures showed in Media Player. I went back to the picture frame, and it showed that computer was connected to the frame! I thought my worries were over, because even though I wanted to use my main computer, tranferring photos to the other was a breeze, so I would accept it.

    Well, no matter what I tried, the photos would never play on the screen. I tested the Wi-Fi connection with a laptop to see what speed I was getting in the location where I wanted the frame, and was getting 325mbps, so that should have been more than sufficient. I also tested the frame with a compact flash card, and the pictures worked perfectly and looked beautiful.

    I finally returned the frame, but only because the Wi-Fi wouldn't work. I didn't want to pay for Wi-Fi and not get it. I also wanted the 10 inch size instead of the 8 inch.

    I wish the 10 inch frame was available without Wi-Fi. I would buy it....more info
  • A solid offering from Kodak
    My review is based on the SW-811 8-inch frame.

    I am generally quite pleased with this frame. As you may find out, as of May 2007, the digital frame market is really all over the place. There are a lot of smaller vendors, and functionality and quality varied quite a bit. Based on my research, I think this frame stacks up very well.

    The Kodak frame worked wonderfully right out of the box. The ability to use different memory formats is an outstanding offering, since I can use my thumb drive, or the SD card directly from the camera. In fact, my advice is to buy a bunch of cheap USB memory cards (256MB, or 512mb), which makes transferring from your PC to the frame very quick and easy (wireless is nice, but probably overkill for the price), and allows for simple swapping to display different 'album' sets.

    The display is bright and sharp. At least as good as comparable frames, and better than many. At some angles, the display is not as sharp, but for general viewing it works well for me.

    Some minor dings that I would comment on:
    - the control buttons on the top are not very intuitive. They have odd symbols that are not very universal. They also don't have intuitive clicking...sometimes you have to do a 'deeper' click for the frame to recognize it.

    - The display is wide horizontally. This is nice for a lot of pictures, but it means you have to either a) choose to cut off some of the top and bottom, which is usually ok, but not always, or b) choose to display in photo format, which puts black space on the left and right of the photo.

    - The power cord is a little bulky, with a fairly large adapter. This may be true for all frames. I am not sure. But, you have to choose carefully where to place the frame, so the adaptor and cord have a place to sit in a non-visually distracting way.

    Honestly, these are very minor dings. Overall, this is a great frame, and sure to be a crowd pleaser....more info
  • Meh
    BAD- Choppy AVI playback, contrasty screen with NO shadow detail, cheap plastic feel, no random arrangement of slideshow capability, the auto-on auto-off feature would be great if it didn't turn on with the audio volume set at 60% no matter what it was set on before it turned off, no battery, cheesy slideshow transitions (no fades).

    GOOD- Easy setup, WIfi works with a PC (not with a mac)....more info
  • When Digital Picture Quality Counts
    I'm an amateur digital SLR photographer with a large collection of digital family pictures and outdoor travel sceneries. The last few months I decided to seriously start looking for the right digital picture frame that would showcase my pictures to family and friends. My main criteria in choosing the right digital picture frame were; picture clarity, vibrant color definition, easy to set-up/use, and at a good price-to-value ratio.

    The Kodak EasyShare EX1011 Digital Picture frame met my expectations and then some. It wasn't my first Digital Picture Frame; I actually purchased another brand 10" digital frames based on some good reviews. Unfortunately when I received the other brand and started to use it, the picture quality was lower than I expected and was missing a lot of other functionality that the Koday EasyShare had.

    The Kodak EasyShare, worked like a champ right out of the box. From the packaging to the instruction manual to the first time you see your pictures on the screen, you knew you were getting a quality product. Here's where the Kodak EasyShare picture frame shines:-

    · Easy to follow instructions. Set up basic system in 15 minutes; add another 15 minutes for WiFi hook up.
    · Can be viewed from different angle and has minimal glare.
    · WiFi capability(EX models only). Once you activated the Wi-Fi capability you get other options like. You can share videos, music and pictures directly from your computer. Use Kodak's Gallery via the internet. Enable automatic time updates via the internet.
    · Enable automatic start and stop time function.

    I take away one star from my ratings because of minor issues.
    · You can't hang up the EasyShare on the wall easily. Kodak provides one middle hook, but because the picture frame electronics is not balanced properly the picture frame ends up being tilted. Be careful when trying to hook the system to the wall, place a pillow or something soft to break the fall. In the end, I found that the safest place for the digital frame is on the center table.
    · Price is a little higher than most picture frames, but the old adage "You get what you pay for."
    · No randomize picture capability.
    · Detail wireless media connections (to share files from computer) are only available online. Go online to download the wireless media connection instructions. [...]

    If you are looking for a quality digital picture frame that showcases your pictures in higher definition and quality, you will be pleasantly surprise with the Kodak EasyShare.
    ...more info
  • Poor LCD Quality
    This is a beautiful frame, but it pretty much stops there. The LCD is bright with great contrast, but the vertical lines forced me to return the product. I like the frame so much I hoped that my first one was flawed, but after I exchanged it, it turns out to just be a poor quality LCD. Disappointed, I would have expected better quality from Kodak....more info
    I purchased mine for a mothers day gift. I thought i would be cool to have the some of my own pictures uploaded before i sent it.

    This item has very good picture details. You can select from diffrent types of transitions.

    Also you can change the delay on the each pictures.

    They could have made it more user friendly, but all the same once you mess with it a couple of times it pretty easy.

    I use XD chips and its easy to transfer over. It copies the pictures so you don't lose them on your Chip.

    I rate it a 5 right now, But the overall rating i think will come when we see how long it last when keeped on all the time.

    I bought mine from best buy only so i could get the extended 2 year warranty for only 29.99. Plus its the same price right now.
    ...more info
  • This is EXACTLY the Digital Picture Frame I have Been Looking For!
    First off, the picture quality is excellent and in my book, that is most important. Pictures look sharp and contrasty from almost all viewing angles.

    The image size is similar to a 5x7 and the overall frame size is like a matted 5x7 photo.

    This thing is flexible to the max!!

    * You can view pictures on a memory card.
    * You can view pictures on your computer (but you have to load Microsoft Media Player 11
    * You can view all of your pictures and your friends pictures on the Kodak Gallery.
    * You can download pictures to the built in memory from your computer via USB2.
    * You can upload pictures from a memory card inserted in the frame to your networked PC (I'm not sure why you would want to do that.)

    What's wrong with it? Not much but you will have to look in the manual at least once to figure out what the icons on the remote are all about. The menus aren't that straight forward, but once you go thru them they are good enough. Finally, I had to upgrade my old 802.11 B wireless router to a newer 802.11 G router to get the wireless stuff to work. No big deal, I bought a $35 basic router and it works fine.

    Highly recommended!!!...more info