Dish Network Platinum DVR/PVR 5.0 #1 Remote 625
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Product Description

This remote is designed to work with the model 625 receivers, but will work with virtually every model of Dish Network Receiver. Please contact Dish Network if you are unsure of which remote to purchase for your receiver model.

Customer Reviews:

  • Yeessss.... Worked with my Dish DVR 510 receiver
    Programming was a pain but it works. I wish all the tabs were included (see that green tab? google the remote - they refer to whether it is a IR or UHF or IR/UHF remote - I would have been better off with a IR/UHF this is an IR, green tab #1).

    Under "system info" (menu button) you can find your remote "code", which is what you program the Sat button with. There is a way to reset it if you have absolutely no remote by resetting the DVR and turning it back on. This was hard for me to figure out (fyi, ours was "9"). Once you know what your code is, hold the SAT button down until all the buttons blink, enter the code, and press pound. Easy peezy. ...more info
  • Four-function remote control
  • Will operate up to four devices: satellite receiver, TV, DVD, VCR, sound system, etc.
  • Emits IR (infrared / line-of-sight) signal