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Product Description

Spykee The Spy Robot takes interactive Erector sets beyond the limits of kids' imagination. This latest build-your-own Erector set from Nikko America does everything from play digital music to guard a home or business.

Spy from Anywhere
Recommended for ages eight and up, Spykee is far more than your ordinary toy robot. Perfect for audio-visual surveillance, Spykee has the ability to move, watch, speak, and hear. With a built-in video camera and microphone, the robot takes real-time pictures with video and with sound effects. When motion is detected, Spykee activates an alarm or sends a picture by email. Compatible with Skype 3.0 (PC) technology, Spykee can also be used as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone and web camera. Best of all, this motorized robot is equipped with a WiFi card, which means kids can access and control Spykee via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

3-in-1 Robot Fun
But there's more fun than just spying! Combining a classic robot design with the latest technology, kids can use Spykee to construct three different robot models from this same set. Downloading their favorite songs to Spykee, this spy robot even acts as a digital music player with its own loudspeakers. Compatible with most Erector sets, it features lights and optical fibers, and an IR auto-parking recharging system automatically sends Spykee back to the power station for a recharge.

The Spy robot takes real-time pictures with video and sound effects. View larger.

The robot is equipped with a WiFi card, which means kids can access and control Spykee via the Internet. View larger.

Spykee is the newest, build-your-own-set from Erector. Nostalgic construction meets breakthrough technology.

Spykee is a complete, DIY home or business, audio/video surveillance. Spykee can be accessed and completely controlled from anywhere in the world through a WiFi connection.

This radio-controlled Spy Robot can take pictures and record A/V, serve as a VOIP telephone, web cam and also a digital music player. When any movement is detected Spykee activates an alarm or sends email notification. Spykee automatically zips back to the power station for a recharge.

Not only can you construct three, different models from one set, Erector continues to extend play value throughout the product line by making Spykee compatible with all Erector parts. Stretch your imagination and explore what else you can construct.

  • Spy robot perfect for audio/visual surveillance
  • WiFi card allows robot to be controlled via Internet from anywhere in the world
  • 3 different robot models in 1 set
  • Includes video camera, microphone, digital music player, lights and optical fibers, and IR auto-parking recharging system
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
Customer Reviews:
  • Fun Remote Presence
    Got it as a gift and had fun from the get go. The network based control is easy to setup and ready go quickly. Right now my brother is controlling it from 1000 miles away. He's running it around chasing the dog. With the built in mic and speaker we can have a conversation with a interactive device then just a stand alone webcam and computer. ...more info
  • Erector Spykee
    Erector Spykee is a hyper inflated toy that is hardly worth the small mental effort to put together a few indistinct mechanisms that resemble dumb cranes or hulking robotics. You can't do much with it, it's expensive and math and science lovers rave about it day in day out. It's overrated by everyone who has purchased one and there's no evidence that this is any more productive for the brain than a pile of bricks. This toy is pushed by the elitist robotic sub-culture who think they are the wave of the future.

    If you are using it for kids, you're better off just getting a block set, an army set, and a classical Erector Building Set. You'll even have money left over to get a bike.

    This is a robotic size piece of junk. ...more info
  • My Spykee
    Picked one up from a local Toys R Us. Setup was easy if you read the instructions. Overall it works as advertised (except that it can't climb stairs). I've controlled it remotely, and even freaked out my wife who was unaware that I was controlling it from a coffee shop about 1.5 miles from my house.

    For the price I think it's well worth it (I'm sure it'll go down too as time goes on and newer models appear). The software is simple, and it goes together very well. However, a few of the assembly diagrams were difficult to make out, so I tried my best to take my time (40 yrs old and still a geek). I travel out of town quite a bit, and frankly this will allow me to check out my house and family while I'm away.

    There is lag in control over the internet(termed as "remote" in the manual), but that is to be expected for a first generation product. I'm sure in a year or two it will be improved like most of technology. Even the Rovio is exhibited this - I did the 5 minute test drive on the net. It kinda gives you an idea of how NASA's MARS rovers are like to operate though. I found it a fun challenge.

    The self docking action is the neatest. However, mine seems to have issues in total darkness - but I will play with it some more. I'm thinking there must be something reflective in the vicinty that throws the IR off -currently it parks between to toy bins made of shiny plastic.

    If anything, Spykee seems to have brought into awareness the clutter we have in the house!

    In conclusion, I would have gotten the Rovio instead - more features, but the reviews so far seems to point towards issues with charging and docking. Critical features for remote home surveillance. I still have 45 days on this Spykee, if the Rovio does not improve I'll stick with SPykee.
    In the future, I'll probably invest in the Irobot.

    Three things I wish Spykee had...

    1. Wide angle camera lens and the ability to zoom in and out
    2. Accessories that can be added and controlled over the internet
    3. Bright headlights - when we are not home we usually turn off
    most of the lights, and so running the SPykee at night in remote would
    be a real challenge. Maybe I'll just invest in a few more light timers.

    Currently there seems to be three of these type of devices that are being offered or will be soon...

    1. Erector Spykee (available now)
    2. WOwwee Rovio (on-line only)
    3. Irobot ConnectR (still in development)

    This is really a great idea. Especially for home surveillance, and for our pet loving counterparts. I plan on getting a few (not the spykee though - not durable enough) - for my parents, parents in law, and my brother and sister as the technology improves.
    11/15/08 Just a post note: Today I operated Spykee from a remote location via a PC connected (by wire) to a router. The control was as good as in ad hoc link! Prior to this I was using my PDA as a modem for my laptop - this connection introduced a considerable amount of lag, but it was still drivable. The pda runs a 2.5 MBsec.

    Also, I've purchased a handful of LED Nite Lights to use as beacons in near total darkness at night. They work great. You can get a two pack for $5 at Lowes or Home Depot. The lights come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. These will do till I find a way to mount and control a Luxeon LED flashlight on Spykee.

    Lastly, I had the idea that this type of device would also be good for people who are bed ridden or have vary limited mobility. It can allow them to keep in touch with family members or be at places (zoos, aquariums, museums, malls, lakes, parks, fairs...etc) and do things in a way that can help them obtain a more personal experience - they can take their own pictures, shoot their own videos, say their own words. Just awesome. I firmly believe that in few years devices like this will be needed just like a TV, or Ipod. Anyhow, this is a real good implementation of networks, the Internet, robotics, GUI, and digital multimedias.

    Have fun!
    ...more info
  • I want one!
    I am getting one ASAP. I have tried to make something like this, but automatic power recharging system is tricky. ...more info