Sym Antivirus V10.2 10U Bus Pac Groupware Prot CD 10U
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Product Description

- Marketing Information: Symantec AntiVirus with Groupware Protection provides proactive threat protection for client systems, content filtering, spam prevention for groupware servers, and malware protection for desktops and servers. Product Information - Software Sub Type: Antivirus - Software Name: AntiVirus v.10.2 with Groupware Protection Business Pack - Features and Benefits: - Automatically removes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and adware - Extends protection to email servers with Symantec Mail Security - Scans POP3 email messages and attachments - Protects itself against malicious code that tries to disable antivirus software - Repairs changes made by viruses and spyware - Offers centralized installation, configuration, and management - Permits administrators to customize spyware/adware policies - LiveUpdate can automatically download new virus definitions (Active maintenance agreement required) - Linux client support (Separate Download Required) Improved protection from spyware and adware, including: - Spyware repair enhancements automatically block spyware installation - Stealthed spyware detection and remediation - Enhanced spyware repairs for invasive risks Integrated Web-based graphical reporting: - Identifies most common infected PCs and infection types - Simple installation that scales with your business - Streamlined workflow and usability License Information - License Quantity: 10 User

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