Fenix L1D-CE (Cree Edition LED) Digital LED Flashlight (6 Output levels) - 90 Lumens with one AA battery
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Product Description

The Fenix L1D-CE is an ingenious mini flashlight with brilliant brightness and a digital circuit with 2 output modes and 6 output levels that can be easily and conveniently slipped in your pocket/Belt holster. The maximum output is 90 Lumens and it lasts 1.5 hours with one AA alkaline battery. At economy mode, it produces 9 lumens for 25 hours. There are two modes of output - selected by turning the bezel (patented). The brightness can be adjusted by lightly pressing the tail switch. With the characteristic inbuilt current regulation circuit and stable high brightness, the Fenix L1D-CE is able to meet all your lighting needs whether you're a police officer, outdoor enthusiast or a person who appreciates a quality flashlight. Circuit Digitally Regulated for Constant Brightness. New ability to aid in an emergency. Super High brightness, Long Runtime, Compact size. Push button tail cap switch. Input voltage: 1.5V~4V; 3.85 inch(L) x 0.83 inch(Dia); 48-gram (excluding batteries); Available Color: Black; Comes with Belt holster, lanyard, spare o-ring, spare switch; Battery not included.

  • Uses a new 50,000-hour Premium Cree 7090 XR-E LED, superior to the Luxeon V
  • 2 models, 6 output Levels: Turbo Mode: 90 lumens (1.5 hours), Strobe; General Mode: 9 lumens, 40 lumens, 80 lumens, SOS with the button and bezel
  • Made of aerospace grade aluminum. Type III hard anodized anti-scratch finish.
  • Brighter than all 3W Luxeon flashlights
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Repair is free but you will be charged for the cost of parts.
Customer Reviews:
  • Best flashlight I've ever owned
    This is easily the best and brightest flashlight I've ever owned, and on a single AA battery no less! First, the obvious. It's super bright and gets about 3 hours on a single AA battery. The beam is perfect as well unlike a Mag which gets that center dark spot. The beam on this light is focused in the middle with a nice outer beam. It couldn't get more perfect.

    Construction? Sturdy. It's made from aircraft grade aluminum so it's solid yet lightweight. The LED is encased in a sealed head so that you can't mess with it (actually voids the warranty to break it open). This is also nice because you don't get any dust on the inside of the head to mess with the perfect beam. The button on the back is encased in rubber for water resistance, and the battery cap has a rubber washer as well.

    Functionality? Pretty good, but not perfect. There are 2 modes to this light. Normal and Hyper. In hyper mode, engaged by twisting the head to tight position, you have maximum output (brighter than any flashlight I've ever used) as well as a fast strobe that you can engage by half-depressing the button on the back. In normal mode, engaged by twisting the head to the right a bit, you have 4 different outputs: minimum, medium (adequate) and bright (slightly less than hyper) as well as an SOS beacon. The output is changed by half depressing the button on the back. The reason I say not perfect is because while switching modes, the last mode is SOS while I think SOS should only be able to be engaged by holding the button half down for 2 seconds. Not a big deal at all though.

    Another nice feature is that the light always outputs maximum lumen. It does so until the battery dies, but it doesn't leave you in the dark. You get a blinking light. But being that you get around 3 - 5 hours on a single AA battery, it's not a big deal to carry another around with you.

    Anyway, this light was totally worth the money. It fits nicely in my pocket, comes with a belt holder and an extra rubber button when the one on there wears out. It also has a wrist strap. It's the best light I've ever owned and probably will ever own.

    If I have to come up with a criticism of this light, I'd say it's the battery cap (the piece on the back with the button on it that you unscrew to change the battery). Putting the battery cap back on with the spring there makes it a little difficult such that you could mess up the threading on the aluminum. Again, this is not a big deal, but I feel my glowing praise of this fine light should have some criticism. Perfect beam. Almost perfect construction....more info
  • Best Flashlight ever owned
    So bright you cannot look at the beam, AA battery and runs at full power longer than any other light I have used. I have both the L2D & L1D. Keep one at work, home, and in each glove box.

    These lights are absolutely worth every cent. You will not be disapointed, better than Surefire and use off the shelf battery to boot....more info
  • The best and the brightest
    At the time of this writing (Feb 2007) the CREE LEDs
    are the brightest money can buy, this was the brightest light
    I could find at this time using a single AA cell.
    If you want even more light, try the Fenix L2D (2 AA).

    The low setting (at ~25 hrs runtime) makes the flashlight
    useful for emergencies where you need some light for a prolonged period,
    and the 1.5+ hr run at the high setting (I use NiMH) is more
    than enough for me. There is a setting almost as bright
    (my eyes cannot tell the diff, that gives a 2 hr runtime).

    The beam pattern is a tight spot (good for distance) with a fairly bright
    spill pattern.

    I currently use it as a supplemental bike headlight strapped to my helmet.
    It isn't as bright as my handlebar mounted 5W Luxeon setup,
    but it may rival 3W Luxeon systems.
    My handlebar light beam pattern is not so hot for distance,
    which the Fenix takes care of nicely.

    The light uses a two switch method, the screw-on cap can be set in two
    settings, and a push-switch in the base that has a momentary
    off and a hard click-off. The momentary off cycles
    through two groups of settings (determined by the cap setting).
    The cap setting can be changed while the light is off or on.

    In one cap setting, you get the brightest mode, and a flash mode,
    in the other you get three brightness modes (starting at
    the low setting and cycling up, and an SOS flash mode.

    What matters is that in the first cap setting, the light turns on at
    full brightness, in the other one it turns on at its dimmest.
    And when you change the cap setting you get the initial setting
    (max or min brightness).

    It is very handy that you can set the brightness the light will
    turn on at, and aren't forced to cycle down or cycle up every time.

    It also appears to have step-up circuitry and regulation so
    you get full brightness through the battery life.

    The light comes with a pouch, strap, and replacement O-rings.
    Silicone grease ($2 at a HW store) will keep your O-rings lubed
    and extend their life.
    ...more info