Plustek IPcam P1000A - Network camera - dome - color - audio - 10/100 - DC 5 V
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Product Description

The OptiCam P1000A is a dome small, highly useful network camera. It is easy to set up and can be placed almost anywhere. With its own IP address and built-in web server, it connects directly to your network, yet can be remotely accessed from any standard Internet browser.It features superior image quality in three different resolutions, up to VGA (640x480). It transfers up to 30 frames per second in CIF (320x240) mode and supports up to 4 users simultaneously. Password protection may be used to restrict viewer's access. With simple installation, you can easily and affordably setup multiple camera.Using IPCam P1000A, your options are limitless. Enhance safety and security at your home or place of business. Keep an on locations or people, for example, reception areas, entrances / exits, or queues. Easily broadcast activities, products, or events to viewer's in real time over a local network or the Internet.