Gary Fong C4 Cloud Lightsphere II Kit with Inverted Dome, The Chrome Dome The Amberdome, DVD Tutorial
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Product Description

This is a flexible, Opaque Vinyl diffuser with an internal snap on dome. Designed to fit a select group of flashes (see list of flashes below) The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more "soft" than it would be otherwise! The new cloud colored Lightsphere provides the warmest softest light possible from your on-camera flash Studio quality light, that you can carry in your gear bag, makes the Cloud Lightsphere the perfect diffuser for portrait photographers and wedding photojournalists. This soft flattering light is the same light you are accustomed to finding in your studio when using a softbox, Calumet panel or large umbrella. If you shoot outside of your studio - you will love the NEW Cloud Lightsphere. The inverted dome allows you to softly diffuseyou will love the NEW Cloud soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens. The C4 Lightsphere II fits the following flashes Canon 580EX & 430EZ Sony HVL-F32X Vivitar 730AF ChromeDome The ChromeDome Increases light output dramatically while still keeping the diffusion properties. You will have up to double the power and efficiency, but the look will be identical. The ChromeDome was made for the Lightsphere Cloud Model only - it does not work effectively with the clear model. There is an open top to allow clear light to hit the ceiling. A chrome-plated kicker panel blows light for

Customer Reviews:

  • Inconsistant Exposure
    I purchased the Gary Fong C4 system to use for event photo jobs. I find that it works well fairly close in with a suitable ceiling. For many situations,however, a stofen diffuser is more consistant, and has better range....more info
  • Daylight Wow!
    This diffuser is amazing! I absolutely love it. In complete darkness I can light up a room and get crystal clear photos as if it was daylight. The light is soft and even, creating almost a studio effect. The DVD that comes with it is interesting and informative. I like that Mr. Fong repeats the
    the same instruction over and over but in different locations..LOL! It was annoying at first but actually helped me remember how to use this thing....more info
  • Does what it's intended to do...
    Pictures come out natural looking and well lit. Does the job it's intended to do. ...more info