Russian Fighting System Vladimir Vasilev Self Defense Fighting Dvd
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How to deliver a punch without ever forming a classic fist that will do more devastation than hitting your opponent with a hammer! You'll look like a blur of motion, but in reality you're only making very simple, natural movementseasily learned- which you can use regardless of your fitness level or body type! How to unleash the natural whips in your body to take out even attackers who have advanced, high-end athletic quick reactions! They can be twice as fast as you and still not be able to defend themselves from the brain-numbing blows you deliver! How to use your belly to deflect formal and street-level strikeseven if you've got a large gut! You've never seen a fighting art that allows you to be so out of shape, & still deadly! Special one-strike fight-enders especially developed by the Russians to be used when you are exhausted, drained of energy, even wounded! You only want to know this vicious stuff for when your life is in danger! The games are over An ingenious way to use your teeth that could only come from the Russians on hidden pressure points that will leave your opponent helpless! Where to look with your eyes during a confrontationthe Russians discovered it's NOT a direct stare that gives you an advantage almost all professional fighters eventually do this intuitively, and now you'll have the secret! incredible Russian Trinity Shota rapid-fire explosion of hands and feet that no one can defend against! And yet it's simple to learn, completely adaptable to your body type and level of fitness! How to use ingenious test kicks to find out how scared your opponent is! He may look confident & tough, but you'll know the truth in seconds. The most devastating finishing moves you've ever seeneasy to learn, utterly final for ending a fight fast! Filthy Russian dirty tricks that will turn cocky black belt fighters into unconscious lumps of meat at your feet! You won't believe these "one-second discussion enders" until you see them for yourself!

  • Includes 100+ page Security Manual only available from Security-Sentry
  • Russian self defense skills
  • Russian dirty tricks
  • street fighting skills
  • body guard skills