SVAT GX4011 Wireless Outdoor Black & White Video Monitoring System with Nightvision Camera
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Product Description

Want to see what's happening outside your home at all times, even in the dark? The GX4011 system allows you to monitor your children, pool, car and more. With the motion activated alarm feature, your camera's video will instantly be displayed on your monitor whenever motion is detected, even in standby mode!

This system includes night vision using 8 built-in infrared LEDs, allowing you to see in total darkness up to 10 feet away. See who's at the door before answering it. Monitor your property for suspicious activity. The applications are endless!

With the GX4011, you can even watch over your property when you're away. The monitor includes input/output jacks, meaning you can hook it up to a VCR or DVR to record camera footage. You can also play back your recorded footage on the same monitor! Never has a wireless surveillance system been so compact and versatile.

The GX4011 also transmits audio from the camera to the monitor, so you can instantly be aware of a disturbance outside. This system includes one camera and supports up to 3 total cameras, and features durable weather-resistant construction for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • High resolution camera at 380 TV lines
  • Motion detect alarm function built-in microphone
  • 5.25 monitor has AV input to play video from other sources
  • Camera is wall mountable
  • 8 infrared LEDs lets you see in the dark
  • Supports up to 3 separate cameras
  • Three modes: Auto/Scan/Manual
  • Easily connect to a TV, computer, DVR or VCR for recording (computers require RCA input)
  • Durable weather-resistant camera
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • High resolution camera at 380 TV lines
  • Motion detect alarm function Built-in microphone
  • 8 infrared LEDs lets you see in the dark
  • Supports up to 3 separate cameras
Customer Reviews:
  • Good picture; sound unreliable
    This system works well for our needs. We use it as a baby and children monitor. We have a camera in the baby's room and one upstairs in the play room just to keep an "eye" on the kids while they play. The cameras are really portable and we've even set one up at the window to watch for the bus at times. The picture is nice and clear even from upstairs to the 1st level of the house. The night vision works well if the camera is fairly close to the subject; maybe 5 ft or less. My only complaint is the audio. It only works within short distances; say from one adjacent room to the other. But we only get static from the upstairs rooms. It's not a big deal as I use an actual "baby monitor" for sound, anyways. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. The picture is affected by use of the microwave but that is the only thing that disturbs our picture. I would recommend this as a visual monitor but if you need a monitor for a baby's room with sound also, this would not be too reliable....more info
  • Security for Shop
    We purchased this so we could see who has come through the shop door when we are in the back. It sets up easily works well for this application, However, there is some periodic noise that we find no problem to deal with, but if you were viewing the picture continuously it could be a problem. The noise is probably introduced by our operating processing equipment....more info
  • Handy camera
    I live on a second floor in a duplex and I could never see who was at my door downstairs. I have also had some recent vandalism problems, and people and children in the neighborhood tend to wander behind my house often. I had an electrician install the camera over the front door (only because I had to have an outlet installed nearby). I aimed the camera so it will detect anyone at my door or walking alongside my home to the back yard. I keep it on standby mode, so if anyone walks up to my door or into the back yard, it beeps continuously and the monitor turns on. It works whenever a human is in that area, it has not gone off because of an animal, wind, etc. so I know that if it beeps, someone is outside.
    The first night I installed it, it went off at 1am. A minute later, it beeped again and I saw a man leaving my yard on the monitor. It was dark out, but the monitor is decent enough in night mode that I could see what the man was wearing on the monitor. I called 911. The police came to my house in 15 minutes, and they had already found the person who went behind my home because of the description I gave them on the phone.

    I love the different settings, so if I hear a noise outside, I can just turn it on and see or listen to find out if anyone is around. The monitor itself gets a pretty clear signal, even sound is good. My monitor is not near my wireless router so I have not experienced interference. I do wish it had a slightly larger range, but that is not a problem. Overall, I recommend this product. I am considering getting a second camera for the back of my house....more info
  • Good Product
    The SVAT GX4011 has been a great help to us. We use it to watch for our children's bus. We think the motion alarm is a nice feature. When the bus stops, the alarm sounds.

    The sound has a lot of static. Occasionally the picture gets fuzzy.

    Our monitor stopped working after 3 months of use, however we sent it back and it was replaced free of charge! This is a good system for the price.

    ...more info
  • Not good for homes with wireless phone and routers
    If you have a 2.4Ghz Cordless phone or a Wireless router then do not buy this. You will see a lot of disturbance. If you do not have any of these then this is a very good Monitoring camera....more info
  • For what it Cost It's Great! Day time only.
    These 2 cameras cover an approximate 20 ft distance in front and back of our home. Sometimes a little static but for the most part good picture . It gets the job done. For the small amount of money we paid for it it's great. If you want a much better system get ready to pay a lot more. The picture is 90% clear. We see everyone who drives up in front of our house. The system bleeps when somethimg gets in front of the camera. So you know when you have visitors. The volume button works perfect giving you audio to speak to anyone outside. It;s pefectly clear audio. Doesn't work so great at night unless you turn a lot of lights on....more info