Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Music Receiver MBR-100 - Bluetooth wireless audio receiver
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Product Description

With Bluetooth Music Receiver MBR-100, your phone becomes a remote control jukebox. Play your favorite through your HiFi then skip, pause or stop tracks with your phone.Enjoy all the music saved on your phone, with friends or by yourself. Play it wirelessly through your HiFi speakers - as loud as you want!

Customer Reviews:
  • Aspiring at best...
    Best thing I can say is aesthetics - looks nice is simple in use, but...
    Sound quality is okay, but it KEEPS SKIPPING! I tried this with two devices - my pocket PC and my laptop, both played choppy sound no matter how close the devices were placed. The best I achieved was around 30 seconds skip-free music. NOT recommended....more info
  • Compact, Long Life, Good Sound Quality
    This product reflects a very good compromise of function, form, and quality. It has excellent battery life (better than I expected), very good sound quality at its price point (my Sony Ericsson W880i produces better sound through the MBR-100 than an iPod connected directly to an amplifier), and fits in a beautifully crafted, compact package.

    A huge bonus is that it plays nicely with multiple devices. My Toshiba Portege R500, my Sony Ericsson W880i and my wife's Sony Ericsson S500i are all paired with the device. If one music source is not streaming audio, it will allow the next device to connect (once paired) and stream audio without having to touch it. No human intervention is required once paired for the first time.

    The way we have it connected allows either of us to come home and press play on our phones to have immediate listening music in the house. It's excellent and, as I've mentioned, it sounds quite nice.

    I would recommend this product to anyone who seeks to eliminate some wires from their setup or who wants to just hop in the car and stream audio without "plugging in" to anything.

    Just remember you might have to start your music session by manually initiating the connection from your device prior to playing (you do not have to touch the MBR-100, but you may need to ask your phone / device to connect first)....more info
  • 2008 Mazda3 auxiliary input jack for the stereo
    Pair a Blackberry Curve 8310 (or iPone) with the MBR-100 and plug the MBR-100 into the auxiliary jack on in your Mazda3 center counsole storage bin and you have a really slick setup for not a lot of money... I have used a number of bluetooth headsets and find the Sony MBR-100 to be very well behaved. Add a Sony car charger to the mix and you never need to remove he device from the car. The device does appear to work while charging but with a bit of a buzz so best to charge with the device not paired. The sound is as good as a direct connection via 3.5mm. ...more info
  • Dynamite product from Sony Ericsson
    Just hook a cassette tape adaptor in you car and attach it with MBR-100 and enjoy all your music on the go.
    Together with any bluetooth car-kit ,you will have a fully integrated system in your car , Music and calls.
    The great thing in the MBR-100 together with a W950i ( Like mine ) is that you don't have to worry about reconnecting your device to the phone every time you enter the car , It's been done automatically and it connects Both ,the MBR-100 and your Bluetooth car-kit at the same time....more info
  • Excellent gadget
    Excellent gadget. I use it with my Sony S500I. Record my music onto a M2 card, and I then plug this device into the mp3 adaptor or auxiliary port on the car stereo and your set to go.

    Music sounds good, bluetooth works great!...more info
  • great for pairing with HP iPaq 6515 Pocket PC phone
    This device pairs with no problem with the HP iPaq 6515 Pocket PC phone. It comes with various cables for connecting in different situations. You can use it with a cassette adapter to play the sound over your car stereo. You can plug headphones into it. Or, you can connect it to the line-in jacks of your home stereo. Handy gadget to have when you want to serve up some music in many different settings. The sound was a bit rough sounding at some points, possibly due to not being able to adjust the volume for it with the iPaq 6515. This may be a limitation of the cell phone and not the MBR-100. But, it is nice to have in a pinch....more info