Freedom 64 Codeless Security System by NAPCO
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Product Description

The most common reasons people give for not installing a security system are that they are too complex, too inconvenient, and issue too many false alarms. The Freedom 64 Codeless Security System addresses all of these valid issues, getting rid of any potential problems by eliminating the entire code process that causes the majority of all false alarms on exit and entry. Freedom is as easy to use as locking your door! Whether you leave your home by the front door, the back door or the garage, you'll appreciate the ease of use of this intuitive, expandable system. The Freedom 64 Codeless Security System connects to your existing deadbolt for maximum ease of use. When you arrive home, just unlock the door, and the system will turn itself off. Press "Away" on the included keypad when you leave, lock the door, and the system is armed, even emitting a confirmation tone that can be heard outside your home. The Freedom system combines an intuitive deadbolt sensor with a motion sensor built into the keypad to determine when you've arrived home, so you won't need to press a complicated code in order to disarm the system each time you enter or exit. The wireless sensor sends an RF signal to the panel, which can be mounted in a closet or other convenient location.

  • Expandable security system uses motion sensors and your existing deadbolt for easy arming and disarming
  • deadbolt for easy arming and disarming
  • Install keypads at all entries, including garage for easy us
  • Outputs: Supports 3 outputs; up to 16 external outputs
  • Warranty: 3 years, limited