Sony LCS-TWA/B Portfolio Style Soft Leather Black Carrying Case for W and T Series Cyber-shot Cameras
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compatible with select Sony Cyber-shot? "DSC-W" and "DSC-T" series digital cameras * high-grade, all-leather construction * handheld design * built-in belt loop * 3-7/8"W x 2-7/8"H x 1-1/4"D *

  • Soft leather case for use with Sony Cyber-shot W and T Series digital cameras
  • Genuine leather construction, black color
  • Integrated belt loop for convenience
  • Secure magnetic closure for quick access
Customer Reviews:
  • Fits Perfect..Nice Leather
    I really like this cake. Its a perfect fit and the leather is very nice. The case comes with a hook on back so you don't have to always carry it. ...more info
  • Stylish, lacks basic things.
    Good Quality leather case, but does not covers the camera fully, it doesn't procted your camera from drizzles.

    Tight!!! Had to squeeze in my W-Series camera.

    Also there is good chance that you might loose while shooting pics.

    I would not recomend it. Not worth the price.

    ...more info
  • A Nice & Stylish case to protect & carry Sony DSE-T 300
    A very good case to protect Sony DSC-T 300 Camera for storing as well as traveling. The idea of the loop (for belt pass thru) keeps hands free during travel at the same time providing safe storage for the camera when not in use. The magnetic closure is neat & offers smart & clean look. The quality of leather is excellent in tune with the expensive camera.One would not feel shy in carrying this case....more info
  • To small
    I bought the Sony Cybershot DSC-W300. The strap is on the side of the camera, so you have to force the camera down into the case. SO I don't think this case fits to all of the cameras in the W series....more info
  • Typical Leather Case
    This is a decent case to protect your camera. I got it for my T-200 and it makes it a little more bulky. I think the price is a little bit high for a typical case. I don't believe it is as stylish as people say it is on other reviews. However, the case is pretty high quality, nice leather stiching and inside is lined with velcro (don't have it with me at work). Over all, its a typical leather case that will definately protect your camera. ...more info
  • Fits the T-20 perfectly
    Good-looking and stylish with a belt loop. Leather is good quality and Sony T-20 camera fits perfectly. Cover snaps tight with magnetic closure. Unfortunately, no room for any accessories....more info
  • As I expected
    Works just like i thought it would, perfect :) Kinda snug to begin with, but it'll loosen up in time i'm sure.

    side note tho- thought that magnets are bad for electronic stuff (this has one in front to keep the flap down) I am sure it'll be fine since Sony made it....more info
  • Awesome
    I love this little black case for my Sony Cyber-shot Camera. Its very easy to pull the camera out fast so i can get those rare shots of my kids. When i was thinking about buying this case I was concerned about the camera falling out of the portfolio style case. However it fit the camera beautifully. This cover closes perfectly and securely over the camera. ...more info
  • Camera Case
    I am very pleased with the case. It does not add too much bulk to the camera. The magnet feature works well for opening and closeing....more info
  • Well made, but a bit snug for the DSC-T10
    I purchased this case for my DSC-T10. The case is very well made and should be as it is expensive compared to others. It fits the DSC-T10, but pushing it into position takes some force and I find that I usually end up accidentally hitting one of the buttons on the top of the camera which powers it up. The magnetic flap works well and the camera is very secure once in place....more info
  • Magnetic clip hopelessly weak
    I received my Cybershot LCS-TWA/B camera case a few days ago. The pros are that it fits my DSC-W55 perfectly, looks good and feels like really good quality. The con is that the magnetic closure is so weak even the shape of the camera behind it causes it to flop open. This is not a problem with my other Sony leather camera case that has a very positive magnetic closure. I'm going to try to return it next time I'm in the States assuming I'm not too late as it's too far and expensive to mail back to the US from the far end of Africa...more info
  • perfect for Sony t20
    This case fits the sony t20 perfectly. Nice leather and great style. Doesn't have room for accessories, but that would detract from the form factor....more info
  • Great Quality
    This is a quality camera case and looks wonderful and classy. I purchased this case hoping that it will fit my canon 870IS, but it does not. It is a little too tight for the camera, but for the case itself and its intended purposes(sony cameras), it is a quality case.

    ...more info
  • Functional and attractive
    Functions well if you want to carry the camera on your belt or in a bag, as it is both small and nice looking. The only downside is that it does not have room for anything but the camera, but that would have required a larger size....more info
  • Fits my camera perfectly!
    I bought this camera case to go with my Sony Cybershot DSCW80. The case fits perfectly, I love the magnetic closure, and it arrived in the time promised. ...more info
  • great looks, great fit
    Great style. Fits the camera like a glove. Would have preferred a clip style for the belt verses the loop style, but other than that, it's a great product.
    ...more info
  • A nice case...with a reservation
    This is a nice case. It's soft leather with a reasonably strong magnetic closure. It's lined to prevent scratches. My main reservation is that it uses a belt loop instead of a belt clip. The loop is narrow (1 1/2 inch wide belts, max) and it seems a bit the stitching could tear on it fairly easily. Other than that, I like it. I also bought the Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras which is a great case if you don't mind its larger profile....more info
  • Perfect for my Sony T10
    This case is both attractive and functional. The camera fits in it snuggly and magetic latch is quiet and smooth. I also have the Sony soft case and use that more for outdoor activities and would recommend that as well. While the soft case is not as attractive for dressier activities it is a little larger and I don't have to be concerned about scratchs on the fabric....more info