Sony LCS-TWB/P Genuine Leather Soft Carrying Case for Sony T100, T20, W55, W35, W90, & W80 (Pink)
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Product Description

Turn heads when you protect your Cyber-shot W and T Series digital camera with the unique and stylish LCS-TWB/P carrying case. This soft leather case features a chrome ring that adds a designer touch. An included matching wrist strap and easy-open magnetic closure make this case the perfect fashion accessory for your digital camera.

  • Compatible with DSC-W80HDPR, DSC-W55BDL, DSC-W55/B, DSC-W55/L, DSC-W55/P, DSC-T100/B, DSC-T100/R, DSC-T20, DSC-T20/B, DSC-T20/P, DSC-T20/W, DSC-W80, DSC-W80/B, DSC-W80/W, DSC-W80/P, DSC-W90, DSC-W90/B, DSC-T100, DSC-W35, DSC-W55
Customer Reviews:
  • Gave it away
    The camera case is very well made and The Sony website recommended this case for my DSC-W300. This case does have a light snap on the front unlike some that close with a magnet, but I found that the case seemed a bit on the small side for my camera. I felt like the case would come undone if not carried very carefully. The drawback for me is that the case itself did not have a strap, the strap included is for your camera. If your on the run with just your camera like I often am I had no place to put or hold the case when the camera was out of it. I ended up buy another slimfit leather case (red) that has 2 slots to hold extra memory sticks, the camera fits better and it has a small leather strap to carry it....more info
  • Sony Leather Carry Case works for Cannon Powershot
    Sony LCS-TWB/P Genuine Leather Soft Carrying Case for Sony T100, T20, W55, W35, W90, & W80 (Pink)

    This carry case fits perfectly my Cannon Powershot Elph! Love the pink color and matching carry strap....more info
  • Perfect case!
    I like the size, the look (so cute!) and the soft interior. The magnetic clasp is perfect, it holds well enough that I've never seen it come open when I didn't intend it to, but lightly enough that I can get the camera out very quickly.
    I use this to carry my camera in my purse, I would not use this for hiking or boating or anything like that. ...more info
  • Stylish and somewhat protective
    I wanted a pink case to match my DCS-T70 cyber-shot. In the description it didn't say that it was compatible with my camera model, but it still fits well. For the price, I was expecting it to protect my camera in case it fell, but the pamphlet enclosed with the carrying case said that "It cannot protect your camera from strong impact or pressure." So basically, it just protects the camera from scratches. Also, the color of the case was a little darker than I was expecting. The bottom line is that you're paying for the style of the case and not the protection....more info
  • Cute
    This is a really cute case for the Cybershot. My only complaint with this is that it is a little loose for the camera. The closure is a little magnet that is not that strong, so I would handle carefully. But it will protect it from bouncing around inside my handbag. Oh, and it says its leather, but it smells like a bandaid for some reason....more info
  • Pink Leather Camera Case--Perfect Fit
    This case fits the camera perfectly, and protects it from scratches and or any damage from being dropped, ect... the strap is great too as my daughter had lost the one that came with the camera. The only bad thing is there is no extra space for memory sticks, but if you just want a nice looking case for your camera, this is it! (My daughter keeps her memory sticks in her purse anyway!)...more info
  • wonderful case and just as described
    Yes, this case definitely makes others jealous, and it fits the camera perfectly; nice and snug, but not too snug. VERY cute case, and far better than the standard black one I got when given this camera. It was a great buy, and I highly recommend it to any girls out there.. I am a professional, and I don't mind carrying around this pink case at all!!...more info
  • If you love pink
    Classy, well-made, inspiring jealousy and admiration, this camera case is just adorable! It fits my Sony Cyber-shot like a glove and protects it as well. No room for an extra battery though. ...more info
  • Nice Camera Case!
    I liked this camera case a lot because it matched my pink camera and fits well. The suede adds a nice touch and the leather is soft and cute. Love it!...more info
  • Sony Camera Case / Pink
    Fits my pink Sony Camera nicely... however it is a different color of pink. There is no room for an extra battery - but overall, it is a great case and keeps it small enough to fit in purses, etc....more info
  • Nice leather case
    This case fits perfectly with the Sony DSC-T70. The leather is of nice quality. Overall it is very slim, compact and makes it easy to carry around....more info
  • cute
    really cute but WAY too much money for a little bitty camerea case with virtually n o space for anything. Of course I knew it when I purchased it - I just know it was frivolous! ........more info