Hitachi CP-X608 4000 Lumens Projector with Advanced Networking Capabilities
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Product Description

Hitachi Digital CP-X608 LCD projector is designed for installation in medium and large presentation facilities at corporate venues and educational institutions. As demanded by such professional environments the new projector offers the high performance and key features users have come to expect from Hitachi. Common sense design improvements have resulted in even better user functionality, ease of operation and maintenance.A design goal of the CP-X6xx series was to improve projector maintenance with easier to use features such as the accessible lamp door on the top of the machine and the air filter on the side where it doesn't trap dust regardless of how the unit is mounted. Maintenance is further eased with the inclusion of Hitachi's network management software which allows users to control, diagnose, monitor and manage projectors through a simple browser interface from anywhere on the network or via email alerts. The CP-X608 has the added benefit of a wireless network interface to provide even more convenient access.Reliability of the new projector has been improved not only by less complexity but specifically with the introduction of a high performance air filter. The new electro-statically charged filter is far more effective than conventional urethane filters in ensuring that dust particles do not accumulate on critical areas of the projector including the lens mechanism, even when operating in dusty or polluted environments.Flexible installation into venues including meeting rooms and conference rooms is aided by the vertical and horizontal manual lens shift and a range of four optional lenses with bayonet style fittings that facilitate a range of throw distances from 1.8m to 14.8m when projecting a 100" screen surface.

  • Offers Wireless Connectivity, While Built-In Memory Allows For Pc-Less Operation
  • Outfitted With A Bayonet Lens That Can Support Up To 4 Optional Lenses
  • Security Features Include A Security Bar, Kensington Slot & Transition Detector