Axis 233D Network Dome Camera
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Product Description

- Product Name: 233D Network Dome Camera - Marketing Information: Axis 233D is designed for use in challenging surveillance applications - such as airports, stadiums, casinos and ports - where the ability to follow moving objects from a long distance and see great detail is crucial. With the powerful 35x optical and 12x digital zoom, Axis 233D can zoom in on small and distant objects, allowing for example license plates to be clearly identified from a distance of 160 m (525 ft). Whether zoomed out or in full 35x zoom position, images are crisp, clear, and rich in color and detail. With a maximum speed of 450/second, and high precision low speed movement at 0.05/second, Axis 233D can follow a walking person at a distance of 400 m (1300 ft) and pan/tilt to any preset in less than 1.5 seconds. The freeze function holds the image while moving between presets, to make it easier to work with. The E-flip functionality electronically inverts the image 180 when following an object moving under the dome. - Product Type: Surveillance/Network Camera Display and Graphics - Sensor Type: CCD - Video Resolution: 704 x 480 @ 30 fps MPEG-4 - Video Resolution: 176 x 120 @ 30 fps MPEG-4 - Video Resolution: 704 x 480 @ 30 fps Motion JPEG - Video Resolution: 176 x 120 @ 30 fps Motion JPEG - Illumination: 0.5Lux - 30 IRE (Colour) - Illumination: 0.0080Lux - 30 IRE (Black and White) - Color Support: Colour - Color Support: Black and White - Tilt/Swivel: 360 Swivel - Tilt/Swivel: 1

  • Image Sensor: 1/4" ExView HAD Progressive Scan CCD
  • Zoom: 35x Optical, 12x Digital, Total 420x
  • Pan Range: 360 Degrees, Endless
  • Tilt Range: 180 Degrees
Customer Reviews:
  • Run, don't walk away from this camera
    I can not say how much I am in agreement with the previous reviewer. I do own several Axis IP cameras. At their low end, obviously your expectations are not high, but at this pricepoint, the camera should perform flawlessly.

    Unfortunately, it does not. First off, to me it seems to be lacking the processing horsepower to do image compression in the camera. This may be why after months of service it suddenly locks up - the internal CPU has more tasks than it can handle.

    When I bought into the q-see line I thought the user interface was so-so. I also tried the sony snc-rz30n when it came out and had mixed reviews. Axis seems to have taken some of the worst of everyones' UI and added their own bugs and restrictions to it, while raising the price.

    I would imagine a few people *might* find this useful unless you actually want the features it advertises, then you will be disappointed. There are some very good sony 26X optical zoom box dome cameras on the market that are analog out with a RS-488 interface (standard pelco-d format) - while not as technically advanced as the Axis network cameras, you can put their analog output on the network, and control them with a simple multi-cam DVR that supports the RS-488 output. My DVR that runs my dome cameras has never locked up, always recorded, and offers the same backup features and more than most pc-network camera monitoring software does. Interfacing them to my ademco alarm panel is as simple as running a pair of wires to tell the camera a door is opening - the camera leaps to the door, records the activity at the door, the returns to guard duty. Doing that simple task on the axis is incredibly complicated due to their design, yet it is one of the reasons you buy a dome camera - to cover multiple points of interest.

    While I'd like to advance to POE network cameras everywhere and use a PC to record, the technology is just not debugged. Those of us who bought into the plan from axis are in fact their beta testers at nearly 3000 dollars per camera. Sad but true, the pelco-D NTSC cameras will be around for a long time to come because they have been debugged, unlike the network cams....more info
  • Not ready for prime time!
    This is one of those all-too-common technological products that developers/manufacturers seem content to cease developing once it's hit production. For such a hefty price, one would expect significantly better support in the way of bug fixes and product enhancements. The camera has a lot going for it, but there are some serious bugs that I find unacceptable in a $2,800 camera.

    After setting a number of preset camera positions, I found that I couldn't go back and edit the order in which they appear. This is a real shortcoming in and of itself. If you are trying to conduct surveillance, then you obviously want to arrange your presets in a logical/sequential order to aid you in following a moving subject. If you want to go back and insert a new preset at any position in the list other than the last, then you will have delete and re-enter them all. Ah, but don't rush to do that just yet... there is a bug that will unexpectedly randomize the position of a few presets. For some bizarre reason, they also decided that they should prefix each of your preset names with "Camera - ", which only serves to slow you down as you're trying to locate a specific preset as quickly as you can.

    Another serious bug occurs as you are manually moving between your presets. Occasionally, the camera will tilt and zoom but not pan to the correct position. What's worse is that when this happens, you can't readily select the same preset again without selecting a different one first. Again, a serious detriment to effect surveillance.

    The 35X optical zoom is great - most of the time. Sometimes the auto-focus has difficulty when zooming in close. Frame rate is good on the local network, but only fair from off-site.

    Axis has been less than eager to address the bugs and issues that I've brought to their attention. I sent one camera back - the replacement possesses the exact same problems as the first. The last official firmware release was 5 months ago as of this writing. An interim (SR) version was released a few weeks ago, but I have seen no improvements.

    Here's the most serious problem of all... The camera's guard tour recently started to randomly halt for indefinite periods of time (from 20 seconds to hours or even days) on any given preset position. This is the exact same serious defect for which I returned my first camera (this one is an RMA replacement). Now after three months of flawless guard touring, the camera is exhibiting the exact same problem as the first camera. The first camera also started demonstrating this issue three months after the original installation. So far, Axis has acknowledged that other customers are reporting the same problem, yet they still have no fix and the manager is unwilling to RMA this camera.

    I cannot tell you how disgusted I am to be a beta tester for Axis at my own great expense!

    UPDATE: At this point, Axis now wants to RMA this camera for the THIRD time in well under a year. While new beta firmware seems to have the camera performing more reliably at this point and some of the functionality has been improved, the latest problem is that the camera isn't switching properly between black & white (night) and color (day) modes. Specifically, most of the time, the camera view possesses a horrible pinkish-orange hue after switching back to day mode. I've requested that AXIS refund my money to save face -- meanwhile, I sit here holding my breath. Do yourself a favor and learn from my experience!...more info