ELK Magic Module Programmable Controller MM443
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Product Description

It may be used as a stand alone field programmable controller in many applications from timers, door controllers, simple process controllers, multiple zone security controls, etc. or as a networked controller with up to 31 other modules connected on a common RS-485 data bus. The Magic Module supports transmitting and receiving commands from 2 way X10 Power Line Carrier Devices. Optional interfaces are available for reading Temperature, Clock/Calendar, Wiegand Proximity devices, Dallas iButton identification devices, and can be interfaced to NetworkX NX Security Controls. The ELK Starter Kit (ELK-MK400) or Programming Kit (ELK-MK485) contains components and software needed to program the Magic Module. Features: 4 general purpose Counters, range 0 to 255 counts, 4 general purpose Timers, range 1/10 second to over 255 hours, X-10 Power Line Carrier Interface. PL513, PSC04 (Transmit Only), or TW523, PSC05 (Two Way), Analog transmission MM443 to MM443 and Preset Dim Commands, Dallas iButton TouchKey Reader with optional ELK-MA100 or ELK-MA290 interface, Programs the ELK-MM220 (two inputs, two relay outputs), Emulates ELK-MM220 for code development, Mounts to single or double gang electrical box, Optional DIN Rail Mounting. PCB mounts into 4 inch SnapTrack, Lifetime Limited Warranty. Specifications: Inputs: 4 Analog, 0 to 13.6 volts, with jumper programmable 2k pull up resistor to 12 V, or 2k pull down resistor to ground. May be left floating. Software programmable high and low threshold levels per input for end-of-line resistor circuits. Input impedance (floating input) - 100K ohms * Outputs: 4 Form "C" Relays, 12 Amps @120VAC or 28VDC; Two relay outputs may be configured as open collector transistor outputs - 100 ma. Max. * Operating Voltage: 9.5-15 Volts DC * Current Draw: 10 ma. Nominal, 130 ma. Max. with all relays active * X10 Interface: PL513, PSC04 or TW523, PSC05 - 4 wire RJ-11 telephone style * Data Bus: RS-485, max bus length: 4000 ft w/22 AWG wire

  • Four analog or digital inputs, Four relay outputs
  • 2 relay outputs may be jumper programmed for transistor open collector outputs
  • 16,384 program bytes using SIMPLE programming language
  • Networked to optional PC and up to 31 ELK-MM443's through a RS-485 data bus
  • The Magic Module is programmed by a PC. Program stored in non-volatile re-programmable EEProm memory